Zprávy ze světa - rok 2015

16. 9. 2015
Rusko: New DNA tests on ancient Denisovan people 'shows them occupying Altai cave 170,000 years ago'
Švédsko: Archaeologist reconstructs faces of Stone Age people

13. 9. 2015

Irsko: Archaeologists find bones of man killed about 1,000 years ago

10. 9. 2015

Jižní Afrika: This Face Changes the Human Story. But How?

21. 8. 2015
Anglie: Team from University of Reading hope to find out more about an Iron Age settlement
Itálie: Trwają jedyne polskie wykopaliska na terenie Włoch
Evropa/Afrika: Seven-Thousand-Year-Old 'Old Europe' Grail Bowl Bears the African Ichi Scarification Mark
Turecko: Ancient ‘water law’ unearthed in Laodicea
Florida (USA): Potápači narazili na obrovský objav: Neuveriteľný nález na dne oceánu!
Mexiko: Archäologen entdecken Totenkopf-Mauer in Azteken-Ruine

20. 8. 2015
If modern humans never existed......
History of Alcohol: A Timeline
Linearbandkeramik Culture - European Farming Innovators
20 Squares - The Archaeological Roots of Backgammon
The Human Hunter: Then and Now
Anglie: Archaeologists set to unearth a 400-year-old secret on Chester's biggest housing estate
Anglie: Hidden stories unearthed
Skotsko: Dig may unlock secrets of ancient Pictish carving
Švýcarsko: Schnidejoch-Jäger lebte 1000 Jahre früher als «Ötzi»
Německo: Grabhügel »Bornhöck« gibt Geheimnisse preis
Německo: Archäologen finden Perlen aus dem 8. Jahrhundert
Německo: Ältester Wald der Welt soll im Bergischen Land gestanden haben
Polsko: Bug odsłonił średniowieczną przeprawę
Polsko: Muži tvrdia, že v Poľsku objavili zlatý vlak nacistov, no chcú odmenu
Polsko/Egypt: Egipski design króluje w Krakowie
Bulharsko: History Museum in Bulgaria’s Stara Zagora to Unveil Restored 4th Century Mosaics from Roman City Augusta Trajana
Bulharsko: Archaeologist Uncovers 13th Century Monastery Dining Room in Bulgaria’s Veliko Tarnovo
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Find Maimed Figurine of Roman God Mars in Ancient City Missionis near Bulgaria’s Targovishte
Turecko: 2 women found burned in ancient Oylum palace fire
Turecko: Millennia-old Urartian site in Van still has secrets
Sýrie: Nejsmutnější práce na světě. Syřan zachraňuje skvosty před barbary
Egypt: Digital Atlas of Egyptian Archaeology
Gruzie: Georgia uncovers unique writings that may change world history
Afghánistán: Rescuing Mes Aynak
Indie: Debris gone, archaeologists find passage in Agra Fort
Čína: Brush strokes on very ancient murals may rewrite the history of art in China
Mississippi (USA): Mississippian Culture - Moundbuilder-Horticulturalists of North Americaa
Mexiko: Mexico Finds Main Skull Rack at Aztec Temple Complex
Japonsko: Ruins in Nara likely site of largest settlement in 4th century

19. 8. 2015
Británie: Early Britons: Have we underestimated our ancestors?
Anglie: Restored to its former glory: Staffordshire Hoard artefact gleams after clean-up
Anglie: Where To See Roman London
Anglie: Archaeological dig uncovers some unusual remains in Chesterfield Canal
Anglie: Discover the hidden heritage behind Bedfordshire’s most iconic buildings
Anglie: Archaeologists to reveal secrets of Gloucestershire Roman villa as public excavation begins
Rakousko: Neue Erkenntnisse über das vor 2.500 Jahren ausgelöschte "Tiroler Troja"
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s Vratsa Seeks EU Funding for Open-Air Museum at Early Neolithic Site Ohoden
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Government Puts Off Opening of Ancient Serdica Open-Air Museum in Sofia till 2016
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Find Traces of Metal Smelting in Roman City Almus in Bulgaria’s Danube Town of Lom
Bulharsko/Řecko: Bulgaria Allows Greek Research Vessel to Conduct UK-Funded Underwater Archaeology Expedition in Its Black Sea Zone
Turecko: Undiscovered ancient sites to come to light in Denizli
Sýrie/Irák: Destroy, sell, hide: How Islamic State exploits antiquities
Indie: India is spending millions to find an ancient river that probably never existed
Indie/Keňa/Peru: The three wonders of the ancient world solving modern water problems
USA: Smithsonian Admits to Destruction of Thousands of Giant Human Skeletons in Early 1900s
Kalifornie (USA): Exploring the Wreck of USS Macon, The Navy’s Last Flying Aircraft Carrier
Virginie (USA): D.C. Bible Museum to Borrow Ancient Artifacts From Israel / Bible museum to display artifacts from Holy Land

18. 8. 2015
Why archaeology needs a divorce from anthropology
Chimpanzees and monkeys have entered the Stone Age
BIM and archaeology – a natural fit
Anglie: Humans responsible for demise of gigantic ancient mammals / Humans responsible for demise of gigantic ancient mammals
Anglie: Dark Age skeletons at St Piranʼs Oratory are 'significant find' / Dark Age skeletons found at Cornish chapel were early Christian children and women who could have been from same family
Anglie: Dig Blacon
Anglie: Knochenfund belegt: Frühe Menschen lebten waagerecht unter der Erde
Německo: Oldest Case of Leukemia Found on 7,000-Year-Old Skeleton
Německo: Förderpreis für Archäologiemuseum und Schulzentrum
Německo: Mögliches Fürstengrab entdeckt / Mögliches Grab des Herrschers der Himmelsscheibe entdeckt / Wo der "Vater der Himmelsscheibe" begraben liegt / Das Grab des Fürsten
Polsko: Osławieni bracia fałszerzami – zagadka sprzed 600 lat rozwiązana
Ukrajina/Rusko: Putin se na Krymu potápěl, tentokrát k vraku lodi plné amfor / Archeolog Putin se na Krymu potápěl k vraku byzantské lodě / Putin-archeolog se na Krymu potápěl pro amfory. Máme hluboké kořeny, řekl / Vladimir Putin se v batyskafu vydal na lov amfor a dalších artefaktů
Itálie: Margaret of Cortona and her Legenda
Itálie: Italian Trade in Eleventh-Century Mediterranean
Itálie/Německo: Eike Schmidt wird neuer Direktor der Uffizien / Kunsthistoriker aus Freiburg führt künftig Uffizien in Florenz
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s Black Sea Resort Balchik Restores Early Byzantine Fortress Dionysopolis in Cultural Tourism Project
Řecko: Antiquities Looting Increases in Crisis-Stricken Greece
Kypr: Krakowscy naukowcy ponownie badać będą dzieje starożytnego Cypru
Turecko: Ancient Hittite mine factory surprises archaeologists
Sýrie: ISIS Beheads Elderly Archeologist In Palmyra, Syrian Official Says / Islámští radikálové zavraždili významného archeologa v syrské Palmýře. Neřekl jim, kde jsou cennosti / V Palmýře islamisté zavraždili 82letého syrského archeologa / IS enthauptet in Syrien früheren Chef-Archäologen von Palmyra / IS-Terrormiliz köpft Chef-Archäologen von Palmyra / Beheaded Syrian scholar refused to lead Isis to hidden Palmyra antiquities / Džihádisté v Palmýře zavraždili slavného archeologa. Bylo mu 81 let / IS zavraždil v Palmýře světoznámého archeologa. Vykopávky tam vedl 50 let / Islamic State militants behead archaeologist in Palmyra: Syrian official & Khaled al-Asaad profile: the Howard Carter of Palmyra / Islámský stát archeologa umučil, protože neprozradil skrýše pro artefakty & Honour Khaled Alas'ad for his defence of archaeology
Čína: Chinese police arrest three suspected raiders of Song dynasty tomb
Tanzánie: Oldest hand hints we came down from trees earlier than thought / Oldest humanlike hand bone discovered
Pensylvánie (USA): Construction worker uncovers mass grave in Pennsylvania
Utah (USA): 'Winged Monster' Rock Art Finally Deciphered & Scientists debunk fundamentalists claim that humans lived at same time as dinosaurs
Japonsko: The woman behind the warrior legends
Japonsko: Hirosaki castle keep lifted as 6-year repair work of stone walls begins

17. 8. 2015
Interactive Timeline on the History of Diamond Mining
Británie: How to teach ... the stone age
Anglie: Roman altar stolen from Maryport's Senhouse Museum / Appeal after thieves steal Roman altar from museum
Anglie: Bodies found near TV's Broadchurch / Archaeologists chance upon crouched skeletons of prehistoric trio in Dorset grave
Irsko: Drone Technology Aids in Discoveries at Medieval Irish Sites
Dánsko/Švédsko: First Scandinavian farmers were far more advanced than we thought
Švédsko/Brazílie/Švýcarsko: Competition from the ancestors of cats drove the extinction of many species of ancient dogs
Francie/Bulharsko: French Magazine Says Bulgaria’s Ancient Thracian Exhibit in Louvre Was One of Europe’s Best in Summer 2015
Německo: Mass grave reveals prehistoric warfare in ancient European farming community / Massacres, torture and mutilation: Extreme violence in neolithic conflicts / Was prehistoric man responsible for first ever war crime? / Evidence of torture and mutilation from Neolithic mass grave / Forscher finden steinzeitliches Massengrab bei Frankfurt / Steinzeitlicher Massenmord bei Frankfurt / Neolityczna masakra / Scientists find evidence of prehistoric massacre in Europe
Itálie: Italy slammed for 'faking' Roman ruin
Itálie: Winni Rzymianie
Itálie/Anglie: How to Bake Ancient Roman Bread Dating Back to 79 AD: A Video Primer
Írán: Soltaniyeh, hosting beauty of ‘historic proportions’
Indie: Delhi Archaeology Act to be amended to protect monuments
Jižní Afrika: Excavating meaning from the complex myths of southern Africa's San people
New York (USA): New York archaeologists uncover intact stone walls from British fort built in 1759
Pensylvánie (USA): Human bones in Pennsylvania thought to be from 1918 flu pandemic
Peru: "Cahuachi Sanctuary is bigger than Chan Chan," says archaeologist & 1,200-year-old telephone, amazing invention of the ancient Chimu civilization

16. 8. 2015
Anglie: Dig hopes to unearth secrets of Flodden
Německo: „Ötzi-Walk“: Zu Dritt auf Steinzeitreise quer durch NRW
Polsko: Archeolodzy odkrywają tajemnice kościoła św. Benedykta w Krakowie
Polsko: Skarby pod Starym Rynkiem w Poznaniu
Řecko: The Carbon-14 Dating of the Amphipolis Tomb
Irák: The Posterity of Neo-Babylonia: The Dramatic Reign of Nebuchadnezzar II
Indie: To catch an idol thief
USA: Archaeology: Ancient groups likely used fire as landscape tool
Virginie (USA): Exhibit Explores Indiana Jones's Quest For Religious Relics
Georgie (USA): Confederate Warship, Weapons Recovered from Georgia River / Divers raise wreckage of Confederate warship in 5-ton chunks
Vermont (USA): Scouts sift through Vermont Granite Museum’s past

15. 8. 2015
Anglie: Gateshead soldier heads historic dig at Marne Barracks army base
Německo: Wissenschaftler proben das Leben wie in der Mittelsteinzeit
Německo: Steine und Knochen am »Königsgrab« von Seddin in der Prignitz
Německo: Grabungen am Kapellenberg werden fortgesetzt
Německo: Anerkennung fürs Ehrenamt
Itálie: Was Sardinia home to the mythical civilisation of Atlantis? / "Unterwasser-Pompeji"Komet löste Flutwelle aus: Ist das Atlantis-Rätsel endlich gelöst? / Did a Comet Destroy Ancient Sardinia?
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Unearth Odd Early Byzantine Fortress Tower in Ancient Roman City Deultum in Bulgaria’s Debelt
Turecko: Aşıklı, the first village of Cappadocia
Jordánsko: Two human skulls dating back to Neolithic period unearthed in Jerash
Irák: The Race To Digitize Iraqi History Before ISIS Can Get To It
Egypt: Roman glass-making furnaces discovered in Egypt’s Delta
Sibiř (Rusko): Sachsen graben in Sibirien
Kalifornie (USA): 'Devastating' looting hits Native American archaeological sites

14. 8. 2015
Británie: 'Celts: Art and Identity' at the British Museum
Anglie: Children's shoes, figurines and drainage systems among hundreds of finds near Tower of London
Anglie/Egypt: Ancient Egyptian animal mummies to go on display at Manchester Museum
Skotsko: Archaeologists uncover shallow world war training trenches at wood in Scottish village
Německo: Hier wird eine ganze Brauerei ausgegraben
Polsko: Pod Grunwaldem naukowcy będą poszukiwać śladów po krzyżackim obozie / Grunwald: Archaeologists probe medieval battlefield
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Discover Inscription ‘Printed’ on Clay Vessel in Ancient Thracian Tomb in Bulgaria’s Tatarevo
Bulharsko: Silver Thracian Chariot Decorations, Gold Leaves Found in Forgotten Town Hall Chest in Bulgaria’s Strelcha
Bulharsko: Bulgarian, French Archaeologists Find Unique Apollo Roof Tiles, Ancient Greek Funerals near Sozopol
Turecko: Roman bath found in Burdur’s ancient Kibyra
Kyrgyzstán: International archaeological expedition to Kyrgyzstan yields over 10,000 artefacts
Altaj (Rusko): Fresh discoveries of ancient man's bone in Altai Mountains cave
Čína: New Neolithic finds at China's Majiayao dig site
USA: Apes may be closer to speaking than many scientists think

13. 8. 2015
Británie: Price of Britain’s Slave Trade revealed
Anglie: Mole hill yields important historical discovery in Hilgay
Anglie: Heat release from stagnant deep sea helped end last Ice Age
Švédsko: Twelve skeletons found beneath Swedish castle
Německo: Německo: Ostrý spor o ochranu kulturního dědictví
Itálie: Roman anchor found off the island of Ponza
Itálie: Polacy konserwują malowidła w willi przysypanej przez popioły Wezuwiusza / Polscy konserwatorzy pod Wezuwiuszem
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s Veliko Tarnovo to Start Restoration of Trapesitsa Fortress with Funding from Azerbaijan in Controversial Project
Bulharsko: Bronze Head of Seuthes III Noted in ‘Guardian’ Review of Hellenistic Sculpture Exhibit in J. Paul Getty Museum, No Mention of Ancient Thrace
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Unearth Coins of Byzantine Emperor Justinian I in Late Antiquity Building in Roman City Abritus near Bulgaria’s Razgrad
Řecko: Ancient Greek Underwater Settlement Found in Peloponnese / Sunken 5,000-year-old settlement found in Greece
Řecko: A year after discovery, no answers to a possible resting place of Alexander the Great / A year on, no answers to Amphipolis tomb mystery / Conflict Over Amphipolis Tomb Continues / Amphipolis Tomb Mystery Remains Unsolved Due to Greek Crisis / A year on, no answers to ancient Greek tomb
Turecko: Symbols of Hittite goddess of sexuality found on 4,000-year-old tablet discovered in central Turkey / 4,000-year-old tablet discovered in central Turkey
Turecko: Civil engineers’ warning for Aspendos Theater
Tunisko: Finding Utica’s Hidden Harbor
Egypt: Archaeologists near discovery of Roman era kilns north of Egypt
Egypt: British archaeologists survey in Nile delta reveals new data
Ethiopie: Marks on 3.4-million-year-old bones not due to trampling, analysis confirms / Trampling ruled out on 3.4 million year old bones from Ethiopia / Researchers report evidence of earliest stone tool usage
Rusko: Treasure trove of warrior jewellery unearthed in Russia: Ancient grave belongs to woman who worshipped fire 2,000 years ago / Ancient warrior woman's grave unearthed in Russia
Čína: Chinese cave ‘graffiti’ tells a 500-year story of climate change and impact on society / Chinese cave 'graffiti' tells a 500-year story of climate change and impact on society
Mexiko: Mexico Finds Subterranean River Under Chichén Itzá Pyramid / Vědci objevili jeskyni pod mayskou pyramidou. Při obřadech se do propasti zřejmě házely oběti / Subterranean river discovered beneath Mexico's Chichén Itzá ruins / Piramida nad podziemną rzeką
Peru: Peru uses drones to protect archaeological sites
Japonsko: Researchers have string theory about use of ancient bells

12. 8. 2015
Slovensko: Hradisko pri Žiline stále prekvapuje
Slovensko: Archeologický výskum osady spred 3500 rokov pokračuje / Archeológovia skúmajú opevnenú osadu spred 3 500 rokov: Kostry odhalili strašidelnú pravdu!
Anglie: Historic artefacts found during Stanway dig to be handed over to experts
Anglie: Maryport Roman settlement: Dig unearths rare Roman jewellery / Student archaeologist finds Roman cut crystal as final Roman Maryport dig comes to a close / Finds shed new light on ancient Roman frontier settlement
Anglie: Plague grave excavations contradict tales of naked bodies piled in pits / Suspected plague pit from 1665 unearthed at Liverpool Street London / After Crossrail's gruesome discovery we've mapped all the City of London's plague pits: Do you work near one? / Masowy grób w centrum Londynu
Anglie: The London: Warship's 17th century gun-carriage raised from bottom of Thames estuary
Irsko: Why did they stop building tower house castles in Ireland?
Polsko: Archaeologists make surprise find in north-east Poland / Bronze Age urn burial found in north-east Poland / Archeolodzy: kultura pucharów dzwonowatych była obecna w Podlaskiem / Intrygujących znalezisk pod Supraślem ciąg dalszy
Polsko: Niezwykłe rytuały na cmentarzysku sprzed 2 tys. lat
Polsko: Muzealnicy tworzą średniowieczną kuźnię
Švýcarsko: An archaeology exhibition 'with a taste' at the Musée historique de Vevey, Switzerland
Itálie: Kulinarische Globalisierung im Römischen Reich
Bulharsko: Shepherd Finds 8th Century AD Gold Coin of Byzantine Emperor Constantine V Copronymus near Medieval Bulgarian Capital Pliska
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists Show Lead Cross Reliquary, Lead Icon Found in Medieval City Missionis (Krum’s Fortress)
Bulharsko/Turecko/Blízký Východ: Ancient sculptures seized from Bulgarian smugglers originated in Turkey and the Middle East / Bulgarian Archaeologist Concludes Roman Artifacts Seized from Smugglers Authentic, Originated in Asia Minor and the Middle East
Řecko: Nagelneue Griechen-Museen können wegen Geldmangels nicht öffnen
Turecko: Byzantine graves found in Stratonikeia
Turecko: Greeks abort temple construction in Turkey due to economic crisis – 1,800 years ago
USA: New Study Ties Tooth Wear in Fossils to Diet, Validating Decades of Research
Montana (USA): UM students dig up Prohibition history in Butte
Massachusetts (USA): When a toilet becomes a time capsule
Mexiko: Pre-Hispanic stone engravings vandalized in central Mexico

11. 8. 2015
Británie: Can you help Tate Archive identify these John Piper photographs?
Anglie: Archaeologists carry out excavations at Chedworth Roman Villa
Anglie/Egypt: Government extends Sekhemka export bar
Skotsko: Uncovering more about Scotland’s military history / Uncovering more about Scotland's military history
Irsko: Bronze Age Ireland’s Taste in Gold
Švédsko: V Baltu našli lodní příšeru starou 520 let, pamatuje Kolumbovu éru / Danish 'monster' pulled out of Swedish waters / Medieval ship's 'sea monster' figurehead raised from Baltic / Moře vydalo po více než 500 letech vrak lodě. Část přídě vypadá jako mořský netvor / Z vraku lodi z Kolumbovy éry v Baltu vyzvedli dřevěnou příšeru
Německo: Kombiticket für Industrie- und Archäologiemuseum in Chemnitz
Německo/Egypt: 10 Jahre Nofretete auf der Museumsinsel
Polsko: Zaplecze rzymskiego fortu Tibiscum odsłania tajemnice polskim badaczom
Polsko/Afrika/Blízký Východ: Nowy dyrektor jedynej polskiej placówki naukowej w Afryce i na Bliskim Wschodzie
Itálie: Curiae Veteres Sanctuary in Rome Attracts the Curious
Bulharsko: Construction Worker Stumbles Upon 10-Million-Year-Old Whale Fossils near Bulgaria’s Vidin
Řecko: Urban Picnic Festival in Thessaloniki Roman Forum
Turecko: Secret of İznik tiles in kilns
Izrael: Scorned Shipwreck Identified as Baron De Rothschild's Missing Schooner
Egypt: Nefertiti mohla být pohřbená v hrobce Tutanchamona, tvrdí archeolog / Hrobka Nefertiti může být v hrobce Tutanchamona, tvrdí archeolog / Vedec si myslí, že objavil hrobku najkrajšej ženy sveta / Queen Nefertiti: Has the tomb of Tutankhamun's mother been found hiding in plain sight? / Grab im Tal der Könige? Das ist das Geheimnis der Nofretete / Geheime Türöffnungen? Neue Spekulationen um Grab der Nofretete / Grobowiec Tutanchamona kryje nieznane komory? / King Tut's Tomb May Hide Nefertiti's Secret Grave & Egypt invites expert behind new theory on Nefertiti's tomb
Kazachstán: Ancient 'warrior princess' skeleton found in Kazakhstan
Mongolsko: Mongolia-Monaco expedition in search of new archaeological findings
Severní Karolína (USA): New chapter unfolds in Lost Colony mystery
Guatemala: Unravelling the mysteries of the Mayans

10. 8. 2015
Top 10 Strangest Battles of the Middle Ages
Soil Formation, Archaeology, Color… Munsell
Defining Archaeology - 35 Different Ways to Describe Archaeology
Anglie: Divers to raise treasure from Southend's 'Mary Rose'
Anglie: Roman London Fragments, Cosmetic Cream And Bikini Bottoms
Anglie: To Smoke Or Not To Smoke: Scientist Says William Shakespeare Used Marijuana
Wales: Medieval hearth where Black Death victims warmed themselves should be properly recorded before site is destroyed say archaeologists
Wales: Cadw comics
Skotsko: Members' weekend 2015: The archaeology of Orkney
Irsko: A possible depiction of the Viking wolf Fenrir from Dublin?
Island: Archaeologists Find Viking Families Among Skeletons in Northern Iceland
Island: Archaeologists discover a cave believed to have been occupied by a Viking Age outlaw
Dánsko: The historical truth behind Ragnarr Loðbrók
Dánsko: Bell of Sunken WWII Battlecruiser HMS Hood Recovered From Ocean Floor
Francie: 10 Creepy Things to See at the Louvre That Are Better Than the Mona Lisa
Francie: Fort Frontenac
Německo: Holsterburg enthüllt ihren Bergfried und noch mehr Geheimnisse
Německo: Wir haben da 'n Grabmal im Garten
Polsko: Elitarny grób sprzed tysiąca lat odkryto w Sandomierzu / Thousand years old elite grave discovered in Sandomierz
Polsko: Archeolodzy i poszukiwacze szukają obozu Krzyżaków!
Itálie: Koloseum má opět ožít – ale za jakou cenu?
Albánie: Albánie zpřístupnila ostrov Sazan. Bývalá vojenská základna se možná stane rájem cestovatelů
Bulharsko: Archaeologist Discovers Gold Coin of Byzantine Emperor Basil II the Bulgar-Slayer in Bulgaria’s Perperikon
Turecko: Underwater work to begin at Soli Pompeiopolis
Turecko: Swimming through an ancient basilica
Turecko: Narcotic drugs for 'magic brews' found at Turkish archaeological site
Turecko: Ancient necropolis to become a center of culture
Egypt: Ancient Egyptian Couple Underwent Different Mummification Practice that Preserved their Organs
Tunisko: Blickpunkt Tunesien: Zur Bedrohung archäologischer Fundstellen
Írán: Paleolithic Mirak points to life of Neanderthals in Iran
Indie: Archaeologists Unearth 1000BC Megalithic Burial Site in Medak / Archaeologists unearth 3,000-year-old megalithic burial site in Medak
Indie: Citizens call for ban on film shoots at temples, archaeological structures in Tamil Nadu
Tibet (Čína): Archaeologist explores the first civilization of ancient Tibet
Čína: Enduring love: 4,000-year-old skeletons of mother and child are found locked in dying embrace in 'China's Pompeii' that was wiped out by earthquake / Researchers find China's 'Pompeii'
Kanada: Home built on ancient burial site to be removed
USA: Abrupt Climate Change May Have Rocked the Cradle of Civilization
Virginie (USA): Ohniště, u kterého se hřála Pocahontas
Nové Mexiko (USA): A Visitor's Guide to Chacoan Great Houses - Seeing Chaco Canyon
Kentucky (USA): Hatfields and McCoys help pinpoint key battle site in feud
Guatemala: Doomed Mayan King Honored in 1,600-Year-Old Tablet

9. 8. 2015
Liber Monstrorum: The Book of Monsters
Anglie: Kent Iron Age dig forges ahead
Anglie: Skeleton of a High Status Spiritual Woman Unearthed Near Rollright Stones in England
Irsko: There are midland kings buried in our raised bogs, say experts
Norsko: Examine Oseberg Viking Ship Artifacts in 3D
Norsko: King Sverre on Drunkenness
Dánsko/Anglie/Estonsko: What five recent archaeological sites reveal about the Viking period
Polsko: Mieszkaniec Zgierza wykopał skarby z czasów rzymskich. Teraz stanie przed sądem
Polsko: „Jak się topi metal”
Rumunsko: Investigating a Murder: The Case of the Justinianic Plague in Scythia Minor
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists Find Rare Byzantine Gold Coin in Perperikon
Řecko: Amphipolis Tomb Monument in Danger A Year After Unearthing
Turecko: Magnificent Ancient Rock-Cut Tombs Of Myra: Excavations In Ancient Sites Of Lycian Union, Antalya, Turkey
Turecko: Medicinal Use of Narcotics Unearthed at Ottoman Archaeological Site in Turkey
Egypt: 3,500-yr-old Egyptian mummies embalmed with unusual recipes / Ancient Egyptian Mummies Embalmed With Unusual Recipes (1) (2)
Kanada: Archeology students dig for 15th-century Iroquois artifacts

8. 8. 2015
Cat Pics from the Middle Ages & Why Cats were hated in Medieval Europe
Slovensko: Výstava Veľká Morava a počiatky kresťanstva odhalí skrývané bohatstvo tohto obdobia / Great Moravia at the Bratislava Castle
Anglie: Camera drones to document West's archaeological sites
Anglie: The Great Wind of 1362
Anglie: Fourteenth-Century Weaponry, Armour and Warfare in Chaucer and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Anglie/Veklikonoční ostrov: 'Making Monuments on Rapa Nui' at Manchester Museum
Irsko: Spread the word, Book of Kells goes global despite objection by Burger King
Belgie: First time Roman relics dating from the 2nd or 3rd century of our era are found in Brussels
Polsko: Archeologia sądowa jako inne spojrzenie na archeologię
Polsko: Archeolodzy i artyści
Itálie: Happy end to restoration saga for Pompeii
Turecko: Traces of centuries-old bath found in Harran
Egypt: What lies beneath?
Egypt: Twelve Thousand Cooks and a Muhtasib: Some Remarks on Food Business in Medieval Cairo
Indie: 'Summer Palace' at Qutub Shahi has a chinese connect
Čína: 580 years later, imperfect porcelain arrives at Forbidden City
Aljaška (USA): Uncovering the loneliest camp on Earth
Japonsko: Miyazaki’s Medieval World: Japanese Medievalism and the Rise of Anime

7. 8. 2015
Our extinct cousins had eyes much larger than ours. Were these giant peepers the reason for the Neanderthals' demise, or the secret of their success?
Anglie: Leominster Roman coin hoard found by Herefordshire metal detector pair
Anglie: A Guide to Arthurian Archaeology: Badon, Castle Killibury, Glastonbury, South Cadbury & Tintagel
Anglie: Community bid to save Dulverton's medieval water system
Anglie: Metal detectorist finds 1400-year-old Saxon grave
Island: Excavation of the Viking Longhouse in downtown Reykjavík completed next week
Švýcarsko: Ancient mammoth remains found during the construction of an office building in Switzerland / Mammutstosszahn im Kanton Zug entdeckt
Německo: Franken: Klärungsbedarf in Ansbach und Eichstätt
Německo: 5000 Jahre alte Großsteingräber werden restauriert
Německo/Anglie/Skotsko: Keltenfürst geht für ein Jahr nach Großbritannien
Polsko: Proces halsztatyzacji południowo-zachodnich terenów Polski z perspektywy studiów nad wytwórczością ceramiczną
Polsko: „W poszukiwaniu początków Poznania” – wystawa o badaniach Ostrowa Tumskiego
Polsko: Chorzy i niepełnosprawni we wczesnośredniowiecznej Polsce
Polsko: Archeolog bada archeologów
Itálie: Possible Roman amphitheatre discovered at Volterra
Řecko: New Tablet and Smartphone Apps for Greek Museums
Řecko: Greece orders tax fraud probe after tourists claimed gift shop at Knossos museum was not giving receipts / Keine Quittungen, alles schwarz: Steuerbetrug mit Souvenirs in Kretas Ruinen / Steuerhinterziehung blüht in Griechenland / Beamter: Steuerhinterziehung blüht in Griechenland
Turecko: Stanford scholar digs deep into human history at Neolithic site / Digging deep into human history at Çatalhöyük
Turecko: Archaeology world excited about Gölmarmara findings
Turecko: Lift system to be built at Sumela
Sýrie/Irák: These Academics Are Outracing (and Outwitting) ISIS
Egypt: Precious Treasures from Ancient Heracleion to be Revealed
Indie: 2000 Year Old Labyrinth Uncovered in India Shows Same Pattern as a Greek Maze from 1200 BC
Vietnam: Old carvings excite scientists
Tanzánie: Żywa archeologia w Tanzanii / Sekrety tanzańskich malowideł
USA: Paleo diet: Big brains needed carbs
Washington (USA): Legislation would help tribes gain custody of Kennewick Man remains
Kentucky (USA): Hatfields, McCoys dig into history of famous feud
Severní Karolína (USA): We Finally Have Clues to How America's Lost Colony Vanished / The Roanoke Island Colony: Lost, and Found?
Michigan (USA): Michigan rosary gives glimpse into another century
Mexiko: Infant Burials And Decapitated Men In Ancient Teotihuacan Neighborhood Reveal Diverse Origins
Guatemala: Tulane archaeologists help unearth key Maya monuments

6. 8. 2015
Slovensko: Brigádnici na hrade Gýmeš objavili pozoruhodné nálezy: Aha, aké tajomstvá sa podarilo odkryť!
Slovensko: Na Bratislavskom hrade sú najvzácnejšie nálezy z Veľkej Moravy
Anglie: This Ancient British Monument Was 10 Times Bigger Than Stonehenge
Anglie: Metal detector enthusiast unearths 1400 year-old Saxon skeleton
Anglie: Archaeologists investigating Anglo-Viking Battle of Fulford find ancient road and route of English retreat
Anglie: Muž si na louce postavil dřevěný Stonehenge, úřad jej káže strhnout
Polsko: Tajemnicze groby w państwie Piastów
Polsko: Badania na Ptaszniku w Górach Złotych
Polsko: Czym dla mnie jest archeologia
Itálie: Thumbs down! Why it's a disaster to restore the Colosseum
Itálie: Bones of the victims at Roman Herculaneum
Itálie: Najstarsze „borowanie”
Balkán: Visual material evidence of Viking presence in the Balkans
Turecko: Four times larger than Troy, Bronze Age site to be unearthed in Manisa
Turecko: Head of Medusa found in Antalya
Turecko: Road to Rhodiapolis to be paved with asphalt
Turecko/Sýrie: Turkish artifacts in Syria being destroyed
Izrael: Archaeologists Excavate Possible Home of Mary Magdalene and Synagogue Where Jesus May Have Preached
USA: PALEO DIET: Big Brains Needed Carbs - The importance of dietary carbohydrate in human evolution
USA: Body size increase did not play a part in the origins of Homo genus
USA: Treasure trove of sacred writings displayed for the public
New York (USA): Archaeology camp trying to unearth 1730s house, you dig?
Střední Amerika: Medicinal and Ritualistic Uses for Chocolate in Mesoamerica
Japonsko: 150-year-old images reveal what Japanese artists once thought about exotic American visitors

5. 8. 2015
Anglie: Bronze Age trackway unearthed on Cleethorpes beach
Anglie: Iron Age tree found in North Yorkshire
Skotsko: Norse Influences in the Organisation of the Medieval Church in the Western Isles
Skotsko: Kilmartin Museum edges closer to revamping Argyll's "amazing" archaeological treasures
Skotsko: Views of Inverness from Iron Age fort 'to be improved'
Skotsko: Finding the Battle of Bannockburn
Německo: Wo liegt die Mumie der Tochter von Ludwig dem Bayer?
Polsko: Pod Urzędem Miasta w Poznaniu odkryto średniowieczny kościół
Polsko: Wykopaliska na Starym w Poznaniu
Polsko: Festyn w Ośnie Lubuskim
Polsko: Czekając na prom...
Řecko: Why ancient armor had awesome abs
Turecko: Excavation season starts at ancient Xanthos
Turecko: Centuries-old cheese found in Van castle
Turecko: Antike Forschung unter militärischer Beobachtung
Turecko: Tomb of Phrygian king to shed light on history
Izrael: A Mystery in Jerusalem: a Rare Ancient Message, Encoded in Symbols and Inscriptions, was Discovered in a Ritual Bath Dating to the Second Temple Period / Archaeologists Find Mysterious 2,000-Year-Old Jewish Message Tucked Away in Secret Chamber: ‘A Very Significant Discovery’  / Ancient Inscriptions and Symbols Discovered on Ritual Bath Dating to the Second Temple Period / 'Ancient Hebrew inscriptions' baffle Israeli archaeologists / Mysterious Ancient Mikveh With Aramaic Graffiti Found While Building a School in Jerusalem / V Jeruzalémě našli archeologové nápisy z Ježíšovy doby
Izrael: Ancient Synagogue Mosaic Floor Showing Menorah Found in Galilee, Israel
Izrael: Amazing Aerial View of Masada (4k) - Drone Cinematography by Jeffrey Worthington
Egypt: Ancient Egyptian Artifacts Revealed from a Sunken City
Gruzie: Denisova Cave promises more
Čína: Rare dual-chamber ancient tomb in Song Dynasty found in SW China
Tennessee (USA): Men Get Jail Term For Digging Up Civil War Artifacts
Melanésie: Australo-Melanesians and a very ancient ancestry

4. 8. 2015
Anglie: Why Is Stonehenge Still A Mystery?
Anglie: British Museum uses virtual reality to transport visitors to the bronze age
Anglie: The London: After 350 years, the riddle of Britain's exploding fleet is finally solved
Anglie: The Bankside Stews: Prostitution in London 1161-1546
Anglie: New study shows how complex bonobo communication is similar to that of human infants
Dánsko: Borten aus der Wikingerzeit - Dänemark und Umgebung
Německo: Das Rätsel des kopflosen Römers Lucius Poblicius
Polsko: Archeolodzy odkrywają zapomniany zamek w Sierpcu / Archaeologists discover forgotten castle in Sierpc
Polsko: Muzeum dla najmłodszych – program Muzeum archeologicznego w Poznaniu - „Muzeum małego odkrywcy”
Polsko: Trzeci sezon w krzyżackiej warowni
Ukrajina/Rusko: 'Russia's Troy' under Kremlin control after row over priest's appointment
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Find Last Fragment of Early Christian Christogram in Bishop’s Basilica in Bulgaria’s Sandanski
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s Pomorie Opens Archaeological Exhibit with Historical Reenactment by Ancient Roman Legionnaires
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Stumble Upon Gold Coin of Eastern Roman Emperor Arcadius in Bulgaria’s Dragoynovo
Řecko/Írán: In the footsteps of Xerxes: Following the remains of the Persian wars in today’s Greece
Arménie: It is Possibly the Largest Iron Age Necropolis in the Near East But Archaeologists only Have Six Months to Excavate
Turecko: Turks and Ephesians lived together
Turecko: Ancient mosaic symbolizes life and luxury
Izrael: Archaeologists uncover rare finds near Sea of Galilee
Izrael: New Dig Suggests Israelite Kingdom Wasn’t So Mighty
Egypt/Belgie: Egypt repatriates 35,000-year-old skeleton from Belgium
Egypt: 13 Things that Egyptians Were the First to Create
Tunisko: Mosaic Conservation in an Ancient Site
Irák: Iraq Digitising Baghdad National Library Archives In Face of ISIS Threat
Írán: Underground city of Nushabad (PHOTOS)
New York (USA): The First Dig at Frontenac Island
Massachusetts (USA): Saugus Iron Works could offer archeological treasures
Arizona/Nové Mexiko (USA): Anasazi - An Introduction to Ancestral Puebloan Societies

3. 8. 2015
Divers Just Made The The Most Unbelievable Discovery In The Ocean
Galactic Archaeology Reveals Milky Way's Stellar Migrants
Simulating the Past: Complex Systems Simulation in Archaeology
Anglie: Help Us Decipher This Inscription / Záhada tajemného meče: Dokážete rozluštit nápis na něm?
Anglie: Tourists uncover ancient artefact on Isle of Wigh beach
Anglie: Archaeologists to dig in pub garden
Skotsko: Cambuskenneth’s lost harbour
Norsko: Norway starts school for Vikings
Německo: Ganz alte Töne: Archäologen erforschen Musik der Frühzeit
Polsko: Turystyka archeologiczna
Estonsko: Experimental archaeology takes you back to Viking era
Itálie: Massive prehistoric monolith found in the Mediterranean / Archaeologists discover giant prehistoric monolith at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea / A submerged monolith in the Sicilian Channel (central Mediterranean Sea): Evidence for Mesolithic human activity / Rock of ages: Man-made 10,000yo monolith found off Italian coast / Niezwykle stary podwodny megalit / Odhalili tajemství Atlantidy? U Sicílie našli v moři záhadný objekt
Itálie: Italien: Ende des Denkmalschutzes
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Find Thracian Princess’s Tomb in Burial Mound Targeted by Treasure Hunters in Bulgaria’s Tatarevo
Turecko: 40 of Turkey’s most obscure treasures
Turecko: Byzantine chapel found in İznik during environmental project
Turecko: Thank the ancient Romans for 'street food'
Turecko: 300-year-old Armenian monastery stands in ruins
Izrael: Bar-Ilan U. archaeologists uncover entrance gate and fortification of Biblical city / Archaeologists uncover entrance gate and fortification of Biblical city / Archaeologists Find the Gate to Goliath's Hometown / Archeologové objevili bránu města, kde žil Goliáš
Egypt: Lékařství starých Egypťanů
Írán: Signs of 9000-year-old settlement found in Behbahan / Traces of 9,000-year-old hamlet uncovered in Iran
Sibiř (Rusko): These petroglyphs believed to be drawn 8,000 to 10,000 years ago in remotest Siberia
Jihoafrická republika: This 200,000 Year-Old City in South Africa Could Rewrite Human History
Kanada/Egypt: Egyptian Magic' at the Museum of Civilization, Quebec
Arizona (USA): 1,200-Year-Old Pouches Found in Arizona Cave Contain Prehistoric ‘Chewing Tobacco,’ Study Finds
Minnesota (USA): Dugout Dwellings: Pioneer Housing in 19th Century Minnesota
Iowa (USA): National Park Service buries report on effigy mounds scandal
USA: New analysis suggests body size increase did not play a role in the origins of Homo genus
Japonsko: Tiles inscribed with 'flight' from Japan's first Buddhist temple go on display
Austrálie: Nálezený ešus odhalil příběh australského vojáka. „Vypátrali jsme jeho rodinu,“ popisuje detektorář

2. 8. 2015
Medieval Empires
Anglie: Seamus Heaney and Beowulf
Skotsko: Ancient hillfort to be excavated in Lochaber
Man: The Vikings: Myths and Misconceptions / Viking Myths and Rituals on the Isle of Man
Skandinávie: Early Norse Navigation Tools / Early Norse Navigation Tools
Francie/Egypt: Ancient Egyptian underwater treasures to be exhibited for the first time
Německo: Kostbarer Goldpokal aus Rheinland-Pfalz ins Ausland gebracht
Polsko: „Co robimy w ukryciu?” – odpowiedź poznamy w Elblągu
Polsko: Chata średniowiecznych hutników
Ukrajina/Rusko: Putin promises protection for ancient Crimea ruins
Itálie: The City in Decline: Rome in Late Antiquity
Malta: Full-scale model of Roman city of Viminacium on display at the National Museum of Archaeology
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Unearth ‘Dancing Priestess’ Figurine in Neolithic Settlement in Bulgaria’s Varbitsa / Pradawna kapłanka
Řecko: 'The Amazing Inventions of the Ancient Greeks' at the Museum Herakleidon, Athens
Egypt: Egyptian archaeologists discover human remains and pottery
Egypt/Francie: 'Osiris, Sunken Mysteries of Egypt' at the Arab World Institute, Paris
Indie: No bulldozing of historic sites: Archaeology Department
Indie: The Archaeology News Network: Archaeological Survey of India documents 732 unprotected monuments
Čína: Tomb raiders put Chinese history in grave danger
Wyoming (USA): Artifact trove reveals campsites near Moose-Wilson Road
Virginie (USA): An App Tells Painful Stories Of Slaves At Monticello's Mulberry Row

1. 8. 2015
Británie/Irsko: Lughnasa and Lammas: Summer Holidays Lost and Found Again
Anglie: See pictures from the dig which revealed skeletons and a Roman settlement in Devon
Anglie: Stonehenge contaminated with deadly asbestos after contractors accidentally dump soil
Anglie: HMS Victory: The mystery of Britain's worst naval disaster is finally solved - 271 years later / Mystery of HMS Victory’s sinking solved after 271 years / Tragedia HMS Victory
Německo: Steinzeit-Gräber in Stuttgart-21-Baustelle entdeckt
Německo: Varus-Münzen im Hightech-Scan für neue Erkenntnisse
Španělsko: Christian kings and Jewish conversion in the medieval Crown of Aragon
Itálie: Craco: The Abandoned Medieval Ghost Town of Italy
Bulharsko: Archaeologist Finds Two Human Skeletons, One Ram Skeleton in Early Christian Tomb on St. Ivan Island in Black Sea Off Bulgaria’s Sozopol
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Dig Up Ceramic Head of Dionysus in Ancient Roman City Sexaginta Prista in Bulgaria’s Ruse
Řecko: Marble statue of Silenus unearthed at Pella
Izrael: Excavations reveal destruction of Second Temple
Írán/Itálie: Italy returns Iran’s stolen antiques
USA: Using modern human genetics to study ancient phenomena
USA: When did otters start using tools? Their ancient teeth may provide some answers. Cracking an otter mystery. Otters may be able to tell us a lot about tool-using cultures in animals—but they’re not making it easy for us
Pensylvánie (USA): Archaeology from the depths of the Delaware River to high atop Philadelphia’s Skyline
Japonsko: Remnants of 5th-century building where foreigners may have met found in Nara / 1500 Year Old Korean Meeting Place Uncovered in Japan

31. 7. 2015
Medieval North European Spindles and Whorls
How to value research that crosses more than one discipline
Anglie: Discovery of horse remains and medieval well give fascinating glimpse into Lincoln's Roman past
Anglie: Human skeletons found buried at Halton Castle in Runcorn
Anglie: Who Is Old Father Thames?
Anglie: History and Archaeology at Vindolanda Roman Fort
Skotsko: The Inuit Discovery of Scotland in 1682
Irsko: Ancient Irish were first to record an eclipse – 5,355 years ago / Ancient Irish Were the First Known to Mark an Eclipse in Stone
Island: Drones used to chart archaeological sites in Skagafjörður fjord
Německo: Neue Untersuchungen im Mittleren Schlossgarten in Stuttgart
Německo: Bau von James-Simon-Galerie: Durchbruch zum Pergamonmuseum
Německo: Archäologische Bodenuntersuchungen im Mittleren Schloßgarten. Grabfund sowie weitere römische und germanische Siedlungsspuren
Německo: 6,4 Millionen Euro für Denkmäler im Südwesten
Německo/Vietnam: Direktor des Nationalmuseums Hanoi zu Besuch in Herne
Polsko: Early Bronze Age Enclosure
Polsko: Archeolodzy dokopali się do tajemniczych piwnic pod muszyńskim rynkiem / Archaeologists dug into mysterious cellars beneath the town square in Muszyna
Polsko: Sierpecki zamek odnaleziony po blisko 400 - latach !
Polsko: Archeologiczne odkrycia pod Drawskiem [ZDJĘCIA]
Polsko: Bitwa Wikingów w Wolinie [WIDEO, ZDJĘCIA]
Rusko/Ukrajina: Putin archeologem. Na anektovaném Krymu chce zkoumat Hedvábnou stezku / Putin bude archeologem na anektovaném Krymu / Neohrožený Putin. Tentokrát jako archeolog na anektovaném Krymu / Putin Reportedly Heading To Crimea For His Latest Annual Adventure
Chorvatsko: ‘Wine-contamination’ of the Adriatic: Examples of punishing wine smugglers from medieval Dubrovnik
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Find Stone Eagle Relief near Ancient Roman City Novae in Bulgaria’s Svishtov
Řecko: Thessaloniki Exhibition Presents True Biography of Prehistoric People
Arménie: Polak poszukuje zaginionego fortu rzymskiego w Armenii / Polak poszukuje zaginionego obozu rzymskiego w Armenii
Turecko: Dalyan’s rock tombs to be protected by fences
Turecko: Underground city reveals traces of civilizations
Izrael: Excavations reveal destruction of Second Temple
Egypt: Archeologia Egiptu – inna perspektywa
Nepál: Ancient site related to Buddha’s life faces ‘existential crisis’
Madagaskar: Cave Art May Show What Happened to Giant Lemurs
Východní Timor: Shells may hold key to understanding ancient East Timor
USA: Blogging about Archaeology (an MA Survey)
Japonsko: Ainu museum planned for 2020 to promote understanding of indigenous people

30. 7. 2015
Anglie: Larch-clad shelter designed for Roman ruins
Anglie: Digging begins in a bid to uncover Suffolk’s ‘lost city’
Anglie: Legal expert makes fact-finding visit to threatened hillfort
Anglie/Egypt: Archeology experts lead condemnation of Sekhamka statue sale as temporary export ban runs out
Německo: Archäologen in Bingen wollen Funde in Museum präsentieren
Polsko: Wędkarze na brzegu jeziora szukali robaków, a znaleźli arabskie monety sprzed tysiąca lat
Polsko: Park Kulturowy lekarstwem na czarną legendę Radomia / Wielki park kulturowy pokaże przeszłość Radomia
Litva: Remains of the Great Synagogue and Shulhof of Vilna are Rediscovered Seventy Years after their Destruction by the Nazis / Remains of Nazi-Destroyed Synagogue Found Using Radar
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Find Ram Head Pottery Decoration in Ancient Roman Ceramic Factory in Bulgaria’s Pavlikeni
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Find Medieval Procession Cross, Bulgarian, Ottoman Coin Treasure at Black Sea Fortress Kastritsi
Řecko: New Archaeological Findings of Apollo Sanctuary on Greek Island
Řecko: #Iarchaeologybecause: The Importance of Archaeology at Palaikastro, Crete
Turecko: Network: Kaunos rock tombs to be protected by fences
Turecko: Archaeologists uncover human settlement dated to the dawn of civilization
Turecko: VIDEO: Myra and Andriake ancient site excavation commence
Turecko/Sýrie: Inside The Underground Trade To Sell Off Syria’s History
Izrael: Huqoq 2015: New Mosaics Unearthed at Huqoq Synagogue
Egypt: Lunar alignment on Luxor temple marked for Friday
Indie: What was cooking in Harappa?
Bali: Pottery, beads retrace close links between India and Bali
Čína: Chata pełna ciał
USA: Tipis - Ancient Home of American Plains People
Virginie (USA): Archaeologists extract clues from Kiskiack’s pre-colonial past
Pensylvánie (USA): Digging for history: Archaeologists search for signs of 1876 Japanese bazaar building in Fairmount Park
Washington (USA): Archeologists Accused of Artifact Theft in Columbia County
Japonsko: Kanji scratched into clay tiles in Nara some of oldest writing found in Japan

29. 7. 2015
Defining Terms: Myth, folklore, legend, etc.
Slovensko: Archeologický výskum na hradisku Veľký vrch pri Divinke
Británie: What is the top Roman fort to visit in Britain?
Británie: Help save Britain's coastal archaeology / Urgent call for volunteers to survey England’s disappearing coastal archaeology
Anglie: Five gladiator skulls from Londinium 2,000 years ago are about to go on public show
Anglie: Henry V's Agincourt naval fleet much smaller than previously believed
Irsko: Why Archaeological Archives Matter: Preserving the Pieces of Our Past at the National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology
Německo: Vier Leichen – und eine Box voller Knochen: US-Archäologen stehen vor einem Rätsel
Itálie: Basilica at Pompeii to reopen for tourists
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists Find Stone Inscription, Red Marble Pillar in Bishop’s Basilica in Roman and Byzantine Fortress Zaldapa
Kypr: 2015 Geronisos Island excavations completed
Turecko: Ancient Soli Pompeiopolis site eyes UNESCO list
Ázerbájdžán: Archaeological finds unearthed near Azerbaijan’s Barda
Jordánsko: Cyfrowa archeologia w Jordanii
Izrael: Biblical Bread: Baking Like the Ancient Israelites
Keňa: We are all African, but we also have our own histories
Rusko: Remains of Woman with Alien-like Skull Found at Arkaim Russia / Skeleton with elongated skull unearthed in Russia
Čína: Tongwancheng, the city of Southern Huns
USA: Neanderthals had outsize effect on human biology

28. 7. 2015
Grave Guns, Coffin Torpedos and Other Methods of Protecting Your Bones From Thieves
Slovensko: Na hrade má Slovensko vzácny poklad, ani ho nepropaguje
Anglie: ​Archaeologists hope to discover where the people who built Avebury stone monument lived / Neolithic house discovery at Avebury stone circle dig / Archaeologists Search for Neolithic Home of Avebury Stone Circle Builders Between the Monuments
Anglie: Sedgeford dig is a huge draw despite the wet weather
Anglie: Cat paw print discovered on Gloucester Roman roof tile
Anglie: Uncertainty over funding for Northampton museum expansion
Wales: Prehistoric fortress island discovered on English-Welsh border
Skotsko: Pictish fort south of Stonehaven 'is Scotland's oldest' / Earliest Pictish fort yet discovered was situated on sea stack
Francie: French student finds tooth dating back 560,000 years / A 560,000 year-old tooth found in France suggests humans could be a lot older than previously thought / Studenti našli ve Francii 560 000 let starý lidský zub / Ancient tooth found in French cave / French teenager finds 560,000-year-old ‘human’ tooth
Německo: Himmelsschweibenwoche in Nebra und Halle
Německo: Lake Dwellings - Neolithic Life on the Alpine Lake Shore
Polsko: Celtyckie ślady… „Na Mazowszu jest to pierwsze odkrycie tego rodzaju!”
Španělsko: The Restoration Department and the Bibat, Museum of Archaeology of Álava region show their daily inside work
Itálie: Everyday Life in Pompeii
Řecko: Antiquities Found on Shipwreck That Carried Elgin Marbles & Mentor shipwreck excavation continues
Bulharsko: Archaeology: Thracian sword at Bulgaria’s Perperikon among finds in July
Bulharsko: Thracian Polearm Among Archaeological Finds in Bulgaria's Perperikon
Turecko: Urartu Castle’s walls unearthed after 2,700 years
Izrael: Excavating at Mt. Zion: Jerusalem Dig Uncovers Ancient Mansion
Egypt: Mummies: scanning ancient human remains
Egypt: Team Studies Ancient Mining Sites at Wadi el-Hudi, Egypt
Egypt: 4,000-year-old stelai unearthed south of Aswan / Three newly discovered stelae at Wadi el-Hudi (Aswan)
Indonésie: Yogyakarta to build a volcano archaeology centre
Sibiř (Rusko): First glimpse inside the Siberian cave that holds the key to man's origins
Jihoafrická republika: Cave that carries evidence of humanity’s first cultural exploits is under threat
Jihoafrická republika: First measurements taken of South Africa's Iron Age magnetic field history
Grǿnsko/Aljaška (USA): Whale Bone Houses - Thule Culture Ceremonial Structures
Pensylvánie (USA): Matthew A. Kalos – A Day of Archaeology: Paoli Battlefield, Malvern, Pennsylvania (USA)
Virginie (USA): Archaeologists discover remains of Jamestown colony's earliest leaders / New Jamestown Discovery Reveals the Identities of Four Prominent Settlers / V americkém Jamestownu našli hroby prvních anglických kolonistů / How Archaeologists Dug Up a Human-Shaped Coffin That Wasn't There / Vier Leichen – und eine Box voller Knochen: US-Archäologen stehen vor einem Rätsel & Mysterious silver box found in Jamestown grave & Archaeologists Identify Remains of the Early Colonists of Jamestown
Florida (USA): 300-Year-Old Spanish Shipwreck Holds Million Dollar Treasure / Rodina našla ve vracích z roku 1715 poklad za milióny
USA: Cuneiform Commentaries Project
Komumbie: 300 Leichen auf Müllhalde in Kolumbien verscharrt
Austrálie: Volunteers curate artefacts of far north Queensland's Chinese heritage

27. 7. 2015
Devět skvostů ze seznamu UNESCO na pokraji kolapsu. I kvůli turistům
Youth Archaeology paves way for future discoverers
10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Neolithic - Danubian Civilization
Slovensko: Veronika Dubcová: Archeológ musí byť dobrodruh
Anglie: Stonehenge Interactive Map
Anglie: Viking raiding wasn’t just about the booty / New research on the causes of the Viking Age / Po łupy i prestiż
Anglie: British Museum to oversee Happisburgh sea defence work
Anglie: 3D model of medieval artefact to be created with virtual factory tech
Anglie: Archaeological Investigation in Keynsham Cemetery
Anglie: Loughborough scientists’ new chemical blueprint could be the answer to tackling stone theft
Anglie/Egypt: Last Gasp to Save Sekhemka
Wales: New Rubicon Project Manager in Wales
Skotsko: Face of Copper Age 'Thankerton Man' revealed
Skotsko: Mass medieval grave found at Aberdeen school / Thirty skeletons in front of city centre art gallery point to lost medieval burial ground in Aberdeen
Island: Christian Cemetery From Viking Age Iceland Reveals Strenuous Lives And Early Deaths / Analysis of Viking burial site reveals the harshness of life in early Christian Iceland
Dánsko: A princely dynasty at Stevns
Dánsko: Bronze Age gold spirals discovered in Denmark
Polsko: Archeolodzy zakończyli wykopaliska koło Jerzwałdu
Polsko: Powstaje „Wirtualnie Muzeum Chodlika”
Itálie: Pompeii guard dog mosaic back on show
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists Discover 11th Century Rakia Distillation Vessel
Turecko: ‘Queen Valentina Road’ reopens after six centuries in northern Turkey
Ázerbájdžán: Archaeology Festival in Azerbaijan
Izrael: Canaanite rulers liked their wine jars: Vast collection found at Tel Kabri / A royal find of ancient grapes and wine residue may help resurrect Canaanite vinting
Egypt: Researchers discover what was located on top of the Great Pyramid
Egypt: Important ancient reliefs discovered in Aswan / American archaeologists discover inscribed steles at ancient mining site
Singapur: Singapore archaeology needs a permanent home
Čína: Gruesome Find: 100 Bodies Stuffed into Ancient House
Aljaška (USA): Obsidian a bread crumb trail to the past for Alaska archaeologist
Severní Karolína (USA): Researchers find possible American Revolution-era shipwreck
Ohio (USA): 4,000-year-old structure found in Ohio
USA: A cataclysmic event of a certain age
Brazílie: Brazilian archaeologists find human presence dating back 4,000 years in Rio
Peru: What is it? / Grand Sized Mystery in Peru: Archaeologists Stumped over Giant Ceramic Structures that resemble Dinosaur Eggs

26. 7. 2015
Experimental Archaeology – TIMBER!
A roundup of human remains in the news: Forensic science, forensic anthropology, archaeology, and some strange stuff
Anglie: Sutton Hoo: Anglo-Saxon ship burial
Anglie: Summer digs in Northumberland and County Durham throw up dozens of fascinating Roman artefacts
Anglie: Using archaeology to promote the study of STEM subjects
Skotsko: Pottery clue to site of Bruce’s army camp at Bannockburn
Dánsko: Das Mädchen von Egtved
Německo: Sondengänger führt Archäologen zu Bronzezeit-Höhensiedlung
Německo: Premiere für griechisches Fest am Schliemann-Museum Ankershagen
Itálie: ArcheoKids: our archaeology for children
Řecko: Flashback to Ancient Greece's Brilliant Inventions
Saúdská Arábie: Tayma a treasure house of culture, antiquities
Írán/Německo: Iran, Germany to collaborate on archaeology
Indie: An ancient temple awaits its change of fate
Utah (USA): Puebloan archaeological site buried for safekeeping / Puebloan archaeological site buried for safekeeping
Florida (USA): Archaeology Abuzz: Digging St. Augustine’s Tovar House

25. 7. 2015
The Past Sense Project: Pioneering Approaches to Therapeutic Archaeology
Británie: Archaeology, Austerity and Why Historic Environment Records Matter
Anglie: Roman ring found in Lichfield buried four inches deep is officially declared as 'treasure'
Anglie: Bid to get Ormesby memorial stone refurbished
Wales: C.R Archaeology Friday
Skandinávie: Rich and Powerful: The Image of the Female Deity in Migration Age Scandinavia
Litva: Skeletons Of Napoleon's Soldiers Discovered In Mass Grave Show Signs Of Starvation / Napoleonic soldiers found in mass grave starved to death / Záhada hromadné smrti 3000 Napoleonových vojáků v Litvě vyřešena: nedali jim najíst!
Egypt: For the first time in 3500 years, Royal tombs are open at night
Egypt: Exclusive: new excavations in valley of the Kings
Kanada: Cabin Fever: European Transhumance in North America
Texas (USA): Teams digging into history of the earliest people
Nový Zéland: A day of earthquake archaeology in Christchurch, New Zealand

24. 7. 2015
The Open Archaeology and the community’s sense
Mammoth Bone Dwellings - Houses Made from Elephant Bones. The Finest in Upper Paleolithic Housing
Anglie: Anglo-Saxon handprint uncovered in Sedgeford dig in west Norfolk
Anglie: Ancient storage jar discovered under Roman Road during Exeter dig
Anglie: Where Is London's Roman Chariot Racing Arena?
Anglie: "Very rare" Tudor pane found in chute from toilets to moat at Henry VIII palace
Anglie: Skeleton of necklace-wearing adolescent will help archaeologists discover "frenzied" Stonehenge of 4,000 years ago
Anglie: The Romans are coming to Desborough
Irsko: The Scribe in the Woods: An Early Irish Poem
Irsko: Centuries in sod – excavating the Black Friary, Trim, Co. Meath
Francie: The Cave of the Hundred Mammoths
Německo: Ausgrabungen am Schwabenberg/Töpfemarkt in Meiningen
Německo: Grabung auf dem Gelände einer Werkstatt des 17. Jh. in Neuenburg am Rhein
Německo: Musik in steinzeitlichen Höhlen und antiken Tempeln
Německo: Isnys Stadtbrand von 1631 für die Archäologen ein Glücksfall
Německo: Mit dem Steinzeitjäger in die Vergangenheit
Polsko: Żywa archeologia
Polsko: Nieinwazyjne rozpoznanie zasobów archeologicznych na Pomorzu
Polsko: Warsztaty archeologiczne :)
Polsko: Niezwykłe odkrycie w okolicach Jerzwałdu
Švýcarsko: Warum früher Menschen geköpft begraben wurden
Itálie: Pompeje se nečekaně uzavřely turistům
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists Discover Previously Unknown Coins in Medieval City Missionis near Targovishte
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists Uncover Further Older Layer of Beautiful Early Christian Mosaics at Plovdiv’s Great Basilica
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists Unearth Entire Residential Quarter in Medieval Fortress Kastritsi on Black Sea Coast
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists Reach Water in Holy Well in Great Basilica in Early Medieval Capital Pliska
Turecko: 2,200 year-old trade building found in Turkey’s ancient city
Turecko: Archeological research shows first residents of Imbros came from Anatolia 8,500 years ago / Anatolian immigrants settled in Imbros 8,500 years ago
Egypt: Die Restaurierung des Sargs der Harsiese
Egypt: Researchers Use Modern Technology to Uncover Secrets of Ancient Egyptian Child Mummies
Sibiř (Rusko): Russian tsar 'lived secretly as monk in Siberia' for decades after history books say he died
Jihoafrická republika: Over one million years ago, stone flaking experts at Canteen Kopje in South Africa
Kanada: Archaeology field school uncovers artifacts
Kalifornie (USA): Presidio Archaeologists Uncover Foundations of Original Spanish Fort
Utah (USA): Does secret meeting mean feds are plotting new Utah national monument?
Guatemala: Maya Shrine Reveals Arrival of ‘New World Order’
Brazílie: Archeologia w Brazylii
Peru: Machu Picchu discovered / The discovery of Machi Picchu. Hiram Binham re-discovered the 'lost' city of the Incas on July 24th, 1911
Austrálie: Abrupt past warming events led to the extinction of megafauna

23. 7. 2015
Crash Course: Middle Ages
Decrypting 1,000 years of past climate history in Europe
Slovensko: Začiatok sezóny na Pustom hrade priniesol nález meča zo 14. storočia
Anglie: 4,000 year old Pewsey teenager discovered in Wiltshire dig / Bronze Age skeleton unearthed in Wiltshire
Anglie: Excavating a Roman Town: the Silchester Town Life Project
Anglie: Maryport Roman dig to be given BBC TV airing
Anglie: Archaeologists find well-preserved 14th century human skeleton on site of medieval Augustinian friary
Wales: Is this the proof that Cardiff dates back 6,000 years? Experts describe 'most compelling evidence yet' on origins of city
Skotsko: The Kingdom of the Picts
Island: The Viking Age longhouse in downtown Reykjavík burned to the ground
Německo: Eine Schwester für die Venus vom Hohle Fels
Polsko: Powstaje Wirtualne Muzeum Chodlika!
Ukrajina: Polskie drony nad fortecami Ukrainy / „Nigdzie na świecie nie ma takiego nagromadzenia tak olbrzymich grodzisk”
Itálie/Řecko: DNA Study Pinpoints When The Ancient Greeks Colonized Sicily And Italy
Turecko: Turkish Archaeologists Discover the World's Oldest Known Writings
Turecko: Restoration work to begin at historic Genoese castle
Turecko: Stone Sculpture Symposium at UNESCO world heritage site
Arménie: "The Armenian Stonehenge” Carahunge Ancient Observatory
Izrael: Wrapping Up Ashkelon’s 2015 Season
Čína: Ancient human bones found in historical site / Ancient Skull with Membrane Intact Found in China
USA: Decoding the Medieval Volvelle
USA: Abrupt climate change may have rocked the cradle of civilization
USA: Science - Special Issue: From mammoths to Neandertals, ancient DNA unlocks the mysteries of the past
USA: Study Finds Abrupt Climate Change May Have Rocked the Cradle of Civilization
Michigan (USA): Divers find pristine 116-year-old shipwreck in Lake Michigan / Great Lakes divers comb depths, find pristine shipwreck of John V. Moran lost in 1899
Utah/Nevada/Oregon/Kalifornie (USA): Research suggests western US deserts were relatively wet up until 8,200 years ago
Mexiko: More on Name on Mayan King Pakal's tomb decoded
Amazonie: Is the Amazon rainforest MAN-MADE? At least 8 MILLION humans may have lived and farmed the basin at its peak, study claims / Myth of pristine Amazon rainforest busted as old cities reappear & Ancient Amazon rainforest was once used for agriculture
Austrálie: Climate change, not human hunters, was the mammoth’s biggest enemy

22. 7. 2015
Anglie: Treasure discovered in archaeology dig at £70m Norwich development
Anglie: Redcoats re-enact landmark survey at Roman Camp
Anglie: Archaeology at Maldon's 'barge graveyard' with CITiZAN
Anglie: 'Oldest' Koran fragments found in Birmingham University / V Birminghamu nalezli útržky z Koránu, které pamatují proroka Mohameda / Qur’an manuscript dated among the oldest in the world
Anglie: Surrey Archaeological Society told to leave Guildford home of past century
Anglie/Egypt: Sekhemka Egyptian statue: Northampton stands by sale
Normanské ostrovy: Alderney’s Roman artefacts could point to a larger haul
Dánsko: Kamienie słoneczne z bałtyckiej wyspy / Polscy archeolodzy na Bornholmie / Polish archaeologists on Bornholm / Incised stone sun discs found during Danish island excavations
Německo: Grabungen am Vicus Belginum. Die Zeit drängt
Německo: Elfenbeinfund: womöglich eine der ältesten Menschenfiguren / Fragments of a 40,000 year old female figurine found in Hohle Fels / „Es muss eigentlich eine Frau sein“ / Fragments of a new female figurine from Hohle Fels Cave / Fragment prehistorycznej Wenus
Německo: Griechen-Fest in Schliemann-Dorf für mehr Freundschaft
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Find Roman Fortress Almus in Bulgaria’s Lom Had Reconstructions in Late Ottoman Period
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Discover Unknown Fortress Wall of Ancient Roman City Sexaginta Prista in Bulgaria’s Ruse
Izrael: Tel Aviv University among researchers to discover first evidence of farming in Mideast / Discovery Shows Origins Of Agriculture Twice As Old As Previously Thought / Landwirtschaft deutlich älter als bisher angenommen / Archaeologists use new methods to explore move from hunting, gathering to farming / Archeologové našli důkazy o farmaření staré 23 tisíc let / Scientists discover the earliest known evidence of plant cultivation in the Levant / Prarolnicy znad Jeziora Tyberiadzkiego / Discovery in Israel Pushes Back Dawn of Agriculture to 23,000 Years Ago / The Origin of Cultivation and Proto-Weeds, Long Before Neolithic Farming / Díky plevelu víme, že zemědělství je starší, než se předpokládalo
Izrael: Tel Burna 2015: The Iron II Fortifications in Areas A1 and B2
Ethiopie: Äthiopier sicher: Die sagenumwobene Bundeslade befindet sich in dieser Kapelle
Ethiopie: Ist die legendäre Bundeslade in Äthiopien?
Čína: 100,000 year old human remains found in China 'may show evidence of cannibalism' / Did early humans eat their CHILDREN? 100,000-year-old thigh bones unearthed in China show signs of bite marks / Vedci našli kosti pravekého dieťaťa a nechcú veriť vlastným očiam: Nechutná pravda o našich predkoch!
Nunavut (Kanada): Cracked Bones Reveal Cannibalism by Doomed Arctic Explorers
Kanada: 18th century village discovered underneath Montreal interchange
Wyoming (USA): Artifact trove tells history
USA: Veterans transition while helping curate nation's archaeological artifacts
Mexiko: Deciphering of Mayan glyph
Peru: Caral: Kolébka peruánských dějin

21. 7. 2015
Fossil fuel emissions will complicate radiocarbon dating, warns scientist / Archäologie: CO2-Ausstoß fälscht Alter von Gegenständen / Why Solving Murders Is Going to Get a Lot Harder
Anglie: Keynsham cemetery: Roman temple excavation under way
Anglie: Old Roman City Excavated Near St. Albans
Wales: New Stone Age remains dating back 5,000 years discovered in Monmouth / Fortress older than the pyramids is uncovered in Monmouth
Irsko: Spanish Armada cannon recovered from sea off Sligo
(Severní) Irsko: Donegal spitfire artefacts on show
Dánsko: New light on first peopling of the Americas / The population history of Native Americans / Mysterious link emerges between Native Americans and people half a globe away
Nizozemsko: Worldwide attention for archaeologic research
Německo: Archäologie-Museen starten Aktionswoche
Německo: Anfassen erwünscht! Eine Keramik-Bestimmungsübung an der Uni Heidelberg
Polsko: 24 lipca świętujemy w Internecie DZIEŃ ARCHEOLOGII
Španělsko: An Ancient Mine with Links to the Search for Life on Mars: Rio Tinto Reopens
Itálie: Mayor appeals to save 'Cicero's Villa'
Itálie: Michelangelo likely used mathematics when painting the Creation of Adam
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s Karnobat Reenacts Victory over Byzantium in Markeli (Marcellae) Fortress Battle in 792 AD
Řecko: Ancient carriage way discovered near Athens / W Attyce odkopali starożytną drogę
Arménie/Turecko: Archeologové na stopě Noemovy archy: Co našli!
Somálsko: The Painted Horn: visiting a rock art site in Somalia
Jihoafrická republika: Blombos Cave. Anatomically Modern Humans of the Middle Paleolithic
Jihoafrická republika: First humans out of Africa were small, scrappy
USA: Genetic studies link indigenous peoples in the Amazon and Australasia / Amazonas-Gruppen und andere Ureinwohner Amerikas sind kaum verwandt
USA: Archaeologists use new methods to explore move from hunting, gathering to farming
USA: Trable Indiany Jonese: hledání hlavního hrdiny i řada zranění

20. 7. 2015
Ten Medieval Warrior Women
Británie: Britain's oldest pubs: in pictures (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10)
Británie: Celts: art and identity
Anglie: Search is on for Medieval village
Anglie: Churchill’s wartime tunnels under white cliffs of Dover open to the public
Anglie: Archaeologists plan to excavate Eastbourne burial site of hundreds of bodies
Anglie: Treasure acquired for the region!
Německo: Landtagsumbau: Römische und mittelalterliche Funde erhofft
Německo: Weg frei für Sanierungsarbeiten am Elbedeich bei Graditz
Polsko: Scandinavian Amulets in Viking Age Poland
Polsko: Rzadka figurka sprzed dwóch tysiącleci na wystawie w Krakowie
Itálie: World-famous mosaic dog of Pompeii restored to former glory
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Discover Inscription Dedicated to Apollo and Diana in Ancient Roman City Novae near Bulgaria’s Svishtov
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Antique Traffickers Flood Europe with Fake Archaeological Artifacts, Forged Thracian Treasure on Sale for EUR 200,000
Bulharsko: A marble slab inscription invoking a goddess sheds light on Thracian history
Řecko: Bones of Philip of Macedon Identified / King Philip II's tomb uncovered in Greece: Analysis confirms skeleton belongs to the father of Alexander the Great / Twisted Knee Might Identify Alexander The Great's Father, But Some Are Skeptical / Makedonier-König: Rätsel um Grab von Philipp II. gelöst / New research effort claims King Phillip II buried in Tomb I not Tomb II / Podarilo sa identifikovať pozostatky otca Alexandra Veľkého
Sýrie: The Aleppo Codex
Izrael: Parts of burnt Ein Gedi scroll deciphered / Seales' Research Team Reveals Biblical Text From Damaged Scroll / Archaeologists Discover that Ancient Dead Sea Scroll Is Chapter of Leviticus / Most ancient Hebrew document since the Dead Sea Scrolls deciphered – it's Leviticus / Biblical Text from 500 A.D. Deciphered from Charred Scroll / Archaeologists decipher oldest parchment writing since Dead Sea Scrolls / The Second Oldest Biblical Text Is Successfully Decoded From An Ancient Burned Scroll
Izrael: The Ancient City Where People Decided To Eat Chickens
Irák/USA: US Returns Antiquities Stolen by ISIS To Baghdad Museum
Egypt: Two 4,000-year-old reliefs discovered in Egypt / Two 4,000-year-old reliefs discovered in Egypt / Two engraved reliefs unearthed on Red Sea coastline
Gruzie: Archeolodzy odkryli mozaikę sprzed 2 tys. lat / Excavations in Georgia reveal Roman military bathhouse mosaic
Uzbekistán: Uch Kulakh. The Archaeological Site
Čína: China’s archaeology ship seeks buried sovereignty
Čína/Francie: France returns looted gold antiquities to China
Azawad (Mali): Hrobky islámských mystiků obnovilo UNESCO. V Timbuktu je ničili islamisté / Timbuktu's historic tombs restored in show of confidence for war-ravaged Mali / V Timbuktu obnovili 14 posvátných hrobek zničených islamisty
USA: The Quest for an Archaeology of Sea Otter Tool Use
USA: 'Diggers' Returns For A New Season With Better Collaboration With Archaeologists
New York (USA): Waterfront construction unearths more than 100 ancient artifacts
Kolumbie: Colombian archaeologists find wreckage of 18th-century Spanish ship

19. 7. 2015
Mobil v chatrčích z bahna a notebooky v poušti: Moderní život v době kamenné
As globe warms, melting glaciers revealing more than bare earth / Kuriózní důsledek oteplování planety: Sníh odkrývá zamrzlé mumie
Slovensko: Archeológovia SAV odhaľujú temné tajomstvá Šoldova: Čo skrýva zabudnutá osada?
Anglie: Free workshops to uncover fascinating local history
Anglie: Ancient Dartmoor manor house was mini castle with a moat, say archaeologists
Anglie: Egglescliffe Village dig unearths evidence of medieval settlements
Itálie: Caesar Undressing: Ancient Romans Wore Leather Panties And Loincloths
Itálie: Technology reveals inner secrets of iconic Renaissance building
Řecko: Die Welt: Greeks are NOT REAL Greeks
Izrael: UNCC archaeology team in Jerusalem unearths 1st-century mansion
Egypt: Rosetta Stone found - Jul 19, 1799
Egypt: Astonishing archaeological discoveries help rewriting the history of the Ancient Egyptian harbour
Čína: China finds new evidence for use of fire by 'Peking Man'
Severní Karolína (USA): 
Centuries-old shipwreck discovered off North Carolina coast
Japonsko: Kitora Tomb Star Chart is Declared the Oldest in the World
World heritage hopes pinned on archaeological dig in Burrup Peninsula industrial heartland
Nový Zéland: Fishy finds in 660-year-old archaelogy dig

18. 7. 2015
The First Great Divergence?
Slovensko: V Bardejove objavili sídlisko z doby bronzovej
Anglie: Reactionary Paganism: Renewal and Invention of Traditions in Late Fourth Century Rome
Anglie: How classical sculpture helped to set impossible standards of beauty
Anglie: Last chance to visit the Maryport Roman Temples Project
Skotsko: ‘Scotland’s smallest castle’ put up for sale
Irsko: M17 dig reveals finds dating back to 3500BC
Island: Oldest Icelandic selfie on Facebook turns out to be six centuries old
Černá Hora: Polscy archeolodzy na tropie pałacu iliryjskich władców / Polacy na tropie pałacu iliryjskich władców
Bulharsko: Bulgaria's Valley of Thracian Kings, accidentally discovered in 1944, keeps its secrets
Izrael: 'Thorpedo' spotted at archaeological dig in Israel
Egypt: From the tomb: Haunting sound of Tutankhamun's trumpets
Egypt: Ramesside period storerooms excavated at Sais
Gruzie: Luksus na krańcach świata
Pákistán: Taxila, the lost civilisation
Indie: Buddhist sites in Thotlakonda and Bavikonda cry out for attention
Ujghuristán (Čína): DNA Reveals These Red-Haired Chinese Mummies Come From Europe And Asia
Rusko: Ancient fishing village found in Russia’s Far East
Guatemala: Archaeologists find intact Maya hieroglyphic panels and well-preserved stela / Tulane archaeologists discover ancient Mayan monuments

17. 7. 2015
Can we decipher the "meaning" of ancient buildings?
Británie: Scientists to carry out DNA tests on skeletons of medieval Paget's Disease sufferers
Anglie: Cheshire bling from the Roman era: Liverpool museums prepare to reveal two archaeology hoards
Anglie: Drowning in Tudor England: why was water so dangerous?
Irsko: Mud, lies and hazard tape: Reviewing The Report on the Drumclay Crannog
Irsko: Geophysical Survey to ascertain the location of mass grave of Spanish Armada victims in Spanish Point, Co. Clare
Německo: »Quo vadis Denkmalrecht?«
Německo: Frau bekommt nach 5600 Jahren wieder ein Gesicht
Německo: Die letzten Jäger und Sammler aus der Steinzeit kommen nach Schleswig-Holstein zurück
Německo: Mittelalterliche Bebauung auf dem Herbolzheimer Kirchberg
Německo: Steinzeitreise
Německo: Ham­burg Open On­line Uni­ver­si­ty: För­der­pro­jek­te an der Uni­ver­si­tät Ham­burg aus­ge­wählt
Polsko: Święto archeologii w rezerwacie w Krzemionkach
Polsko: Odkryto fragment XV-wiecznej gdańskiej ulicy
Itálie: Marcus Aurelius among the Five Busts discovered in an Ancient Roman Home
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Police Capture Treasure Hunter with over 300 Archaeological Artifacts, Coins
Bulharsko: ‘Bulgarian Science’ Forum Tackles Translation of Newly Found Ancient Thracian Inscription from Aquae Calidae
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologist Discovers Early Christian Tomb of Senior Clergyman on Sozopol’s St. John Island in Black Sea
Turecko: 4,000-year-old tablets found in Turkey include women’s rights / Ancient tablets in Turkey detail social issues like mother-in-law conflict
Arménie: Yereruyk Temple Continues To Puzzle Archaeologists
Irák: Královské hroby v Uru nemusejí dokazovat lidské oběti
Izrael: 400,000-year-old dental tartar provides earliest evidence of humanmade pollution
Čína: Golden Age of Classical Chinese Gardens Revealed: Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Garden near Buddhist Monastery
Keňa: 500-year-old Portuguese shipwreck found off coast of Kenya
Kalifornie (USA): Divers Turn to Robots for Help Scouring the Pacific for Long-Lost WWII Soldiers
Střední Amerika: Slovák objavuje pyramídy Mayov: Na ich zániku vidíme, aké je ľudstvo nepoučiteľné
Guatemala: Preliminary Notes on Two Recently Discovered Inscriptions from La Corona, Guatemala
Japonsko: Greek-style theater used by Japan's first farmers' troupe uncovered in Fukuoka

16. 7. 2015
These 5 Crazy Things Were Found on Earth, and Some of Them Still Can’t Be Explained
Anglie: "When they are destroyed they are gone permanently": Museum asks detectorists not to melt Civil War musket and cannon balls
Anglie: Burnt mound discovered by archaeologist on Dorset cliff could have been used in Bronze Age ritual feasts / Archaeologists racing against time to uncover 3,000-year-old material before it falls into the sea
Anglie: Homeowner finds 13th Century chapel recorded in the Domesday Book - buried in her garden
Itálie: Oldest Dentistry Found in 14,000-Year-Old Tooth / Co používali zubaři v době kamenné? Naostřené pazourky! / Schon vor 14.000 Jahren wurden Löcher im Zahn bearbeitet / VĚDCI JSOU UNEŠENI: Prokázali, že zubaři existovali již v Době kamenné. Našli jejich pacienta
Rusko: Rosyjscy archeolodzy kopali, kopali i wykopali… tryzub
Egypt: Polish Archaeologists Discover Rare Gift from Father of Cleopatra
Irák: the ‘first material proof’ that Islamic State is trafficking antiquities
Irák: Destroyed Iraqi Holy Sites Find New Life Online
Utah (USA): Ancient owl vomit may show 'dramatic' human impact on ecosystem
Texas (USA): TxDOT stumbles upon centuries old Caddo village in Texas / Ancient artifacts uncovered in East Texas highway project
Mexiko/Guatemala/Belize: Classic ancient Maya “collapse” not caused by overpopulation and deforestation, say researchers
Japonsko: Star chart in Kitora Tomb likely depicts the heavens observed in ancient China

15. 7. 2015
Not All Strange Burials Are Vampires Or Zombies, Archaeologists Warn
Slovensko: Pozrite si, ako žili pod Tatrami ľudia v stredoveku
Anglie: English Heritage hires eight-year-old as new executive
Anglie: 4,400-year-old ruins found near ceremonial site may be the oldest house ever found in Britain
Anglie: 10 must see sites along Hadrian’s Wall
Anglie: Oxford Westgate dig: Medieval leather shoes found
Anglie: Archaeologists find "time capsule" of Second World War rubble at Coventry Cathedral
Německo: Handwerk im deutschen Pompeji
Německo: Want a Selfie With a Neanderthal? Visit Europe’s Cave-Man Museums
Polsko: Okno na pradzieje ziem polskich w woj. śląskim
Polsko: Archeologiczna sensacja. Skarby z przeszłości w lesie
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists Seek ‘Monument of Culture’ Status for ‘Lead Mosque’ After First Phase of Rescue Excavations
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s National History Museum Receives Ancient Roman Gravestone, Bulgarian Tsars’ Seals Seized from Treasure Hunters
Bulharsko: Bulgarian, Polish Archaeologists Start 56th Annual Excavations of Ancient Roman City Novae in Danube Town Svishtov
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Government Optimistic about Completion of Ancient Serdica Open-Air Museum in Downtown Sofia
Turecko: Signs of world’s first pictograph found in Göbeklitepe
Turecko: Excavation season opens at Kaunos
Irák/Sýrie/USA: US returns Iraqi artefacts recovered in Syria raid
Izrael: Behind the Scenes: an Interview with Prof. Israel Finkelstein
Egypt: Egyptians granted free admission to archaeological sites on Eid al-Fitr
Egypt: Four 6000-Year-Old Tombs with Child Burials Uncovered in Egypt
Egypt: Sacred mystery: the photographers obsessed with the crumbling sphinx
Afghánistán: Can a film help save an Afghan archeological site before it's turned into an open-pit mine?
Indie: Remnants of India's One of the Oldest Port Found in Goa
Čad: Fussy eating may have doomed ape-like humans
Madagaskar: Captain Kidd 'pirate wreck' claim false, says UNESCO
Japonsko/Jižní Korea: S. Korea to return stolen Buddha statue to Japan

14. 7. 2015
Museums are using virtual reality to preserve the past – before it’s too late
THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY – Celtic Plastic Metamorphosis Art
Anglie: Old Shipwreck, New Mystery - The Wreck of the London
Anglie: Secrets of 3,000-year-old feature to be unearthed in Dorset cliff dig
Anglie: Westgate Oxford archaeological excavations OPEN DAY. See 10,000 years of Oxford’s past – in one big hole!
Anglie: WANTED: ten Londoners for Archaeology Traineeship
Anglie: Children's shoes, figurines and drainage systems among hundreds of finds near Tower of London
Norsko: The last Viking and his magical sword? / The last Viking and his magical sword? / The Last Viking and his Magical Sword? / A unique Viking sword goes on display for the first time since its discovery / Ornate Viking Sword Unearthed in Southern Norway
Německo: Wegebauer zerstören Reste von Burg Hermannstein
Německo: Wer stahl der reichen Römerin den wertvollen Armreif?
Německo: Rügen: Archäologen entdecken Zeremonienhaus / Kulthalle in slawischer Tempelburg am Kap Arkona entdeckt / Niemcy.Na Rugii odkryto budowlę kultową z czasów Słowian / Intrygująca budowla ze słowiańskiej Arkony
Německo: Hedeby 2015
Německo: Das Nazigold von Lüneburg / Amateur archaeologist finds Nazi gold hoard / Amatér našel v Německu sadu zlatých mincí, jsou zřejmě z říšské banky / Hoard of Nazi Gold Discovered by Amateur Archaeologist
Německo: Ein Bollwerk gegen die Germanen
Německo: Schiffsplünderer vor Warnemünde
Polsko: Archeolodzy – skuteczni, ale niedofinansowani
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists Discover Gate of Ancient Roman City Almus in Danube Town of Lom
Bulharsko: Treasure Hunters Steal Ancient Artifacts from Roman and Byzantine Fortress Zaldapa in Northeast Bulgaria
Bulharsko: Archaeological, Cultural Tourism Sites in Bulgaria’s Veliko Tarnovo See More Foreign Visitors in First Half of 2015
Řecko: ELSTAT: Greek Museums See Visitors and Revenue Increase
Turecko: Ani on the way to becoming a heritage site
Egypt: Grobowce i browar
Nepál: Nepálští řemeslníci se pouštějí do obnovy poničených památek
Čína: Getty Center to Recreate the Cave Temples of Dunhuang
Jihoafrická republika: Clues to How Homo sapiens Conquered Earth Emerge from Digs in South Africa [Slide Show]
Kanada: New Saga decipherings support authenticity of Kensington Rune Stone
USA: Study Discovers Human Hands May Be More Primitive Than Chimp's
Kalifornie (USA): Hellenistic bronze exhibit makes an unprecedented showing
Ohio (USA): Museum teams unearth 4,000-year-old home in Sheffield (photos,video)
Jižní Dakota (USA): Intact pottery found at 1,000-year-old Indian village
Mexiko: New assessment of recently found Mayan pyramid puts it up among the biggest / Recently found Mayan pyramid is tallest in Mexico
Peru: Peru's Nazca Lines Reveal Mysterious New Animal Images
Japonsko: Glass shard found at Japanese shrine matches artifacts from Persian Royal Palace / Glass found at Kamigamojinja shrine likely came from ancient Persia

13. 7. 2015
New Research Says Blue Eyes Originated From A Single Ancient Ancestor
Ten Medieval Kingdoms and States that No Longer Exist
Anglie: Momentka z doby bronzové
Anglie: Roman remains hidden for the past 105 years are revealed again, as works nears completion on new cafe in York
Anglie/Egypt: “Save our stolen Sekhemka” demand Egyptian protesters one year on
Wales: Ancient Stone of Strength is lifted by Welshman for the first time in living memory
Wales: The Underwater Graveyards of Tryweryn Valley, Wales
Skotsko: Wigtownshire Iron Age discovery forces history re-think
Německo: Hessen investiert mehrere Millionen in Welterbe Limes
Polsko: Nieszawa – zaginione średniowieczne miasto 3D
Polsko/Súdán: Najstarsze sudańskie obozowiska na wystawie w Poznaniu
Chorvatsko: 6,500-year-old oven with heating and hot water system is similar to modern technology
Bulharsko: Varna Gold
Bulharsko: French, Canadian Archaeologists Visit Bulgarian Colleagues for Excavations of Ancient Roman and Byzantine Fortress Zaldapa
Řecko: Without Europe's generosity, Greece's museums are ancient history
Izrael: Ancient Roman Sling Stones Returned by Repentant Robber
Izrael: 5th-Century Mosaic Adorned with Elephants and Cupids / Mosaics uncovered at fifth century synagogue in Galilee
Čína: 1,200-year-old Buddhist garden uncovered in SW China
USA: How Grave Robbers And Medical Students Helped Dehumanize 19th Century Blacks And The Poor
USA: White Skin Developed in Europe Only As Recently as 8,000 Years Ago Say Anthropologists
USA: Tiny Genetic Tweak Unlocked Corn Kernels During Domestication. Wild maize ancestor lost hard shells due to mutation of single DNA “letter”
USA: Dissected Bodies And Grave Robbing Evidence Of Unequal Treatment Of 19th Century Blacks And Poor
Nevada (USA): Nevada’s ‘Peace Camp,’ The Last Site of Its Kind, Reveals History of Cold-War Protests

12. 7. 2015
Anglie: Dig Unearths Prehistoric Town / Archaeologists say prehistoric mini-town in Dorset is "extremely significant" in story of Roman Britain / Miasteczko okrągłych domów
Anglie: Staffordshire Hoard reveals its secrets / The Contents of the Hoard
Anglie: Cambridgeshire a hot-bed for archaeology, but the majority of the excavated material has been moved to Cheshire
Anglie: Wiltshire house rivalled Stonehenge as a hub for ancient Britons
Anglie: Rare medieval St George ring found in Norfolk
Anglie: The ghosts of Crossrail
Skotsko: New Light on Old Stone: Linlithgow Palace
Německo: Jahrtausendealtes Urnenfeld wird bebaut
Itálie: Money Does Not Stink: The Urine Tax of Ancient Rome
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists to Start Excavations of Ancient Greek Emporium in Thracians’ Odrysian Kingdom
Sýrie: Syria civil war: Bomb damages Aleppo's ancient citadel / Při bojích v Sýrii byla zničena část slavné Aleppské citadely / Blast in Aleppo does major damage to citadel wall
Egypt: Bránit kulturu je důležitější než bránit lidi
Indie: Hákové kříže na každém rohu: Proč v Indii nevadí svastiky?
Washington (USA): Archeology: Kennewick Man remains a valuable teacher
Mexiko: Discovery of one of Mesoamerica’s oldest known ancient pyramidal tombs
Austrálie: Indigenous leaders appeal to Canberrans after Aboriginal heritage site 'scrubbed with bleach'

11. 7. 2015
Anglie: The boneyard of the bizarre that rewrites our Celtic past to include hybrid-animal monster myths / Excavation reveals bizarre Celtic burial with hybrid-animal bone arrangements / Weird Horse-Cows and 6-Legged Sheep Found in Iron Age Burials & Photos of 'Hybridized' Animal Sacrifices from Ancient England
Anglie: Pre-Roman town found during Bournemouth University dig
Francie: Ancient Roman frescos 'worthy of Pompeii' found in southern France
Německo: Frühe Farben - Kunterbunte Keramik
Německo: Antikenhandel und Terrorismus - Konsequenzen für den Kulturgutschutz
Malta: Opportunity to view prehistory being unearthed
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists Seeking Constantine the Great Statue, Roman Building from Ancient Serdica in Downtown Sofia
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Capital to Exhibit Roman Ruins from Ancient Serdica Under 3 Glass Domes at Sofia Largo
Turecko: Roman streets of ancient Soli gradually unearthed
Egypt: Tomb shaft in Luxor yields unexpected finds
Afghánistán: Chinese company and Taliban battle over Afghanistan’s underground riches
Čína: Zhou period chariot and horse pit found in Northern Shaanxi plateau
Jihoafrická republika: Early modern human cultural interactions investigated through Middle Stone Age tool technologies
Velikonoční ostrov: Scientists Uncover A Shocking Discovery Underneath The Easter Island Heads! Unbelievable! / Hlavy z Veľkonočného ostrova majú telá / Sochy na Velikonočním ostrově nemají jen hlavy, ale celá těla! Archeologové se k nim teď prokopávají

10. 7. 2015
Slovensko: Tip na víkend: V Liptove ožije starovek
Anglie: A Brief Introduction to Bronze Age Barrows
Anglie: Hoard of over 400 Roman coins found in Reading
Anglie: Battered remains of medieval knight who died in bloodiest battle of England go on display
Anglie/Skotsko: From monsters to manga: golden age of art by the Celtic race that never was
Irsko: A Bronze Age Axe and Leather Sheath from Kildare
Norsko: The Odin Stone Brought Into the House of God
Německo: 2000 Jahre alte Geldbörse
Německo: Denn die Gesetzgeber wissen nicht, was sie tun
Německo: Hightech für die Kunst: Der Schmerzensmann in der Röhre
Polsko: Ze złomowiska do muzeum
Polsko: Sir Lancelot z… Siędlęcina
Polsko: Kto przypadkowo znalazł zabytek archeologiczny… (Art. 33.1)
Itálie: Satanic symbols carved into ruins at Ostia Antica
Bulharsko: Rahovets Fortress Was Ancient Thracian City Zikideva, Bulgarian Archaeologist Hypothesizes
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Court Acquits Lawyer Brothers in High-profile Treasure Hunting Trial over Destruction of Thracian Mound
Turecko: Wind power plant to be built on archaeological site in Istanbul's Silivri
Turecko: Urartian stelas at Van Museum
Izrael: UNESCO slams Israeli digs in East Jerusalem
Jihoafrická republika: Stone tools and tradition in South Africa during the Middle Stone Age
USA: Germy Meat Gives Scientists Surprising New Clues About Prehistoric Cuisine
Kalifornie (USA): Radioactive Wreck of WWII Aircraft Carrier Discovered Near San Francisco Bay
Belize: The Mysterious Temples and Citadel of El Pilar Remain Hidden in Thick Jungles of Belize
Nový Zéland: US marine found by the gold of his teeth

9. 7. 2015
OBRAZEM: Krásné, ale ohrožené – skomírající turistické atrakce
Anglie: Are you a budding Indiana Jones? Delve into county's past at archaeology-themed events
Skotsko: Study Archaeology in Orkney
Skotsko: Revealed: The hunter-gatherers who stopped at the Cairngorms in 8100BC
Skotsko: First exhibition of Celtic treasures for 40 years announced at British Museum and National Museum Scotland
Skotsko: Mac-Talla Nan Creag
Německo: Mainzer Arbeitsstelle Kleine Fächer startet Online-Umfrage zur Internationalisierung
Německo: Rastplatz prähistorischer Jäger ausgegraben
Německo: Erfolgreiche Ausstellung „Mythos Hammaburg“ ab sofort auch digital zu erleben
Rakousko: Die Huldigung in Stein gemeißelt
Itálie: Roman Concrete Mimicked Resistant Volcanic Rock
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists Find Inscription at Aquae Calidae Revolutionizing Knowledge about Last Years of History of Ancient Thrace
Řecko: Exhibition on Rhodes; The Melting Pot of Civilizations
Turecko: Historic church in Turkey’s Bursa for sale on Internet
Irák: Iraq celebrates return of antiquities
Egypt: Rediscovered Papyri Fragments Provide Charming Insight into Everyday Life in Ancient Egypt / Rediscovered papyri shed light on ancient Egypt
Egypt: Ruští archeologové odkryli „Bílé zdi“ egyptského města Memfis
Mexiko: Researchers confirm: The Largest Pyramid in Mexico has been found
Belize: Endangered ancient Maya sites saved
Peru: Ministry of Culture finishes recuperation of archaeological complex

8. 7. 2015
Map of Europe's Tribes
Volcanic eruptions that changed human history / Did American volcanoes trigger fall of Roman Empire?
Anglie: Excavations in village reveal sad fact of high medieval infant mortalities
Anglie: Location of first Lathom House mystery could soon be solved
Irsko: Irish Catholic parish records from 1740-1880 now on-line
Island: One of the largest Viking longhouses in Iceland has been found in downtown Reykjavík / Viking-age hut found in Reykjavík / Viking Longhouse Discovery Rewrites the History of Icelandic Capital City
Island: Archeological site being washed away
Norsko: Norwegian iron production spanning 2,300 years / Norwegian iron helped build Iron-Age Europe
Dánsko: Bronze Age treasure found in Denmark / Archeológovia v Dánsku vyhrabali 2000 záhadných zlatých špirál / Gold spirals are a mystery to archaeologists
Norsko: The Things We Wear, The Trinkets We Carry…
Německo: 500 Feuersteinklingen aus der Eiszeit: Rastplatz prähistorischer Jäger in Altendorf gefunden
Polsko: Skarby z Ośna Lubuskiego
Itálie: Herculaneum closed to tourists, staff shortage blamed
Bulharsko/Itálie: Bulgaria, Italy Sign Agreement to Crack Down of Treasure Hunting, Illegal Trafficking of Antiques
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s Cabinet Grants Veliko Tarnovo Municipality Management Rights for Trapesitsa Hill Fortress ahead of Restoration
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists to Excavate Ancient Greek, Thracian, Roman City of Heraclea Sintica by Summer’s End
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Uncover Ruins of Thracian, Roman City Almus in Bulgaria’s Lom during Construction
Řecko: Parthenon may have been the Fort Knox of ancient Athens / Parthenon Might Have Served as Athens’ Treasury / Partenon był też skarbcem?
Turecko: Ancient Sardis slowly coming to light in Turkey's Manisa
Egypt/Súdán: Investigating a Neolithic cemetery in the Western Desert
Indie: Ancient idol unearthed in Tenali
Kambodža: Kambodžský Angkor – oslnivý archeologický park
(Jižní) Korea: The little known Ancient Korean sites of the Baekje Kingdom receive Worldwide recognition
Peru: Yamagata University team discovers 24 ancient geoglyphs in Peru / Japonskí vedci objavili v Peru 24 unikátnych geoglyfov / Jeszcze więcej figur z Nazca

7. 7. 2015
Anglie: The Afterlife of the Dead: Reform in Attitude Towards Medieval Burials, Corpses and Bones
Anglie: Archaeologists reveal more about Roman marching camp found at sports stadium excavation in York
Anglie: HMS Victory to receive a re-paint
Polsko: Po raz czwarty w Krzemionkach święto archeologii
Itálie: Wielka pierś antycznej bogini
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Police Nab 2 Men for Selling Illegal Archaeological Artifacts in Downtown Sofia
Bulharsko: Archaeologists to Start 2015 Summer Excavations of Ancient Roman City Abritus in Bulgaria’s Razgrad
Turecko: Ancient cold storage depot found in Sagalassos / Hellenistic trade building unearthed at Sagalassos
Turecko: Underwater archaeology starts on İznik basilica
Sýrie: Aleppo wie es war
Írán: Parthian necropolis unearthed in northern Iran
Izrael: In first, imperial Roman legionary camp uncovered near Megiddo
Egypt: Naqada tombs uncovered in Egypt's Daqahliyah
Azawad (Mali): Restoration work on Timbuktu’s historic tombs to finish this month
Jižní Dakota (USA): 1,000 year-old seeds dug up at Prehistoric Indian Village archeodome / 1,000-year-old corn cobs and kernels uncovered at Native American site
Belize: Mysterious Maya ‘citadel’ begins to reveal its secrets
Japonsko: Ancient Jomon clay ear ornaments discovered in western Japan
Austrálie: Dating, understanding and appreciating the Aboriginal Rock Art of the Kimberley

6. 7. 2015
Slovensko: Úvod slávností Nitra, milá Nitra s nádychom histórie, poklepali základný kameň archeoparku + fotografie
Anglie: Dig away! Cathedral island exhibition to launch after police cap, Anglo-Saxon jar, pottery and mediaeval tiles are uncovered
Anglie: Battered soldier's body tells bloody tale of the Wars of the Roses
Skotsko: Forth Bridge becomes Scotland’s sixth World Heritage site
Skandinávie: Viking Human Sacrifices: Hollywood vs Reality
Švýcarsko: Husův dům v Kostnici láká návštěvníky, reformátor v něm ale zřejmě nikdy nebyl
Itálie: Ruins of luxurious imperial Roman villa to share its majesty once again
Itálie: Reconstructing the Michelangelo bronzes
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Start Search for Roman Forum of Ancient Serdica in Bulgaria’s Capital Sofia
Bulharsko: Number of Tourists Visiting Asen’s Fortress in Bulgaria’s Asenovgrad Drops by 20% over Collapsed Road
Bulharsko: Ancient Thracian City Kabile near Bulgaria’s Yambol Attracts Growing Number of Tourists
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Discover Ancient Greek Homes, Artifacts in Old Town of Bulgaria’s Sozopol
Turecko: Turkey’s Ephesus added to UNESCO World Heritage list / Ephesus added to UNESCO World Heritage list
Izrael: Ancient Jewish necropolis in Israel given worldwide recognition
Izrael: Second Temple-era catacomb Beit She'arim declared UNESCO World Heritage site / Ancient Jewish Town Recognized as World Heritage Site
Egypt: Rzadkie znalezisko polskich naukowców w Egipcie
Egypt: Polacy odkryli płótno z imieniem jednego z ostatnich faraonów
Írán: Parthian necropolis unearthed in northern Iran
Indie: Ancient idol unearthed in Tenali

5. 7. 2015
A Post-Digital Archaeology?
Top 10 Medieval Assassinations
Anglie: Digging deep into village history
Anglie: Carenza gives test pit verdict to villagers
Anglie: Medieval meals will be explained in Lewes
Anglie: Hoard festival review – a rich and rewarding cache of stories
Anglie: Time capsule buried 159 years ago unearthed under old Scandinavian Hotel
Německo: Von Fürsten und Barbaren
Německo: Schon der frühe Mensch benutzte Knochenwerkzeuge
Itálie/(Jižní) Korea/Turecko: UNESCO adds medieval sites to World Heritage List
Rumunsko: Mass Grave Reveals Ottoman Soldiers Fought To The Death In 16th Century Romania
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists Unearth Lots of Animal Bones at Ancient and Medieval Fortress Vratitsa (Gradishte) near Vratsa
Řecko: Student archeologists report from field, add to knowledge of ancient Greece
Turecko: 13 unique sculptures found in ancient city of Perge
Irák/Sýrie/Anglie: Real-Life Indiana Jones Vs. ISIS
Egypt: ‚Je třeba zničit pyramidy a sfingu,‘ hlásá šéf IS. A další souhlasí
Egypt/Anglie: A part of Tutmosis Karnak column arrives home from London / Section of Tuthmosis column returned to Egypt
Írán: Susa, Meymand inscribed to UNESCO’s World Heritage
Indie: Rare ceramic of second century BC found in Chhattisgarh mud fort
Texas (USA): 18th century Spanish-built Alamo fort in San Antonio awarded World Heritage status

4. 7. 2015
The First wheel ?!
Bread in the Middle Ages
Slovensko: Položenie základného kameňa archeoparku
Francie: Archeologists find preserved 350-year old noblewoman in France
Itálie: Early Bronze Age Enclosure
Rumunsko: How about Writing ?!
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Discover 23 New Ancient Roman, Medieval Bulgarian Archaeological Structures in Danube City Silistra
Řecko: Byzantine bathhouse in Thessaloniki restored
Turecko: In Search of a Philosopher’s Stone (1) (2) (3) (4)
Turecko: Hidden history revealed in Ermenek
Egypt: Foreign archaeological missions resume excavating Upper Egypt after 13-year ban / Foreign missions resume excavating Upper Egypt after 13-year ban
Indie: 200-year-old Dutch shipwreck discovered off Anchuthengu Fort in Kerala
Čína: Tea cultivation in China began earlier than thought
USA: Archaeology helps recreate picture of eve of the American War of Independence
Michigan (USA): Rare 250-year-old rosary unearthed at Michigan colonial fort
Japonsko: ‘Mokkan’ tablet describes 8th century crown prince in Nara
Japonsko: Mongolian shipwreck from Kublai Khan's 13th century invasion of Japan discovered by archaeologists / 2nd shipwreck confirmed from 13th century Mongolian invasion / Second shipwreck from Mongolian invasion of Japan found on seabed / Ofiara Boskiego Wiatru

3. 7. 2015
Británie: British Museum UK's Leading Visitor Attraction For Eighth Year Running
Anglie: Exploring the West’s First and Second World War archaeology & US Army sun cream unearthed on Salisbury Plain / Independence Day 2015: Bacon tins, suncream, lard and sauce left by US soldiers during World War II
Wales: Bones yield secrets of the cave-dwellers in Llangollen
Skotsko: Archaeologists to dig for Bannockburn secrets
Irsko: Bronze Age sword found in a Co. Meath Bog
Německo/Anglie: Altweltaffe hatte ein winziges aber komplexes Gehirn
Německo: Konflikte vor 4.000 Jahren / Research into conflicts 4000 years ago
Německo: Mit dem 3D-Scanner auf den Spuren bronzezeitlicher Handwerker
Německo: Opfer und Feste
Německo/USA: Old World Monkey Had Tiny, Complex Brain
Polsko: List w butelce zamurowanej w wieżyczce zamku. "Wiadomość z 1928 roku"
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists Discover Thracian Shrine from Odrysian Kingdom underneath ‘Lead Mosque’ in Karlovo
Turecko: Roman-era granaries revealed at ancient Tripolis / Ancient granaries found in Denizli
Turecko: Last Northern Anatolian amphitheater to be unearthed / Amphitheatre in northern Turkey to be excavated
Sýrie/Anglie: Looted in Syria – and sold in London: the British antiques shops dealing in artefacts smuggled by Isis
Sýrie: ISIL Takfiris destroy iconic statue outside Palmyra museum
Sýrie: UNESCO condemns destruction at Palmyra
Sýrie: Palmyra: looting under the rebels, the Assad regime and the Islamic State?
Egypt: Egypt v době stavitelů pyramid
Írán: 3-millenia old Zarach qanat to get World Heritage status
Indie: Vijayanagar edict found at Kandavara
Sibiř (Rusko): Ancient 'mummy' unearthed from 'lost medieval civilisation' near Arctic, claim scientists / Ancient mummy unearthed from lost medieval civilization near Arctic, claim scientists / Riddle of the medieval 'mummy' discovered in Siberia: Child from unknown Arctic civilisation found wrapped in birch bark / Child mummy wrapped-in-fur & with ax unearthed in Russia’s Far North / Záhadné pohřebiště vydalo mimořádnou mumii
Čína/Německo/Itálie: Gemeinsame Forschungen zu Kaiserpalästen in Peking und Rom beschlossen
Japonsko: ‘Mokkan’ tablet describes 8th century crown prince in Nara

2. 7. 2015
Anglie: How to Speak Middle English
Anglie: Exhibit: Magna Carta Through the Ages at the Society of Antiquaries of London
Anglie: Hadrian's Wall frozen in time: New archive catalogues how English Heritage keeps historical site stuck in the past
Anglie: Mapping the world’s linguistic diversity - scientists discover links between your genes and the language you speak / Scientists discover links between genes and language
Skotsko: Archaeologists create prehistoric treasure trove of earliest evidence left by humans on Shetland
Polsko: Archeolodzy zakończyli prace w obrębie najstarszego bastionu w Polsce / Archaeologists complete work at oldest bastion in Poland
Estonsko: Amazing well-preserved cog found in Estonia
Itálie: Roman Villa Reopens on Wild Tuscan Island / Ancient Tuscan villa on Gianuttri island reopens to public
Bulharsko: Medieval Rahovets Fortress in Central Bulgaria Was Also Thracian Rock Shrine, Archaeological Excavations Reveal
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists Find Tall Medieval Man’s Skeleton in Vratitsa (Gradishte) Fortress near Vratsa
Sýrie/Irák: UNESCO: Památky v Iráku a Sýrii jsou systematicky ničeny & UNESCO se bojí o památky, kvůli IS je budou hlídat satelity / UNESCO to monitor ancient sites by satellite
Sýrie: ISIS smashes priceless Palmyra artefacts
Egypt: Egypt's Mons Claudianus to become open-air museum
USA/Anglie: Researchers show how our sense of smell evolved, including in cave men
Michigan (USA): Rare 250-year-old rosary unearthed at Fort Michilimackinac dig site
Illinois (USA). Ancient bobcat buried like a human being
Washington (USA): Workers find centuries-old artifacts under Seattle bridge
Texas (USA): Archaeologists return to the ruins of San Felipe
Virginie (USA): Archaeologists uncover new finds at historic Jamestown / Old Well May Delve Into US History
Aljaška (USA)/Anglie: Researchers show how our sense of smell evolved, including in cave men
Montana (USA): 8,000 Year Old Projectile Points Found By Students
Peru: DNA tests to unravel mystery of Peruvian priestess and burial companions
Nový Zéland: China heads among Victoria Street finds

1. 7. 2015
How much of a caveman are you?
Single Genetic change created the medieval plague, researchers find
Anglie: Object of the Week: A mystery terracotta head found on a tomb in an Ipswich churchyard
Anglie: Skeletons unearthed at Beverley housing site
Anglie: Lincolnshire Wolds Archaeology Festival launches with ground-breaking speakers
Anglie: Injured service personnel to help uncover secrets of premier Roman site on Hadrian’s Wall
Skotsko: Genetic diversity in human evolution led to being taller and smarter
Polsko: Gdańscy archeolodzy podwodni zbadali wrak „Szklany”
Polsko: Koło Jasła odkryto grodzisko sprzed trzech tysięcy lat
Polsko: Dzień Archeologii coraz bliżej
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s National Museum of History Shows Newly Discovered Artifacts from Urvich Fortress
Řecko: The Oracle of Delphi—Was She Really Stoned?
Izrael: 2,000-year-old ritual bath found under family’s Jerusalem living room floor / A Two Thousand Year Old Secret Below the Living Room Floor / Ancient ritual bath found beneath a home in Jerusalem / Znaleźli starożytną łaźnię podczas remontu domu / Jerusalemer Familie stößt auf 2.000 Jahre alte Mikwe / Ancient miqwe found under home in Israel / Rytualna łaźnia z rysunkami
Izrael: New mosaics discovered in synagogue excavations in Galilee
Afghánistán: Saving Mes Aynak
Indie/USA: Looted Indian Relic Is Recovered
Jihoafrikcá republika: Forgotten World: The Stone-walled Settlements of the Mpumalanga Escarpment
Jihoafrická republika: What stone tools found in southern tip of Africa tell us about the human story
Nunavut (Kanada): 'Pot Polish' On Bones From Franklin's 1845 Arctic Expedition Is Evidence Of Cannibalism
USA: Study shows U.S. public views on human evolution
Virginie (USA): York River dig looks for clues to Kiskiak Indian village visited by John Smith
Peru: 4,000-Year-Old Mochica Temple and Tombs Unearthed in Peru

VII. 2015
Itálie: The Fall and Rise and Fall of Pompeii

30. 6. 2015
The Perfect Purple Dye Comes from Milking Snails, of Course
Anglie: Footprint on Roman tile found at Vindolanda / Archaeologists find human footprint left by naughty teenager 2,000 years ago at Roman fort
Anglie: Oswestry hillfort campaigners weigh up legal fight
Skotsko: PICTURES: Schoolchildren unearth medieval artefacts in Cromarty dig
Irsko: The Linn Duachaill Group - Linn Duachaill One of Europes Best Preserved Viking Sites
Švédsko: New Royal Mound from the 7th Century Discovered in Uppsala
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologist Discovers Previously Unknown Ancient Thracian Fortress in Thick Forest along Ropotamo River
Řecko: New finds off the north-east coast of Delos
Kurdistán (Turecko): Countdown starts for Diyarbakır’s World Heritage site bid
Izrael: 5,000-year-old musical scene found on pottery in Israel may reflect sacred marriage ritual
Egypt: Fallen Egypt archaeologist wants international Grand Museum / Fallen Egyptian archaeologist wants international Grand Museum
Egypt: From the Sands of Egypt
Írán: Expeditions ‘cast new light on Paleolithic times’
Indie: Rare Stone Age tools found in Tamil Nadu
Jihoafrická republika: New study shows South Africans using milk-based paint 49,000 years ago / New study shows South Africans using milk-based paint 49,000 years ago / 49,000 year-old ochre based paint mixed with milk found in Sibudu Cave / Nachbarn der Vorfahren
New York (USA): Children In Manhattan Got Scurvy And Rickets, 19th Century Skeletons Reveal
Nové Mexiko (USA): Archaeologists call on feds to protect Chaco Canyon area & Chaco Canyon - Architectural Heart of the Ancestral Puebloan People & The Rise and Fall of Chaco Canyon: The Bonito Phase
Nové Mexiko (USA)/Čína: Researcher claims ancient Chinese explorers landed in America
Peru: Chornancap priestess origin to be discovered
Austrálie: Who were the first Australians?

29. 6. 2015
The greatest buildings you'll never see: 20 priceless monuments lost in conflict
Animals in the Middle Ages: The Elephant
Anglie: Appeal following theft of unique Anglo-Saxon stone sculpture
Anglie: Colchester Roman circus : new web-site goes live!
Skotsko: The Caithness Broch Project
Skotsko: ‘The Mystic Hunt of the Unicorn’ tapestries unveiled at Stirling Castle
Irsko: Major Viking site discovery described as ‘mind-blowing’
Irsko: Mooghaun Hillfort and the Great Clare Find
Švédsko: First Week of 2015 Excavations at Stensö Castle
Německo: Fundort Fundament: Silberschatz in Lübeck
Německo: Weltkulturerbe Wikingerstätten
Polsko: Sensacja naukowa! To Polacy wymyślili koło
Polsko: Archeolodzy pod poznańskim Starym Rynkiem odkryli drewnianą drogę. "Powstała w XIV wieku"
Polsko: Otwarto wystawę o jedynej na ziemiach polskich osadzie wikińskiej
Itálie: In search of lost treasures in the Aeolian Sea
Bulharsko: Tomb of Christian Bulgarian prince martyred by his brother excavated in Pliska
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists Start Excavations of Looted Ancient Thracian Shrine on Mount Ostrets near Velingrad
Bulharsko: Persisting Legends about Legendary Rebel’s Gold Keep Drawing Bulgarian Treasure Hunters to Archaeological Sites
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists Uncover Further Lower Layer of Early Christian Mosaics at Plovdiv’s Great Basilica
Blízký Východ: Can you identify these Near Eastern languages?
Sýrie: Fact check: India wasn't the first place Sanskrit was recorded – it was Syria
Sýrie/Irák: Islamic State Is Selling Looted Art Online for Needed Cash
Saúdská Arábie: The Holiest Place in Islam Explained
Egypt: Polacy odkryli na pustyni wyjątkowe pochówki / Unikatowy pochówek sprzed 6,5 tysiąca odkryli Polacy w Egipcie / Poles discovered a unique 6.5 thousand years old burial in Egypt
Čad: Largest freshwater lake on Earth was reduced to desert dunes in just a few hundred years
Jáva (Indonésie): Centuries-old Sukuh temple undergoing restoration work
Čína: China's Great Wall Is Slowly Disappearing / Třetina Velké čínské zdi je pryč. Kvůli zlodějům cihel i přírodním živlům & How to save the disappearing Great Wall of China?
Florida (USA): Archaeologists search for more human remains at Deerfield Beach construction site
Indiana (USA): Artifacts unearthed during construction in Indianapolis
Peru: Pre-Inca tombs and Mochica temple found in Lambayeque

28. 6. 2015
10 Fun Fashion Facts from the Middle Ages
Pigs and Prostitutes: Streetwalking in Comparative Perspective
Anglie: Ancient chapel found in Bincknoll garden
Dánsko: Your neighbour’s skin colour means less if your politics are aligned
Norsko: A Workshop Fit For a Chieftain: Building a Viking Bow-maker’s Workshop – Part I & Recipe for an Ancient Craft: Building a Viking Bowyer’s Workshop Part II
Německo: 3D Funde in analogen Medien?! / 3D objects in 2D media ?!
Rakousko: Tolkien and the Viking Heritage
Polsko: Słynny "Dagome Iudex" spisano zapewne w Rzymie na papirusie
Malta: Prehistoric temple builders ‘an advanced civilisation’
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s Burgas to Offer Spa Treatments in Roman Bath Replica at Aquae Calidae – Thermopolis Archaeological Preserve
Řecko: New Study: Democracy Might Not Have Been Born in Greece
Turecko: Roman-era athlete found in Turkey's west
Egypt: Guest Post: Yale Monastic Archaeology Project (YMAP): A Decade of Fieldwork
Maryland (USA): Rare stone slave quarters unearthed at Belvoir
Indiana (USA): Mummified remains found at northwestern Indiana quarry site
Virginie (USA)/Peru: 
Inka Road still a monumental achievement after 500 yearsa
Marshallovy ostrovy: Po 70 letech bylo objeveno v moři fascinující pohřebiště bojových letadel z 2. světové války / GALLERY: WWII Airplane Graveyard in Pacific Ocean

27. 6. 2015
15 Myths about the Middle Ages
Slovensko: V Bystrici bola druhá Kremnica, 500-ročná história chátra ako parkovisko bagrov
Anglie: The hill fort where King Arthur’s Guinevere was born has lasted 3,000 years: now it’s under siege
Wales: White Castle and the Dating of the Towers
Švédsko: The Laws about Weddings in Viking-Age Gotland
Německo: Medieval Parchment: Sewing Lines and Growing Surfaces
Německo: Interview zur Ausgrabung am Hopfenmarkt in Hamburg
Bulharsko: Restored Archaeological Park ‘Kaleto’ in Bulgaria’s Mezdra to Celebrate 2nd Anniversary since Opening for Tourists
Řecko: Medieval Emergencies and the Contemporary Debate
Libanon: Workers uncover Roman burial site, antiquities in Sidon / Roman-era burial site unearthed in Sidon
Kambodža: Archaeologists digging in search of common people
Nové Mexiko (USA): Research shows how Spanish colonists changed life in the Middle Rio Grande Valley / Research shows how Spanish colonists changed life in the Middle Rio Grande Valley
Indiana (USA): 2,000-year-old 'mummy' found in Northwest Indiana

26. 6. 2015
Why become an archaeologist:
Anglie: Police Officers Track Down 'Holy Grail'
Anglie: An ancient Carved Cross, Robin Hood's Yew & a hidden Holy Well
Anglie: Dig sheds new light on Norwich’s medieval past
Anglie: Museum jug smash: Search for boy after repairs
Anglie: Knives, pits, bells and stones: The Yorkshire Dales discoveries telling Anglo-Saxon stories
Anglie: Unearthing forgotten WW1 camp
Anglie: Developer to face legal action over unlawful demolition of ‘cherished’ local pub
Wales: Archaeologists begin digging at "incredible" prehistoric hillfort on outskirts of Cardiff
Skotsko: Fairy rings at Shebster
Skotsko: Cryptic symbols may hold key to Glenshee’s Viking-age past
Skotsko: Rare Viking relic discovered at Perthshire dig
Irsko: A Fairy Fort: Folklore from Co. Sligo
Dánsko: 5,500-Year-Old Fingerprint Found on Ceramic Vessel / Finger print found on ceramic bowl is over 5,000 years old
Německo: Richtfest für 4.300 Jahre alte Kultstätte
Německo: Eröffnung in Augsburg. Provisorium Romanum
Německo: SPK kooperiert mit UNESCO beim Kampf gegen illegalen Handel mit Antiken
Německo: "Baumleiche" in Salzkotten entpuppt sich als wertvoller Zeitzeuge
Polsko: Archeologia na żywo w Nowym Monasterzysku
Španělsko: Researchers from the Universities of Granada, Santiago de Compostela and Reading (UK) Have Studied Human Skeletal Remains from the Cova do Santo Collective Burial Cave in Northwestern Spain / Bronze Age humans' diet and arrival of new crops in Iberian Peninsula
Bulharsko: Bulgaria Looking to Focus on Archaeology to Promote Its Cultural and Historical Tourism
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s Kardzhali to Hold 15th Edition of International Festival at Ancient, Medieval Rock City Perperikon
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologist Start Excavations of Medieval Fortress Gradishte near Vratsa
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s Razgrad to Welcome ‘Roman Senators’ during First History Reenactment Festival in Roman City Abritus
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s Ruse to Hold 4th Annual History Reenactment Festival in Roman Fortress Sexaginta Prista
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s Dobrichka Municipality Refuses Again Funding for Excavations of ‘Glorious Rock’ Fortress
Řecko: Kore of Thera to be exhibited in Santorini in 2016
Řecko: Athenian Wealth: Millions of Silver Coins Stored in Parthenon Attic
Izrael: Giant mortars may have been used in ancient funerary rites
Írán: A new discovered Yasna Manuscript from Yazd, Iran
Afghánistán: Herakles-Nergal, meet Herakles-Kanishka! Two swords
Čína: China starts restoring Great Wall's oldest section
Austrálie: ANU students uncover World War I training trenches
Nový Zéland: Relics from 1800s found at brewery site

25. 6. 2015
Slovensko: Český odborník na Rím: Keltov ste búrať nemali
Anglie: The Evolution of Arthur
Anglie: Archaeologists find Bronze Age food at prehistoric settlement "comparable to the Mary Rose" / Bronze Age time capsule: 3,000-year-old vitrified food found in jars in England / Bronze Age settlement was abandoned after fire
Anglie: World expert on ancient humans giving talk in Great Yarmouth
Anglie: Exploring Ancient Life Under the Shadow of Stonehenge
Anglie: Archaeological finds to be revealed at park open day
Wales: Wirral archaeologist's lifework to go on display in national museum
Skandinávie: See where the Vikings travelled
Polsko: Nagrodzono film popularnonaukowy o początkach dynastii Piastów
Polsko: Rocznica rozpoczęcia polskich wykopalisk w Czarnogórze
Bulharsko: Ancient Roman City Sexaginta Prista in Bulgaria’s Ruse Gets New Information Signs as Part of Roman Emperors & Wine Project
Bouharsko: Archaeologists Discover Grave of Bulgaria’s First Christian Martyr, Crown Prince St. Boyan Enravota
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Discover Ancient, Medieval Coins, Stone Projectiles in Bulgarian Black Sea Resort Sozopol
Turecko: Hidden tunnel near 'Dracula's dungeon' opened in northern Turkey
Turecko: Archives reveal truth about Ottoman sultans
Izrael: Mysterious 2,000-year-old marble dolphin surfaces near Gaza / Starożytny delfin ukryty w posadzce
Irák: Babylon 3D
Egypt: The secrets of the Sphinx – Built by a civilization predating the Egyptians?
Írán: Foundation of noted palace discovered in Isfahan
Pákistán: Call for exploration of archaeological sites in northern Pakistan
Nepál: Nepálská vláda znovu otevřela památky veřejnosti. Turistů je zatím málo
Čína: Mysterious 150,000 Year-Old Pipework Discovered Under Chinese Pyramid
Čína: Chinese woodcuts highlight ancient printing
Afrika: Africa's ancient art to be saved, with your help
Afrika/Amerika: The Atlantic Slave Trade in Two Minutes
Kanada: Toronto man defies ISIS, using neo-Assyrian tablets
Arizona (USA): Underground City Of Giants Discovered In The Grand Canyona
USA: It's Devilishly Difficult to Make a Prehistoric Axe from Scratch. Hope you like sharpening rocks by hand

24. 6. 2015
Anglie: "Very rare" examples of "huge wealth": Chatteris Museum's Bronze Age shield and rapier
Skotsko: Viking Burials in Scotland
Skotsko: Dig It! 2015 Discover Scotland's Stories
Dánsko: 6000 year-old impression from the past
Francie: Who actually died at the Battle of Crécy?
Německo: Schatzsuche mit Drohnen
Německo: 3000 Jahre alt: Forscher entdecken Friedhöfe aus der Bronzezeit
Německo: Richtfest erlaubt ersten Blick auf jahrtausendealte Kultstätte
Itálie: Urbanism in Ancient Peninsular Italy: developing a methodology for a database analysis of higher order settlements (350 BCE to 300 CE)
Bulharsko: Bulldozers, Treasure Hunters Destroying Ancient Thracian Archaeological Sites in Bulgaria’s Satovcha Municipality
Bulharsko: Ancient, Medieval Fortress Rahovets near Bulgaria’s Gorna Oryahovitsa Granted ‘Monument of Culture’ Status
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Discover Ancient, Medieval Coins, Stone Projectiles in Bulgarian Black Sea Resort Sozopol
Bulharsko: Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent’s Bath in Aquae Calidae – Thermopolis Preserve in Bulgaria’s Burgas Causes Political Tension
Řecko: Greece’s Top 10 Archaeological Sites
Řecko: Zombie Burials? Ancient Greeks Used Rocks to Keep Bodies in Graves
Turecko: Kuruçeşme home to late Ottoman remains
Turecko: Summer archaeology workshop in Çatalhöyük
Turecko: Fossils in Cappadocia to live on in geo-park
Egypt: Dem Rätsel der Hyksos auf der Spur
Egypt: Polacy badają w Egipcie zwierzęcą nekropolę sprzed 5 tys. lat
Egypt: 30 wooden beams of Khufu's second solar boat arrive at the GEM
Kanada: $1 assessed value of Nova Scotia property caused by archeological find
Nové Mexiko (USA): Social complexity began much earlier at Chaco Canyon than previously thought

23. 6. 2015
Anglie/Irsko: The Height of Fashion: King Edward III and the Waterford Charter Roll
Francie: Inside the toxic grave of the longest battle in history: The French forest where 300,000 died in 300 days at the Battle of Verdun is still littered with so many bodies, arsenic and unexploded shells that nothing grows after 100 years
Francie: Mysteries of Notre Dame cathedral revealed — with lasers
Polsko: Gąski
Portugalsko: Prowincjonalne rzymskie miasteczko jak żywe
Itálie: Well-preserved ancient Roman ship found in waters off Sardinia coast / Diving in Nora, Sardinia: the sunken road to Roman ruins
Bulharsko: Archaeologists in Bulgaria’s Sapareva Banya Unearth Roman Villa Graves of Child, Man Likely Killed in Hun Invasion
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Unearth 7,000-Year-Old Chalcolithic Workshop for Flint Tools in Bulgaria’s Kamenovo
Bulharsko: Medieval Asen’s Fortress in Bulgaria’s Asenovgrad Accessible Only by Foot over Collapsing Road
Bulharsko: ‘View Bulgaria’ Releases Aerial Drone Video of Medieval Fortress Mezek
Turecko: UNESCO representative visits underground city in Nevşehir
Turecko: More artifacts at Ephesus Museum after renovation
Turecko: Ancient businessman becomes "honorary member"
Turecko: UNESCO representative visits underground city in Nevşehir
Sýrie: Isis destroys Palmyra shrines in Syria / Islamic State blows up two mausoleums in Palmyra / ISIS blows up 2 mausoleums in Syria's Palmyra, raising fears that Roman ruins could be next / Dżihadyści z Państwa Islamskiego wysadzają w powietrze starożytną Palmirę
Kurdistán (Irák): Another Treasure Lost in Iraq: The Story of Mar Behnam Monastery
Izrael: Giant 11,000-year old mortars found in Levant served in funerary rituals
Írán: Digs hint 40,000 yrs. of man life in Hawraman
Uzbekistán: Horké písky jižního Uzbekistánu. Čeští archeologové odkryli pohřebiště ve starověké Baktrii
Indie: Archaeologists discover tomb of ancient man in India who had achieved mukthi
Kanada: Man discovers mysterious, 'large' face carved on Canada cliffside
Virginie (USA): Archaeologists Search for Monticello's Stone Stable
Peru: Discovery of metal vessels "will change the story about Chachapoyas" / Discovery of metal vessels 'will change the story about Chachapoyas' / Tajemní oblační bojovníci z And: objev stříbrných nádob přepíše historii zaniklé říše Chachapoyas
Austrálie: Heritage Tasmania expert David Scott resigns blaming political interference

22. 6. 2015
Medieval Drinking Horns
Slovensko: Tragédia jedného úspešného obsadenia vlasti
Británie/Irsko: The Megalith Map
Británie: Archaeologists looking to uncover new talent in recruitment drive to meet growing demand
Anglie: New theory claims Stonehenge was ancient meeting point for bellends
Anglie: Community archaeology quest begins for remains of 13th century Benedictine Priory in Norfolk
Anglie: Archaeologists to search for missing ampitheatre
Anglie: Ancient Roman bones discovered at housing development in Saffron Walden
Anglie: Iron Age and Roman remains found on Leckhampton site earmarked for 369 homes
Anglie: Hunt is on for missing ampitheatre in Colchester
Anglie: Iron Age pottery, Victorian tin toys and butchered bone: Six archaeological finds in eastern England this year
Wales: Excavation at prehistoric fort in Cardiff begins
(Severní) Irsko: Belfast hills dig reveals historical gems
Německo: Roms Rache für die Varus-Katastrophe war blutig
Německo: Land und Landwirt streiten um Schatz
Německo/Rumunsko: An early European had a close Neandertal ancestor / Early European modern human had a close Neanderthal ancestor / Ancient Human With 10 Percent Neanderthal Genes Found / Lidé se s neandrtálci pářili i v Evropě, prozradila vědcům čelist / Odhalení ‚in flagranti‘. Neandrtálci a moderní lidé se spolu pářili / Frühe Europäer haben sich mit Neandertalern vermischt
Polsko: W Lubuskiem odkryto skarb z epoki brązu
Polsko: Archeologia średniowiecza na nowej monecie NBP
Polsko: Nazi archeologia i odpowiedź prof. Kostrzewskiego
Chorvatsko: Diocletian's Palace, A New look
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Unearth 7,000-Year-Old Chalcolithic Workshop for Flint Tools in Bulgaria’s Kamenovo
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Find Gold Coin of Byzantine Emperor Theodosius II in Roman Villa near Ancient City Germania in Bulgaria’s Sapareva Banya
Bulharsko: Europe’s oldest prehistoric town confirmed in Bulgaria
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists Start Excavations of Ancient Thracian City Kabile near Yambol
Řecko: Τhe Μystery of the Antikythera Shipwreck Further Unfolds & Signs of second shipwreck found at Antikythera
Střední Východ: ‘Commando’ archaeologists to rescue threatened artefacts in Middle East
Spojené arabské emiráty: Evidence of pearl diving found at Neolithic site
Írán: Iran’s ‘Chevalier of Archaeology’ dies at 72
Indie: Lothal, 4,400-year-old 'City of Dead', being killed slowly
(Jižní) Korea: 17th-century medical book designated National Treasure
Kanada: Human footprints found on British Columbia shoreline may be 13,000 years old / Footprints found on a remote B.C. island could be 13,000 years old — the oldest in North America / Ancient Human Footprints Found on Canadian Island May Be Oldest in North America
Nové Mexiko (USA): Scarlet macaw skeletons point to early emergence of Pueblo hierarchy
USA: The First Peoples airs on PBS
USA: Homo Erectus: Facts About the 'Upright Man'
Japonsko: Remains of castle built by powerful Japanese feudal leader unearthed in Kyoto

21. 6. 2015
Medieval Beekeeping
Anglie: Wealth of hidden farming history uncovered on Saxon village stroll
Anglie: Summer solstice sun rises on gathering of 23,000 at Stonehenge / Slunovrat přivítali u Stonehenge druidové i turisté & Major clear-up operation after Stonehenge solstice / This is what Stonehenge looked like after 23,000 hippies, new-agers and self-styled Druids gathered for the 2015 Summer Solstice
Anglie: Rząd w Londynie szuka następców Indiany Jonesa. Naukowcy mają ocalić zabytki przed terrorystami z ISIS
Anglie: Archaeologists find a hoard of historical artifacts at Bradgate Park
Švédsko: Scan of mummified body of Swedish bishop reveals baby hidden in coffin / Mrtvý biskup skrýval 300 let nemluvně, leželo pod ním v rakvi
Německo: Drei Mal ein Grab für zwei
Itálie: Like being there: Walking through an ancient Roman town
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Find Thracian Arrow, Unfinished Medieval Ring in Urvich Fortress near Bulgaria’s Capital Sofia
Sýrie: Islamic State lays mines in ancient city of Palmyra / Islamisté zaminovali památky v Palmýře. Možná kvůli protiútoku Asada / IS zaminoval Palmýru & Památku UNESCO bombardovala syrská armáda. A všichni se báli IS
Irák/Británie: Britain signs convention on protecting treasures in war zones
Izrael: Ancient teeth reveal evidence of 400,000 year-old manmade pollution in Israel
Spojené arabské emiráty: Dalma Island has been centre of pearl diving for 7,000 years, say scientists
Idaho (USA): Archaeological dig uncovers the ‘other side’ of Boise history
Illinois (USA): Camp Douglas: Excavations of major Civil War site in Chicago gets underway
Georgie (USA): Chinese Votive Sword Found in Georgia suggests Pre-Columbian Chinese travel to North America

20. 6. 2015
Skotsko: The Broch: A True Scottish Icon
Polsko: Srebrny skarb z Gąsek
Polsko: Revived Renaissance gardens open at Wawel Royal Castle
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Cabinet Grants Dobrich History Museum Excavation Rights for ‘Glorious Rock’ Fortress
Řecko: Greece’s Acropolis Museum Celebrates 6th Birthday
Řecko: Ancient theatre of Thasos restored with local marble
Řecko: Platónova sofokracie
Sýrie: Famed Syria mosaic museum damaged in barrel bombing
Irák: Iraqi ministry slams ISIS’s project to turn Jonah’s tomb into park
Egypt: W kamiennym kręgu z Wadi Khashab
Sibiř (Rusko)/Mongolsko: Life in the snow forests: 100-year-old photographs reunited with communities
USA: Into the light: how lidar is replacing radar as the archaeologist’s map tool of choice
Kolumbie: World’s most inaccessible art found in the heart of the Colombian jungle

19. 6. 2015
Anglie: Stonehenge sun-disc from the dawn of history goes on display in Wiltshire for summer solstice / Gold Sun Disc from time of Stonehenge revealed to the public
Anglie: Roman burial ground found at car park
Anglie: Help is sought to devise experimental virtual tour of Norfolk Roman town
Anglie: Archaeologists find King's hammered coin at site of Anglo-Scottish conflict which was last medieval battle on British soil
Wales: Gold and silver coins found in Wrexham declared treasure
Skotsko: Tinkers' Heart in Argyll awarded monument status
Irsko: RGK forscht am legendären Königssitz Tara in Irland
Německo: Novum Boizenburg - Ausgrabungen in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (1) (2) (3)
Německo: Brandgräber unter Baggerschaufel
Německo: Mehr als 40 Bstattungen unweit der Stiftsruine entdeckt
Německo: Frühmittelalterliche Siedlungsspuren in einer Wallanlage in Freienbessingen
Švýcarsko: Artifacts found on 700-year-old battle 'site'
Polsko: Odkryto szczątki dziecięcych rączek. Naukowcy wstrząśnięci
Polsko: Palatium Mieszka I
Polsko: Kwiatków 11
Bulharsko: Prehistoric Surgery? The Oldest Evidence of Amputation in Southeastern Europe Uncovered at Tell Yunatsite, Bulgaria
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Treasure Hunters Raiding Western Thrace in Greece in Search of Legendary Freedom Fighter’s Treasure
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists to Resume Excavations of Ancient, Medieval Rahovets Fortress 25 Years Later
Řecko: Ancient Greeks apparently feared zombies so much they weighed down the dead
Řecko: Could the Plague of Athens Have Been Caused by Ebola?
Izrael: UHart Archaeological Team Finds Ancient Mosaic Floor from the Church of the Annunciation (Greek Orthodox) in Nazareth / W Nazarecie odkryto wczesnochrześcijańską mozaikę
Čína: Major archeological findings at Taosi ruins in Shanxi / Archaeologists discover Emperor Yao's capital
Mississippi (USA): Mississippi Valley archaeological site reveals transition from hunter-gatherer to farming cultures of ancient Native Americans
Peru: Surprisingly Healthy Teeth Write a New Chapter in Ancient History
Austrálie: Bootsbauer in der Wüste?
Guam: Researchers rediscover ancient Chamorro village at Ritidian

18. 6. 2015
Slovensko: Archeológovia mali len dozerať, s takýmito nálezmi nepočítali: Aha, čo skrývali sutiny hradu Šášov! FOTO
Anglie: Stone circle unearthed during new archeological dig could dwarf Stonehenge / Experts discover HUGE stone circle in Britain TEN TIMES the size of Stonehenge
Anglie: Exploring ancient life under the shadow of Stonehenge
Anglie: Award-winning Maryport Roman Temples Project begins its final dig at Hadrian's Wall
Skotsko: Excavation to uncover secrets of iron-age fort in Lochaber
Skandinávie: Futhark: Mysterious Ancient Runic Alphabet of Northern Europe
Francie: Drei Mal ein Grab für zwei: Archäologen entdecken römischen Friedhof auf ehemaligem Kasernengelände
Belgie: Waterloo teeth: disease, dentures and dentistry
Belgie: Francouzi Waterloo dodnes nespolkli, na výročí poslali jen velvyslance / 200 years later, experts seek to unearth the Battle of Waterloo’s secrets / 200 let od Waterloo / The mystery of Waterloo's last living soldier / A Soldier's Story (1) (2) / Většina Čechů se v bitvě u Waterloo postaví na stranu Napoleona
Švýcarsko: Was Gräber über das Leben in der Dorfgemeinschaft aussagen
Německo: Durch Stellenstreichungen Kompetenzen verloren
Polsko: Diadem z epoki brązu znaleziono pod Jędrzejowem / Więcej informacji o prehistorycznym diademie ze Świętokrzyskiego
Rumunsko: The Matrix of Sarmizegetusa Regia
Turecko: Underwater archaeology research center opens in İzmir
Egypt: 8 Million Dog Mummies Found in 'God of Death' Mass Grave / V Egyptě objevili hrobku s osmi miliony mumifikovaných psů
Indie: Hampi’s ‘saalu mantapas’ collapse & Rare sculptures discovered at Hampi
Indie: Pandya dynasty temple, fort unearthed near Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu
Rusko: Autopsy carried out in Far East on world's oldest dog mummified by ice
Washington (USA): Kennewick Man’s genome suggests Native American ancestry / Człowiek z Kennewick to rdzenny Amerykanin
Virginie (USA): New find at ancient Bacon's Castle

17. 6. 2015
The Fairy Faith: An ancient indigenous European Religion
Mamuty v čase pyramíd: Nedávno vymreté megazvery ľadových dôb
Slovansko: Gangy vykrádačov vyrabovali Slepý vrch: Hradisko označili tabuľou
Anglie: Archaeologists revisit Hampshire medieval site where hundreds of graves were discovered
Anglie: Magic in Anglo-Saxon England
Anglie: Archaeologists hope a college dig will reveal city’s early days
Anglie: Search for King Henry's Tomb Centers on English Playground
Skotsko: A broch blog
(Severní) Irsko: Co Tyrone dig uncovers 700-year-old house foundations
Irsko: 'Highly significant' Spanish Armada cannons discovered off coast of Ireland
Francie: A ‘Princely’ Iron Age Burial Discovered in France / Bursztyn, złoto i ogromny krater / Laid to rest with chariot and solid gold torc
Francie: Cathar or Catholic: Treading the line between popular piety and heresy in Occitania, 1022-1271
Belgie: Bitva u Waterloo ukončila éru Napoleona Bonaparta
Německo: Ostdeutsche Forscher sehen Archäologie durch Sparmaßen gefährdet
Polsko: „Bitwa Pod Grunwaldem” Jana Matejki – prezentacja 3D
Polsko: Skarb sprzed 1000 lat odkryty na Kujawach. Archeolodzy wydobyli 250 srebrnych monet
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s Culture Ministry Gives Zero Funding for Excavation of Roman Fortress Bononia in Vidin
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s Razgrad Boasts Growth of Cultural Tourism with Newly Restored Ancient Roman City Abritus
Řecko: Did Ebola Strike Ancient Athens?
Turecko: Countdown starts for UNESCO in Ephesus
Írán: Face of Tehran’s 7 millennia old woman reconstructed / A Computer Put A Face On A 7,000 Year-Old Woman
Izrael: I Stood Here for Rome
Izrael: 400,000 year-old lifestyle discovered in dental tartar
Egypt: Polacy nad Nilem, czyli archeologia ekstremalna
Nepál: Nepál chce znovu nastartovat turistický ruch, otevírá památky UNESCO
New Hampshire (USA): Digging up history at Shaker Museum in NH

16. 6. 2015
Anglie: Has a Roman temple been found in Lincoln? Take a peek at the dig in Tentercroft Street
Anglie: Marston Trussell: life in a medieval village
Anglie: How to travel to the physical and heavenly Jerusalem without leaving home
Anglie: 10 Underground Sites in London
Anglie: Vandals damage Iron Age style roundhouse at school
Anglie: Community archaeology project digs into the mysteries surrounding Radcliffe Tower
Anglie: Tool use is 'innate' in chimpanzees but not bonobos, their closest evolutionary relative
Anglie/Wales: Ten of the best Ancient Egyptian treasures from the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology
Wales: Defensive ditches built to deter Prince of Wales, tobacco pipe and more found in deep trenches in Flint
Francie: Hunt for Viking DNA among Normandy residents riles anti-racism activists
Francie/Bulharsko: French Magazine ‘Archaeological Files’ Dedicates Special Issue to Bulgaria’s Ancient Thracian Exhibit in The Louvre
Kypr: ‘Othello Tower’ in Cyprus reopens after restoration
Turecko: İzmir heritage sites filling state coffers
Turecko: Skamieniałe głosy, czyli graffiti z Afrodyzji
Sýrie: Syrian regime 'launches air strike on world famous ancient city of Palmyra'
Izrael: Rare Inscription from King David Discovered in Jerusalem Hills / Who was Eshba'al Ben Beda'? Mysterious name of powerful figure who lived at the time of King David is found inscribed on 3,000-year-old pottery / Inscription of name from Bible discovered / 3000 Jahre alte Inschrift auf antiker Vase entziffert / Israel: Inschrift auf Vase aus der Zeit König Davids entziffert
Izrael: Arsonists torch storerooms with 4,000-year-old artifacts
Egypt: New studies on key Near Eastern copper mines tell different stories about role of ancient Egyptians
Egypt: Koptyjski erem i średniowieczne groby
Čína: Chinese man finds ancient sword in ground, uses it as kitchen knife
Kanada: Uncovering history along the eroding Bow River / Uncovering history along Canada's eroding Bow River
Mexiko: Archaeologists Decipher Name of 'Ancient Astronaut' Maya Tomb

15. 6. 2015
Slovensko: Ukážky zo života v ranom stredoveku: Pribinova Nitrawa aj tento rok!
Anglie: UK marks 800th anniversary of Magna Carta / Před 800 lety byla podepsána Magna charta libertatum, Velká listina práv a svobod / UK marks 800th anniversary of Magna Carta
Anglie: Archaeologists plan to investigate burial site which could re-write 7th century Battle of Hatfield & Solving a Dark Age mystery: 7th century Christians, Pagans and the search for the Battle of Hatfield
Anglie: Maryport Roman temples excavation enters final phase
Anglie: New location for archaeologists as part of the Swaledale Big Dig
Anglie: Exploring ancient life in the Vale of Pewsey / Living unbder Stonehenge’s shadow: exploring ancient life in the Vale of Pewsey
Anglie: BIM and archaeology: an unlikely match made in heaven
Skotsko: Remote cave study reveals 3000 years of European climate variation
Irsko: Top 10 Medieval Castles in Ireland
Francie: France basilica fire: Saint-Donatien in Nantes in ruins
Itálie: Corriere della Sera: Jak se jedlo v Palermu před 2700 lety / Jak se hodovalo před 2700 lety? Nahlédněte Punům pod pokličku
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Unearth Bronze Age Homes, Medieval Bulgarian Settlement in Rescue Excavations on Hemus Highway’s Route
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists Unearth Turkish Cemetery in 15th Century Ottoman Mosque in Karlovo
Bulharsko: North African Amphorae Found by Bulgarian Archaeologists in Byzantine Black Sea Fortress Originated in Tunisia
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists Discover Ancient Greek Bucranium Amulet in Black Sea Town Sozopol
Řecko: Walking dead among the ancient Greeks?
Řecko: Im meterdicken Schutt der Jahrtausende
Turecko: Gladiator Fights Revealed in Ancient Graffiti
Egypt: NASA Astronaut Takes Extraordinary Photographs Of The Great Pyramids
Indie: Excavation planned in Kaprikkad
Čína: Neolithic skeleton found in Sanxingdui ruins
Kanada: U of T archeologist explores how wine-making spread through the ancient world
Kansas (USA): Arkansas City archaeology shows evidence of ancient town

14. 6. 2015
Five Medieval Stories that would make great TV series
Medieval Images of the Human Body
Anglie: Late Bronze-Age site destroyed by fire to be excavated further / Bronze Age Time Capsule To Be Unearthed
Anglie: Den, kdy se svět dozvěděl o vzpouře na Bounty (14. červen)
Irsko: Emergency works carried out at Dún Aengus monument
Německo: Wegebauer zerstören Reste von Burg Hermannstein
Polsko: Czy archeologia jest dla wszystkich? – wyniki badań
Španělsko: The Unfolding Story of an Ice Age V.I.P.
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists Discover Lower Layer of Early Christian Mosaics, Murals, Roman Building in Plovdiv’s Great Basilica
Turecko: Historical carpet lost at museum
Egypt/Německo: Egypt halts sale of ancient statue in Germany
Aljaška (USA): Archaeologists say climate change is destroying Arctic artefacts

13. 6. 2015
Slovensko: Pod Zoborom vznikne archeopark: Začali s jeho prípravou
Slovensko: Bratislava zaujala svet archeologickými objavmi
Anglie: Norfolk graffiti survey uncovers 'medieval selfies'
Anglie: Archaeological digs planned throughout village
Skotsko: The Shieling Project: Learning from the past in the Scottish Highlands
Německo: Römerzeitliche Skulpturen in Straßburg ausgegraben
Polsko: Być jak Indiana Jones... Policjant odkrył nieznany gród sprzed 1000 lat
Řecko: Greece’s Acropolis Museum Celebrates Sixth Anniversary with Samothrace Antiquities
Turecko: Ancient saltpan first in Anatolia
Jordánsko: Upper Palaeolithic toolmakers achieved a division of labour / Stone tools from Jordan point to dawn of division of labor
Egypt: This ancient Egyptian practice can cheaply purify dirty water
Egypt: Sekrety „Suchej Fosy”

12. 6. 2015
Five Reasons You Shouldn't Buy That Ancient Artifact
Anglie: Vulnerability made us human: how our early ancestors turned disability into advantage
Anglie: The Vikings and their Filed Teeth
Anglie: ‘Cutting edge': Medieval cutlery industry excavation
Anglie: Discovery of Medieval wall at East-West Link Road site
Anglie: A Civil War Candlestick?
Dánsko: Archaeologists find 1,000-year-old pitcher in Jutland / Ancient urn hints at global trade network
Estonsko: Estonian construction workers dig up medieval ships
Švýcarsko: Ausgrabung in Santa Maria Val Müstair bringt frühe Kapellenruine zu Tage
Německo: Riesenhirsche lebten nach der Eiszeit noch in Süddeutschland
Německo: Die ersten Bauern am Hellweg
Německo: Teil der Stadtmauer und eines spätmittelalterlichen Hauses entdeckt
Německo: Ausgrabung in Herford bringt Funde aus der Karolingerzeit
Polsko: Odkryto najstarszy polichromowany strop na Pomorzu Zachodnim
Polsko: Pompeje północy – Wicina
Polsko: Wolin Wzgórze Wisielców
Španělsko: Bones Of Cervantes, Author Of 'Don Quixote', Reburied In Madrid / V Madridu po 400 letech odhalili náhrobek Miguela Cervantese
Itálie: Hidden secrets of 1491 world map revealed via multispectral imaging / Secrets of 1491 map revealed via multispectral imaging / Máme mapu, podle které Kolumbus objevil Ameriku, věří vědci / Hidden secrets of Yale’s 1491 world map revealed via multispectral imaging
Bulharsko: Bulgaria to Restore Trapesitsa Hill Fortress in Medieval Capital Veliko Tarnovo with Funding from Azerbaijan despite Criticism
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Customs Capture US-Bound Smuggled Treasure of Silver Coins of King Philip II of Macedon
Řecko: Mystery of Infant Skeletons Found in Athens Ancient Agora Well Solved
Súdán: Schutz für die Königlichen Bäder in Meroë
USA: Nowe wieści o wielkiej migracji ze stepu, która ukształtowała Europę

11. 6. 2015
Five-Minute Guide to Medieval Fabrics
How much meat did medieval people eat?
Anglie: Well-preserved Early Iron Age bronze axe found in Surrey
Anglie: Archaeologists say Lady Jane Grey birthplace is "as good as it gets" as six-week dig begins
Anglie: An opportunity to try your hand at in an archaeological dig at Chester Farm near Wellingborough
Anglie: Building site of archaeological importance
Anglie/Řecko: Sotheby’s auctions clay figurines 'from Amphipolis'
Wales: Prehistoric pig bones show selective feasting patterns / “Globally unparalleled” evidence of prehistoric Welsh feasting practices unearthed by archaeologists
Wales: Ynyslas Slate Hulk Recording 2015
(Severní) Irsko: Roman rings found at County Down beach declared as treasure
Skandinávie/Rusko/Grǿnsko: Three Vikings Who Were More Interesting (and Notorious) Than Ragnar Lothbrok
Německo: Ancient DNA and the Indo-European Question & Ancient DNA and the Indo-European Question, Yet Again
Polsko: Did early Europeans wipe out the mammoth? / Mamuti byli podle vědců vyhubeni, neboť je lovci zabíjeli hromadně / Proč vyhynuli mamuti? Lovci je zabíjeli hromadně, soudí polští vědci
Polsko: Sensacja archeologiczna! Rolnik z okolic Jasła znalazł złotą biżuterię sprzed 3,5-2 tys. lat / Złota biżuteria znaleziona na polu / Polský rolník našel na svém poli zlatý poklad / Wyroby ze złota sprzed 3,5 – 2 tys. lat znaleziono w okolicach Jasła / 3.5 - 2 thousand years old gold objects found near Jasło
Itálie/Německo: So sah der Mittelpunkt der Römischen Weltmacht aus
Bulharsko: Construction Workers Busting Ruins of Ancient Thracian and Roman City Serdica in Bulgaria’s Capital Sofia, Report Says
Bulharsko: Late Antiquity Fortress on St. Athanasius Cape in Bulgaria’s Byala Boasts Lots of Tourists, Further Excavations
Řecko: Burned Bones in Alexander the Great Family Tomb Give Up Few Secrets / Cremains in Vergina Royal Tomb give up few secrets
Řecko: Stanford scholar debunks long-held beliefs about economic growth in ancient Greece
Turecko: June 11, 1184 BCE. Troy Is Sacked and Burned
Turecko: Sarcophagus found in sand pit
Turecko: İzmir excavations wait for approval
Egypt: 26th Dynasty tombs uncovered in Aswan
Egypt/Súdán: Kolejna wizyta w stolicy Makurii
Ethiopie: Grave Of Mysterious 'Sleeping Beauty' Discovered In Ethiopia
Mongolsko/Střední Asie: Tree rings confirm unprecedented warming in Central Asia
Michigan (USA): Not the Griffin, state archeologists say after dive of Lake Michigan wreck
Jižní Karolína (USA): Grave discovery means some changes for 1,000-home Fort Mill subdivision
USA: Indiana Jones and the River of Gold

10. 6. 2015
Bones With Names: Long-Dead Bodies Archaeologists Have Identified
Anglie: Vindolanda thieves steal face from 2,000 year-old Roman statue
Anglie: Return of the ring: Iron Age "crown jewel" which is one of Britain's finest torcs goes back on display
Anglie: Chimps can vary their smiles like humans
Wales: Evidence unearthed of 'pre-historic feasting' in South Wales
Skotsko: Vikings Responsible for Scottish Red Hair Gene?
Irsko: St. Conall Cael’s Bell returns to Co. Donegal
Dánsko: When modern Eurasia was born / When modern Eurasia was born / When modern Eurasia was born / Geny naszych przodków z epoki brązu bez tajemnic / History rewritten: Europeans were “born” in the Bronze Age / Velké překvapení: Geny evropské populace se vyměnily v době bronzové / Wie vor 5000 Jahren die Laktosetoleranz zu uns kam / Haplogroups of Bronze Age Proto-Indo-Europeans / K výzkumu migrace indoevropských jazyků v době bronzové přispěl vědec z 1. LF UK
Švédsko: This ancient liquor popular among Vikings may be the answer to antibiotic resistance
Nizozemsko: Building burns down at New Year: owner has to pay archaeologists
Švýcarsko. Ancient papyrus texts found in Basel uni library
Německo: Archäologin begleitet die Bauarbeiten
Německo: Ausgrabungen in Bad Sassendorf. Auf den Spuren der ersten Börde-Bauern
Itálie: Discovering Roman ruins and underwater towns in the Gulf of Naples
Itálie: Travertine reveals ancient Roman aqueduct supply / Travertine Reveals Ancient Roman Aqueduct Supply
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists Find Roman Temple, Apollo Statuette in Excavations of Ancient Rock City Perperikon & Bulgarian Archaeologist Enlists Mongolian Experts to Study Ancient Bulgar Petroglyphs in Rock City Perperikon
Bulharsko: Treasure Hunters in Bulgaria Get Away with Crimes Because of Undesignated Archaeological Sites, Archaeologist Says
Řecko: Sotheby’s Selling Antiquities Claiming They Come from Amphipolis
Řecko: 450 Dead Babies Found in Athenian Well Sheds Light on Ancient Greeks
Turecko: Andriake opens partially to visits / Ancient city of Andriake opens partially to tourists
Turecko: Historical mosaic on display at home
Izrael: Near Jerusalem, 1500-year-old Byzantine-era road station and church uncovered
Izrael: The Museums of Israel Online
Egypt: Shark Files: Whale in Whale in Shark Found in Egypt
Egypt: V egyptském chrámovém komplexu Karnak útočil sebevražedný atentátník / Suicide bomber strikes near temple of Karnak in Luxor
Afghánistán: Destroyed Buddha Statues Rise Again...in 3D / Bamiyan Buddhas rise again... in 3-D
Afghánistán: Here's Why This Filmmaker Risked His Life to Film at This Ancient Buddhist City (with Exclusive Video)
Papua Nová Guinea: Eating human brains helped Papua New Guinea tribe resist disease, research shows
Velikonoční ostrov: Photos emerge of incredible Easter Island discovery / What Scientists Discovered Underneath The Easter Island Heads! Unbelievable!
Austrálie: Pilbara's Burrup Peninsula rock art tracks habitation older than the Ice Age

9. 6. 2015
Anglie: Cannibalism at Gough's Cave (video)
Anglie: Chester Unlocked: a citywide museum
Anglie: What rabbits can tell us about Neanderthal extinction?
Irsko: Movie Review: “To Go Viking” Is An Eye-Opening Film About Modern Viking Groups & Watch To Go Viking 2015 Online Free
Irsko: Spanish Armada Burial Site to be Investigated in Co. Clare
Nizozemsko: Floods as war weapons / Humans caused a third of floods in the past 500 years in southwest Netherlands
Bulharsko: Skeletons Found under Late Antiquity Fortress Wall of Odessos in Bulgaria’s Varna Were Buried in Early Christian Necropolis, Archaeologist Reveals
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists Discover Late Antiquity Cafeteria, Amphorae from North Africa in Byzantine Fortress on Black Sea Cape
Řecko: Amazonian 'Wonder Woman' found on Greek vase
Turecko: Ancient Roman harbor to reappear in Urla / 2,000-year-old Roman harbor to be recreated in western Turkey
Sýrie: Key Artifacts from ISIS-endangered Palmyra, Syria on View at the Freer and Sackler Galleries
Egypt: Mummifying Millions: The Canine Catacombs and the Animal Cult Industry of Ancient Egypt & Mummifying Millions: Operation of the Animal Cult Industry of Ancient Egypt
Indie: Remains of 2,000-year-old city discovered in Chhattisgarh
Indie: Lothal, ‘City of Dead’, being killed slowly
Tanzánie: The key Olduvai Hominids
Florida (USA): Entire horse skeleton found in archaeological dig
Pensylvánie (USA): Unearthing more Revolutionary history
Oklahoma (USA): Oklahoma City school uncovers blackboard lessons from 1917
Peru: Archeologové v Peru našli sošky staré 3800 let / 3,800-year-old statuettes found in Peru
Polynésie/Švédsko: Sweden returns skulls to Polynesia

8. 6. 2015
Anglie: Medieval poaching site discovered in England
Wales: Olive oil and dog paw prints: Archaeologists say villa discovery reveals Wales's Roman trading links
Belgie: Poklad ve sklepení hradu: našla se řada historických Alf Romeo
Švýcarsko: Getting to the heart of the matter: CERN’s hidden heritage
Německo: Hamster wühlt im Grab
Polsko: Archeolodzy badają szczątki dawnych mieszkańców Olsztyna
Polsko: W Krakowie konferencja o początkach miast na Bliskim Wschodzie
Malta: Archaeological remains found at building site in Tarxien
Itálie: Complex Elevator and Trap Door System for Raising Wild Animals into the Colosseum Reconstructed
Bulharsko: Ancient Thracian and Roman City Ulpia Oescus in Bulgaria’s Gigen Deserves Greater Publicity, Archaeologist Says
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Find Previously Unexplored Fortress in Bulgaria’s Banya Was Destroyed by Huns, Crusaders
Řecko: Bonhams returns looted Hermes head to Greece
Turecko: Another thing: graffiti – an ancient gaming board at Didyma
Irák/Sýrie: Islamic State isn’t just destroying ancient artifacts — it’s selling them
Jordánsko: Jordan’s Black Desert may hold key to Earth’s first farmers
Izrael: The 6,000-Year-Old Crown Found in a Dead Sea Cave
Gruzie: Georgia's Giant Clay Pots Hold An 8,000-Year-Old Secret To Great Wine
Kazachstán: Bronze Arrowhead Embedded In Spine Shows Elite Iron Age Warrior Survived Battle / Elite Iron Age Scythian warrior discovered with bronze arrowhead embedded in his spine / Iron Age Warrior Lived with Arrowhead in Spine / Scytyjski arystokrata z grotem w kręgosłupie
Indie: Prehistoric cave art near Agra in peril
Zimbabwe: Mapela: archaeologists re-visit a forgotten urban site in Zimbabwe
Jihoafrická republika: Threat to ancient cave
Oklahoma (USA): 11,500-Year-Old Bison Butchering Site Discovered in Oklahoma
Utah (USA): America's First 'Casino' Found in Utah Cave & Prehistoric Vegas? Cave Hosted Ancient Gambling: Photos / Gambling pieces, moccasins shed light on life in Utah cave
Mexiko: A new way to find out what lies beneath

7. 6. 2015
Anglie: Cirencester Cockerel inspires poem
Wales: Historic Flint Castle defences found under block of flats
Wales: Top 10 Medieval Castles in Wales
Německo: "Pompeji der Prignitz" - Mittelalter-Stadt Freyenstein wird ausgegraben
Polsko: W Chełmie szukają książęcych pochówków
Polsko/Egypt: W Warszawie o dokonaniach polskich badaczy przeszłości nad Nilem
Turecko: Head of Telesphoros found after 34 years
Tunisko: Zničené Kartágo? V Tunisku překvapí zachovalá Hannibalova čtvrť
Egypt: Late period tombs uncovered on Aswan's west bank / 6 ‘unique’ tombs discovered west of Aswan: Antiquities Minister
Indie: Chennai temple yields more history
Keňa: ‘Turkana Boy’ fossil opens up remote village for tourists and scholars
Ethiopie: Dazzling jewels from an Ethiopian grave reveal 2,000-year-old link to Rome / Archaeologists Uncover Stunning Aksumite & Roman Artefacts in Ethiopia / Archaeologists find grave of 'Sleeping Beauty'
USA: Archaeology: Names given to ancient cultures is only first step
Jižní Dakota (USA): Untouched cave to provide clues to Black Hills history
Brazílie/Peru: Glimpsing prehistory in today’s Amazon rainforest

6. 6. 2015
Anglie: Hallowed home hid ancient priory ruins
Wales: Owain’s Revolt? Glyn Dŵr’s role in the outbreak of the rebellion
Polsko: Archeologowie szukali księcia Daniela Halickiego, znaleźli jego syna
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Find Pottery Furnaces in Unknown Roman Town in Rescue Excavations in Bulgaria’s Pavlikeni / Roman kilns discovered in Bulgaria’s Pavlikeni
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologist to Excavate Late Roman, Early Byzantine Fortress Zaldapa for 2nd Year
Turecko: Euromos researchers to benefit from lodgings
Kanada: Religious Artifacts found alongside Bones in Attic may be Relics of a Saint
USA: Yersinia pestis and the Plague of Justinian 541–543 AD: a genomic analysis
Peru: Two Chavin gargoyles found in Chaupimarca, Pasco
Austrálie: Could Budj Bim in western Victoria be Australia's 20th World Heritage site?
Austrálie: Aboriginal artefacts discovered in archaeological dig at Parramatta Park

5. 6. 2015
Anglie: Remains of important medieval hospital surprise archaeologists beneath historic city theatre
Anglie: Rare chance to see York artefacts dating back 2,000 years
Anglie: 2,600-year-old human BRAIN was preserved thanks to oxygen-free clay mud, archaeologists reveal
Anglie: Mutilated remains may be 14th century mob-attack victim, Richard de Holebrok
Anglie: Archaeologists prepare to reveal the secrets of Bradgate Park
Anglie: Volunteers shore up crumbling ramparts of landmark Northumberland hillfort
Anglie: Defending the faith: a millennium of protection for St Mary’s Church, Berkeley
Anglie: Compare Detailed Historic Maps With Today’s London
Anglie: Forensic experts recreate middle-aged Anglo-Scandinavian man found beneath Lincoln Castle
Anglie/Irsko: Evidence of prehistoric gold trade route between Ireland and Cornwall
Skandinávie/USA: Is Vikings Historically Accurate? What It Gets Right
Německo: Die Steine von Bilzingsleben
Německo: Das vorchristliche Judentum im Einflussbereich des Hellenismus
Polsko: Wykopaliska pod obwodnicą. Okazałe znaleziska
Itálie: Gladiator school to be restored in Rome & Tunnel linking gladiator school with Colosseum to be restored
Itálie: Roman rubbish dump reveals secrets of ancient trading networks / Amphora graveyard reveals Rome’s trading networks
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Unearth Unknown, Mysteriously Abandoned Medieval Byzantine Settlement near Bulgaria’s Velikan
Bulharsko: Treasure Hunters Raid Soon-to-Be-Excavated Ancient Thracian Tumuli in Bulgaria’s Tatarevo
Řecko: New 5-year excavation at Antikythera wreck approved
Řecko: 2500-Year-Old 'Wonder Woman' Found on Vase
Turecko: Urbanistik im Nahen Osten der Antike
Írán: History of Iran Podcast
Čad: Tibesti-Expedition zurück aus dem Tschad
Kanada/USA: Face to face with two doomed Franklin members
USA: Smithsonian Admits to Destruction of Thousands of Giant Human Skeletons in Early 1900′s
Peru: World's last tribes on collision course with modern society
Oceánie: World Heritage proposal for ancient Indigenous settlement

4. 6. 2015
Slovensko: Hrad Šášov odkryl jedno zo svojich ďalších tajomstiev
Anglie: Roman rubbish dump reveals secrets of ancient trading networks
Dánsko: Five massive Bronze Age axes unearthed in Denmark
Francie: A Parisian Plague
Itálie/Řecko: Sport and Spectacle
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologist Discouraged over Meager Funding for Excavations of Looted Ancient Roman City Ratiaria
Bulharsko: Durostorum – Drastar Archaeological Preserve in Bulgaria’s Silistra Remains Victim of Neglect Despite New Discoveries, Critics Say
Bulharsko: Newly Found Outer Fortress Wall of Ancient Durostorum in Bulgaira’s Silistra Linked with Roman Emperor Diocletian, Archaeologist Says
Bulharsko/Řecko: Krater Seized from Bulgarian Treasure Hunter Made in Ancient Greece during Age of Pericles
Turecko: Season opens at the ancient city of Pisidia
Turecko: Çatalhöyük Research Project: Experienced excavators wanted
Turecko: Revealing the mysteries of Urartian pottery
Kurdistán (Sýrie): Saving an Ancient 'Lost' City in War-torn Syria
Jordánsko: Archeologové našli v Jordánsku 14 tisíc let staré lidské kostry
Egypt/Polsko: Polscy konserwatorzy od 20 lat w Marina El-Alamein
Egypt: Two Egypt museum curators arrested for artefact thefts
Nepál: Nepal to re-open UNESCO heritage sites to tourists in August
Brazílie: Survival International attacks Science editorial as ‘dangerous and misleading’
Austrálie: The First Australians? / Evidence of oldest human occupation in Mid-West discovered

3. 6. 2015
Slovensko: Po stopách histórie a pamiatkach mesta: Slovania
Anglie: Face of Saxon man recreated by scientists
Anglie: Man Bound To Tree Has Right Hand Cut Off In 14th Century Blood Feud
Skotsko: Ancient routeway revealed in Argyll
Island: Viking beaters: Scots and Irish may have settled Iceland a century before Norsemen
Norsko: North Europeans resisted farming
Francie: 35,000 years ago Aurignacians were first modern humans to occupy Mas d’Azil
Francie: Mummified noblewoman kept her husband's heart in a lead locket / Fully-dressed 17th century noblewoman unearthed in France
Německo: Seltener Fund in Dresden: Mammut-Stoßzahn präsentiert
Polsko: Biolodzy wkopują się w DNA Słowian
Polsko: The Scandinavians in Poland: a re-evaluation of perceptions of the Vikings
Bulharsko: Lead Seal of Bulgarian Emperor Simeon I the Great Discovered in Medieval Capital Veliki Preslav
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s Burgas to Open for Visitors Aquae Calidae – Thermopolis Archaeological Preserve by End July 2015
Turecko: Hellenistic grave chamber found in eastern Turkey
Turecko/Irák: Museums draw up ‘red list’ to help spot stolen Iraqi antiquities
Laos: Ancient Urns or Drinking Vessels for Giants? Behind the Mysterious Plain of Jars in Laos
Korea: North and South Korea collaborate in excavating ancient palace / Severní a Jižní Korea spolupracují na archeologických vykopávkách
Pensylvánie (USA): Archaeologist digging for clues to Camp Security
Jamaika: Robots of the Caribbean
Austrálie: It's old and it's fragile but rock art from the 'stone country' lives to tell its tales
Austrálie: 2,000-year-old pearl unearthed from ancient site

2. 6. 2015
Skotsko: Climbers will return to Ben Nevis's North Face for second scientific survey
Švédsko: Sven Hedin Bibliography
Polsko: „Z kości i poroża” – rękodzieło sprzed tysiąca lat w Gieczu
Polsko: Średnowieczny zakład szewski odkryty na starym rynku
Baleárské ostrovy (Španělsko): Archaeologists return to prehistoric sanctuaries on island of Menorca, Spain
Bulharsko: Veliko Tarnovo Archaeologists to Get Meager Funding from Bulgarian Government for 2015 Summer Excavations
Bulharsko: Archaeological Monuments from Ancient Odessos Hold Great Potential for Cultural Tourism in Bulgaria’s Varna, Museum Director Says
Turecko: Archaeologists Could Use Augmented Reality To Immortalize Ancient Sites
Turecko: Bodrum Castle’s ‘painted’ Ottoman cannon cleaned
Izrael: Archaeologists restore early Islamic caliph’s palace on the shores of the Sea of Galilee
Irák: The monk who saved ancient manuscripts from IS jihadists
Egypt: Byl zrestaurován komplex slunečního kultu v chrámu Hatšepsut
Pákistán: Silver rush eats away at 2,000-year-old Indo-Scythian city in Pakistan
Kambodža: Experts to meet on safeguarding Angkor site
USA: Da Vinci Discovered: Art Sleuthing Reveals Leonardo Engraving
USA: Chimps can cook, too / Šimpanzi chápou vaření, ukázala studie. Oheň ale nerozdělají / Chimps Can't Cook, But Maybe They'd Like To

1. 6. 2015
Anglie: Archaeologists thrilled by lucky discovery of 2,000-year-old Roman god figurine in Yorkshire
Anglie: Archaeologists find animal bones, Civil War objects, medieval pottery and more at Gloucestershire castle
Skandinávie: Viking Nicknames
Švýcarsko/Egypt: Swiss return ancient cultural objects to Egypt
Německo: Modern human dispersal into Europe came from the Levant / New chronology for Lebanese site supports Levantine route into Europe
Německo: Medicine’s Hidden Roots in an Ancient Manuscript / 1,400-year-old medicinal treatise of Galen found hidden under hymns in ancient manuscript
Lužice (Německo): Ausflug ins Mittelalter. "Stary Lud" zum zehnten Mal in Dissen / Denkmal vor dem Heimatmuseum eingeweiht
Polsko: Szczątki z dawnego cmentarza odkryto w centrum Olsztyna
Polsko/Egypt: Konferencja „Polacy nad Nilem” już po raz dziesiąty
Bulharsko: Construction Workers Stumble Upon Late Antiquity Roman Building in Bulgaria’s Sapareva Banya
Bulharsko: Archaeologists to Resume Excavations of Medieval Bulgarian Fortress Urvich, St. Iliya Monastery near Sofia
Bulharsko: 'The Roman villa in Chatalka site: The wealth of a Thracian aristocrat' at the National Museum of Archaeology, Sofia
Turecko: Secret tunnel in at Dracula castle in northern Turkey set to open
Sýrie: Why have IS militants spared ancient Palmyra?
Egypt: Jak vypadá pohled z vrcholu pyramidy v Gíze? Podívejte se na fotografie
Indie: 489 coins dating back to Mauryan era found in Bhiwani village
Vietnam: Stone axes found in Da Nang & Artefacts unearthed in central city of Da Nang, Vietnam
(Jižní) Korea: Six month inter-Korean excavation project announced
USA: Researchers see link between hunter-gatherer cannabis use, fewer parasites

31. 5. 2015
Anglie: První archeolog na světě byla tvrdohlavá žena. Kouřila a nosila pánské šaty / Vzorem pro Indiana Jonese byla žena! Příběh divoké anglické lady-archeoložky
Anglie: Toasting 40 years of Welwyn's Roman baths
Anglie: Naučte se plavat pomocí manuálu z 16. století
Skandinávie: Top 10 Interesting Facts About The Norsemen
Dánsko: Duńskie wyspy słowiańskich piratów
Norsko: Mysterious Medieval Figurine Found in Oslo
Polsko: Podsumowano interdyscyplinarne badania średniowiecznego grodziska
Malta: 24 hodin na Maltě: Tajemné megalitické chrámy a králičí hody
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s Montana Reenacts Ancient Thracian Food and Wine Rituals at Restored Fortress Montanesium
Bulharsko: Landslide Destroys Part of Road to Medieval Asen’s Fortress in Bulgaria’s Asenovgrad
Egypt: Everything We've Learned About Mummies Using 21st Century Technology
Egypt: First Physical Evidence found of Ancient Egyptian Opening of the Mouth Procedure
Čína: Sacrificed humans found in ancient Chinese tombs from the Qijia Culturea
Zimbabwe: A new Zimbabwe site on the World Heritage List?
Jihoafrická republika: Smithsonian to Receive Artifacts From Sunken 18th-Century Slave Ship Found Off the Coast of South Africa / Investigating the São José slave ship & More on Wreck of 221-year-old slave ship discovered off South Africa

30. 5. 2015
Anglie: The mystery of the headless skeleton revealed by Crossrail
Anglie: Numerous skeletons of sexually perverse Nuns discovered in Oxford
(Severní) Irsko: Bangor Abbey holds funeral service for human remains found after 800 years
Belgie: German soldier who died fighting for UK in Battle of Waterloo should be removed from museum display and given dignified funeral, say historians
Bulharsko: Late Antiquity Roman Pottery Dug Up by Construction Workers in Bulgaria’s Pavlikeni, Delays Excavations of Roman Ceramic Factory
Montana (USA): Montana burn reveals ancient stone effigies, cairns, rock formations and buffalo slaughter areas

29. 5. 2015
Wales: Wales dig unearths 800 year old town defences / WATCH: Flint archaeological dig unearths 800 year old town defences
Dánsko: Ženský hrob z Ejstrupholmu
Německo: Was Feuersteine verraten können
Německo: Mainzer Archäologen restaurieren frühislamischen Kalifenpalast am See Genezareth
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists to Excavate for the First Time Thracian Black Sea City Ranuli Dating Back to Trojan War Era
Bulharsko: Bulgarian police seize rare classical Greek vase / Bulgarian Police Seize Rare 5th Century BC Ancient Thracian Krater from Treasure Hunter
Řecko: Clumsy Tourist Trips and Smashes 4,000-Year-Old Greek Vase
Řecko: Four arrested trying to sell priceless Minoan statuette
Turecko/Řecko: 562 years since the sack of Constantinople
Turecko: Long-lost watermarked Ottoman banknote found
Kurdistán (Irák): Thanks to Islamic extremism, Iraqi Kurds revive ancient Kurdish Zoroastrianism religion
Izrael: Investigating Yavneh’s widespread drug scene – from 3,000 years ago
Egypt: Walk Like An Egyptian… Scientists Preserve Modern Human Leg using Ancient Egyptian Methods
Bahrajn: Ancient artefacts unearthed at Bahrain Fort / Ancient Persian Cuneiform Contract and Artifacts Discovered in Bahrain Fort
Indie: Ancient cave paintings discovered near Palani
Barma (Myanmar): Prehistoric paintings identified in Central Burma
Vnitřní Mongolsko (Čína): Dragons of Xanadu: Sculptures Discovered in Legendary City / Kolorowa rezydencja mongolskich chanów
Kanada/Mexiko: 'The Aztecs, People of the Sun' at Pointe-à-Callière in Montreal
USA: New Pacific expedition will search for Earhart’s plane
Nevada (USA): Subsurface structures discovered at prehistoric archaeological site

28. 5. 2015
Slovensko: Nálezy za Jednotou môžu priblížiť život v stredoveku
Anglie: Mystery Deepens Over Rare Roman Tombstone
Francie: From rags to riches: the story of a mummy in a Paris suburb
Polsko: Trwa XIX Śląskie Sympozjum Archeologiczne
Itálie: V Ríme objavili zvyšky víťazného oblúka venovaný cisárovi Titovi / Remains of triumphal arch of Titus found in Rome / Massive triumphal marble arch built by Romans to honour Emperor Titus discovered
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists Discover Late Antiquity Outer Fortress Wall, Murals from Ancient Roman City Durostorum
Turecko: Old Ahlat city excavations begin
Turecko: Millennia-old jewels go on display
Turecko: Priceless Roman artifacts displayed in Turkish villager’s garden & History on display in modest Adana backyard
Izrael: Sex, drugs and Philistines: A biblical psychedelic scene
Sýrie: Zničíme jen sochy, budovy ušetříme, slibuje IS v Palmýře. Místní nevěří
Egypt: Modern humans migrated out of Africa via Egypt, suggests genetic study / Genetic study points to northern route out of Africa through Egypt
Ethiopie: New human ancestor discovered in Ethiopia / Ethiopian fossils suggest 'Lucy' species had company, study says / Vědci: Našli jsme nový druh pračlověka, může to změnit evoluční teorii / Archeologové objevili nového předchůdce člověka
USA: Ancient DNA sheds light on how past environments affected ancient populations / Ancient DNA May Provide Clues into How Past Environments Affected Ancient Populations
USA: How 3D Printed Bones Are Revolutionizing Forensics And Bioarchaeology
USA: Ethiopian and Egyptian genomes help map early humans' route out of Africa
New York (USA): Study explores how past Native American settlement modified WNY forests
Peru: Scientists find ancient Peruvians more diverse than first thought
Japonsko: Ancient mold used to cast bronze mirror earliest found in Japan

27. 5. 2015
Slovensko: Posledné KO pamiatkam Bratislavského hradu: Budeme mať viac parkovacích miest ako Louvre!
Anglie: Researchers uncover the oldest tea in Britain
Anglie: Social Media & Archaeology – a match not made in heaven
Anglie: Evidence of Violence from a Late Black Death Cemetery
Skotsko: Archaeologists to begin search for prehistoric "hut-circle landscape" in north-east Scotland
Skotsko: Glenmorangie Research Project: Monymusk reliquary
Španělsko: Scientists discover 430,000-year-old murder in Spain / Gory Remains of First Known Murdered Human Found / Der älteste Mordfall der Menschheit / Španělští archeologové zkoumají 430.000 let starý případ vraždy / Najstarsze zabójstwo?
Chorvatsko: Total Split Discovers Brač: Dragons Cave and the Even More Amazing Zoran Kojdić
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s Govt Allocates Major Funding for Restoration of Early Christian Monastery ‘St. John the Forerunner’
Řecko: New finds at Plassi, Marathon in Attica
Přední Východ: Archaeology’s victims of war & Historic sites that have been victims of war
Írán: Archeologists discover ancient mounds in Iran’s Kerman Province
Čína: Sacrificed Humans Discovered Among Prehistoric Tombs
Čína: 175 'tomb raiders' caught pillaging Stone Age archaeological site in China
Kanada: HMS Erebus dive 'just scratching the surface' of Franklin expedition mystery / Relics From Arctic Shipwreck Unveiled
Utah (USA): Archaeologists uncover remains, other Fremont Indian artifacts near Utah Lake
Peru: Scientists Set to Unravel Secrets of Oldest Peruvian Mummies Ever Found

26. 5. 2015
10 of History’s Most Terrifying Swords
Slovensko: Archeológia Bratislavského hradu
Anglie: Staffordshire hoard: experts piece together rare warrior's helmet - Staffordshire Hoard shows 7th century 'warrior splendour' / Sword pommel and helmet pieced together from Staffordshire hoard fragments & Secrets of Staffordshire Hoard Revealed & New Secrets of Staffordshire Hoard Revealed / Anglo-Saxon warrior splendour: The "extremely significant" new finds from the Staffordshire Hoard
Anglie: Revealed: the Brightlingsea Harpy
Anglie: Peta demands Britain's oldest pub changes its name to show 'compassion' for animals
Anglie: Dark Side of Medieval Convent Life Revealed
Skotsko: Archaeologists discover burials during conservation work on churches on the Hebrides
Norsko: The Viking’s grave and the sunken ship / The Viking’s grave and the sunken ship
Skandinávie: The Vikings on the Continent in Myth and History
Německo: Die Hammaburg. Der Ursprung Hamburgs
Polsko: Święto archeologów w Krakowie
Polsko: Dziennik wykopaliskowy
Krym: Large Sunken Byzantine Ship Discovered in Black Sea off the Coast of Sevastopol on Crimean Peninsula / Russian divers report ancient ship find near Crimea / Wielki wrak niedaleko Sewastopola
Řecko: Modern Human Leg Mummified Using Ancient Egyptian Methods
Izrael: Oldest known musical image in Israel found in Western Galilee / Earliest known 'music scene' in Israeli archaeological history found & 5,000-year-old musical scene found on pottery in Israel may reflect sacred marriage ritual
Egypt: Colorful fragment hacked out from ancient Egyptian tomb, excavators say
Jemen: Yemen museum destroyed
Altaj (Rusko): Fresh demands for tattooed princess to be reburied in final resting place
USA/Itálie: Stolen Pompeii frescoes recovered in U.S. / US returns 25 looted artifacts to Italy: Vases, frescoes
Montana (USA): Fire Reveals Human Stone Effigy, Bison-Kill Site in Montana
Pensylvánie (USA): Archaeologist digging for clues to Camp Security
USA: Historian mapping out a new view of the Medieval world

25. 5. 2015
Slovensko: Na Spišskom hrade vystavili pozostatky Rimana a jeho strieborný poklad
Slovensko: Hľadanie pokladov nie je zábavka, ale podlý kšeft
Anglie: St Albans Roman gold coin hoard found bought for £100,000
Norsko: New technology allows archaeologists to easily map excavation sites in 3D
Island: Irish and Scots may have been first to settle Iceland, researcher finds
Polsko: Jak wygląda praca archeologów
Polsko: Fragment dawnego „kalkulatora” i krzyżacka moneta – pierwsze niespodzianki z poznańskiego rynku
Polsko: Kilkusetletnią dłubankę odkryto w Bugu / Kilkusetletnią dłubankę odkryto w Bugu / Centuries-old dugout discovered in Polish river
Itálie: Frozen in Time: Casts of Pompeii Reveal Last Moments of Volcano Victims
Kypr: Polskie wykopaliska uhonorowane na Cyprze / 50-lecie polskich badań archeologicznych na Cyprze
Turecko: Hellenistic sarcophagus unearthed in NW Turkey
Turecko: Protestors demand Hagia Sophia be turned into mosque
Egypt/Izrael: Egypt sues Israel over 126 smuggled artefacts
Egypt: In Ancient Egypt, Life Wasn’t Easy for Elite Pets

24. 5. 2015
So you’re related to Charlemagne? You and every other living European…
Anglie/Dánsko: The Changing Story of Cnut and the Waves
Norsko: Was This Woman Beheaded and Sacrificed to Odin?
Norsko: Deviant Burials: Societal Exclusion of Dead Outlaws in Medieval Norway
Polsko: Poznamy wczesnośredniowiecznych mieszkańców Poznania
Polsko: Archeologiczne eldorado w towarzystwie koparki [GALERIA ZDJĘĆ]
Bulharsko: Bulgaria Celebrates Bulgarian Alphabet (Cyrillic) and Culture on Day of St. Cyril and St. Methodius
Sýrie/Irák: Islamisté je chtěli zničit navždy, grafici jim vdechli aspoň virtuální život
Indie: The ASI digs up evidence of dynasties settlements in 45 villages
Montana (USA): Historians search burned battlefield for Sioux War artifacts
Virginie (USA): Navy Divers to Help Raise Confederate Warship Artifacts
Bolívie: Decapitation discovery reveals gruesome practices of the ancient Incas

23. 5. 2015
Slovensko: Archeológovia sa vrátia aj na Horný hrad
Anglie: Ring a bell? Dig could uncover Big Ben’s daddy
Anglie: Rare Roman tombstone 'part of mausoleum', experts say
Anglie: LOOKING BACK: Digging up our coastal past
Anglie/Afrika: A taste for honey: bees in African rock art
Polsko: Powstaje monografia o największym cmentarzysku Wandalów
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s Kazanlak Starts Restoration of 2 Ancient Thracian Burial Mounds with EEA/Norway Grant
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s Culture Ministry Awards Renowned Archaeologists on Day of Bulgarian Script and Culture
Řecko: Roadworks on Greek island of Lesvos reveal new remains of fossilised forest
Indie: New megalithic remains discovered in Karbi Anglong dist
USA: Perfect performance spaces: Echoes of the past
Peru: Five more Inca trails to open at Machu Picchu

22. 5. 2015
Slovensko: Odhalené: Bratislavský hrad - prezentácia keltskorímskych nálezov. Revealed: Bratislava Castle - presentation of the Celto-Roman findings
Anglie: Archaeologists find "fantastic" wooden butter churn and stakes used by Pagan tribe in medieval Staffordshire / Saxon butter churn found in Staffordshire sheds light on life in Mercian Kingdom
Anglie: Summer of Archaeology: Excavations to begin at estate with Anglo-Saxon roots and 12th century chapel
Anglie: Amazing medieval hospital find halts York panto plans
Anglie: Archaeologists prepare for landmark east Kent dig
Anglie: Gloucester Cathedral archaeological dig finds 1,000-year-old graveyard
Anglie: Roman find declared of "national importance"
Skotsko: Orkney Islanders are 25 percent Norwegian
Německo: Drei internationale Auszeichnungen für das schwebende Sachsenmodell im smac
Německo: Japanischer Gastforscher untersucht babylonische Keilschriften
Německo: DFG bewilligt für SFB "Materiale Textkulturen" zweite Förderperiode
Rakousko: Verspäteter Bruch der Archäologie mit NS-Ideologie
Bulharsko: Bulgarian, Polish Archaeologists Set for Annual Excavations of Roman Military Camp Novae near Svishtov in July
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s Svishtov to Host 10th Ancient Heritage Festival ‘Eagle on the Danube’ at Roman Military Camp Novae
Rusko: Gold Artifacts Tell Tale of Drug-Fueled Rituals and "Bastard Wars" / Secret Chamber Found at Scythian Burial Mound Reveals Golden Treasure of Drug-Fueled Rituals / Scythian gold vessels used in 'hemp rituals' / Ancient 2,400-year-old gold bongs discovered in Russia / Archeologists find gold artifacts in Scythian grave mounds / Złoto, opium i marihuana / Skytové kouřili před 2 400 lety trávu! Archeologové vykopali dvě vodní dýmky se zbytkem drogy / Gold Artifacts Tell Tale of Drug-Fueled Rituals and "Bastard Wars"
Turecko: Historic church in birthplace of religion under restoration / Historic church undergoes restoration / Historic Armenian church to be restored
Egypt: Neolithische Siedlung im Nil-Delta größer als bisher angenommen
Egypt: 4000 Jahre altägyptische Kulturgeschichte online
Egypt: Palaeolithic rock art at risk: New discoveries in Wadi Abu Subeira, Upper Egypt
Súdán: Amazing Drone Footage of Nubian Pyramids / VIDEO: Americký dron nafilmoval núbijské pyramidy. Záběry jak z hollywoodského trháku! / WATCH: Incredible drone footage of Sudan’s mysterious Nubian pyramids
Indie: Excavations show Harappan site died as Saraswati river dried
Papua Nová Guinea: In Photos: The Smoked Mummies of Papua New Guinea
USA: Ancient Mummies Meet Modern Medicine with “The Anatomy of the Mummy”
Peru: New pre-Inca tomb discovered

21. 5. 2015
Slovensko: Podzemie Spiša ukrýva unikát: Karol vás prekvapí svojím dokonalým vzhľadom!
Anglie: Archaeological find at Norton Bridge turns out to be from Saxon period
Anglie: The British Academy Sir Aurel Stein Archive
Anglie: West Cumbrian Viking Find Ruled ‘Treasure’
Anglie: Archaeologists to search York stadium for temporary camps set up by Roman armies at outpost
Anglie: Archaeologists praise community spirit as Close Park dig concludes
Anglie: Cirencester Roman tombstone to go on display
Anglie/Izrael: The eccentric English lady who introduced archaeology to the Holy Land
Dánsko: The Bronze Age Black Forest Girl of Denmark / Bronze Age Egtved Girl found in Denmark came from the Black Forest / Tracing the dynamic life story of a Bronze Age Female / Bronze Age Woman Had Surprisingly Modern Life / Dívka z Egtvedu: emancipovaná Středoevropanka z doby bronzové?
Německo: 1.050 Jahre altes Paddel in Schwerin entdeckt
Německo: Das Rätsel der blutroten Steinwaffen von Helgoland
Itálie: Roman Forum Yields Stash Of Teeth Extracted By Ancient Dentist
Maďarsko: Z dronem i magnetometrem w Węgrach
Bulharsko: Archaeology Museum in Bulgaria’s Silistra Presents Newly Found Bronze Age Tools Seized from Treasure Hunters
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Discover Ancient Roman Villa in Rescue Excavations near Bulgaria’s Mursalevo / Roman villa uncovered by roadworks in Bulgaria
Bulharsko: Archaeology: Bulgarian dig at motorway construction site finds Roman villa from time of Constantine the Great
Řecko: Findings indicate existence of Neanderthals on Greek island of Naxos
Turecko: Another long-forgotten Anatolian civilization rising from shadows
Egypt: Stopping the trade in ‘blood antiquities’
Izrael: Starożytny akwedukt odkryto na przedmieściach Jerozolimy / 2,000-Year-Old Water Supply System Uncovered in Jerusalem / Ancient Aqueduct Unearthed In Jerusalem
Sýrie: IS už je v historické části Palmýry, ovládá polovinu Sýrie / Antická perla v moci džihádistů. Islámský stát ovládl celou Palmýru / Islamic State in control of Palmyra ruins / Noční můra archeologů. Vzácná Palmýra je v rukou IS / Bojovníci IS obsadili muzeum v Palmýře. Exponáty zatím neničí / Ancient site of Palmyra in hands of Islamic State & Religious teaching that drives Isis to threaten the ancient ruins of Palmyra / Syria works to save Palmyra’s treasures as ISIS advances on ancient city / Destruction of Palmyra would be 'loss to humanity'
Gruzie: Earliest evidence of wine making found in Georgia
Gruzie: Iconic Tbilisi bath house enjoys mosaic restoration
Indie: A golden makeover for an ancient Hindu temple
Indie: Discovery of Ancient Indian Daggers may push back Start of Iron Age by Hundreds of Years
Sibiř (Rusko): Our bond with dogs may go back more than 27,000 years / Our bond with dogs may go back more than 27,000 years / Our bond with dogs may go back more than 27,000 years
Čína: Ancient shipyard used by Admiral Zheng He may lie beneath construction site
Ekvádor: The Inca-Caranqui Water Temple of Ecuador: A display of wealth and skillful hydraulic engineering

20. 5. 2015
What Caused The Mysterious Bronze Age Collapse?
Anglie: Archaeologists find shoe, finger ring and whorl in "extremely dirty" conditions at Roman fort
Anglie: Industrial Revolution Caused Rise In Cancer, Obesity, And Arthritis, Archaeologists Suggest
Anglie/Sýrie: Agatha Christie's 'forgotten' Syrian memoir gets new lease of life
Nizozemsko: Riesiges steinzeitliches Gräberfeld in den Niederlanden entdeckt
Švýcarsko: Using GIS and Geophysics to Examine Caesar’s Campaign against the Helvetii in 58 BC
Lužice (Německo): Dissen lädt zur Zeitreise mit allen Sinnen ein. 10. Fest des slawischen Mittelalters Ende Mai in „Stary lud“ / Noch herrscht Ruhe. Mittelalterfest in Dissen
Itálie: Casts of 86 Pompeii victims go on show / 'Pompei and Europe 1748-1943' at the National Archaeological Museum in Naples
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists Reveal Beautiful Early Christian Floor Mosaics amidst Unpleasant Present-Day ‘Finds’ in Plovdiv’s Great Basilica
Bulharsko: Silver Buckles of Ancient Bulgar Warrior Aristocrats Displayed for the First Time by Bulgaria’s National Museum of History
Řecko: The Origins of Building Acoustics for Theatre and Music Performances – John Mourjopoulos
Kypr: Two hegemonies, one island: Cyprus as a ‘Middle Ground’ between the Byzantines and the Arabs (650-850 A.D.)
Sýrie: Syrian city of Palmyra falls under control of Isis / Bojovníci IS obsadili Palmýru, vzácným památkám hrozí zkáza / Islamisté dobyli většinu Palmýry, památkáři stačili odvézt stovky soch
Afghánistán: A One-Man Crew in Taliban Country: Brent Huffman is Saving Mes Aynak
Keňa: Oldest stone tools pre-date earliest humans / Scientists discover world's oldest stone tools / Scientists discover world's oldest stone tools / Scientists announce the discovery of the World’s oldest stone tools / Vědci v Africe objevili dosud nejstarší kamenné nástroje / Senzace: V Keni našli kamenné nástroje staré více než 3 miliony let, mění to pohled na lidstvo / FOTO Vedci dnes zverejnili objav, ktorý zásadne mení históriu Zeme! / Vědci v Keni prý našli nejstarší známé kamenné nástroje na světě & Archeologové zjistili: nejstarší nástroje na zemi nejsou dílem lidských rukou!
Madagaskar: Who left the dogs out? Genetic study finds no trace of ancient colonisers' canines in Madagascar
Alabama (USA): Unearthing 8,000-year-old Native American dig site like 'putting a jigsaw puzzle together'
Mexiko: Ancient Mesoamerican Recipe For Cooking Human Flesh Stuns Archaeologists
Bolívie: Bolivia: Ancient Wata Wata skulls show signs of extreme torture in Pre-Columbia
Japonsko: Rare find of 7 ancient 'dotaku' rings a bell with surprised worker at sand depot

19. 5. 2015
Anglie: Most European men descend from a handful of Bronze Age forefathers / Most European men descend from a handful of Bronze Age forefathers / Most European men are descended from three Bronze Age forefathers say scientists
Anglie: The 1,500-year-old recipe that shows how Romans invented the beef burger
Anglie: Celebration of Roman gods at Arbeia in South Shields
Anglie: Stolen 15th-century Torbryan church icons recovered by police
Anglie: Community archaeology project 'Digging Northampton' delves into history of 1700s home
Anglie: Take A Stroll Through The London Of 1817
Francie/Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s Ancient Thrace Exhibition in Paris Enjoying ‘Enormous Success’, Louvre Director Says
Švýcarsko: Konstanz wirft einen tiefen Blick ins Glas
Baskicko (Španělsko): Size changes in livestock: from Roman to present day
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s Mezdra Hosts Medieval Crafts and Culture Festival in Ancient, Medieval Fortress Kaleto
Bulharsko: Lack of Magnifying Glass Box Puts Off Exhibit of Tube Reliquary with Ashes from John the Apostle’s Grave in Bulgaria’s Burgas
Bulharsko: Archaeology: Bulgarian dig finds 8000-year-old ‘double-storey’ houses / Neolithic village hidden beneath Bulgaria: 8,000-year-old streets and rows of two-storey houses unearthed
Bulharsko: Early Neolithic settlement unearthed in Bulgaria
Izrael: Innocent boys meticulously excavated 1,400-year-old winepress in Israel / Teenager discovers a 1,400-year-old wine press
Sýrie: Palmýra bývala Benátkami pouště. Řádění islamistů neujde, soudí archeolog
Sýrie/Irák: Islámský stát ničí památky v Iráku a Sýrii. Odborníci se je snaží zachránit v kyberprostoru
Libanon: Polacy od niemal 20 lat ratują i badają dziedzictwo Libanu
Írán: The Ancient Iranian Wolfman and War Band
Mauritánie: Saving the ancient rock art of the Sahara
USA: Shift to agriculture led to a decline in leg strength / Agriculture, declining mobility drove humans' shift to lighter bones
Texas (USA): Tech helps solve mystery behind 4,00­0-year-old rock art

18. 5. 2015
Anglie: Archaeologists put Roman gateway on wishlist after finding ancient water tank at Vindolanda fort
Norsko: Updated: Reveals Content of 700 Year Old Leather Pouch
Norsko: Archeolog podwodny na tropie polskich wraków z II w. światowej w Norwegii
Katalánsko (Španělsko): Teeth Marks Show Carnivores Attacked Neanderthals
Bulharsko: Museum in Bulgaria’s Veliko Tarnovo Presents for the First Time Prehistoric, Ancient, and Medieval Board, Gambling Games
Bulharsko: Prehistoric People in Bulgaria’s Yabalkovo Had Domesticated Chickens, ‘Ate Europe’s First Omelette’ 8,000 Years Ago, Archaeologist Reveals
Řecko: 'Eternal flames' of ancient times could spark interest of modern geologists / 'Eternal flames' of ancient times could spark interest of modern geologists
Utah (USA): Hundreds of Dice, Game Pieces Found in Utah Cave Shed Light on Prehistoric Gambling
Bolívie: Gruesome Evidence Of Political Torture Found On Precolumbian Skulls
Peru: Archaeologists seek to unveil mysteries of Peru's Mochica culture / Archeological site in Zaña built before Moche sanctuaries

17. 5. 2015
Slovensko: Poklad na Devíne: Tieto pamiatky, našťastie, kvôli garážam nezničia
Slovensko: Čo si obúvali Bystričania v stredoveku? Vieme to vďaka dechtu
Norsko: The History of Norway during the Viking Age
Německo: Geld mit anderen teilen
Polsko/Súdán: W Krakowie wystawa o pierwszych sudańskich rolnikach
Bulharsko: Veliko Tarnovo Archaeologists Seek EUR 90,000 in State Funding to Excavate 6 Sites in Northern Bulgaria
Sýrie: Syrian forces repel ISIS advance on Palmyra
Egypt: Long Lost Egyptian Temple Found / Ancient Egyptian temple remains discovered in Gebel al Silisilah quarry / Zaginiona świątynia ponownie odkryta w egipskim kamieniołomie
Austrálie: Volunteer historians in bid to shed light on orphan graves, unearthing Hobart history

16. 5. 2015
Slovensko: Archeológovia hrob Svätopluka na Zobore nehľadajú
Švédsko: Bronze Viking Age Dragon found in Birka, Sweden / Viking dragon's head found at Birka
Francie/Bulharsko: Louvre Museum Extends Advertising Campaign in Paris Metro for Bulgaria’s Ancient Thracian Exhibit
Německo: Schmuck schmückt auch das Museum
Německo: 7 Geheimnisse über das SMAC* / Museum für Archäologie schon im ersten Jahr Besuchermagnet
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Institute, University of Southampton to Start Joint Exploration of Black Sea Underwater Archaeology
Bulharsko: Researchers find Neolithic Bulgarians ate bone powder - but was it human?
Řecko: New evidence for King Philip II Tomb in Vergina
Turecko: Van awaits restoration, tourists for historic Armenian churches
Osetie (Rusko/Gruzie): Faszinierende Archäologie: In den Totenstädten des Kaukasus
Bangladéš: Millennium-old Hindu Temple discovered in Bangladesh
Čína: Archaeologists in China unearth 2,400-year-old Polo Sticks and Balls

15. 5. 2015
Anglie: Roman Empire: Power and People: five star objects from the British Museum exhibition
Norsko: Norwegian Vikings Cultivated Hemp
Francie: Egyptian Child Mummy Dumped in Garbage in France, Now Restored and Protected
Bosna: Exclusive: Discovery of New Prehistoric Underground Tunnels at Bosnian Pyramids
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeology Chief Grieves Over Looted Necropolis of Ancient Thracian, Greek, Roman City Heraclea Sintica
Arménie: World’s Oldest Leather Shoe
Írán: New discoveries at Iran’s Burnt City
Súdán: Archeoložka Lenka Suková o výzkumu pravěkého osídlení v Súdánu
Čína: Chinese archaeologists explore Shanhu Island in South China Sea
Čína: Ming Dynasty gold-filled tomb of concubine-turned-political leader discovered
Kanada: Glass beads, ring, pipe, offer clues to Fort Edmonton history

14. 5. 2015
Anglie: Unique social structure of hunter-gatherers explained / Early men and women were equal, say scientists
Anglie: Archaeologists investigate mystery of young Civil War woman buried in unusual grave in Oxford / Civil War woman's grave found in Oxford
Skotsko: Radiocarbon dating two artefacts found in Loch Kinord
Island: Archaeologists Believe Monks Did Not Share Churches / Monks in Iceland did not share churches
Polsko: XIX Piknik Naukowy w Warszawie/ Oblężenie wioski archeologicznej
Bulharsko: Ancient Thracian Settlement, Byzantine Fortress in Central Bulgaria Sold to Private Firms, Local Historian Alarms
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Authorities to Grant ‘Monument of Culture’ Status to Late Antiquity Fortress, Ancient Bulgar Wall on Black Sea Coast
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists Start Excavations of Early Byzantine Fortress on Black Sea Cape Chervenka
Turecko: Illegal excavations damage ancient city
Sýrie: ISIL jihadists threaten Syria's ancient Palmyra: monitor / Isis reaches gates of ancient Syrian city Palmyra, stoking fears of destruction / ISIS sets eyes on Syrian site of Palmyra
Jemen: UNESCO calls for protection of Yemen’s cultural heritage
Saúdská Arábie: When Arabia was green: Lush grasslands helped early man make leap out of Africa
Írán: Archaeologists find tallest wall ever found near Iran’s Burnt City
Čína: Stone Tablets found in Gold-Filled Chinese Tomb tell Remarkable Rags to Riches Tale
Kanada: Dartmouth project unearths part of Shubenacadie canal's history
USA: Why modern hunter-gatherers live with so few kin
USA: How Indiana Jones Actually Changed Archaeology
Japonsko: Japan's oldest basil pollen found in Nara ruins may have been 'medicine' from China

13. 5. 2015
Slovensko: Nájdu archeológovia hrob Svätopluka? Včera začali s výskumom ruín kláštora na Zobore
Anglie: Did leprosy spread to Britain from Scandinavia? Skeleton of 1,500-year-old migrant unearthed in Essex shows signs of infectious disease / Ancient skeleton shows leprosy may have spread to Britain from Scandinavia
Anglie: Did Plague brought by Civil War soldiers kill Oxford's Lady of St Cross?
Anglie: 'Last chance' to see Radcliffe's medieval history
Anglie: Alconbury church project on hold after skeletons discovered
Francie: Archaeologists piece together final moments of hundreds of Medieval Parisians
Polsko: Jak smakuje najstarsza kuchnia świata?
Polsko: Zbliża się pierwsza polska edycja „Dnia Archeologii”
Španělsko: Iron Age hoard in a megalithic funerary complex in Spain
Rumunsko: Early European may have had Neanderthal great-great-grandparent / Genome of 40,000-year-old jaw from Romania suggests humans interbred with Neanderthals
Bulharsko: Plovdiv Archaeology Museum Shows for the First Time Rare Thracian Helmet with Trojan War Motifs from Bulgaria’s Brestovitsa
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Find Huge Prehistoric Homes Burned Deliberately by Dwellers at Early Neolithic City in Bulgaria’s Mursalevo
Řecko/Anglie: Streit um Parthenon-Fries: Athen weicht von Konfrontationskurs ab / Greece will not go to court over Marbles, says minister
Turecko: Excavations reveal history in Gaziantep
Kurdistán (Irák): ISIS destroys 200-year-old Ottoman mosque in Mosul
Uzbekistán: Uch Kulakh. The Archaeological Site
Čína: Gold-Filled Tomb of Chinese 'Survivor' Mom Discovered
USA: Vertebrae of humans with disc problems are closer in shape to the chimpanzee
USA: Clam gardens point to ancient marine management
Austrálie: Malaysia Airlines MH370: search for missing aircraft uncovers shipwreck in Indian Ocean / Při pátrání po malajsijském letadle se našel v moři vrak lodi z 19. století

12. 5. 2015
Anglie: Gallery: Casket Girl - the enigmatic maiden of the Suffolk marshes who gives glimpses of Saxon secrets
Anglie: 'Mystery' child's body found on Hereford Cathedral land
Anglie: Excavation unearths remains of 92 people near to Kassam
Francie: Eurostar's problem with artillery shell collectors
Polsko: Tajemnicze wały w Śladkowie Małym
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologist Discovers Ancient Spear Tip Cast in Plovdiv’s Old Town Rescue Excavations
Bulharsko: International NGO on Cultural Monuments Criticizes Bulgaria over Archaeological Restorations
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s Kardzhali to Restore 11 Structures in Ancient, Medieval Rock City Perperikon with EEA/Norway Grant
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s Ancient Thracian Tombs ‘More Unique’ Than Egyptian Pyramids, Culture Minister Deems
Krym: Beyond Pontus: The principality of Theodoro
Egypt: Egyptian tomb falls victim to looters & More on Egyptian tomb falls victim to looters
Irák: Iraq says ISIS demolishes ruins to cover up looting
USA: The Archaeological Study of Children
USA: New population genetics model could explain Finn, European differences
USA: Jak se naši předkové projedli k dominanci
Panama: Rare Spanish Shipwreck From 17th Century Uncovered Off Panama / Archaeologists identify sunken 1681 Spanish shipwreck off Panamanian coast / Mysterious Caribbean Shipwreck Identified

11. 5. 2015
Slovensko: České a slovenské poklady / Unikáty tří českých zemských muzeí jsou vystaveny v Bratislavě / Venuša urobila z Hradu prísne strážené miesto
Anglie: Dramatic discovery at the Bodleian
Anglie: Roman coin hoard unearthed at Reading primary school
Anglie: Using Drones For Field Survey
Skotsko: Archaeologists reveal shoes of workers at 18th century site which was Scotland's largest whisky distillery
Irsko: Ancient Irish ate very little beef or fish despite abundance of both
Francie: A Grisly Find Under a Supermarket Illuminates France’s Medieval History
Polsko: Fortyfikacje z okresu wojny siedmioletniej znaleziono na Pogórzu Izerskim
Španělsko: Study to detect the first evidence of human consumption of mushrooms
Bulharsko: ICOMOS voices concern over Bulgaria's cultural heritage
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Fail to Find Necropolis in Rescue Excavation of Late Medieval Grave in Bulgaria’s Yambol
Turecko: Ancient necropolis found during construction
Turecko: Göbekli Tepe: chrám z časů Atlantidy / Záhadný chrám v poušti: Našli jsme opravdovou kolébku lidstva?
Egypt: Egypt's animal mummy 'scandal' revealed / Egypťané švindlovali. Místo mumií zvířat obětovali často jen textil / Podvod balzamovačů ze starého Egypta 
Egypt: Mummies' Height Reveals Incest
Kambodža: US museum returns Hanuman statue to Cambodia / Cleveland Museum of Art returns Hanuman sculpture to Cambodia, saying new evidence indicates it was probably looted
Čína: Builders unearth 'ancient shipyard of China's Columbus'
Mongolsko: Bulgaria Unveils Monument of Cyrillic (Bulgarian) Alphabet in Mongolia's Capital Ulan Bator
Grǿnsko: The History of Greenland
Mexiko: UNESCO designates nine Mexican sites for special protection

10. 5. 2015
Anglie: First stone circle for a century discovered on high Dartmoor / Highest stone circle in southern England found on Dartmoor / Stone circle recently discovered on Dartmoor
Skotsko: Lochore Castle revealed and public urged to take chance to be part of it
Dánsko: The nuclear family of prehistoric Denmark
Německo: Bei schließungsbedrohten Studiengängen an der Universität Leipzig ist noch gar nichts geklärt
Polsko: Zagadkowy bocian z epoki brązu
Polsko: Międzynarodowy konkurs dla pasjonatów archeologii
Itálie: Medieval riverboat found in the Grado Lagoon
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s Svilengrad to Restore 16th Century Ottoman Arch Bridge with EEA/Norway Grant

9. 5. 2015
Anglie: 'Summer, sun-brightest': An Anglo-Saxon Summer
Anglie: Bone sled runners from the Fens
Skotsko: Lament for a once Magical Place – or “the Agony of a severely traumatised pair of Archaeological Sites”
Švédsko: New Swedish Research Challenges Human Ancestor's Sexual Identity
Belgie: Waterloo dig aims to help soldiers readjusting to civilian life
Polsko: Sensacyjne odkrycie na Pomorzu
Bulharsko: Danube City Silistra Showcases Bulgaria’s First Television Set: Soviet-Made ‘Record’
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s Cabinet Provides Major Funding for Excavations, Restoration of 5 Sites in Early Medieval Capital Pliska
Řecko: The Limassol Archaeological Museum ‘Opens’ its Storage Rooms
Egypt: Smuggled artefacts to return to Egypt from Switzerland
Sýrie: Syrian authorities seize 6,000 looted antiquities
Čína: Peking Man or Peking Woman?
Jihoafrická republika: South Africa: Early human skin found on 2 million-year-old fossils
USA: Ancient to modern: Exploring the evolution of child rearing
Aljaška (USA): Alaska researchers turn up 12,300-year-old artwork
New York (USA): Student archaeologists to dig up remains of 1730s house at Howell Living History Farm
Florida (USA): 'Time capsule' of Civil War soldiers' lives heads to planned national museum

8. 5. 2015
Slovensko: Na Bratislavský hrad sa vrátia archeológovia
Anglie: City living in Roman Britain meant longer lives but worse teeth
Irsko: Treasures from the Bog: An Iron Age Leather Arm-Ring from Co. Offaly
Skandinávie: The International Viking Day, May 8
Německo: Neues von der keltischen Befestigung bei Langenenslingen
Německo: Vom Spaten zum Massenspektrometer. Methodenwandel und Erkenntnisgewinn in der Archäologie
Polsko: 4,7 mln zł na zabezpieczenie osuwiska zagrażającego Karpackiej Troi
Bulharsko: NGO Raises Funds to Rescue ‘Bulgaria’s Stonehenge’: Ancient Thracian Stone Circle (Cromlech) at Staro Zhelezhare
Turecko: Felsbilder im Latmos durch Steinbrüche bedroht
Indie: Archaeologists in India Discover Ancient Hero Stones that Retell Epic Battles and Honorable Deaths
Utah (USA): When does it take a village to raise a child?
Jižní Karolína (USA): Researchers unearthing slave artifacts in South Carolina
Chile: Chile's quest to save melting mummies

7. 5. 2015
Anglie: 18 fantastic old photos of underground York
Anglie: Gloucester Cathedral archaeological dig begins & Human remains and 17th Century gravestone found in Gloucester Cathedral grounds
Anglie: Long johns, magnetometers and a 5,000-year-old stone: Archaeological dig progresses in Liverpool park
Anglie/Wales: Medieval Death Sculptures Were Least Flattering Selfies Ever
Skotsko: Folk legend Dougie MacLean launches programme for Perth and Kinross Archaeology Month
Island: Archaeologists Believe They Have Found Lost Cloister
Skandinávie: The origins and usage of the Norse longboats
Malta: Ancient Roman structures rediscovered in Gozo
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists Start Excavations, Restoration of Early Christian Great Basilica in Plovdiv
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s Pernik to Rehabilitate Ancient Thracian Sanctuary Dedicated to Medicine God Asclepius
Turecko: Turkey’s Culture Ministry denies claims of botched restorations of ancient mosaics
Izrael: Neanderthals changed hunting strategy with climate change
Izrael: New archaeological finds challenge ideas of prehistoric Israel
Irák: View on Poverty: Digitising Iraq’s cultural heritage
Egypt: 96% of Egypt's ancient monuments neglected
Altaj (Rusko): Stone bracelet is oldest ever found in the world
Madagaskar: Pirate Capt Kidd's 'treasure' found in Madagascar
Kanada: Nineteenth Century Schooner Discovered on Toronto's Historic Waterfront
USA: Natočíme další film s Indiana Jonesem, tvrdí šéfka Lucasfilmu
Kentucky (USA): Prehistoric Native American Burial Mound to be Donated

6. 5. 2015
Slovensko: Oltár Majstra Pavla z Levoče dokončili. Pozrite si ho v celej kráse
Anglie: Historic Carlton Tavern pub in Kilburn must be rebuilt in 18 months
Skotsko: Burial by Loch Ness – Drumnadrochit Health Centre
Wales: St Patrick's Chapel, Whitesands, St Davids 2015
Wales: Swansea regeneration scheme for historic Hafod Morfa Copperworks site
Wales: 8 things you (probably) didn’t know about medieval elections
Irsko: The cross and the dragon: the pagan roots of Irish crosses
Dánsko: Fashionable Vikings loved colours, fur, and silk
Německo: Relikte aus dem „Heiligtum der Heuneburg“
Polsko: Archeologia w komiksie na wystawie w Sopocie
Polsko: W Santoku odkryto wczesnośredniowieczne cmentarzysko / Archeolodzy badają średniowieczne cmentarzysko w Santoku / Archaeologists are studying medieval cemetery in Santok
Itálie: 5,300-Year-Old Otzi the Iceman Yields Oldest Known Human Blood / New study of Iceman reveals oldest known example of red blood cells
Itálie: Čo bolo doteraz záhadou, ukázala svetu polícia: Ako vyzeral Ježiš v detstve?
Itálie: Archaeology, temples 'caged' against time in Selinunte
Itálie: Pompeii's House of the Small Fountain reopens
Řecko: Replica of 'Serpent Column' to be erected at Delphi / Ancient Three-Headed Serpent Column of Delphi to Rise Again after 2500 Years
Turecko: Ancient theater of Magarsus ready to open curtains
Izrael: Ancient Copy of Ten Commandments Has First Showing in Israel / V izraelskom múzeum vystavia najstarší písomný záznam desiatich Božích prikázaní na svete
Irák: Digitising Iraq’s cultural heritage
Indie: Want to be an archaeologist? Here's what you need
Čína: Chinese archaeologists unearth tomb of ancient medical school head / Grobowiec doktora Wu Jinga
Čína: Archaeologists excavate stone building materials during Xisha underwater survey
Amerika: Searching for Clues to Mystery of Ancient Americans
Mexiko: Archaeologists offer special deal to dig at ancient Maya site
Mexiko: Human Remains on Display in Prehispanic Northwest Mexico

5. 5. 2015
Tak TOTO vás na hodinách dejepisu určite neučili: Po prečítaní týchto záhad ostanete v šoku!
5 Horrifying Realities Of Daily Life Edited Out Of History
Anglie: Skeleton of high-status girl was one of dozens of burials at Hampshire Saxon cemetery, say archaeologists
Anglie: Bawdy Bard: Shakespeare Play's Lost Lines Reveal Sexual Mocking
Skandinávie: Vikings Were Great Cooks Long Before The Rest of Us
Švédsko: Copenhagen man revives Viking ‘forest’ language & Here People Still Were Using Runes in the 20th Century
Německo: Steinmauer und Kultplatz der Kelten entdeckt / Kultstätte der Kelten?
Německo: The Mummy of Christian Friedrich von Kahlbutz, the Not So Chivalrous Knight
Baskicko (Španělsko): Traces of flowers placed on a Palaeolithic tomb are found / Traces of flowers placed on a Palaeolithic tomb are found / Traces of flowers found on the tomb of the Red Lady at El Mirón
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists Stumble Upon ‘Oldest Children’s Toy in Europe’: Late Bronze Age Thracian Toy Stork
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists Discover Medieval Pagan Child Grave in Downtown Plovdiv
Řecko: Corinth Museum Theft 1990
Egypt: New discoveries at Egypt’s Tharu Fortress
Egypt: Alexandria Lighthouse to be reassembled in original location / Egypt: Replica Pharos Lighthouse plans approved
Libanon: 'Ransacked' Roman Temple Has Hidden Medieval Secrets
USA: Same-Sex Marriage in History: What the Supreme Court Missed
Montana (USA): Aerial images show BLM archaeological site after controlled burn
Mexiko: Bone analysis reveals violent history of pre-Hispanic Mesoamerica

4. 5. 2015
Itálie: The Sarcastic Jokes Found on Roman Bullets
Itálie: Tourists posing for selfie wreck Italian monument
Itálie: Comparing early Rome and Naples
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s National History Museum Urges Excavation, Restoration of Great Basilica in Early Medieval Capital Pliska
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists to Search for Roman Forum of Ancient Serdica in Sofia’s Downtown
Řecko: Amphipolis Tomb falls victim to European politics
Turecko: Ancient mosaics seriously damaged during restoration in Turkey’s Hatay / Ancient mosaics damaged during restoration in Turkey / Obnova mozaik "po turecku". Z cenných děl jsou karikatury / Jiné barvy, jiné tvary. Turečtí restaurátoři zfušovali antické mozaiky & Turkish company blames French after ‘botched’ mosaic restoration
Írán: Ancient Persian Inscriptions Link a Babylonian King to the Man Who Became Buddha
Afghánistán: Buddha Purnima: Ancient Buddhist city in Afghanistan could be destroyed by copper mining
Oklahoma (USA): Oklahoma runestone is impressive but not from Vikings, Swedish scholar says
Texas (USA): Sunken Confederate gunboat reveals its secrets to Texas A&M researchers
Mississippi (USA): Cahokia's rise and fall linked to river flooding / ‘Megafloods’ Spurred Collapse of Ancient City of Cahokia, New Study Finds
Peru: Long before Columbus, did people settle the Americas once or many times?

3. 5. 2015
Guest Post: An Archaeologist, an Anthropologist and an Anarchist Walk into a Bar… by Stuart Rathbone
Anglie: Paupers' graveyard to become remembrance garden
Finsko: Finnish Archaeologists find Wreck of 15th Century Ship Laden with €50m Worth of Treasure
Itálie: New Analysis reveals Italian Girl given Witch Burial probably just had Scurvy
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s Govt to Pour Major Funding into Archaeological Excavations of Early Medieval Capital Pliska
Řecko: Zominthos archaeological site damaged by looters
Egypt: The Egyptian army headquarters in Sinai during the New Kingdom discovered
Egypt: Cairo’s Blue Mosque opens after 6-year restoration
Jordánsko: Jordan Long Before Petra
Afghánistán: Mes Aynak: A Story of Courage and a Priceless World Treasure in Afghanistan / Afghan Archaeologists Battle Chinese Mining Interests in Fight to Save Ancient Buddhist Paradise
Ohio (USA): Archaeology: Author examines ceremonial heart of earthworks

2. 5. 2015
Slovensko: Na Spišskom hrade odhalili poklad z Temnej jaskyne
Anglie: REVEALED: Secrets of the Saxon church in an Angmering garden
Švédsko: Švédská prozaička Catharina Ingelman-Sundbergová: Vždycky je něco, čemu se lze zasmát
Německo: Niedergermanischer Limes soll UNESCO-Welterbe werden
Německo: Antike Technikwelt am Römerbergwerk Meurin wird eröffnet
Německo: Gesichtsrekonstruktion des Herrn von Morken in Bonn
Německo/Česká republika: Mayener Archäologen kooperieren mit UNESCO-Lehrstuhl in Brünn
Polsko: Zeskanowano dawne pruskie idole
Bulharsko: Bulgaria Celebrates 1,150 Years since Adoption of Christianity under St. Knyaz Boris I Mihail during First Bulgarian Empire
Bulharsko: Greek Man Testifies in Bulgarian Lawyers’ Trial over Treasure Hunting, Destruction of Thracian Tumulus
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologist Finds Ancient Roman Jacuzzi Heater at ‘Luxury’ Road Station near Sostra Fortress
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Discover Late Neolithic Graves in Prehistoric Settlement in Bulgaria’s Mursalevo
Irák: Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz übergibt Ziegelfragment an den Irak
Nepál: These High-Tech Archaeological Tools Will Help Rebuild Nepal's History
Čína: Písmo staré 30 tisíc let? Záhadné runy z Číny
Utah (USA): Dimple Dell Park was home to ancient humans
Peru: New Study suggests Nazca Lines formed Ancient Pilgrimage Route to Cahuachi Temple / Geoglify z Nazca wskazywały drogę pielgrzymom
Japonsko: Oldest 'mokkan' found shows Nara name dates back 1,300 years

1. 5. 2015
Anglie: Late Bronze Age smelters hoard excavation
Anglie: Roman coins roadshow's final display
Anglie: Digging into the past beneath their feet
Francie/Irák: Museums in Europe and US draw up rescue plans for ravaged sites in Iraq
Španělsko: A piece of research challenges the view that Neolithic societies were egalitarian
Itálie: Giving birth in the Iron Age
Itálie: Geological foundations for smart cities: Comparing early Rome and Naples
Bulharsko: Scores of Treasure Hunters Pillage Medieval Fortress, Late Iron Age Settlement in Search of Legendary Bulgarian Rebel’s Gold
Řecko: Eastern stoa of gymnasium at Olympia revealed
Turecko: Triumphal arch of ancient city to return to former glory
Turecko: Byzantine church to be 'restored' as mosque
Egypt: Two Ancient High Official Father and Son Tombs Opened at Pyramids Area in Egypt
Libanon: Heritage destruction in conflict zones provides archaeological opportunities / The archaeology of conflict-damaged sites / "The damage is brutal and widespread": Archaeologists head to Lebanon to see heritage sites damaged by conflict
Indie: Unearthing Vadnagar

30. 4. 2015
Anglie: Prehistoric man with shield found after dig / Prehistoric man with shield found in UK dig
Anglie: Riddles in the Dark Ages
Anglie: New exhibition focuses on Stonehenge through the years
Anglie: From 'druidical erection' to Spinal Tap: a history of Stonehenge as tourist site
Anglie: Public consultation on Loughton Camp and Ambresbury Banks starting tomorrow
Anglie: The riddle of how an Egyptian coin from 200BC was discovered in a Suffolk garden
Anglie: What goes up must come down: a brief history of the codpiece
Dánsko: 800-year-old rune stick unearthed during excavation of Danish city
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s Plovdiv Municipality Signs EEA/Norway Grant Contract for ‘Digitization’ of Archaeological Heritage
Turecko: Historic Hagia Sophia in a Turkish province to be re-opened as mosque
Egypt/USA: HBO shows episode on looting in Egypt
Egypt: 4,400-year-old statue of Egyptian pharaoh found
Irák: Beauty Is Pain: A New Look at the Toiletry Kits from Ur
Írán: Photos of Old Tehran: 1848 to 1864
Indie/Pákistán: Teeth tell story about people buried at Harappa
Indie: Startling Similarity between Hindu Flood Legend of Manu and the Biblical Account of Noah
Indie: Scientists in India to test DNA of Ancient Skeletons to Determine if they are Ahom Royals
Indie: Rare sculptures thrown out as modern temple comes up at ancient Pallava site
Peru: Hidden early Christian crypt with dozens of skeletons discovered in Peru / Archeologové v Peru našli hrobky plné 1200 let starých mumií

29. 4. 2015
Anglie: Robin Hood, Sherwood Forest and the Sheriff of Nottingham
Anglie: Maldon heritage unearthed at town pub site
Anglie: Ribchester Roman remains to be excavated in major new dig
Anglie: Aid workers should read through archaeologists’ notebooks on building houses
Anglie: Clandon Park House in Surrey hit by major fire
Anglie: Pub must be rebuilt brick by brick, orders council, after developers tore it down to build flats & Historic Carlton Tavern pub in Kilburn must be rebuilt in 18 months
Skotsko: Iron Age fort unearthed at Perthshire hilltop / Secrets of the Iron Age coming to light in Perthshire
Belgie: Waterloo archaeologists search 'killing zone' / Archaeologists and veterans find first shots fired at Battle of Waterloo
Itálie: Cold Case Ötzi: Eine Mumie erzählt aus ihrem Leben
Bulharsko: Expedition Sets Out in Search of Archaeology Sites in Bulgaria’s General Toshevo Municipality
Egypt: Two Egyptian tombs restored, opened to public
Egypt: Stolen artefacts from Egypt's Graeco-Roman Museum recovered
Indie: Iron Age megalithic burial site found in Krishnagiri
Tibet (Čína): Why millet was not a staple crop in the East Tibetan Highlands after 2,000 BC / Closing the case on an ancient archeological mystery
Aljaška (USA): DNA suggests all early eskimos migrated from Alaska's North Slope / DNA results supports North Slope as origin for peopling of the eastern Arctic
USA: Study finds ancient clam beaches not so natural
Guatemala: Early Urban Planning: Ancient Mayan City Built on Grid
Japonsko: Human hunting weapons may not have caused the demise of the Neanderthals
Tonga: Lapita colonised Tonga within two generations

28. 4. 2015
Magic for the dead? The archaeology of magic in later medieval burials
The Giants that walked on Earth - discoveries that will rewrite history
Anglie: Secret Roman and Anglo-Saxon world revealed during Cathedral roundabout revamp: PICTURES
Skotsko: Secrets of the Iron Age coming to light in Perthshire
Wales: Property developer admits making unlawful changes to listed building
Dánsko: Přilba z Tjele
Polsko: Starożytni hutnicy spod Warszawy
Polsko: Rozkopują Stary Rynek. Co pod brukiem? / Rozpoczynają się wykopaliska na Starym Rynku w Poznaniu
Polsko: Spotkanie z pradziejami w Krzemionkach
Polsko/USA: Muzealne multimedia z Polski nagrodzone w USA
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Discover Main Aqueduct of Ancient Odessos during Rescue Excavations in Bulgaria’s Varna
Mali: The race to cover a Mali mosque in mud
Egypt: Rare Old Kingdom statue was discovered in Aswan
Čína: New Dig at First Emperor Mausoleum Expected to Yield up to 1400 More Terracotta Warriors / China starts new terracotta army dig / Excavations reveal new terracotta army at ancient emperor’s tomb
Aljaška (USA): Inconsistencies in peopling of North America ‘ice bridge’ theory revealed / Alternate theory of inhabitation of North America disproved
Kanada: The Great Arctic Thaw Is Seriously Worrying Archaeologists
Pensylvánie (USA): Not much size difference between male and female Australopithecines
Hawaj (USA): Dive discovers missing aircraft hangar of sunken WWII-era Japanese submarine
Japonsko: Technological innovation may not have led modern humans into Europe
Austrálie: Ancient Aboriginal rock-art sites conserved in the Grampians National Park

27. 4. 2015
Slovensko: Bratislavský hrad - dokumenty k objektivizácii kauzy „garáže“
Anglie: Stone Age axemen used "complicated thinking", say archaeologists using brain scanning
Anglie: Medieval River Wall Uncovered in Parliament Gardens
Anglie: Human bones in pot may reflect gruesome ritual conducted by army of Queen Boudicca
Anglie/Austrálie: First major exhibition in the UK to present a history of Indigenous Australia opens
Skotsko: Craft beer producer delves into the history books to create Stone Age ale
(Severní) Irsko: Derry’s historic Walls recreated in 3D models
Slovinsko/Mexiko: Indiana Jones ze Slovinska pátrá po městech Mayů. Bez mačety nepřežije
Bulharsko: Late Medieval Jewish Necropolis in Bulgaria’s Karnobat to Become Cultural Tourism Destination
Turecko: Excavations to find agricultural remnants
Turecko: Archaeologists dig into nitty-gritty of Gallipoli
Nepál: Nepal Tragedy: Devastating Loss of Human Life and Ancient Heritage / Quake deals heavy blow to Nepal's rich cultural heritage / Vzácné památky UNESCO v Nepálu se změnily v hory suti
Grǿnsko: Čo zničilo Vikingov v Grónsku?
Kanada: Lower back pain may have ties to our last common ancestor, chimpanzees
Michigan (USA): Lake Michigan is So Clear Right Now its Shipwrecks Are Visible From the Air
Missouri (USA): Alternate theory of inhabitation of North America challenged
Virginie (USA): Archaeologists rebuild 1608 church where Pocahontas was married
Idaho (USA): Site of Deadliest Native American Massacre Identified in Idaho
Austrálie: Melbourne looks to new rules to protect city's historic buildings

26. 4. 2015
Tajný život konkubín ve starověkém světě: nejvíc jich měli Šalamoun, Mohamed a čínští císaři
Slovensko: Tip na výlet: Hradisko Valy v Bojnej – slovenské Pompeje
Anglie: Fifteen Anglo-Saxon Cures for Minor Medical Problems
Anglie: Cremated human bones in pot found in Crossrail dig suggest gruesome ritual
Anglie: Bishop of Durham unveils restored museum piece after public raise £21,000 through crowdfunding
Anglie: What to See at The Tower of London
Skotsko: Skara Brae was a sauna not a village claims former head of Glasgow’s museums
Polsko: Spektakularne wyroby ceramiczne sprzed 6 tys. lat na wystawie w Warszawie
Polsko: Prof. Władysław Duczko o chrzcie Mieszka I: większość historyków uważa, że 966 rok to wymyślona data
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists to Excavate Early Christian Basilica, Roman Forum at Ancient City Heraclea Sintica
Egypt: Controversy erupts over ancient 'theatre' in Alexandria
Súdán: Sudan's pyramids, nearly as grand as Egypt's, go unvisited
Střední Asie: The Cultural Impact of Sasanian Persia along the Silk Road – Aspects of Continuity

25. 4. 2015
Anglie: Archaeological discoveries talk for history society
Francie: Nachbildung der Chauvet-Höhle ist für Besucher offen / Replica of prehistoric Chauvet cave opens / Ve Francii otevřeli repliku výtvarného skvostu pravěku
Polsko: Kuchnia Słowian. "Było kwaśno i ostro"
Indonésie: Ohoidertaun rock paintings discovered in Kei islands
Haiti: Humanitarian decision makers and archaeologists should collaborate
Velikonoční ostrov: Study Claims to Have Solved Mystery of Giant Easter Island Hats / Jak nałożyć czapę na kamiennego kolosa? / Giant Easter Island 'Hats' Rolled Into Place, Study Says / Sochy na Velikonočním ostrově prý dostaly své klobouky po rampě
Austrálie: Fragments point to more skeletons being discovered on island after Batavia shipwreck

24. 4. 2015
Rare Medieval Name Tags
Slovensko: Zbíjačky odhaľujú minulosť mesta
Anglie: Archaeologists to reconsider origins of industrial era obesity and cancer by scanning Museum of London skeletons / New research to shed fresh light on the impact of industrialisation
Skotsko: The Ness of Brodgar – an interview with Nick Card
Skotsko: A Crofter's Life in Shetland (clip 1) - Fishing Season at Lerwick Harbour
Švýcarsko: Über Umwege - Vulkanausbruch an Basler Skeletten erkennbar
Německo: Überraschungsfund: Jüdische Grabsteine in ehemaliger Kirche
Německo: Antikenmuseum präsentiert den Gemmenschatz der Stadt Leipzig
Německo: DBU-Projekt zum Schutz der gefährdeten Wandmalereien in St. Georg auf der Reichenau
Německo: Mittelalterlichen Fingerabdrücken auf der Spur
Německo: Früheste Homo sapiens des Aurignaciens identifiziert
Polsko: Słup milowy zostaje na miejscu
Polsko: Another ship in the "Bay of Gdańsk Virtual Shipwreck Park"
Bulharsko: Construction Workers Stumble Upon Ancient Roman Wall in Bulgaria’s Plovdiv
Turecko: New Turkish sites on UNESCO list
Turecko: Historic castle turns ‘touristic’
Indie: Ahom skeletons to be tested for DNA
Indie: Ancient figurine of African elephant unearthed at Tarighat
Čína: Modern-day tomb raiders caught red-handed tunneling into 1,400-year-old Chinese temple
Karibik: Aid workers should read through archaeologists’ notebooks on building houses
Mexiko: Liquid mercury found under Mexican pyramid could lead to king's tomb / River of Mercury in Underworld of Pyramid of the Sun may lead to Royal Tomb

23. 4. 2015
Unusual Life, Unusual Death and the Fate of the Corpse: A Case Study from Dynastic Europe
Anglie: Chance to see Bath's Roman coins collection the Beau Street Hoard on Bank Holiday Monday
Skotsko: Trust to lead on Viking heritage project
Skotsko: New historic finds made in Inverness
Dánsko: The Viking age began in Denmark / The Reindeer Antler Comb That Is Rewriting History
Dánsko: Ancient fishing leister found together with its spearing point / Stone Age People Hooked Eels Like Modern Fishermen / Wymarzony oścień
Estonsko: Přechod k zemědělství způsobil nerovnost. Mužů
Belgie: Waterloo Uncovered
Německo: Deciphering the demise of Neandertals
Polsko: Średniowieczny Kraków 1000 lat temu | Część 1
Itálie: Ancient Teeth in Italy and Arrival of Modern Humans in Europe
Bulharsko: History Museum in Bulgaria’s Sliven Receives Ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Austrian Coins Seized from Treasure Hunters
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists Uncover More of ‘Luxury’ Ancient Roman Road Station in Fresh Excavations
Kurdistán (Irák): Mobilizing For Mosul: Czech Scholars Work To Save Town's Heritage
Singapur: Dig shines new light on ancient Singapore
Kanada: Researchers map genomes of woolly mammoths, raising possibility of bringing them back / Vzkříšení mamuta na obzoru / Did inbreeding and poor health kill the mighty mammoth?
USA: Anthropologist explores warfare as a form of cooperation
Mexiko: Finding signs of climate change and adaptation in the ancient Maya lowlands
Guatemala: Sacrifice of Maya boy and man may have reenacted birth of sun and moon
Austrálie: Australian heritage site in danger from government sanctioned mining / Ancient rock art not sacred enough

22. 4. 2015
Rules of a Medieval Library
Anglie: Trenches to be dug ready for Chester shopping mall
Anglie: Uses of Wodan: The development of his cult and of medieval literary responses to it
Anglie: Alfred the Great: a diagnosis
Wales: Silver coins, axe heads and a gold ring - just some of the priceless Medieval and Tudor treasures uncovered at sites across Wales / Hoards, axes, rings and dress pins: Archaeologists survey treasures from Bronze Age to Tudor period in Wales
Norsko: The Blood Wedding in Nidaros 22-23 April 1206 AD
Frísko (Nizozemsko): Insults Hurt: Verbal Injury in Late Medieval Frisia
Německo: Historischer Fund in Wolframs-Eschenbach
Německo: Eintauchen ins Leben der Kelten
Španělsko: An extra molar is identified for the first time in an Atapuerca hominid
Katalánsko (Španělsko): Juvenile Neanderthal fossils identified from Catalonian cave
Itálie: Verbrachte Ötzi den Sommer auf der Alm?
Itálie: 'Forum of Caesar: as it was in antiquity' premieres in Rome
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Prosecutors Charge 3 Men with Treasure Hunting Digs in Ancient Roman Military Camp Novae
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s Sozopol to Celebrate 5 Years since Discovery of St. John the Baptist Relics with Archaeological Exhibit
Řecko: Archäologie. Noch lange nicht fertig
Rusko: Lenin's Body Improves with Age
Afghánistán: Alexander in the East
Afghínistán: Emotional Archaeology: An Interview with Brent E. Huffman, Director of Saving Mes Aynak
Grǿnsko: Erik Rudý – Zelená země za obzorem
Aljaška (USA): Alaska's Bering Land Bridge Site Produces New Evidence Indicating Prehistoric Trade With Asia
Nunavut (Kanada): Divers at HMS Erebus fight ocean currents to journey back in time
New York (USA): Mystery-Shrouded Ice Age Artifacts Find Home in Anthropology Museum
Nový Zéland/Papua Nová Guinea/Polynésie: Calculating how the Pacific was settled. Sailing Against Prevailing Winds, Spotting Big Islands / Calculating how the Pacific was settled
Austrálie: More than 100 treasures revealed as part of archaeology dig on Canberra's Springbank Island

21. 4. 2015
Anglie: William of Normandy’s Claim to the English throne: Examining the Evidence
Anglie: Post-election date expected for Oswestry Hillfort homes plan
Skotsko: The Rosemarkie Caves Project
Norsko: “Hammer bridge is falling down, falling down…” Or?
Lužice (Německo): Zeitreise auch künftig mit Tiefgang
Polsko: Niezwykła historia szyszaka z Giecza
Polsko: Jedyne w Polsce spotkanie poświęcone sztuce naskalnej
Polsko: Ostrów Tumski. Gigantyczna makieta średniowiecznego Poznania [ZDJĘCIA]
Polsko/USA: Polacy na corocznym spotkaniu Stowarzyszenia Amerykańskiej Archeologii
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s Plovdiv Seeks Ownership of Early Christian Great Basilica from Central Government
Turecko: Lasting Falls and Wishful Recoveries: Crusading in the Black Sea Region after the Fall of Constantinople
Turecko: Salvage excavations start in Bodrum / Construction works uncover Hellenistic tombs in Bodrum
Egypt: Ancient Hangover Cure Discovered in Greek Texts / For when your head feels like someone's pulling your brain out of your nose: 1,900-year-old papyrus reveals ancient Egyptian cure for a hangover
Izrael: Replacing carpet at Jerusalem's Dome of the Rock sparks holy war over archaeology / Vyměnit prošlapaný koberec není ve Skalním dómu v Jeruzalémě žádná rutina
Čína: Taosi Confirmed as 4,200-Year-Old Legendary Capital of Chinese Hero Emperor
Čína: Temple ruins excavated at the Palace of Zhang Daoling, the First Celestial Master of Taoism / Temple dedicated to Chinese Taoist master excavated
Connecticut (USA): Depression-era CCC unearthed in Madison; workers known as ‘Roosevelt’s tree army’
USA: Study finds ancient clam beaches not so natural / Study finds ancient clam beaches not so natural

20. 4. 2015
Anglie: Villagers dig for remains of north Norfolk home belonging to Battle of Agincourt hero Sir Thomas Erpingham
Anglie: Archaeologists find cow skull from plague, human burials and children's cups beneath London mosque site
Anglie/Německo: A better grasp of primate grip
Ålandy (Finsko): Shipwrecked Champagne: Leathery, Still Pretty Good / 170-Year-Old Champagne Recovered (and Tasted) From a Baltic Shipwreck
Polsko: Pionierzy archeologii Górnego Śląska na wystawie w Bytomiu
Bulharsko: Archaeologists from Bulgaria’s Kazanlak Seek Excavation Permit for Late Antiquity, Medieval Fortress Buzovo Kale
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists Find 3rd Skeleton in Ancient Thracian Child Sacrifice Pit, Enlist Scottish Osteoarchaeologist for Research
Řecko: Marble naturally illuminated the statue of Zeus at Olympia
Egypt: British archaeologists discovered an Old Kingdom Mastaba in Delta / Old Kingdom mastaba found in the Delta / 4,600 year-old tomb of Pharaoh unearthed in Delta / Egyptologists Unearth Tomb of Long Lost Pharaoh so Ancient Only His Name is Known / Tomb of Third Dynasty king found in Quesna
Rusko: Oldest crucible steel weapon in East Europe found by Russian archaeologists / Ancient crucible steel weapon found in Eastern Europe
Arménie: Rediscovering Ancient Identities in Kotayk, Armenia
USA: Did Neanderthals Die Off Because They Couldn't Harness Fire?
Mexiko/Guatemala: New Findings on Drought and the Ancient Maya Collapse / Finding signs of climate change and adaptation in the ancient Maya lowlands

19. 4. 2015
Anglie: The Rural Settlement of Roman Britain: an online resource
Norsko: What Did Vikings Eat?
Francie: Do USA pluje replika lodi generála La Fayetta, připomene výročí války o nezávislost
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists find Evidence of 2,700-Year-Old Thracian Child Sacrifice
Egypt: 'White Walls' of ancient Memphis unearthed / Russian Archaeologists Unearth Legendary White Walls of Memphis
Egypt/USA: Egypt recovers ancient artefacts smuggled to US
Súdán/Švýcarsko: Die Schweiz im Land der Schwarzen Pharaonen
USA: Debate continues over whether Stone Age people were peaceful or warlike

18. 4. 2015
Slovensko: Genetik: Sme rovnako Maďarmi, ako sú oni starými Slovákmi
Británie: Peer furious at UK ‘dithering’ over treaty to protect cultural heritage
Anglie: Top 10 Ruins in London
Anglie: Archaeology group to investigate Dales prehistory
Anglie: Metal detectorist uncovers Roman treasure hoard in England / Bone fragments and burial goods of "wealthy and cosmopolitan" Roman found in North Hertfordshire village
Anglie: Archaeologists find coins, bow brooches and bones among Iron Age and Roman discoveries in Peterborough
Norsko: The mystery of a deeply gouged Viking shield
Polsko: Rozwódka, wikingowie i chrzest Polski
Polsko: W Rzeszowie otwarto Uniwersytecką Składnicę Materiałów Archeologicznych (USMA)
Izrael: Geolog hlásí důkaz o Ježíšově hrobce
Írán: Excavations uncover prehistoric human bones
Peru: Archaeologist doubts authenticity of Ica geoglyph

17. 4. 2015
Slovensko: Unikátny nález: Sonda na Hviezdoslavovej odhalila drevený most
Anglie: Liverpool schoolboy makes amazing historical discovery in Calderstones Park
Island: South Iceland Cave Made before Settlement
Německo: Fördergelder zur Erforschung der eigenen Sammlungen
Německo: Geschulte Erzähler, geübte Sammler, geschickte Vermarkter
Německo: Spurensuche in Dolinen
Polsko: Zabytki Wielkopolski - niezbyt cenne?
Bosna a Hercegovina: Ottoman decrees preserved in Bosnian museum
Bulharsko: Ancient Roman Ceramic Factory to Be Restored with Norway Funding in Bulgaria’s Pavlikeni
Sýrie: Antiquities market on alert for looted Syrian spoils / Antiquities market on alert for looted Syrian spoils
Sýrie: How Syrians Saved an Ancient Seedbank From Civil War
Egypt: The Cult of Amun (1) (2) (3) (4)
Keňa: Homo erectus footprints hint at ancient hunting party / Homo erectus footprints hint at ancient hunting party / Pamiątka myśliwskiej wyprawy?
Amerika: The Ancient Giants Of The New World
Kanada: Fortress of Louisbourg building parking lot on historic site
Ohio (USA): Cleveland Museum of Art acquires rare imperial Persian tent visitors can enter like royalty (photos)
Brazílie: Resistance to antibiotics found in isolated Amazonian tribe

16. 4. 2015
Thermoluminescence dating refined
Anglie: Study shows that making an Acheulean hand axe requires complex brain activity
Anglie: Church receives £544,000 to restore medieval wallpaintings
Anglie: Archaeologists' ancient footprint research to help in police forensic investigations
Anglie: History in the making as first dig at Halton Castle in nearly 30 years announced
Skotsko: 'Significant' Pictish fort found off Aberdeenshire coast / Pictish fort found on Aberdeenshire sea stack
Dánsko: Rare Roman owl clasp found on Danish island / Rare Roman Iron Age clasp found on Bornholm
Francie: Neandertálci lámali kosti svých mrtvých
Švýcarsko: Záhadolog Däniken: Byznys, který s vědou nemá nic společného
Německo: Geschulte Erzähler, geübte Sammler, geschickte Vermarkter
Německo: LVR-LandesMuseum Bonn erwirbt spätantiken Münzschatz
Polsko: Archiwa warszawskich archeologów w Internecie
Španělsko: Understanding popular Latin of Roman Hispania through graffiti on pottery
Španělsko: Palaeolithic remains show cannibalistic habits of human ancestors / Palaeolithic remains show cannibalistic habits of human ancestors / Study report revisits cave of prehistoric cannibals / Skull-cups and ritual cannibalism at Gough’s cave 14,700 years ago
Španělsko: Oldest evidence for the use of mushrooms as a food source / Understanding the diet of the Upper Palaeolithic Magdalenian phase
Španělsko: Move over Gordon Ramsay! Tooth analysis reveals Neanderthals created gourmet meals by flavouring their food with herbs
Itálie/Německo: Steinzeit-Abenteuer: Ötzis Leben wird verfilmt
Itálie: For sale: entire medieval Italian village for £485,000
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s Plovdiv Starts Restoration of Antiquity Odeon, Linking It with Ancient Theater, Roman Stadium
Bulharsko: Stolen Ancient Roman-Thracian Silver Mask Helmet Returned to Archaeology Museum in Bulgaria’s Plovdiv 20 Years Later
Turecko: Sultan’s cannonballs unearthed in Konya
Turecko: Museum collections show final years of Ottomans
Egypt: Hellenistic-era ruins demolished in Alexandria / Hellenistic-era ruins demolished in Alexandria
Arménie: Paleolithic weapons factory was a rich source of obsidian tools from 1.4 million years ago
Indie: Haryana's Bhirrana oldest Harappan site, Rakhigarhi Asia's largest: ASI
Čína: Chinese archaeologists confirm location of capital 4,200 years ago
Aljaška (USA): Evidence of Pre-Columbus Trade Found in Alaska House
Kalifornie (USA): NOAA, partners, survey 'amazingly intact' historic WWII-era aircraft carrier / Sunken WWII-era aircraft carrier found off Northern California / Archeologové objevili americkou loď užívanou k jaderným zkouškám
Peru: Ancient mummy found in cardboard box by cleaners in Peru
Austrálie: Artefacts dating back to Tasmania's first European settlers uncovered in Hobart archaeological dig

15. 4. 2015
Anglie: Medieval past uncovered as new excavation begins at Radcliffe Tower
Anglie: How project uses history and technology to help tackle disease
Anglie: Nottingham’s Maze of Medieval Caves gets fully surveyed / Secret Underground Cities: Nottingham
Anglie: Victorian baby teeth could help predict future health of children today
Polsko: Nietypowe znalezisko w gdańskiej latrynie / Erotyczna zabawka znaleziona w latrynie / 18th-Century Sex Toy Found In Ancient Latrine / Poláci se nezdají! V latríně se našel robertek z 18. století
Polsko: Leśniczy znalazł skarb z ponad 6 tys. srebrnych monet / Leśniczy znalazł duży skarb
Španělsko: Complex cognition shaped the Stone Age hand axe, study shows
Katalánsko (Španělsko): Archaeologists return to Cova Gran rock shelter
Itálie: Julius Caesar may have suffered mini-strokes, study finds
Řecko: Contested 'Dorias' stele sold by Christies
Turecko: Necropolis unearthed beneath İstanbul’s Pera / Byzantine tombs unearthed beneath Istanbul’s Pera
Turecko: The remarkable Aspendos aqueducts draw tourists
Kurdistán (Irák): More Neanderthal remains found in Kurdistan’s Shanidar cave
Čína: Newly-discovered remains redraw path of Great Wall
Senegal: Women may have pioneered hunting with weapons
Florida (USA): Florida archaeologists launch legal fight against US Department of Transportation
Peru: 600-year-old geoglyph destroyed in Trujillo

14. 4. 2015
Got the plague? 10 ways to cure it (or at least try)
Slovesnko: Z. Stegmann-Rajtár: Predbežné výsledky archeologického výskumu na Žibrici. (Výskumy v r. 2002-2003 a 2005-2006)
Slovensko: Nálezy na Bratislavskom hrade chcú vyhlásiť za pamiatky, no majú smolu
Slovensko: Odíde koncept tzv. blatnicko-mikulčického horizontu do dejín bádania v archeológii?
Anglie: Mesolithic cremated human bone discovery is a first for Britain / Archaeologists uncover oldest human cremation in Britain
Anglie: Ancient coin suggests early activity on Bristol Channel
Skandinávie: Mythical Viking Sunstones Aren’t a Myth After All
Německo: Sanskrit fever grips Germany: 14 universities teaching India's ancient language struggle to meet demand as students clamour for courses
Polsko: „Spór o początki Polski" - interdyscyplinarna sesja na UJ
Polsko: Nowe odkrycia archeologów na Wzgórzu Zamkowym w Kielcach / Nowe odkrycie w Kielcach
Polsko: Wykopaliska w Koszalinie: średniowieczne pale i pierwotny poziom miasta [zdjęcia, wideo]
Itálie: Oath of Silence Protects Amazing 500-Year-Old Diving Bell Used to Visit Sunken Roman Vessels
Itálie: Centuries of Italian History Are Unearthed in Quest to Fix Toilet / Rising damp excavation at cafe in Lecce unearths 2,500 years of Italian history in 5,000 incredible objects
Itálie: Jak před šesti lety zemětřesením zničená italská L'Aquila povstává z popela
Turecko: Göbekli Tepe, Turkey
Irák/Sýrie: Why ISIS Hates Archaeology and Blew Up Ancient Iraqi Palace
Egypt: Royal Chapel discovered in Heliopolis / Egypt archaeologists find part of chapel used by a pharaoh
Keňa: World’s oldest stone tools discovered in Kenya / Narzędzia starsze niż człowiek / Tools discovered at site of Lomekwi 3 date back to 3.3 million years / Nejstarší kamenné nástroje: 3,3 milionu let
Afghánistán: Full Frame Success for Saving Mes Aynak
Indie: Four Harappan-era skeletons found near Hisar
USA: Our chins developed when we started to build social networks
Japonsko: Rare painting of Chinese goddess by ukiyo-e artist Utamaro surfaces
Mikronésie: Archaeologists find pre-contact period settlement in Garapan

13. 4. 2015
Anglie: Did Richard III manage to keep his scoliosis a secret up until his death in 1485? / Richard III May Have Hid His Scoliosis Until Death
Anglie: Longbow Technique: Why Does your Bow Arm collapse after 30 Arrows?
Skotsko: Christie’s artefacts linked to organised crime
Norsko: Oslo’s Old Norse Meadows
Norsko: The viking women who disappeared
Švédsko: How did a Buddha statue land in Viking hands?
Francie: Don’t fall for a fake: the Chauvet cave art replica is nonsense
Polsko: Zrekonstruowana twarz prehistorycznego wojownika w hrubieszowskim muzeum
Polsko: Nowe technologie wkraczają do… antyku
Polsko: Naukowcy podsumowali „badania autostradowe”
Španělsko: Neanderthals manipulated the bodies of adults and children shortly after death
Španělsko: Earliest humans in Western Europe followed the climate
Španělsko: Archaeologists report on early human tools in Spanish cave
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists Find Ancient Thracian Child Sacrifice during Excavations of Early Neolithic City at Mursalevo
Izrael: 1177 BCE, the year a perfect storm destroyed civilization
Sýrie: Sea Peoples in North Syria and the Mediterranean Coast / Researcher casts doubt on sea peoples theory / Tübinger Forscher untersucht Seevölker-These
Kurdistán (Irák): UNESCO condemns 'mad' destruction of Nimrud
Kanada: Digs reveal Parliament Hill's history
USA: At 50, Ring-Tab Beer Cans Are Now Officially Historic Artifacts
Massachusetts (USA): Effects of Canister Shot in the Civil War: Skull of a soldier of the 54th Massachusetts Volunteers
Austrálie: Springbank Island archaeology dig underway / Springbank Island archaeology dig underway

12. 4. 2015
Beef and Pork in the Middle Ages
Slovensko: Kedy sa zo starých Slovákov stali Slováci a prečo k nim Svätopluk nepatril
Irsko: 1,000-year-old underground passage discovered in the Caha Mountains of Ireland
Německo: New mass grave found at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp
Polsko: Kolejny statek w „Wirtualnym Skansenie Wraków Zatoki Gdańskiej”
Kurdistán (Irák): IS Blows Up Ancient City As 'Propaganda Tool' / Kladiva, vrtáky a nakonec exploze. Islámský stát ničí starobylý Nimrúd / UNESCO trpí. Islámský stát na videu boří památky výbušninami a buldozery
Egypt: Giza Pyramids threatened by urban expansion
Írán: Ancient site discovered in southern Iran
Čína: W poszukiwaniu śladów Boskiego Wiatru
Severní Karolína (USA): Archaeologists find new evidence of lost colonists on Hatteras

11. 4. 2015
Slovensko: Vstúpte na hrade Devín do pravekého sveta tamojších obyvateľov
Švédsko: Die Steinkiste von Södra Härene bei Vårgårda
Francie/Británie: Paris 500 to 1500 – The Powers that Shape a City
Německo/Dánsko: Die vergessene Kultstätte. „Magische Orte“: Arte und ZDF berichten über die Opferstätte Thorsberger Moor
Maďarsko: V Budapešti vystavili mumii šestiletého dítěte
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s Vratsa Acquires Early Neolithic Archaeological Site near Ohoden to Build Open-Air Museum
Turecko: Turkey embarks on restoration efforts of Armenian churches
Kazachstán: Archäologie schreibt Geschichte
Utah (USA): Saving What’s Left of Utah’s Lost World
Nový Zéland: Auckland's 175th anniversary: The gardeners of Eden

10. 4. 2015
Anglie: Monarch Mining: Why digging up the famous dead is now a ‘thing’
Anglie: Warwick Castle cannonball show sets fire to historic boathouse
Anglie: Unique Egyptian and Roman archaeological finds unearthed near Royston / Exceptional Roman discovery in Kelshall near Royston
Skotsko: Robert the Bruce tomb relics displayed at Abbotsford
Island: Vědci přečetli geny části islandské populace. A našli společného předka
Dánsko: The Black Pharaoh in Denmark
Švédsko: Mummified bishop reveals surprising secrets
Švédsko: Vyzkoušeli dělo ze 17. století a byli překvapeni
Francie: Starší než Lascaux. Pravěké jeskyni postavili repliku za 1,5 miliardy
Německo: Schätze der Merowinger
Německo: 81 römische Schleuderbleie in Haltern gefunden
Německo: Limesinformationszentrum mit Special Mention des German Design Awards 2015 ausgezeichnet
Německo: Außergewöhnliche kupferzeitliche Figurenmenhire präsentiert
Německo: Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz zum Umgang mit menschlichen Überresten
Polsko: Policja skonfiskowała zabytki sprzed 2000 lat
Španělsko: A life between cave bears: Neanderthals camps in the Cova de les Llenes
Turecko: Syrian refugee children stage play in Turkey
Ethiopie: Baboon bone found in famous Lucy skeleton
Korea: Remains in Silla tomb suggest an undying love / Possible human sacrifice found in ancient Korean tomb / Ancient Tomb Reveals Man Sacrificed for Noblewoman's Burial
Guatemala: A sacred mountain, water, and earthly power converged in Maya city of Nakum

9. 4. 2015
3 Surprising Discoveries From the Archaeology of Food
Five Great Ladies Who Refused to Be Quiet
Anglie: "May you consume his blood": The Roman curse tablet written after a 4th century theft
Irsko: Excavating the Cromlech Tumulus on Slievemore: The story so far
Německo: Die Halle des “Fürsten”/ a “princely” residence
Polsko: Skarby z wrocławskiej obwodnicy w Poznaniu
Polsko: Forma do wyrobu baranków zabytkiem miesiąca
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s Burgas to Attract Tourists with John the Apostle Reliquary, Burgos (Poros) Fortress, Aquae Calidae – Thermopolis Preserve
Bulharsko: Archaeology Museum in Bulgaria’s Burgas to Exhibit Newly Found Reliquary with Ashes from John the Apostle’s Grave
Egypt: Merimde Beni Salama site larger than thought
Čína/Írán: Mystery of island visited by 15th Century Chinese Explorer Zheng He now solved
Florida (USA): Christ of the Abyss
Hawaj (USA): Artifacts lost in shipwreck 191 years ago returned to Hawaii
USA/Řecko: The Homer Games: Mockingjay director to tackle The Odyssey
Austrálie: Iconic boab trees trace journeys of ancient Aboriginal people

8. 4. 2015
Vikings: An Epic Recreation
Tasty medieval tipples: Make your own mead!
Slovensko: Letecká archeológia
Anglie: Man in lonely shallow grave buried by community who thought jaw deformities indicated evil, say archaeologists / Medieval man with facial deformity may have had head drilled in an exorcism
Anglie: Ancient abbey dig set to resume at Leiston
Anglie: New Morbid Terminology: Corpse Medicine
Anglie: Shock as historic pub in Kilburn is demolished with no warning and without permission
Skotsko: Cist grave at historic Scottish property could be father and son buried together for 2,000 years
Irsko: Woodstown a key site for understanding Vikings in 9th century Ireland / Woodstown: A Viking Age settlement in Co Waterford
Norsko: Rare Thor’s Hammer Found in Central Norway / Amulet kladiva z Flekstadu
Německo: "Edler von Boilstädt" wird freigelegt
Itálie: Egyptian Museum In Turin Reopens After $53.6 Million Renovation
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s Cabinet Allows EU Funding for Rescue Archaeological Excavations in Road Construction Projects
Bulharsko: Bulgaria to Complete Sofia Largo Open Air Museum of Ancient Serdica by Fall 2015
Bulharsko: Black Sea Resort Shabla to Attract Tourists with Bulgaria’s First Paleolithic Open-Air Museum in Durankulak Lake
Řecko: 'Ottoman Athens, 1458-1833' at the Gennadius Library, Athens
Turecko: Double highway to the ancient world
Laos: Ancient human fossils from Laos cave demonstrate early human diversity
USA/Francie/Norsko: Northern Europeans were slow to adopt farming, say researchers / Ornaments provide clues to European shift from foraging to farming / Ornaments suggest North European cultures resisted the spread of farming
New York (USA): 'Cerámica de los Ancestros: Central America's Past Revealed' at The National Museum of the American Indian, New York
Utah (USA): Primitive rock shelter vandalized in Nine Mile Canyon
Peru: Tombs Filled with Dozens of Mummies Discovered in Peru / Hundreds of Ancient Mummies Discovered at Ceremonial Site in Peru
Japonsko: Greasy vandalism marring cultural assets in Nara, Kyoto & Greasy defacing of historic sites spread, cultural facilities on alert
Austrálie/Egypt: Egyptian artefacts seized in Australia / Ancient artefacts from Egypt illegally imported to Australia returned to ambassador in Canberra

7. 4. 2015
10 Real Life Adventurers Who Make Indiana Jones Look Boring
Slovensko: Odpadový areál prekvapil archeologickými nálezmi
Anglie: Bronze Harpy find from Brightlingsea site?
Maďarsko: Mummified bodies reveal how tuberculosis ravaged the heart of 18th century Europe / Tales from the crypt: Mummies reveal TB's Roman lineage
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s Archaeology Institute Only Bidder in Tender for Rescue Excavations of Sofia Ring Road Section
Turecko: Basilica in Lake İznik to become underwater museum
Irák Archaeologists defy Isis militants by finding new antiquities in Iraq / Archaeologists in Iraq defy militants / Archaeologists defy Isis militants by finding new antiquities in Iraq
Tádžikistán: The Silk-Road's Hidden Gem
Indie: ASI launches 3D scanning of Hampi monuments
Čína: Military castle of Ming Dynasty under restoration in Hebei Province
USA: Early modern humans hugged riverine woodland environments in Africa
Iowa (USA): Meskwaki village excavation unearths Iowa's big cultural shift
USA/Indie: Museums Begin Returning Artifacts to India in Response to Investigation
Peru: Chavin civilization

6. 4. 2015
10 of the best ancient ruins … that you’ve probably never heard of
Británie: Villages near Britain's bloodiest battle to gain historic 'village atlas'
Anglie: Roman Catterick revealed
Anglie/Wales: From a hand grenade to a Mercedes: the weird and deadly debris found in canals
Wales: Rescuers spending £5m to save 900-year-old castle from latest enemy - the death watch beetle
Francie: French WWI Graffiti Reveals Soldiers' Feelings
Francie: France: Musée Guimet and the Greek Buddhas of Gandhara
Německo: Ein kleines Stonehenge bei Magdeburg / Steinzeitliche Kreisgrabenanlage wird Touristenattraktion
Německo: Vortrag: Abenteuer Schatzsucher: Hobby ohne Konflikte
Itálie: The Charred Scrolls of Herculaneum
Řecko: The Minoans of Crete (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)
Libanon: Ötzi-Experten untersuchen Mumien im Libanon
Egypt: Egyptian jewellery and pottery recovered from looted tomb: 3,000-year-old artefacts were overlooked by hapless thieves
Mongolsko: Mongol Fashion Statement
Kanada: Franklin Expedition search: Ice dive team ready to discover more secrets of HMS Erebus
Ohio (USA): Native American mound-builder society experienced rapid agricultural development / John Switzer commentary: Serpent Mound continues to confound

5. 4. 2015
Anglie: 200 Year Old Skeleton Found : Archaeologist identified man who fought with British troops as Friedrich Brandt
Anglie: Uncovering crypt’s treasures at Rochester cathedral could rewrite the building’s history
Skotsko: Keills Chapel: shadows of time
Belgie: Only full skeleton retrieved from Battle of Waterloo in 200 years identified by historian after being found under car park
Rakousko: Spätneolithische Silexdolche aus Arnhofener Plattenhornsteinen in Ober- und Niederösterreich
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s Kardzhali Doubles Ticket Prices for Archaeological Preserve of Ancient Rock City of Perperikon
Turecko: Ministry of Defense applies for Ottoman soldier’s belongings
Grǿnsko: Greenland Vikings outlived climate change for centuries / Jak grenlandzcy Skandynawowie walczyli z klimatem
Japonsko/Sýrie: Japanese experts to call conference on protecting Syria heritage sites

4. 4. 2015
Wales: History uncovered by Wales' Uplands Archaeology Initiative
Skotsko: Prehistoric settlers in Scotland similar to first peoples of North America or Australia, new book reveals
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Resume Rescue Excavations of 8,000-Year-Old Prehistoric Settlement near Bulgaria’s Mursalevo
Kurdistán (Irák): ISIS destroys historic statues at Iraq's Hatra / Ničení památek v Hatře na videu. Islámský stát záznam zveřejnil / Niebywałego barbarzyństwa ciąg dalszy. Islamiści niszczą Hatrę / IS-Zerstörungen in Hatra - ein neues Propaganda-Video
Kambodža: Record-breaking aerial laser survey to reveal Kingdom's historical secrets

3. 4. 2015
How to decorate your Easter Egg like it’s 60,000 BC
These Archaeologists Debunked 11 Things From “Indiana Jones”
Anglie: Neanderthals killed off by diseases from modern humans, claims study
Anglie: London’s Oldest Prehistoric Structure?
Anglie: Heated dining rooms and butchery: The robbed Roman villa found by archaeologists in Yorkshire
Anglie: "We can only imagine the horrific injuries": 15th century War of the Roses handgun goes on show for first time
Anglie: A remarkable small find from Brightlingsea
Wales: Ultraviolet light reveals hidden text in ancient book of Arthurian stories / Ultraviolet light reveals erased poetry in 13th century Black Book of Carmarthen / Ghosts from the past brought back to life
Skotsko: Finds from “World’s most spectacular Neolithic dig” to go on show in Orkney
(Severní) Irsko: Huge ringed fort is thought to date back 4,500 years to Neolithic times and is one of only eight left in Northern Ireland
Polsko: Świat czyta o wikingach na cmentarzu w Bodzi
Portugalsko: Touch-Free Archaeology Reveals History With Lasers, Drones
Itálie: Altamura Man yields oldest Neanderthal DNA sample
Bulharsko: Flooding Damages Aquae Calidae – Thermopolis Archaeological Preserve in Bulgaria’s Burgas, Hinders Excavations
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Authorities Mull Turning Archaeology-Rich ‘Varna Hole’ into Open-Air Museum of Ancient Odessos
Řecko: Stone tools at Greek site at least 206,000 years old
Jordánsko: Drone offers glimpse of looting at Jordanian site / At Jordan site, drone offers glimpse of antiquities looting
Indie: Ancient tablets reveal whole family underwent Sallekhana, ritual fasting unto death
Indie: Excavations at Kumbla fort unearth palace hall
Srí Lanka: Pahiyangala skeleton belongs to woman who lived 10,000 years ago
Indonésie: Turning summer into winter: the 200th anniversary of Tambora eruption
(Jižní) Korea: A Soul of a City
Keňa: Ancient Homo fossils found in Kenya
hawaj (USA): Inside Kauai's Past
Chile: A Pre-Columbian population was poisoned
Austrálie: Research findings back up Aboriginal legend on origin of Central Australian palm trees

2. 4. 2015
Německo: Zeitreise zu den Römern, Kelten und ins Mittelalter
Itálie: Pre-Etruscan grave discovered near Volterra
Slovinsko: Was the first musical instrument just a chewed bone? Neanderthal ‘flutes’ were made by hyenas, study claims / Are Neanderthal bone flutes the work of Ice Age hyenas?
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Discover Hand from Huge Roman Statue at Early Christian Site in Bulgaria’s Sandanski
Bulharsko: Bulgaria’s Tutrakan Gets Norway Grant to ‘Digitize’ Ancient Roman Fortress Transmarisca
Bulharsko: Archaeologists in Bulgaria’s Varna Find 2 Late Antiquity Buildings in Ancient Odessos before Wrapping Up Rescue Digs
Turecko: Knidos’ church and theater under restoration
Izrael: Neuentdeckte Artefakte zeigen ägyptischen Einfluss auf Israel
Egypt: Two Old Kingdom tombs discovered south of Saqqara / French archaeologists unearth two Old Kingdom tombs / Archaeologists uncover 4,200-year-old Tombs of ancient Egyptian priests
USA: How Europeans evolved white skin / Zásadní objev: Evropané mají bílou kůži pouze 8000 let. Migrace tehdy mířila i na naše území
USA: How Stone-Age blades are still cutting it in modern surgery
Utah (USA): Over 1,000 Ancient Stone Tools, Left by Great Basin Hunters, Found in Utah Desert
Guatemala: Rare archaeological casts rediscovered in storage

1. 4. 2015
Cheese is the chameleon of the food world, as well as one of its greatest delights. Fresh and light or funky and earthy, creamy and melty or crystalline and crumbly—no other food offers such a variety of flavors and textures
From the Archives: Approaching Ethnicity in Archaeology
The Concept of Time in the Medieval World View
Anglie: Archaeologists unearth medieval graveyard beneath Cambridge College / Skeletons of Scholars Found in Cambridge: Photos / Unearthing a medieval graveyard beneath Cambridge College
Norsko: Found Spanish-Mexican 1500s Silver Real in Central Norway
Rakousko: Vollständiges Skelett eines Kamels in Niederösterreich ausgegraben / Complete camel skeleton unearthed in Austria / 17th century hybrid camel skeleton unearthed in Austria / Rakouští archeologové našli celou kostru velblouda. Je z roku 1683
Německo: Die Farben der Krieger
Německo: 300,000 year-old eggshells aid in re-construction of Palaeolithic environment / What 300,000 year old eggshells reveal about the environment of the Paleolithic / Was 300.000 Jahre alte Eierschalen über die Umwelt der Altsteinzeit verraten
Lužice (Polsko): Ustalono miejsce ukrycia słynnego scytyjskiego skarbu z Witaszkowa / Archaeologists found where the famous Scythian treasure from Witaszkowo had been hidden
Polsko: Pojemniki na broń chemiczną odkryto w Warszawie
Maďarsko: Resting place of Süleyman the Magnificent’s organs reportedly found in Hungary
Španělsko/Egypt: 'Animals and Pharaohs: The animal kingdom in Ancient Egypt' at the Caixa Forum, Madrid
Itálie: How Romans wiped their butts after going to the bathroom
Bosna a Hercegovina: Help to save the cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bulharsko: Archaeologists from Bulgaria’s Smolyan to Resume Excavations of Late Antiquity Fortress Kaleto near Koshnitsa
Řecko: Classicist sheds new light on lost epics which show the bloodier side of the Ancient Greeks
Turecko: Archeologická senzace v centru Istanbulu
Izrael: Discovery of 9,000-year-old cultic sites changes our understanding of the evolution of worship
aš-Šardža: Another ancient Sharjah site found by archaeologists
Jihoafrická republika: Little Foot given new age of 3.67 million years / ‘Little Foot’ pushes back age of earliest South African hominids / Cradle of Humankind Caves Yield New Ancient Dates
Čína: 3,000-year-old human remains discovered in Fujian
Washington (USA): Kennewick Man’s bones reveal his diet
Minnesota (USA): Prof. Moriarty’s skull delivered to University of Minnesota
Hawaj (USA): Honolulu museum helps with worldwide artifact theft investigation / Artefacts looted from India discovered at Honolulu Museum of Art
Kuba: Beans in the Caribbean? / Scientists discover early food production in Caribbean / Pre-historic Cubans practised agriculture much earlier than commonly assumed

IV. 2015
Francie: Finally, the Beauty of France's Chauvet Cave Makes its Grand Public Debuta
Austrálie: Bring up the bodies. New light on the wreck of the ‘Batavia’ and its savage aftermath

31. 3. 2015
How Cavepeople Got Their Rocks Off: Neolithic Dildos
Kanibalizmus ako forma trestu: V hrnci končili nepriatelia, ale aj cudzoložníci
The Revival Of Lamb Ham: A Colonial Tradition Renewed
Anglie: Skeletons and jewellery in square barrows come from Iron Age East Yorkshire tribe, say archaeologists
Anglie: Ten Men Who Almost Became the King of England
Anglie: Runcorn medieval marvel at heart of pioneering research to slash radiocarbon-dating results wait to two days / This portable carbon-dating device is going to revolutionise field archaeology
Anglie: King Richard III and Car Park Archaeology
Irsko: A Spanish Armada cannonball just showed up on an Irish beach
Irsko: Archaeologists are leaving the field because of poor pay
Německo: Jürgen Vogel wird zu "Ötzi"
Španělsko: Altamira bude dál přijímat návštěvníky, i když jen v omezenému počtu
Srbsko: Vibrations and sounds may have enhanced worship of Great Goddess Cybele
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists Find Medieval Necropolis with More Skeletons with Posthumous Mutilations at Upper Voden Fortress
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologist Sheds Light on Missing Excavation Records for Nebet Tepe Fortress in Plovdiv
Bulharsko: Ancient Roman Villa Discovered during Stadium Construction in Bulgaria’s Sozopol
Turecko: Şanlıurfa’s museum complex ready to open
Egypt: Shocking Discovery: Egypt's 'Mona Lisa' May Be a Fake / Painting considered masterpiece of ancient Egypt may be an 1870s fake / Italský egyptolog zpochybnil pravost malby z hrobu faraonova syna & Veteran Egyptologist defends authenticity of Egyptian Mona Lisa / Controversy over the Meidum Geese
Blízký Východ: Satellite Images Don’t Lie. What it’s like to be an archaeologist watching ISIS and other groups destroy important sites in the Middle East
Jemen: Mysterious Cave Art of an Island in the Arabian Sea
Uzbekistán: Timur's Registan: noblest public square in the world?
Indie/Pákistán: Revisiting the origins of the Harappan civilisation
Vietnam: Cham relics, prayer rooms discovered at construction site in Vietnam
Kanada: 100-year-old rail ties unearthed in LRT construction

30. 3. 2015
Archaeologists vote not to accept pay less than 'living wage'
Crusading as a knightly deed
Anglie: Rare medieval devotional panel found by River Thames goes on show
Anglie: Anglo Saxon remedy kills hospital superbug MRSA / Anglo-Saxon medicine is able to kill modern-day superbug, researchers find / AncientBiotics - a medieval remedy for modern day superbugs?
Polsko: Clan MacThomas and the Clach na Coileach
Polsko: Badanie: dziedzictwo archeologiczne należy do... urzędników i naukowców
Bulharsko: Excavation Project for ‘Great’ Basilica in Bulgaria’s Plovdiv to Focus on Early Christian Mosaics Restoration
Bulharsko: Archaeologist Urges New Excavations of Nebet Tepe Fortress in Bulgaria’s Plovdiv over Scandalous Restoration Project
Řecko/Anglie: Greece condemns British refusal of mediation on Parthenon sculptures
Egypt: Egypt to protect Abydos Temple from groundwater
Izrael: Archaeologists Unearth Ancient Fortifications at Coastal Site in Israel
Kanada: HMS Erebus-The Search For Answers Begins
Pensylvánie (USA): Archaeological dig planned for Glouco site of 1777 battle

29. 3. 2015
Anglie: The Anglo-Saxon Origins of Medieval Justice
Polsko: Czy wikingowie stworzyli polskie państwo?
Slovinsko: Roman graves unearthed in Slovenia capital
Bulharko: Archaeological Restoration Project for Ancient Nebet Tepe Fortress in Bulgaria’s Plovdiv Causes Public Scandal
Bulharsko: Restored Ancient Roman City Nicopolis Ad Nestum in Bulgaria’s Garmen Enjoys Tourism Boom
Izrael: Ancient Egyptian brewery found in downtown Tel Aviv / Forscher: Ägypter brauten vor 5000 Jahren Bier im heutigen Tel Aviv / Egyptian beer vessels unearthed in Tel Aviv
Georgie (USA): USFS: New archeology discoveries in N. Ga. open window on 17th Century American Indian life
Čína: Centuries-old coins excavated in farmer's field

28. 3. 2015
Anglie: Secrets of lost canal to be revealed in Creech St Michael dig
Anglie: Injured soldiers help with dig at Roman fort Vindolanda
Anglie: The family hiding in our cellar
Skotsko: Together for 2000 years, ‘father and son’ in grave
Bulharsko: Water Utility in Bulgaria’s Varna Cracks 5th Century Earthen Jar, Submerges Ancient Odessos ‘Like Atlantis’ / Archaeologists in Bulgaria’s Varna Unearth 3 More Skeletons, Identify Necropolis under Fortress Wall of Ancient Odessos
Turecko: Istanbul – city of legends and fairy tales
Turecko: Archaeologists in Turkey uncover classical era’s first two-lane road
Egypt: Ca. 4000 year old pendants to protect people from drowning?
USA: How did the chicken cross the sea?
Japonsko: Four sites recommended for World Heritage site designation / Four Japanese sites recommended for World Heritage listing

27. 3. 2015
'Rebel' museums face funding blacklist
Anglie: Ancient Roman horse skeleton found under hotel site at Biomedical Campus in Cambridge
Anglie: How Richard III is being covered around the world, and more medieval news
Anglie: Ancient medieval priory unearthed by Northumberland villagers
Anglie: Wisbech school pupils get hands dirty in West Norfolk archaeology project
Anglie: Museum of London plans to quit Barbican for Smithfield
Anglie/Egypt: Egyptian statue to remain in the UK
Německo: Doch keine Ausgrabung auf dem Sandberg bei Öllingen
Německo: Lepra als eine der ältesten Krankheiten der Menschheit identifiziert
Polsko: Odkryty podczas prac budowlanych wrak łodzi ma ponad 100 lat / W Świnoujściu znaleziono drewniany wrak
Itálie: Stone-age Italians defleshed their dead
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologist Finds 5000-Year-Old Relief from Ancient Mesopotamia among Artifacts Seized from Treasure Hunters
Turecko: Topkapı walls to be fortified
Turecko: 'Life is Short, Art Long: The Art of Healing in Byzantium' at the Pera Museum, Istanbul
Turecko: Ancient marvels in a monumental setting: Herakleia Latmos
Izrael: Date palm grown from 2,000-year-old seed is a dad
Kurdistán (Irák): Destroyed Mosul artefacts to be rebuilt in 3D
Mali: Timbuktu's Djinguereber mosque
Čína: China's 'Stonehenge' found in the Gobi Desert: Mysterious rock formations may have been 'sacrificial sites' used by sun worshippers / China's mysterious stone circles likely used for sacrifice
USA: P.A.S coming to America , Finds older than 20 years to be classed as treasure
Maryland (USA): Prototype US penny sold for 117.5 million pennies
Bolívie: Bolivia detects buried pyramid at Tiahuanaco site

26. 3. 2015
Slavic symbolism and it’s meaning
Anglie: Earliest humans had diverse range of body types, just as we do today
Anglie: New Evidence Shows Surge in Enthusiasm for Heritage
Wales: Ancient gold artefacts uncovered in north Wales
Německo: Althistorikerin Balatti erhält Johanna-Mestorf-Preis
Německo: Arbeiten im "Römerpark Aliso" schreiten voran
Německo: Kloster Lorsch erhält Deutschen Landschaftsarchitektur Preis 2015
Německo: Earliest humans had diverse range of body types, just as we do today
Polsko: „Misja Archeologia” w Biskupinie
Španělsko: Altamira must be closed to visitors, Spanish scientists tell Unesco
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Man Finds Silver Treasure of Western European, Ottoman Coins While Plowing
Bulharsko: Ancient relic found containing ashes from the grave of John the Apostle
Rusko: Archaeologist Find Axe With Marks of Rurik
Tibet (Čína): Gold masks shine light on lost Himalayan kingdom / Gold masks shine light on lost Himalayan kingdom
Ujghuristán (Čína): Chinese archeologists find oldest remains of processed wheaten food in Xinjiang
Indie: ASI miffed at damage to museum pieces
Indie: Delhi's 16th-century Purana Qila fort
Barma (Myanmar): Assumed Missing – Reported Buried – the search for the lost Spitfires of Burma
Belize/Guatemala: Archaeologist Discovers Mysterious Ancient Maya Citadel
Peru: V Peru našli našli neporušené hrobky s mumiemi dětí a dospělých. Pocházejí z doby dávno před Inky
Chile: Deserted field systems of the Atacama

25. 3. 2015
Anglie: Work starts on visitor access at archaeological site Chester Farm
Anglie: Bidding Farewell to Richard III: Photos / Benedict Cumberbatch revealed as Richard III's second cousin as actor prepares to read at reinterment ceremony / Richard III Reburial: Is England Honoring a Murderer? & King Richard III's Monumental Tomb Unveiled
Skotsko: Rampart Scotland: Hillforts of the Lothians
Skotsko: Antler waste reveals medieval Scottish industry as archaeologists publish findings decades after dig
Norsko: 999 Years Since the Battle of Nesjar
Švédsko: Local cults of saints played a role in Scandinavian Christianisation
Island: In Iceland, ‘respect the elves – or else’
Německo: Ancient fortified settlement unearthed in Germany
Polsko: Drewniany wrak odnaleziony na budowie ekskluzywnego hotelu!
Polsko: Konferencja o komputerowych technologiach w archeologii
Baskicko (Španělsko): The stapes of a neanderthal child points to the anatomical differences with respect to our species even in the smallest bones / The stapes of a neanderthal child points to the anatomical differences with our species
Turecko: Van’s ancient city in danger of vanishing
Egypt/Německo: Egypt recovers smuggled antiquities from Germany
Čína: Lost and found: two million-year-old 'playground' discovered in northern China / Nejstarší dětské hřiště našli v Číně, hračky jsou staré 2 miliony let!
Tchaj-wan: Bones unearthed in Taichung excavation are nearly 5000 years old
USA: Wooly Mammoth Genes Inserted into Elephant Cells
Mexiko: Geopolitics in Aztec-era Mesoamerica / Obsidian study highlights complex geopolitics at time of Aztec empire
Honduras: Archaeologists are fuming over the alleged discovery of a 'lost city' in the middle of the Honduran rain forest
Peru: Coricancha, the Incas' temple of the sun

24. 3. 2015
Anglie: Hundreds of bodies to be exhumed on route of long-awaited £4m Blackburn road
Anglie: Beautiful storytelling - Viking Voyagers launches in most important show ever held at National Maritime Museum Cornwall
Anglie: Recipe: Bringing Home the Bacon
Anglie: A search for bones of Henry I is planned in Reading
Anglie/Wales: Rare first edition of ‘The Map that Changed the World’ unearthed
Skotsko: Antler waste reveals medieval Scottish industry as archaeologists publish findings decades after dig
Norsko: Old DNA reveals Viking impacts on flora and fauna
Francie: Archaeologists discover medieval castle in France
Německo: Bitva na Harzhornu
Polsko: Skąd pochodzą Słowianie?
Itálie/Brazílie: How to reconstruct the face of an extinct human ancestor
Turecko: Spray paint on ancient rocks elicits reaction
Egypt: Našiel sa najstarší dôkaz rakoviny prsníka na svete! A vyvrátil základnú vec, ktorú sme si o nej mysleli / Oldest evidence of breast cancer found in Egyptian skeleton
Sýrie: In Syria, National Museum of Damascus races to save antiquities from looting, damage / Race to save antiquities in Syria
Sýrie: Syria's war-scarred citadel of Aleppo
Kurdistán (Irák): Isis Iraq: Bulldozing of Nimrud and Hatra disputed by archaeologists and satellite images
Tanzánie: Polak w naskalnej galerii
Amerika: Complex genetic ancestry of Americans uncovered

23. 3. 2015
Slovensko: PALEOLIT A MEZOLIT - staršia a stredná doba kamenná
Británie: Transforming the use of cultural resources in education
Anglie: People urged to stop peeking at Worcester's Cathedral island due to safety concerns
Anglie: Roughting Linn - Bronze Age Carved Rock
Anglie: The Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture
Anglie: Ancient face cream tub, medieval belt and animal bones found by archaeologists near Norfolk lake
Anglie: Roman McDonald's theory over Navenby coins find
Wales: 13th century cist burial at Nefyn church, North Wales / An amazing grave: Archaeologists say skeleton of woman is latest known early medieval burial found in Wales
Polsko: Słowianie byli tu zawsze? Archeolodzy w szoku
Polsko: Na Mazurach archeolodzy odkryli nieznane dotąd grodziska / Archaeologists discovered previously unknown fortified settlements in Mazury
Izrael: Porcupine unearths 1,400 year old oil lamp at archaeological site in Emek Hefer
Kurdistán (Irák): Islámský stát zabil historickou paměť Mosulu, říká archeolog
Egypt: "Toilet Papyrus": A Papyrus of Homer Used as Toilet Paper
Egypt: Egypt's 4,600-year-old pyramid of Zoser
Mauritánie: African rock art image project - Mauritania
Jihoafrická republika: Middle Stone Age Picnics on the Beach
Indie: The Ajanta Caves: Discovering lost treasure
Kanada: Horse and camel hunting by prehistoric humans in North America / Prehistoric site in Alberta centuries older than previously thought / Ice Age hunters were in North America earlier than believed
Ohio (USA): Ancient ‘imaginary creatures’ artifacts fascinate
Guatemala: Archaeologists discover clues to early formation of Maya sedentary life / Mobile and sedentary people came together to build a ceremonial centre at Ceibal
Argentina: V argentinské džungli objevili skrýš nacistů. Ukrývala mince a keramiku

22. 3. 2015
Anglie: Furnishings of medieval English peasant houses: investment, consumption and life style
Anglie: Poisons, plants and Palaeolithic hunters / Archaeologists use poisonous museum objects to find out how prehistoric people hunted
Švédsko: Forgotten monuments of Northern Sweden
Německo: Der Pressesprecher der Leipziger Archäologie über Bewerber, Ansehen und die wichtige Frage nach unserer Identität
Řecko: Acropolis of Athens Was Built to Withstand Earthquakes, Engineers Say
Egypt: Two sections of Sphinxes Avenue in Luxor to open
Indie: Ajanta Caves

21. 3. 2015
Slovensko: Ďalší pokus o záchranu torza historickej pamiatky robí Ružomberská Žofia
Anglie: William the Conqueror and the Harrying of the North
Anglie: Richard III Reburial Celebration Starts Sunday
Anglie: Digging for treasure: Is 'nighthawking' stealing our past?
Anglie: Grim history of Newcastle Castle revealed after £1.67m restoration
Itálie: Volcanic eruption ruled out as the cause for Neanderthal extinction
Řecko: The Cave of Nightmares
Kurdistán (Turecko): Nevruz traditions among the Kurds
Pákistán: The ancient city that's crumbling away
Pákistán: Large, Rare Statue Portraying the Death of Buddha Unearthed at Ancient Bahmala Stupa Site
Peru: Peru's growing capital seeks to preserve Inca ruins

20. 3. 2015
Study raises questions about cause of global Ice Ages
The Boar Headed Carnyx
Anglie: Stonehenge car park resurfacing plans rejected
Anglie: Roman villa discovered on site of new by-pass
Anglie: Bosworth Jumbles on the medieval menu
Německo: Die schwierigen Lebensbedingungen in der Frühzeit der Industrialisierung
Německo: Restauratoren stellen neueste Erkenntnisse zur Bewahrung archäologischer Kulturgüter vor
Německo: Erfolgreiches Jahr für die hessenARCHÄOLOGIE
Německo: Eisenzeit in Westfalen: Publikation füllt wissenschaftliche Lücke
Rakousko: Wiener Stadtarchäologie öffnet 7.000 Jahre altes Zeitfenster
Španělsko: Experts criticize Altamira cave reopening to public
Itálie: Undoing the Ruins Once Wrought by Vesuvius
Itálie: Informelle politische Gespräche in der römischen Republik
Itálie: The crown jewel of the ancient city of Pompeii restored
Rumunsko: Gold Looted From Ancient Empire Returned to Romania
Makedonie: Skopje museum staff guilty of trafficking artefacts / Macedonia museum director and his staff guilty of trafficking 162 ancient artefacts
Turecko: Traces of ancient civilization to be searched in Adıyaman
Turecko: Excavations at ancient city of Perre announced
Indie: Ezhuthala paintings fading away with time
Rusko: Novgorod Antiquity and Carved Wood
Sibiř (Rusko): Scientists reveal prehistoric animal lived some 2,000 years after 'extinction'
Čína: The most complete ancient crossbow unearthed with terracotta army / Terakotová armáda vydala další tajemství. Archeologové našli víc než 2 tisíce let starou zbraň / Ancient crossbow in pristine condition found in Shaanxi & Die wahren Farben der Terrakotta-Krieger
Kanada: Rebuild of Labrador's first snowmobile well underway
USA: Hollywood's Famous Archaeologist Comes to Washington
Nový Zéland: Pre-European garden discovery in Waikato

19. 3. 2015
Archaeology has had an amazing month: Here are 7 of the most exciting discoveries
Anglie: Romano-British roundhouse unearthed in Devon field / Devon fields could have been prehistoric camp and Romano-British roundhouse, say archaeologists
Anglie: Replica Iron Age canoes launched on Avalon Marshes
Anglie: Fenland archaeologists hope to solve mystery behind Wisbech moat
Skotsko: Neolithic Europe's Remote Heart (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) & Orkney's Artists & Tomb Architecture
Španělsko: Why Barcelona Is Giving Special Preservation Status to 228 Historic Stores
Itálie/Irák/Sýrie/Libye: Create UN military unit to protect ancient sites from Isis, says Italy
Itálie: Giant prehistoric egg seized at Italian airport
Srbsko: Klisura Monastery – a landslide that threatens a key heritage site
Bulharsko: Aquae Calidae reveals its ancient secrets
Turecko: Turkish district set to be moved for ancient city
Sýrie: Syria reclaims 120 looted antiquities from Palmyra
Sýrie/Irák/Libye: All is not lost in ISIS’s attempt to smash the past
Izrael: Archaeological first: Animal fat residue found on 500,000 year old stone tools / 500,000 year-old animal residue on stone tools / Łowcy słoni z Izraela / New study finds ancient humans butchered elephants with stone tools 500,000 years ago
Izrael: Human parasites found in medieval cesspit reveal links between Middle East and Europe / 16th century Jerusalem cesspit contains northern European parasites
Izrael: Rare Old Testament Reunited with 'Twin' in Israel
Keňa: East African Fossil Finds Show Early Human Diversity / 17-Million-Year-Old Whale Skull Helps Place Humanity’s First Steps
Indie: Restoration of two Kakatiya era temples in full swing
Korea: Jikji Metal Print Type Restoration Nearing Completion

18. 3. 2015
Slovensko: Živý park predstaví dejiny od lovcov mamutov po Germánov
Slovensko: Váhostav sa má stiahnuť z Keltov, Pellegrini pripúšťa odklon od garáží / Future of Bratislava Castle excavations still unclear
Británie: First fine-scale genetic map of the British Isles / Who do you think you are? / Researchers create genetic map of the British Isles / Britons still live in Anglo-Saxon tribal kingdoms, Oxford University finds / Are the WELSH the truest Brits? English genomes share German and French DNA - while Romans and Vikings left no trace
Anglie: Devon fields could have been prehistoric camp and Romano-British roundhouse, say archaeologists
Anglie: Leicester prepares for Richard III reburial
Anglie: Two Iron Age vessels set for maiden voyage in Somerset
Norsko: Found Viking Age Artifact with Faces and Swastika
Norsko: Here You Can Get Real Viking Education
Norsko: Time to go Viking!
Německo: Open Access Hittite Text Corpus: Catalog der Texte der Hethiter (CTH)
Polsko: W maju archeolodzy rozpoczną prace na zamku krzyżackim w Nidzicy
Španělsko: Red Lady cave burial reveals Stone Age secrets (1) (2) / Elaborate 'Red Lady' Grave Yields Secrets Of Ice-Age Culture / Archeologové objevili klíč k tajemství Červené paní z jeskyně El Mirón
Itálie: Trajan's Column - Reading an Ancient Comic Strip (1) (2)
Bulharsko: 'Huge Skeleton' Discovered in Bulgaria's Varna
Egypt: Ramses II Pharaoh of Exodus: researcher says
Střední Východ: People Ate Pork in the Middle East Until 1,000 B.C.—What Changed? / Starověcí Arabové jedli vepřové maso. Proč pak přestali?
Kurdistán (Irák): A Chat With Project Mosul About Rebuilding A Ruined History
Indie: 16th century temple discovered in Krishna
Čína: New perspectives on China’s long history of reunifications
Washington (USA): 10,000-Year-Old Stone Tool Site Discovered in Suburban Seattle
Guatemala: AIA Site Preservation Grant to Preserve Rare Murals at San Bartolo in Guatemala

17. 3. 2015
Anglie: Richard III's Remains Sealed Inside Coffin
Anglie: Army of archaeologists begin to investigate friary and housing in largest dig ever held in Oxford
Anglie: The mummies return: Old mummies and Book of the Dead rise again in Liverpool
Anglie: Bristol divers uncover history behind wreck of WWI ship torpedoed by a U-Boat
Dánsko: 17th century coin hoard unearthed in Denmark
Švýcarsko: Seedorf versucht ein Juwel zu retten
Německo: Das Geheimnis der Kirschbaumhöhle
Polsko: Archeolodzy przebadali relikty grodu typu biskupińskiego w Niemczech
Španělsko: Row over plans to use ancient Spanish amphitheatre as tennis court
Turecko: Turkish museum director accused of having ‘ISIL mentality’
Turecko: Ankara’s first ever private archaeology arts museum and opens
Izrael: Gem Engraved with Goddess' Image Found Near King Herod's Mausoleum
Kurdistán (Irák): Čeští vědci se postavili barbarství Islámského státu. Snaží se zachránit Mosul / Mravenčí práce u satelitních snímků. Čeští vědci mapují zkázu Mosulu
Srí Lanka: Attention of world scientists drawn on Sri Lanka after discovery of a human tooth
Rusko: Vědci se pokusí naklonovat mamuta z nohy nalezené v Jakutsku
Čína: Ancient tomb complex unearthed in Beijing
USA: Identifying malaria in the bone marrow of ancient human remains
Velikonoční ostrov/Anglie: Watch: Massive operation to move 2.5 tonne Easter Island statue into Manchester Museum

16. 3. 2015
The Role of Drugs in Prehistory
Levallois Technique - Middle Paleolithic Stone Tool Working
Slovensko: FOTO: Ako to vyzerá v podzemí pod Bratislavským hradom
Anglie: Historic Devon church find 'as rare as hens' teeth'
Anglie: Public asked to sponsor 900-year-old floor as archaeologists begin "giant jigsaw" at excavated monastic priory
Polsko: Naukowcy poznali plan obozu jenieckiego w Czersku
Španělsko: Unearthing an Iron Age Sanctuary in the Mediterranean
Itálie: Researchers discover possible origin of Trieste, Italy / Trieste discovery reveals an early example of Roman military architecture / Oldest Roman Military Camp discovered in Italy was Built to Fend off Fierce Pirates
Bulharsko: Did Neolithic Europeans Use Drugs?
Izrael: Bronze mask of Pan unearthed at Hippos-Sussita
Izrael/Egypt: The Exodus: Myth or History?
Turecko: Paleolithic people’s tools found in western Turkey
Kurdistán (Irák): Archeologové oživují památky zničené islamisty. Vzniká virtuální muzeum
Ujghuristán (Čína): Ancient Xinjiang shoes to be restored / Experts restore 1,400-year-old shoes from a Chinese tomb
Vietnam: Hanoi to restore Kinh Thien Palace
Čína: Tombs, Treasures, and 2,000-year-old Bronze Sword Unearthed in China
USA/Irák: US returns Iraq treasures as IS threatens heritage / U.S. repatriates scores of smuggled Iraqi treasures / US returns scores of smuggled artifacts to Iraq
USA: Cultivated papaya owes a lot to the ancient Maya, research suggests
Mexiko: Ancients Set Stage for Collapse of Teotihuacán / Anthropologist offers possible explanation for collapse of ancient city of Teotihuacán

15. 3. 2015
Anglie: Circular thinking: Stonehenge's origin is subject of new theory / Elevated Origins: Radical new theory suggests Stonehenge was base of an above-ground celestial altar
Anglie: Binchester Roman Fort: Last chance to get involved in excavating the 'Pompei of the North' this year
Anglie: Lives of historic homes’ former residents revealed in Diss Dig
Norsko: What Was the Purpose of the Mysterious Oseberg Cart?
Německo: Neustart der Zeit Akademie: Netflix für Wissenschaft
Polsko: Pradziejowa kuchnia w Pruszkowie
Kypr: Last hope for return of looted treasures
Japonsko: Oita group releases aerial footage of U.S. bombing of shipyard where Yamato built
Austrálie: Another roadside attraction: how Jillian Garvey's road-kill study reveals ancient Aboriginal practices

14. 3. 2015
Anglie: Roman gardens come alive
Anglie: Ruins of Betchworth Castle to be opened to public for Spring Equinox
Anglie: Exploded fragment of War of the Roses gun goes on show at new Richard III exhibition
Skotsko: Tigh na Cailleach
Polsko/Peru: Unikatowa peruwiańska opaska ceremonialna na wystawie w Krakowie
Řecko: No more cash for Amphipolis dig at the moment
Turecko: Nejstarší stavba světa: Našli jsme kolébku lidstva?
Turecko: Idols and the human figure in Islam
Egypt: Ancient Receipt Proves Egyptian Taxes Were Worse Than Yours
Arménie: Armina (Armenia) in the Achaemenid Empire
Nové Mexiko (USA): Fracking will ruin sacred, preserved sites in the ‘American cradle of civilization’ - lawsuit
Peru: Archaeological research conducted in three sites occupied by the Mochicas
Japonsko: Discovery of stone relic could delay Okinawa base relocation work

13. 3. 2015
The top ten historical forensic facial reconstructions
Anglie: Mystery Civil War burial found in Oxford college
Anglie: Glastonbury Lake Village excavation results revealed
Švédsko: Ring brings ancient Viking, Islamic civilizations closer together / Seljuk ring discovered in Viking-era grave has Arabic inscription
Německo: Untersuchungen zu den Trink- und Speisesitten der frühen Kelten
Německo: Museumsbesucher für das Altertum begeistern
Německo: Sechste Jahrestagung der LWL-Archäologen in Münster
Německo: Archäologische Brotzeit: Brezen, Semmeln, Kipferl aus dem 18. Jahrhundert
Německo: Zwischendecke soll Kirchen-Besucher und Archäologen trennen
Španělsko: Palaeolithic art discovered in Cantabrian cave
Itálie: Pompeii's Villa of the Mysteries reopens
Srbsko: Ottoman castle in Kosovo collapses
Ukrajina/Polsko: Lublin: Ukrainiec sprzedawał zabytki archeologiczne na portalu aukcyjnym (wideo, zdjęcia)
Ukrajina: Archaeological discovery sheds light on ancient Kyiv
Turecko: Istanbul exhibition marks Gallipoli Campaign centenary
Irák: Looted antiquities for sale by Islamic State
Libye: Urban archaeology in Libya: Romans, Christians & early Islam
Keňa: Will Turkana Boy finally return home?
Arménie: Bronze Age bones offer evidence of political divination / More on Ancient shrines in Armenia used for divination
Srí Lanka: Humans adapted to rain forests earlier than previously thought
USA: Big toe's big foot holds evolutionary key
USA: Smithsonian Takes Hall of Human Origins Across Country in New Traveling Exhibition
Japonsko: Unravelling the lineage of modern Japanese / Skąd się wzięli Japończycy?
Mikronésie: Coral Pyramids in Micronesia date to Middle Ages
Nový Zéland: Uni students uncover moa in ancient oven

12. 3. 2015
Humans came to dominate the Earth around the year 1610
Anglie: Seven year itch: evidence suggests Henry VIII may have been close to taking a seventh wife before his death
Skotsko: GSA fire destroyed 90 oil paintings
Irsko: Groundbreaking research to establish chronology of Medieval Irish literature
Německo: Fundstücke aus über 7000 Jahren Zülpicher Geschichte
Španělsko: Scientists Confirm Discovery Of Miguel De Cervantes In Madrid / Ostatky nalezené v Madridu patří spisovateli Cervantesovi / Ostatky nalezené v Madridu patří spisovateli Cervantesovi / Ostatky nalezené v Madridu patří spisovateli Cervantesovi. Byl pohřben s manželkou
Rumunsko: Polscy archeolodzy pracują w Rumunii / Polacy badają Tibiscum
Chorvatsko: Neandertals modified white-tailed eagle claws 130,000 years ago / V Chorvatsku našli nejstarší šperky neandertálců, orlí pařáty / Překvapivý objev: Neandrtálci už před 130 000 lety vyráběli šperky / Neanderthal Jewelry Is Just as Fiercely Cool as You'd Imagine
Řecko: Limnos: Section of Medieval castle wall collapses
Turecko: Work begins in massive underground city / Massive subterranean city in Cappadocia surveyed / V Turecku našli podzemné mesto pre 20-tisíc ľudí. Má vyše 5-tisíc rokov
Sýrie: The war is still raging, but the race to rebuild Aleppo has already begun
Maroko: Morocco to restore synagogues in Casablanca
Čína: Unique tooth reveals details of the Peking Man’s life
USA: Review: ‘The Plains Indians,’ America’s Early Artists, at the Met
USA: What We Know About the Earliest History of Chocolate

11. 3. 2015
Ancient Geoglyphs Around the World (PHOTOS)
An introduction to Roman coins
Slovensko:Etruskov môžete stretnúť aj v Bratislave
Německo: Bavarian archaeologists find 250-year-old pretzel / World's Oldest Pretzel Found in Germany / Archaeologists Find 250-Year-Old Pretzel: Photos
Řecko: Slime mould builds an ancient road network
Turecko: Former head of Allianoi not given permission for dig
Egypt: Second season at Gebelein in southern Egypt begins
Libye: A carpet of stone tools in the Sahara
Libye: Hairdressing in the Acacus
Kurdistán (Irák): Jezídi střeží irácké památky před Islámským státem
Kanada: 2,500-Year-Old Bison-Kill Site Offers New Clues Into Ancient Culture of Northern Plains
Louisiana (USA)/Kongo: 'Kongo across the Waters' at the New Orleans Museum of Art
New York (USA): For 80 years, ancient gold treasure rested undisturbed in UB library

10. 3. 2015: Families invited to explore silver coin collection at the Roman Baths
Anglie: Discover Merton's rich history through photos, talks and children's activities at Morden Library event
Anglie: Archaeologists begin excavating thousands of skeletons from London's first municipal cemetery
Anglie: Prison where Manchester Martyrs were hanged rediscovered by archaeologists in Salford
Anglie: Call for Stonehenge access ban to prevent damage
Skotsko: Late Mesolithic finds in the Scottish Borders
Irsko: Beer Money: 13th century tokens from Winetavern Street, Dublin
Irsko: The Vikings in Ireland (1) (2) (3) (4)
Polsko: Celtycka bransoleta z Pakoszówki
Polsko: Cenne odkrycie archeologiczne koło Sanoka / Valuable archaeological discovery near Sanok
Itálie: The Transition from Living to Dead in Neolithic Italy
Turecko: Anatolian man lauded as ancestor of Europeans lived 1.2 million years ago
Gruzie: Georgian alphabet granted cultural heritage status
Kurdistán (Irák): Iraq: Isis blows up 10th century Assyrian Catholic monastery near Mosul
Egypt: ARCE team is on fire. Second 18th Dynasty tomb to be discovered in a week
Keňa: Study identifies potential grass route for early African cattle herders
Svatý Martin: Revealing the origins of three 17th century African slaves
Mexiko: Possible sacred maize object found in stream at Olmec site
Austrálie: Aboriginal artefacts found at St Albans’ Main Rd crossing removal site

9. 3. 2015
Anglie: Archaeologists start excavating 3,000 skeletons from Bedlam burial pit at Crossrail Liverpool Street / Bedlam plague pit skeletons removed from London's Liverpool Street station – video report
Anglie: University of Leicester releases timelapse video of second excavation at site where King Richard III was found
Anglie: Spectacular North Tyneside Roman bath house to benefit from Chancellor's economic plan for north-east
Anglie: Metal detectorist's "outstanding" 17th century silver seal discovery bought by National Civil War Centre
Anglie: "What a chap": Pink granite column with links to Roman Emperor's villa found in Nottinghamshire park
Anglie/Asie: Millions of Asian men are descended from 11 powerful ancient dynastic leaders
Francie: Shackled for Eternity
Německo: Spor o tajemný nález u sousedů / Archäologie-Check: Wie realistisch war der Tatort aus Wien?
Rakouskou: Archäologie-Check: Wie realistisch war der Tatort aus Wien?
Polsko: Łowcy fok z epoki kamienia w Gdańsku
Polsko: Off the Grid
Itálie: Ben-Hur remake filming banned from Rome’s Circus Maximus
Turecko: Bodrum excavations reveal rich history
Izrael: 2,300 year-old jewelry found in northern Israel / Cavers find treasure from era of Alexander the Great in Israel / Alexander the Great-Era Treasure Found in Israeli Cave / Coins, Jewelry From Alexander the Great Era: Photos
Egypt: Antiquities Minister requests 30 June Axis Road change route to avoid archaeological site
Kuvajt/Egypt: Kuwaiti preacher, ISIS call for demolition of Egypt’s Sphinx, pyramids
Kurdistán (Irák): Reports of third ancient site looted by IS militants
Keňa/USA: Ancient fossils reveal diversity in the body structure of human ancestors / Extinct human species had diverse body structures
Pákistán: Smells like Nirvana: Over 500 new artefacts found at Bhamala / Huge statue depicting death scene of Buddha discovered near Taxila
Srí Lanka: An island's damaged heritage
Tuva (Rusko): Tajemná pevnost na sibiřském jezeře je nejzáhadnější ruskou památkou. Fascinuje i Vladimíra Putina
Oregon (USA): Stone tool from Oregon archaeological site could point to oldest human presence in western U.S.
Kalifornie (USA): San Francisco museum finds 200-year-old DNA in African works
Mexiko: Mysterious Jade Artifact May Have Been Offering to Ancient Gods
Chile: Climate change turns mummies into black ooze / Saving Chilean mummies from climate change

8. 3. 2015
Most Famous Fictional Geologists And Archaeologists
Anglie: Archaeological dig reveals secrets of gruelling Salford prison
Anglie: Pudding Lane Productions, Crytek Off The Map
Anglie/Řecko: British House of Commons to Discuss Parthenon Marbles on Monday
Svalbard (Norsko): Warm Climate Led to Viking Expansion
Itálie: US tourists caught carving names into Rome’s Colosseum / Ženy ryly do zdi Kolosea. Pak se u výtvoru ještě fotily
Vatikán: Vatican: Michelangelo letter drew ransom demand
Slovinsko: A Celtic Warrior Burial from Srednica (Northeastern Slovenia)
Egypt: The layout of Al-Amarna ancient city revealed
Egypt: Pharaonic statue discovered in Sohag
Irák: Irák chce, aby koaliční letadla chránila archeologické lokality / Irák chce zabránit ničení památek. Vláda žádá koaliční letadla / Krieg gegen die Vergangenheit? Der IS und die systematische Zerstörung archäologischer Fundstellen & Budou vojenské stíhačky chránit archeologická naleziště? Je to skoro jisté!
USA: Scant Evidence that Early Prehistoric People were Warlike, Anthropologist claims

7. 3. 2015
How to make a medieval pen
Anglie: Awards success for Happisburgh footprints project
Německo: Prototyp slovanských bůžků – historie podvržených model z Retry
Řecko: Mystery deepens over ancient Greek tomb / Amphipolis Lion not Part of Casta Hill, Researcher Tells Congress
Turecko: Women, virginity and honor among the Ottomans
Kurdistán (Irák): Demolice Hatry pokračuje. Islámský stát likviduje památky / Islamisté zničili starověkou pevnost Hatra, tvrdí irácké ministerstvo / Džihádisté prý likvidují památky ve starověké Hatře / Islámský stát údajně zničil další památky. Byly na seznamu UNESCO / Islamisté prý zničili památky ve starobylém iráckém městě Hatra / ISIS Militants Destroy Iraq's Ancient Hatra City: Officials / Islamic State militants raze Iraq's ancient Hatra city, says government / Isis launches assault on third archaeological site in three days in a bid to destroy centuries of human knowledge / Reports of third ancient site looted by IS militants / Reports: ISIS bulldozed ancient Hatra city in Mosul
Libye: Isis vandalism has Libya fearing for its cultural treasures
Saúdská Arábie: Ancient shipwrecks discovered in Jeddah
Indie: Roman artefacts found in Vellalore
Tchaj-wan: Taiwanese fishermen may have found new human species
Kalifornie (USA): Experts dismayed as 150-year-old wine tastes mainly of saltwater
Nový Zéland: The Frightening Discovery of the Mount Owen Claw

6. 3. 2015
Anglie: Ancient bones dug up in Ipswich may offer answers to modern medical questions
Anglie: Archaeologists Return to Unearth Base of the Roman Sixth Legion
Anglie: An embarrassment of riches: UK museums struggle with archaeological archives
Norsko: The Cheese of the Vikings: A Long Tradition Lives on at a Single Dairy in Norway
Norsko: Did the Vikings’ Forefathers Serve in the Roman Army?
Finsko: New Recipe For 19th Century Shipwrecked Beer 
Německo: Wie die Paderborner die kaiserliche Tafel deckten
Německo: Digitale Wiedergeburt des Homo habilis
Španělsko: Orce and Atapuerca, two protagonists sites in the First Meeting with the Prehistory in Lucena
Turecko: Side proves to be a prophecy center
Egypt: Karnak Excavation Yields 38 Artifacts
Egypt: Reconstructed Temple of the Night Sun in Mortuary of Queen Hatshepsut opens to the public
Sýrie: Meet the "Monuments Men" Risking Everything to Save Syria's Ancient Treasures From ISIS
Oregon (USA): Ancient Stone Tool Intrigues Archaeologists in Oregon
Japonsko: The Oldest Dog Burial Remains in Japan
Austrálie/Anglie: Australians' DNA helped identify king's body after 500 years

5. 3. 2015
Anglie: Archaeologists find remains of French-born wounded Norman knight near Hereford Cathedral / Battered Remains of Medieval Knight Found in UK 
Anglie: "Blockbuster" exhibition to tell tales of Roman cavalry archaeology found along Hadrian's Wall
Anglie: Mysterious lost city discovered in North-East England
Anglie: Priceless Royal coat of arms unearthed in walls of 15th century cottage
Dánsko: Human and animal interaction identified in the Viking Age
Francie: Archaeologists uncover royal Celtic burial site in small French town
Německo: Wie die Digitalisierung die Wissenschaft verändert
Německo: X-Ray Analysis Reveals Joshua Reynolds Repainted Rembrandt Masterpiece
Polsko: Telewizyjna premiera filmu dokumentalnego o dynastii Piastów
Polsko: Oni są wśród nas. O wikingach czytaj jutro w "Wyborczej"
Itálie: Was ancient Rome really a 'glittering city of marble'? Reconstruction of capital shows it was made mostly from brick
Itálie: UNESCO extends Pompeii restoration deadline
Itálie: Carbon-14 results soon in Mona Lisa case
Itálie: New research indicates homosexuality prevalent in early Christian Rome
Řecko: New Archaeological Findings in Vergina, Northern Greece / New discoveries at Aigai necropolis presented
Turecko: Selçuk hopes to lure tourists with historic churches
Egypt: Polscy badacze przeszłości w zapomnianej stolicy starożytnego Egiptu / Polish archaeologists in the forgotten capital of ancient Egypt
Kurdistán (Irák): Kladiva už nestačí, islamisté na památky Asyrské říše vzali buldozery / Islámský stát přivezl buldozery a v Nimrúdu likviduje starověké památky / Islámský stát vzal buldozerem starověké památky v Nimrúdu / ISIS 'Bulldozed' Ancient Assyrian City of Nimrud: Iraq / ISIS Attacks a Major Archaeological Site in Iraq / Terroristen im Irak: IS-Kämpfer planieren antike Stadt Nimrud / Bulldozing History: Islamic State's Ongoing Onslaught Against Iraq's Cultural Heritage / Nimrud: Outcry as IS bulldozers attack ancient Iraq site / Archeolog: Řádění islamistů nemá obdoby, památky mizí i na černém trhu / Islamisté ničí historické město Nimrúd / Radikálové z IS páchají v Nimrúdu podle UNESCO válečný zločin / Nimrud: Outcry as IS bulldozers attack ancient Iraq site & UNESCO: Islámský stát páchá v Nimrúdu válečný zločin
Izrael: Israel reveals eerie collection of Neolithic ‘spirit’ masks
Kanada: HMS Erebus of doomed Sir John Franklin polar expedition to be explored by divers in Arctic waters
Kalifornie (USA): With island dig halted, Lone Woman still a stinging mystery
Mexiko: Evidence indicates Yucatan Peninsula hit by tsunami 1,500 years ago
Kolumbie: Study finds significant facial variation in pre-Columbian South America

4. 3. 2015
Anglie: ACE grant secured for wall-wide Roman cavalry exhibition
Irsko: ‘Citizen’ archaeologists to be recruited after Spanish Armada finds
Norsko: Found 2500 Years Old Mummies in Oslo Museum Warehouse
Francie: Magnificent Iron Age cauldron discovered in France / Exceptional Iron-Age elite tomb discovered in France / Impressive Tomb of Celtic Prince Found in France / Excavating a Celtic Prince's Tomb: Photos / Giant Iron Age tomb discovered / Francouzi objevili mohylu Kelta, který popíjel víno z kotle Etrusků
Belgie: Aerial laser imaging throws new light on Waterloo battlefield
Nizozemsko: Leiden’s Hortus Botanicus celebrates its 425th anniversary
Polsko: Wystawa poświęcona osadzie łowców fok w Muzeum Archeologicznym
Polsko: Neolithic ritual complex in Poland studied
Itálie: Advanced modeling software explores whether Augustus Caesar really transformed Rome
Řecko: Ancient Greek City Philippi to Claim Place in World Heritage List
Řecko: Excavation reveals ancient town and burial complex in Diros Bay, Greece / Excavation Reveals Ancient Town and Burial Complex in Diros Bay, Greece
Turecko: Mystery of Antiochus head still unsolved
Turecko/Anglie: Oxford, Nottingham universities apply to Turkish university for underwater archaeology
Egypt: Pyramídy Egypt nepochovali, faraónom sa oplatili. Lekcia ekonómie zo staroveku
Egypt: 3,400 year-old pharaonic ‘rest house’ unearthed nearby Suez Canal
Spojené arabské emiráty: Emirati archaeology students get in touch with their land
Ethiopie: Earliest known fossil of the genus Homo dates to 2.8 to 2.75 million years ago / Coring in Ethiopia to create a half million year sedimentary record / Lidé jsou na Zemi zřejmě mnohem déle, než se předpokládalo / Čelist z Etiopie posouvá vznik rodu Homo do časů australopitéků / Scientists say jaw bone fragment dating back 2.8 million years evidence of earlier evolution / Geologists date Ethiopian jaw to circa 2.8 million years from volcanic ash layers
Indie: Neolithic stone axes recovered from the Chalakkudy River Basin
Japonsko: Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen: 'I've found wreck of long-lost WWII Japanese battleship'
Nový Zéland/Kanada: Complex societies evolved without belief in all-powerful deity
Antarktida: ‘Most Extreme Preservation’ Of Antarctic Artifacts

3. 3. 2015
Slovensko: Prepíše genetika dejiny? Analýzy DNA odhaľujú iný príbeh Slovanov
Anglie: Archaeologists don't want 'the great unwashed' at Stonehenge - King Arthur
Anglie: Winchester museums acquire comprehensive collection of local archaeological artefacts
Anglie: Archeologists find proof of humans living in Leicestershire as far back as 10,000BC
Anglie: Body of young woman who had Charles I shilling placed over eye found in shallow Oxford grave
Anglie: 25 maps that explain the English language
Skotsko: Remains of suspected family of medieval knight found at former surgical hospital in Edinburgh
Německo: Kelten siedelten in Erlenbach
Německo: Neues Museum Lüneburg eröffnet
Polsko: Nowe ustalenia archeologów dotyczące zamku w Wąbrzeźnie / New findings of archaeologists on the castle in Wąbrzeźno
Turecko: Demolition of Kyme Museum stopped
Egypt: Tomb of Amun gate's guard uncovered in Luxor / Tomb of ‘Gatekeeper of God Amun’ unearthed in Luxor
Egypt: 10 Major Contributions Ancient Egyptians Made to Modern Medicine
Izrael: When age matters: precise dating of ancient charcoal found near skull is helping reveal unique period in prehistory / Precise dating of ancient charcoal found near skull reveals unique period in prehistory / Skull discovery suggests location where humans first had sex with Neanderthals
Mongolsko: Mummified monk set to be returned to his final resting place
USA: Study Lends New Support to Theory that Early Humans were Scavengers
USA: Scientists Develop New Model of Life's Evolution
Texas (USA): Dallas Museum of Art acquires a masterwork of Pre-Columbian art for its Arts of the Americas Collection
Kalifornie (USA): Exploring The Ruins of an Abandoned Train Yard
Honduras: Archaeologists find untouched ruins in their search for the Lost City of the Monkey Goda / V honduraské džungli se našly zbytky dávné civilizace & Honduran Archaeologists Doubt National Geographic Found White City
Austrálie/Nový Zéland/Sibiř (Rusko): Finding meteorite impacts in Aboriginal oral tradition

2. 3. 2015
The Destruction of Cultural Heritage Should be a War Crime
5 Important Roman Siege Engines
Anglie: Discovery: Remains of a woman and a coin dating from the 1600s are unearthed
Anglie: Mystery Woman Buried Near Richard III
Anglie: 25 Tons of Pigeon Poo Found in Medieval Monument
Skotsko: Reconstructing the Deskford Iron-Age carnyx
Skotsko: Rare Viking treasures go on show for first time at Carlisle exhibition
Dánsko: Moles digging in the name of archaeology
Francie: Siamese Crown Stolen from French Castle / Chinese art stolen from French castle
Německo: Kirchenspaziergang / Take a walk around… a Church
Německo: Archäologen wollen Zusammenarbeit mit Laien ausweiten
Polsko: W Szczecinie wykład o największym XV-wiecznym mieście świata
Bulharsko: 1500-year-old cross found in Bulgaria's Sandanski
Turecko: Work ongoing to put Ani on UNESCO heritage list
Irák: Ancient customer-feedback technology lasts millennia
Barma (Myanmar): Bagan murals need restoring
Čína/Japonsko: Bronze mirror linked to Himiko found in China for 1st time
Japonsko: Ancient Miyakozuka pyramid tomb likely built for powerful local clan member
Aljaška (USA): Improbable archaeology: Stone tool found in Sitka landslide

1. 3. 2015
Anglie: BREAKING NEWS - New Stone Avenue Discovered at Avebury
Skotsko: Excavations turn up medieval bones which may be a knight and his family
Itálie: What was a day at school like for Julius Caesar?
Řecko: An Identity Crisis for the Amphipolis Tomb
Izrael: Jesus' House? 1st-Century Structure May Be Where He Grew Up / Childhood home of Jesus said to have been found
Saúdská Arábie: Many Madinah sites need better care
Aljaška (USA): Ancient cod bones carry modern warning about mercury, climate change

III. 2015
Čína: Were the Terracotta Warriors Based on Actual People?

28. 2. 2015
Francie: Parisian hospital cemetery excavation: from medieval to modern / V centru Paříže objevili hromadný hrob ze středověku
Itálie: Hercules Escapes—And Italy’s Closing In On More Looters
Egypt: The tomb of Queen Khent-kawes III
Turecko: Male sexual quirks among the Ottomans
Irák: Baghdad museum reopens 12 years after looting / Iraq reopens Baghdad museum 12 years after looting
Kurdistán (Irák): Mosul Governor: Most destroyed artifacts were copies / Ancient statues destroyed by Isis in Mosul were 'fake', say officials
Florida (USA): Can You Dig It? More Evidence Suggests Humans From The Ice Age

Peru: Spectacular Peruvian Rope Bridge, last of its kind, carries forward tradition of the Inca

Japonsko: Excavation discovers elaborate foundation to 1,300-year-old Yakushiji pagoda

27. 2. 2015
European Armor/Armour, Examples from 14th-19th century, Collected Set
Anglie: Amazing Anglo-Saxon pendant joins the ranks of major treasures discovered in our region / Video: UEA archaeology student unearths Anglo-Saxon pendant worth an estimated £50,000
Anglie: War of the Roses skeletons unearthed in York
Anglie: Roman finds unearthed in Chippenham garden on display at museum
Irsko: Megalithic rock-scribing found near Croagh Patrick / ‘Hugely important’ prehistoric rock art found near Croagh Patrick
Francie: Skupina historiků staví hrad. Natočili o tom dokument
Švýcarsko: Südströmung brachte eiszeitlichen Niederschlag
Německo: Datenbank der Taten deutscher Herrscher im Mittelalter wird weiter gefördert
Německo: Skulpturhalle Basel soll geschlossen werden
Německo/Turecko: Ein Leben für die türkische Archäologie
Polsko/Německo: European bison became a fugitive species before eventual extinction
Polsko: W internecie udostępniono bazę polskich zabytków
Egypt: Coptic monks scramble to protect ancient monastery
Arábie: By Questioning Conventional Wisdom, Archaeology’s Peter Magee Unearths the Arabian Peninsula’s Past
Mongolsko: Archaeologists unearth lost fortress of Genghis Khan in western Mongolia / Lost fortress of Genghis Khan unearthed in western Mongolia
Nové Mexiko (USA): Albuquerque uses 'elephant snot' to clean defaced petroglyphs
Velikonoční ostrov: Manchester Museum to reveal more secrets of the Easter Island statues

26. 2. 2015
Top 10 Strange Weapons of the Middle Ages
Anglie: DNA recovered from underwater British site may rewrite history of farming in Europe / A Wheat Trade in Britain Before Farming, Suggest Researchers / Ancient DNA reveals how wheat came to prehistoric Britain / The remarkable archaeological underwater discovery that could open up a new chapter in the study of European and British prehistory
Anglie/Egypt: Cartouche purchased for £12 may be precious seal of Ramesses II
Wales: Hoard of 3,000-year-old gold treasure discovered in North Wales
Skotsko: Mary, Queen of Scots to get first statue
Norsko: Humour in the 13th century: This made them laugh out loud
Skandinávie: Norsemen transformed international culture, manufacturing, tech and trade during Viking Era
Německo: A Brain-Building Gene, Unique to Humans?
Německo: Archäologen entdecken historische Ruine ungeahnten Ausmaßes im Süden Berlins
Německo: Poszukiwacz skarbu ukarany za zatajenie znaleziska. 15 miesięcy w zawieszeniu
Turecko: Urartian jewelry techniques as new today as 3,000 years ago
Ethiopie: Drilling ancient African lakes sheds light on human evolution
Nigérie: The man who returned his grandfather’s looted art
Ohio (USA): Rare, Native American artifact discovered in Newtown

25. 2. 2015
Slovensko: Milovníci histórie žili na hradisku Valy: Pozrite si VIDEO z pobytu v mrazivom stredoveku!
Slovensko: Paleontológ o tajomstvách neandertálcov na Slovensku: Vyhynúť mohli aj kvôli vlkom!
Anglie: Henry VIII's evidence to support break with Rome turns up in Cornish library
Anglie: Campaigners to protest against Stonehenge tunnel
Anglie: Rare Roman tombstone found in Cirencester / Exciting news: “Incredibly rare” Roman tombstone found in Cirencester / Pristine Roman Tombstone uncovered in Cirencester
Anglie: 10 Hidden Historic Sites In London
Německo: Bewährungsstrafe für Raubgräber
Německo: Spektakuläres Gräberfeld in der Uckermark entdeckt
Polsko: Podsumowano badania unikatowych budowli obrzędowych sprzed 5 tys. lat
Polsko: Archeologiczna wystawa w Muzeum Etnograficznym we Włocławku
Španělsko: Using the Dead to Interpret Daily Life in Bronze Age Spain
Turecko: Museum constructed at Caesar’s castle
Turecko: Museum’s demolition raises anger in İzmir
Egypt: Tajomstvá Údolia kráľov
Sýrie: Exhibit on Archaeological Heritage in Syria a Beacon of Hope
Arábie: Was Arabia once a lush paradise?...by Dr Ash Parton
Kurdistán (Irák): Isis burns thousands of rare books and manuscripts from Mosul's libraries / Barbarství Islámského státu: tisíce vzácných knih lehly popelem / Radikálové v iráckém Mosulu zničili knihovnu s cennými svazky a sochy staré 3 tisíce let & Iraq: Isis take sledgehammers to priceless Assyrian artefacts at Mosul museum [VIDEO] / ISIS thugs take a hammer to civilisation: Priceless 3,000-year-old artworks smashed to pieces in minutes as militants destroy Mosul museum / Video Purports To Show IS Militants Smash Ancient Iraqi Artifacts To Dust / Dżihadyści w Iraku niszczą bezcenne posągi - światowe dziedzictwo, młotami pneumatycznymi. "Nie chcę być już Irakijką" [WIDEO] / ISIS militants destroy antiquities with sledgehammer / Islamic State smash ancient Iraq statues in Mosul / IS-Terroristen zerstörten die 2600 alte assyrische Türhüterfigur in Mosul / Islamisté zničili sochy z dob Asyrské říše. Nařídil to Prorok, tvrdí / Palice a sbíječky. Islámský stát zničil asyrské sochy staré tisíce let / Niebywałe barbarzyństwo w mosulskim muzeum & UNESCO Director-General expresses outrage following terrorist attacks against the Mosul Museum & Historians Pore Over ISIS Video of Smashed Statues for Clues to What’s Been Lost & Mosul Governor: Most destroyed artifacts were copies
Namibie: Rock art and the origins of art in Africa
Sibiř (Rusko): World’s First Baby Woolly Rhino Discovered In Siberian Ice
Mongolsko/Čína: Kublai Khan was a notorious … polluter / Kublai Khan was a notorious … polluter / Ancient Mongol metallurgy an extreme polluter
Florida (USA): Miami archeological dig unearths evidence of sea rise
Peru: Mummy hair reveals ancient Peruvians enjoyed seafood and beer

24. 2. 2015
Slovensko: Na hradisku Valy vybudujú repliku vstupnej brány
Slovensko: Vzácnu mohylu pochovali peniaze a zlodeji
Anglie: Headland unearth a potential jousting casualty at Hereford Cathedral / Archaeologists discover remains of medieval knight with extensive jousting injuries
Skotsko: Stone carved head stolen from Dryburgh Abbey
Norsko/Švýcarsko: Rats 'not main cause of Black Death' / Asian tree rings explain historical plague outbreaks in Europe / Mor do Evropy přinesli pískomilové, ne krysy. Ukázaly to letokruhy / The Black Death came to Europe at different times / Za šíření moru ve středověku prý nemohly krysy, ale pískomilové
Egypt: Busts of the lioness goddess unearthed in Luxor
Egypt: American Egyptologists prove Pharaoh was brutally killed in a battle away from home
Izrael: Archaeologists Unearth Possible Ancient Judean Administrative Center
Libanon: Archaeologists discover secret room in ancient Sidon temple / Secret chamber hidden beneath ancient temple in Lebanon surprises archaeologists
Gruzie: Hiker Discovers Terrace Complex near Ellijay, Georgia
USA: Making the Past Present with Light, Warmth and a High-Tech Gaze

23. 2. 2015
Slovensko: Archeologický výskum v Čachticiach predstavia vo filme
Anglie: Are Roman remains buried underneath Worcester's most famous roundabout?
Anglie: Dudley car park dig unearths hidden past
Dánsko: Danish Ferocity and Abandoned Monasteries: the Twelfth-century View
Polsko: Nowy cykl wykładów popularnonaukowych w Biskupinie
Polsko: Poczytaj o handlu w średniowieczu / Targi, jarmarki i odpusty
Polsko: Tak wyglądał zamek w Wąbrzeźnie
Itálie: Digital Augustan Rome, Map
Turecko: World’s first cave church restored and open for visitors
Barma (Myanmar): Burmese days: glimpses of a lost kingdom – in pictures
Illinois (USA): Field Museum Exhibit Paints New Picture of Vikings
Kalifornie (USA): Inyo County man accused of removing Native American relics from public land
USA: Spots, Stripes and Spreading Hooves in the Horses of the Ice Age
Oregon (USA): Oregon State Police seize Native American artifacts and burial goods in Klamath Falls

22. 2. 2015
Anglie: Piltdown Man, Reringer’s lying stones, dinosaurs... are they all hoaxes?
Skotsko: Kingdom’s treasures brought together in St Andrews
Polsko: Ciekawe odkrycie podczas prac remontowych w Kościele NMP
Itálie: Give us this day our daily grain
Egypt: German archaeologists find 2 statues of goddess Sekhmet in southern Egypt
Turecko: St. John's Cathedral in Izmir to be restored / Church in Şirince to be restored
Sýrie: Turci evakuovali své vojáky střežící hrobku šáha v Sýrii. Pak ji odpálili / Turkey enters Syria to remove precious Süleyman Shah tomb
Uzbekistán: 2015 World Heritage Summer Field Work in Uzbekistan Call for Volunteers
Bolívie: Archaeologist finds defleshed human bones in ancient religious complex in Bolivia / Ancient mortuary sheds light on early burial rites / Ancient Bolivian mortuary where corpses were stripped of flesh uncovered in Andes foothills

21. 2. 2015
Anglie: Cambridgeshire church plague graffiti reveals 'heartbreaking' find
Polsko: Ziemia na Starym Mieście w Kostrzynie kryła okrutną tajemnicę (zdjęcia, wideo)
Turecko: Adultery in Islam and among the Ottomans
Katar: The Nu’aija Wells: Doha’s Water Source
Afrika/Arábie: Humans may have migrated out of Africa in phases based on the weather / Trail of Tools Reveals Modern Humans' Path Out of Africa

20. 2. 2015
Anglie: England’s immigrants in the middle ages
Anglie: Dudley's medieval 'hidden town layout' uncovered
Skotsko: Did Pytheas Visit Clachtoll Broch?
Skotsko: On this day 1472: Orkney and Shetland join Scotland / Orkney and Shetland Are Pawned as Dowry
Skotsko: Perth Museum needs £25,000 to safeguard future of Egyptian mummy Takherheb
Irsko: Storm washes Armada wreckage on to Sligo beach
Dánsko: Denmark's largest digital archive opens today
Německo: Die Geheimnisse eines mittelalterlichen Markts
Německo: Die Erfindung der Germanen
Polsko: Odkrycia Za Bramką trafią do muzeum. Parking cztery miesiące później? [WIDEO]
Itálie: Sorting through a mountain of pottery to track the Roman oil trade (1) (2) (3) (4)
Itálie: Dutch Soccer Fans Vandalize Rome's La Barcaccia Fountain
Střední Východ/severní Afrika: Recording endangered archaeology of the Middle East and North Africa
Egypt: New clues cast doubt on 'Gospel of Jesus' Wife'
Egypt: DAI-Mitarbeiterin der Abteilung Kairo erhält Bundesverdienstkreuz
Čína: CT Scan Reveals That Statue of the Buddha Is Actually a Mummy
Kanada/Minnesota (USA): Mystery enshrouds ancient Native Americans who built burial mounds
USA: Ancient and modern cities aren’t so different
Guatemala: Maya Mural Reveals Ancient 'Photobomb' / Archaeologists study stunning murals adorning the walls of an ancient Maya home

19. 2. 2015
Anglie: Ye Ol’ Bed & Breakfast: A Look at the Medieval Inn
Anglie: Bronze cat statue that grandmother kept by her fireplace was 2,500-year-old ancient Egyptian relic / Sošku málem vyhodili do smetí, pak se prodala za dva milióny
Skandinávie: Vikings were pioneers of craft and international trade, not just pillaging
Německo: Puzzlearbeit auf der Schwäbischen Alb
Německo: „Erfindung der Germanen“ im Landesmuseum. Ein Volk wird erdacht
Bělorusko: Výstava „Vikingové a Baltové : severská sága“
Španělsko: Grooves in Neanderthal teeth suggests division of labour between sexes / Neanderthal groups based part of their lifestyle on the sexual division of labor
Itálie: Medici Greek bronze undergoes restoration before exhibition
Malta: Historic tide gauge data to shed light on ancient tsunamis
Egypt: Otwarcie zrekonstruowanego przez Polaków Kompleksu Kultu Solarnego w świątyni Hatszepsut w Egipcie / Full report on the Sun Cult complex in Hatshepsut temple after restoration / Uroczyste otwarcie kolejnej części świątyni Hatszepsut
Keňa: Stone Age Skull Reveals Astonishing Human Diversity
Turecko: Rozluštění jazyka Chetitů: Chléb a voda
Irák: Is This the Tomb of a Biblical Prophet—and Will It Survive?
Írán: A 4,200-year-old Zoroastrian grave found in northeastern Iran
Írán: Old-Persian Cuneiform Inscription of Kharg Island
Arménie: Ancient Shrines Used for Predicting the Future Discovered
Afghánistán: UNESCO Reveals Winning Scheme For The Bamiyan Cultural Centre In Afghanistan
Nepál: Polscy naukowcy w rodzinnym mieście Buddy
Kolorádo (USA): Colorado’s Browns Canyon Protected as a National Monument
Mexiko: Bones Abroad: What Lies Beneath the Surface of Mexico’s Cenotes

18. 2. 2015
Anglie: Rare Jurassic fossil found by Butleigh archaeologist while clearing stones for pond liner
Svatá Helena: The story behind the 19th century Death Mask of Napoleon
Polsko: Dwie fibule, szeląg srebrny i miedziany
Polsko: 165 lat Muzeum Archeologicznego w Krakowie
Egypt: Ancient Egyptian sculpture of cat destined for skip set to sell for £50k at auction
Libye: Desert tribes lived in sophisticated villages and were skilled metalworkers, says archaeologist
Sýrie/Irák: Isis partly funded by Syrian looted artefacts worth up to $1m – but who is buying them?
Severní Afrika: Desert tribes lived in sophisticated villages and were skilled metalworkers, says archaeologist
Bangladéš: 1,000-year-old Buddhist temple found in Bangladesh with links to venerated ancient scholar / Going back to Atish Dipankar Era. 1,000-year-old Buddhist temple found in Munshiganj
Mongolsko: Real-life dioramas as a window to a traditional Mongolian culture at risk
USA: Tropical fire ants traveled the world on 16th century ships
Peru: Man levels archaeological site and builds a fence in La Libertad

17. 2. 2015
The Armenian Plateau Hypothesis Gains In Plausibility
Real Paleo Diet: early hominids ate just about everything
Slovensko: Starí Slováci proti starým Kelto-Rimanom
Anglie: Step into the past at Staffordshire history day
Irsko: Gallagh Man, a bog body from Co. Galway
Norsko: Nález ze Skaunu
Německo/Turecko: Footage of Nemrut works discovered in Germany flea market
Polsko: Archeologia w satyrze
Španělsko: More Roman remains discovered in León
Itálie: Bronze lion found off Calabria coast 'dates to Roman times'
Řecko: Showcase of Wooden Shipwreck in Rhodes Port, Greece
Turecko: Work on Marmaray wrecks approaching end
Turecko/Sýrie/Libanon: Syrian antiquities funding ISIL, smuggled through Turkey en route to Europe / The men who smuggle the loot that funds IS
Izrael: Largest trove of gold coins ever found in Israel discovered in Caesarea / Almost 2000 Fatimid gold coins found in Caesarea ancient harbour / Hobbytaucher finden riesigen Goldschatz / Unikátny nález: Na dne mora našli 2000 mincí z obdobia vlády Fátimovcov / Poklad nevyčíslitelné hodnoty. Izraelci našli devět kilo zlatých mincí
Egypt: The ministry of antiquities will not use laser to remove the epoxy from Tutankhamun's mask
Čína: Climate change of northern China region dates back thousands of years
Mexiko: Bones Abroad: Chichén Itzá in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula
Austrálie: Down syndrome theory on Hobbit species doesn’t hold to scrutiny

16. 2. 2015
What is the oldest city in the world?
Anglie: Possible Anne Boleyn portrait found using facial recognition software / Vědci díky počítači objevili portrét popravené královny Anny Boleynové
Anglie: Archaeologists reveal "beautiful" bronze handle, Samian cup and ring of gods from 2nd century burial
Anglie: 400 turn out to protect ancient Oswestry monument from housing
Wales: Blodwen the skeleton returns to North Wales after a 123-year exile
Skandinávie: What Did The Vikings Eat / What Did The Vikings Eat
Norsko: Stone Age skeleton judged Norway's oldest / Exceptional Stone Age Norwegian excavated
Polsko: Archeologia II wojny światowej w Kostrzynie nad Odrą
Polsko: Łowcy mamutów
Egypt: Paid sick days and physicians at work: Ancient Egyptians had state-supported health care
Rusko: Čeští badatelé vytvářejí on-line muzeum gulagů. Peníze vybírají na HitHitu
Brazílie: Mysterious Geoglyphs of Amazonia May Show Ancient Humanity Had an Major Impact on Rainforest
Austrálie: Horse saddle parts unearthed in archaeological dig before 430 student apartments are built in Hobart
Austrálie: Pilbara digs debunk timeline for ancient tool development

15. 2. 2015
Anglie: Archaeologists start to unearth the secrets of Wakefield Castle
Anglie: Bones of Richard III to be laid to rest in bags created by Leicester schoolchildren
Anglie: Researcher uncovers new info on European explorer encounters
Anglie:18th century doctors shared bodies to teach dissections, research shows
Anglie: Crossrail breathes life into long-dead Londoners
Anglie: Skeletons from hospital graveyard shed light on early dissections
Wales: WATCH: Ffestiniog Railway workshop gives up its secrets to archaeology dig
(Severní) Irsko: Ancient artefacts at Tullaghoge / 7,000 year old artefacts found during Ulster dig
Norsko/Anglie: The History Of Mead And The Lindisfarne Mead
Itálie: Italian cemetery may provide insights to cholera's evolution / Skeletons Reveal Tuscan Life in the Time of Cholera
Ohio (USA): Archaeology: Theory looks at how ancient goods got to Ohio / The Hopewell Mortuary-Ceremonial Interaction Sphere
Minnesota (USA): Ancient burial mound in northern Minnesota may once again welcome visitors
Peru: Researchers examine diet of 2000 year old Paracas people

14. 2. 2015
Norsko: Found Islamic Coins Hidden Inside Viking Age Shield Boss / Islamic coins found in a Viking Age grave from Norway
Norsko: Mysterious object found in a Stone Age settlement in Norway
Turecko: Antalya restaurant serving up ancient Roman dishes
Turecko: Istanbul’s disappearing past
Izrael: Genetic study confirms history of the Druze community
Brazílie: Brazil Amazon: Drone to scan for ancient Amazonia / Drones to scan for evidence of ancient civilizations in Amazonia

13. 2. 2015
Británie: The 10 best ruins in Britain
Anglie: Bedlam burial ground: Excavating the records / Experts explore identities of 5,000 buried in Bedlam psychiatric hospital graveyard
Anglie: Bejewelled backdrop to coronations did not cost a king's ransom
Anglie: New web resource detailing 1,000 years of the English language launched
Skotsko: The Lewis Hoard of Gaming Pieces: A Re-examination of their Context, Meanings, Discovery and Manufacture
Norsko: Norwegian Artisan Creates 3D Printed Replica of 6th-Century Sword
Německo: Keilschrift: Tontafeln am Computer rekonstruiert
Německo: Einblick in den ägyptischen Alltag der früharabischen Zeit
Německo: Neue Erkenntnisse zur Besiedlungsgeschichte Unnas
Německo: "Digital Classics Online": Leipziger Historiker geben neue Zeitschrift heraus
Německo: Tagung zu den Hungerkrisen der "Kleinen Eiszeit"
Itálie: Villa Owned by Ben-Hur's Rival Identified
Itálie: How to restore virginity – advice from Caterina Sforza
Itálie: Archäologen scannen prähistorische Steinbilder im Valcamonica
Řecko: Agrigent oder: Multikulti vor zweieinhalbtausend Jahren
Egypt: Dominican archeology team uncovers ancient stele in Egypt that is over 2,200 years
Libye: Archaeologists reveal mysteries of ‘lost’ 3,000-year-old civilisation
Izrael: A first-of-its-kind discovery of 1,500 year-old grape seeds may answer the question: Why was the wine of the Negev so renowned in the Byzantine Empire / Grape seeds discovered at renowned wine producing area of the Byzantine period / 1,500-Year-Old Grape Seeds Found in Israel’s Negev Desert
Indie: Iron Age Urns Excavated in Auroville / Iron Age urns excavated in southern India
Singapur: Major archaeological dig underway at Empress Place / Archaeologists find 700-year-old relics at Empress Place
USA: Larger area analysis needed to understand patterns in ancient prehistory
USA: Researchers discover patterns of warfare in prehistoric Eastern North America
Kalifornie (USA): Drones and satellites spot lost civilizations in unlikely places
Peru: Researchers use isotopic analysis to explore ancient Peruvian life

12. 2. 2015
Massive migration from the steppe is a source for Indo-European languages in Europe / European languages linked to migration from the east / Mysterious Indo-European homeland may have been in the steppes of Ukraine and Russia / Europeans share more language and genes with Asia than previously thought & Indo-European languages emerged roughly 6,500 years ago on Russian steppes, new research suggests / Indo-European languages first emerged circa 6500 years ago on the steppe / Linguists link English, Hindi to single ancestor language spoken 6,500 years ago / Indoevropské jazyky asi pocházejí ze stepí / Indoeuropäisch kommt aus der Steppe
Anglie: New film footage reveals potential 'killer blow' to King Richard III / Forensic pathologist discovers trauma evidence for killer blow to Richard III
Anglie: Hampton Court's lost apartment foundations uncovered
Anglie: Oldest surviving Cannonball in England helps confirm the site of the 1460 Battle of Northampton
Skotsko: Pits, pots and pitchstone – a palimpsest of prehistory in one corner of Scotland
Německo: Ein mehrtausendjähriger FINGERABDRUCK?!
Řecko: Greek archaeologists find remains of embracing couple in Neolithic tomb / 6000 let leželi v hrobě v objetí. Je to vzácný nález, tvrdí archeologové / Love eternal: Remains of couple locked in 5,800-year-old hug unearthed in Greece
Turecko: Hatay sarcophagus in its new place
Turecko: Underwater Archeology: Diving 800 Feet in Ancient Cathedral
Turecko: Turkey set for first national institute of archaeology
Egypt: Rosetta stone-style stele unearthed in the Mediterranean coast
Egypt: How an Archaeologist Revived King Tut's Tomb With A Chocolate Cake
Egypt: Papyri on display
Izrael: Ancient tablets displayed in Jerusalem fuel looting debate
Izrael: Storm uncovers massive Byzantine pot on beach
Aljaška (USA)/Yukon (Kanada): Butchered Bones Found in Yukon Cave Bear Marks of Early Americans, Study Finds
USA: Demise of the ancient Pueblo civilization a harbinger of things to come?
Peru: ASU researcher uses new tools to explore ancient life
Japonsko: Yakushiji temple to reconstruct stunning dining hall for priests
Japonsko: Living link to the Choshu Five as descendants of ‘benefactors’ visit Japan

11. 2. 2015
Anglie: Saxon experiment continues at West Stow village as thatched roof created for Sunken House
Anglie: Roman Burial In Whitchurch Could Be Of National Importance
Anglie: Roman burial casket finds go on display in Aylesbury
Anglie: Sheffield urged to show its love for city museum
Anglie: Public encouraged to join park excavation
Anglie: Headhunter's sword among exotic treasures go on show at new gallery in Durham
Anglie: Secrets could be unearthed
Skotsko: An Iron Age room with a view
Skotsko: Effort to conserve Tain's 500 year old Papal Bull
Skotsko: Picts offer historians a picture of non-Roman Briton culture
Irsko: Buried Horse Skulls: Folklore and Superstition in Early Modern Ireland
Německo: Germany: The Birthplace of Museology?
Polsko: Pierwszy kurhan z przełomu III i II tysiąclecia przebadany wykopaliskowo w południowo-wschodniej Polsce / The first barrow from the turn of the third and second millennium BC excavated in the south-eastern Poland
Španělsko: Archaeological study explores drug-taking and altered states in prehistory / Humans Have Been Getting High Since Prehistoric Times, Research Shows
Řecko: Rare Mycenaean Tomb Discovered
Kypr: Rare shipwreck excavated off Paralimni / Cyprus' Nissia shipwreck reveals its treasures
Turecko: Pacific giving up coins from Ottoman wreck
Izrael: Archaeologist accidentally finds 8-meter giant lizard fossil in Israel
Indie: Horse polo posts belonging to medieval era demolished in Bidar
Indie/Itálie/Británie: Non-destructive techniques reveal forging methods of historic Indian sword
Nové Mexiko (USA): Vandalism found in Petroglyph National Monument / Monument marred by vandalism, trash

10. 2. 2015
Ovens in Roman Archaeological Sites
Británie: UK treasures endangered by museum cuts
Británie: Five finds from the Portable Antiquities Scheme's Treasure Annual Report at the British Museum
Anglie: Hoard of Anglo Saxon coins largest discovered under Treasure Act
Anglie: Skeletons uncovered at Ipplepen reveals major Roman cemetery
Anglie: Archaeological remains found at new Chester theatre site dating back to bronze age
Anglie: Heritage crime concern on Hadrian's Wall because of illegal digging / Illegal 'nighthawkers' damage Hadrian's Wall / Police issue warning over Hadrian’s Wall nighthawking
Anglie: Councillors in final ditch effort to save Snibston Discovery Museum
Anglie: Irreplaceable parts of historic steam engine stolen in Arlesey
Norsko: Teeth contain bacterial DNA from plague epidemics
Itálie: Rome's Imperial Port (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
Itálie: 15th century Martyr's skull used as 'medicinal drink'
Izrael: The Unfinished Business at Ancient Herodium / Autumn of the Master Builder
Izrael: Could Iron Age settlement be the biblical town of Libnah from the Book of Exodus?
Turecko: Diyarbakır’s cultural richness to be protected at new center
Egypt: Crane crashes into ancient tomb in Egypt
Libye: Rapid end of the Green Sahara 8000 years ago
Sýrie: Hear the World’s Oldest Instrument, the “Neanderthal Flute,” Dating Back Over 43,000 Years
Altaj (Rusko): Oldest artifact ever found in Eurasia, an elk tooth pendant, discovered in Altai
Sibiř (Rusko): Walk the line... Re-trace history on part of the route that took convicts to Siberia
Indonésie: Down syndrome theory on Hobbit species doesn’t hold to scrutiny
Barma (Maynmar)/New York (USA): 'Buddhist Art of Myanmar' at the Asia Society Museum, New York
USA: Discovery of Lucy Skeleton Continues to be Relevant
Wyoming (USA): Ancient town yields new clues to early life in Wyoming
Austrálie: Batavia mutiny: More human remains uncovered by archaeologists at Beacon Island

9. 2. 2015
Anglie: The Princess and the Gene Pool: The Plantagenet rebel who held the secret to Richard III’s DNA
Anglie: Could Crossrail have uncovered the last resting place of Britain's left-wing martyr in Bedlam burial ground under Liverpool Street station?
Anglie: Outline of medieval church revealed on building site
Anglie: Top secret D-Day plans found hidden under hotel's floorboards / V britském hotelu se našly přísně tajné dokumenty o vylodění v Normandii
Skotsko: Ancient Orkney child remains excavated / The Child in the Sand
Španělsko: Bust of Emperor Hadrian found in Spain
Itálie: Mystery Over 15th-Century Drilled Skull Solved
Řecko: Take A Virtual Trip Through The Amphipolis Tomb In Its Original State
Izrael: Cult Sites in Israel Dotted with Penis-Shaped Stone Structures / 100 Ancient Cult Sites Discovered in Israel
Turecko: Historic cannonball stolen from southern castle
Turecko: Dracula sculpture to be placed in his 'Turkish dungeon'
Severní Afrika: Transition from savannah to desert more rapid than previously thought
Súdán: Barley and wheat residues in Neolithic cemeteries of Central Sudan and Nubia
Čína: Seismic Shift
Kanada/Řecko: Stunning Video Game Is Like An Ancient Greek Urn Come To Life
Mexiko/Guatemala: Quest to find Ancient Seeds and bring them to Life before they are lost to History
Chile: Chilští horolezci našli vrak letadla, které zmizelo před 54 lety 

8. 2. 2015
Británie: Medieval Maps of Britain
Anglie: £10m Magna Carta found in council archives / Early edition of Magna Carta discovered in Victorian scrapbook
Belgie: Archaeologists to excavate Napoleonic farmhouse defended by Coldstream Guards in Battle of Waterloo
Německo: Mammoth populations were decimated by humans 30,000 years ago
Polsko: Archeolodzy odkryli na Mazurach bogatą osadę sprzed 1,5 tys. lat / Archaeologists discovered a rich settlement from before 1.5 thousand years in Mazury
Turecko: Treasure hunters find late Roman mosaics
Saúdská Arábie: SCTA moves to protect archaeological, heritage sites
Nigérie: Research continues into 3000 year-old Nok culture of sub-Saharan Africa
Peru: 16th century silver extraction pollution found in Peruvian ice cap / Earliest evidence of large-scale human-produced air pollution in South America found
Japonsko: Ancient Japanese Queen Himiko may have burned animal bones to tell the future

7. 2. 2015
Anglie: Hominin Footprints from Early Pleistocene Deposits at Happisburgh, UK
Skotsko: In pictures: Scotland’s spooky and creepy abandoned locations
Itálie: The Near Death, and Revival, of Monticello
Řecko: Untouched Mycenaean Tomb Found in Central Greece
Turecko: Princely doodling in the 15th century
Egypt: Bust of Queen Nefertiti: the most vivid artifact from the reign of Akhenaten
Texas (USA): A thousand years ago, Native Americans aligned drawings with solstice sun
Virgínie (USA): A look at Jamestown's role in forging the chains of slavery

6. 2. 2015
How modern humans ate their way to world dominance
Anglie: Mysterious Stone Carving May Contain Old Message / Ancient stone with strange carvings, possibly Anglo-Saxon, turns up in garden shop
Anglie: Fewer viral relics may be due to a less bloody evolutionary history / Fewer viral relics may be due to a less bloody evolutionary history
Anglie: Inflame her to venery with wanton kisses: the joy of sex, 1684-style
Wales: Dyfed Archaeological Trust talk unearths secrets of Roman Fort in Wiston
Norsko: Ancient snow patches melting at record speed
Německo: Archäologische Spuren von Krieg und Gewaltherrschaft
Německo/Irák: Tübinger Archäologen helfen, kulturelles Erbe im Irak zu schützen / German archaeologists will help protect cultural heritage in Northern Iraq / Tübingen archaeologists help protect cultural heritage of northern Iraq
Německo: Spekulationen um „Mithras-Tempel“ in der Baugrube des City Centers Bingen
Polsko: Uniwersytet Warszawski popularnie o archeologii
Srbsko: Die Erfindung einer Tradition – Kaiser Galerius und die serbische Nationalidentität
Řecko: Technological transfers of luxury craftsmanship between Crete and the Orient during the Bronze Age
Turecko: Excavation on the go for Frigate Ertuğrul’s safe
Turecko: Istanbul’s historical Blue Mosque’s minaret 'shifted'
Egypt: Ancient Egyptian mummies found floating in sewage water in Egypt
Afghánistán: Copper mining threatens Afghan site of ancient Buddhist past / Copper mining threatens Afghanistan's Mes Aynak
Indie: Chalcolithic site found near Pipili, Odisha
Kambodža: Archaeologists use airborne lasers to solve mystery of Angkor's demise
USA: Ancient Romans Ate Meals Most Americans Would Recognize
USA: In a crisis, the bigger your social network, the better

5. 2. 2015
Anglie: Darwin's theory continues to shape human evolution
Anglie: Discovery Of Neolithic Gift Shop Suggests Stonehenge Always Meant As Tourist Attraction
Anglie: Original Magna Carta copy belonged to Canterbury Cathedral, historian finds
Anglie: Alan Turing notes found stuffed in walls to keep out draft at Bletchley Park
Anglie: 10 Hidden Historic Sites in London
Skotsko: ‘Do they want to see them lost forever?’ — council told it needs to do more to protect Wemyss Caves
Norsko: Use of Runes Survived Introduction of Christianity
Francie: Free visits at Louvre as French archaeologists protest; 100 protesters block the ticketing area
Francie: 10 Cool Medieval Things to See at the Musée de Cluny
Německo: Einblicke in eine mittelalterliche Klosterbibliothek
Španělsko: Förderpreis für Forschungsarbeit zur Entwicklung des menschlichen Fußes
Španělsko: Neanderthals disappeared from the Iberian Peninsula before than from the rest of Europe
Itálie: Další kus Pompejí je pryč
Egypt: Egyptian antiquities remain at risk
Turecko: Heritage 2015 fair opens in İstanbul
Turecko: Restoration to start at ancient Anavarza
Turecko: Tobacco planted on archaeological area in northern Turkey
Izrael: Archaeologists excavate fortified site from ancient Kingdom of Judah
Izrael: Jesus' Words Backed by Archaeology: The Stones Are Crying Out
Čína: Tomb of Western Zhou Dynasty 'diplomat' unearthed
Sibiř (Rusko): Ancient Grave In Siberia Yields Earliest Example Of Twins
Kanada: 'Olympus: The Greco-Roman Collections of Berlin' at Winnipeg Art Galley, Canada
Arizona (USA): Ceramics show that relationships grew stronger during megadrought / Social networking as a survival strategy in the late pre-Hispanic Southwest
Florida (USA): Dozier investigation finds possible buckshot in boy's remains
New York (USA): 3-D Measurements Revise Date of Dog Domestication / Biologist Drake helps answer key question in canine history / 3D morphometric analysis of fossil canid skulls contradicts the suggested domestication of dogs during the late Paleolithic
Illinois (USA): Viking-era replica part of exhibit at Field Museum opening Feb. 27
Nicaragua: Nicaragua canal developers collect 15,000 artefacts along route
Japonsko: First wooden 'tachikazari' ornament unearthed in ancient burial dig in Sakai
Nový Zéland: Heritage New Zealand seeks public input

4. 2. 2015
Slovensko: Nadšenci si vyskúšali bývanie našich predkov
Anglie: Top secret notes by Alan Turing's codebreakers survived 70 years in Bletchley Park's walls
Anglie: We've Got Mail
Irsko: Malocclusion and dental crowding arose 12,000 years ago with earliest farmers / Ill-fitting teeth began with earliest farmers
Lužice (Německo): Museum mit Wohnzimmercharakter
Polsko: Nietypowe naczynia ze starożytnego kurhanu w Krakowie
Itálie: Italian police salvage looted Pompeii treasures
Řecko: Mycenae Lower Town 3D Virtual Model SD
Bosna a Hercegovina: Fictional narrative: Bosnian Pyramids
Turecko: Adana Archaeology Museum to open soon
Egypt: Menkaure Pyramid opened to public
Indie: Garden and pavilions of the Taj Mahal found to align with rays of the sun
Čína: Rock painting submitted for world heritage listing
Sibiř (Rusko): Prehistoric Grave May Be Earliest Example of Death During Childbirth / A 7,700-year-old case of death during childbirth is uncovered in Siberia
Peru: Discovery of writing at Peru's Checta
Austrálie: Unearthed grave sheds light on Batavia shipwreck mass murder / Beacon Island reveals its brutal past

3. 2. 2015
Anglie: Winchester Cathedral unveils plans to open medieval mortuary chests / Mortuary Remains of Early English Kings in Winchester
Anglie/Řecko/Čína: Earls of Elgin: Serial looters of Athens and Beijing
Skotsko: Bone bow and arrow wrist guard and pottery found with Bronze Age body in Drumnadrochit
Egypt: New mummies discovered floating in sewage in Upper Egypt
Egypt: Egypt's sphinx threatened by subterranean water
Egypt: Saving face
USA: Newfound 'Gospel of the Lots of Mary' Discovered in Ancient Text / 'Gospel of the Lots of Mary' found hidden inside 1,500-year-old book
USA: Walk like a man
New York (USA): Fishy cooking habits of North American hunter-gatherers revealed / Fish could be key to innovation of pottery by hunter gatherer societies / York academics reveal fishy cooking habits of North American hunter-gatherers
Peru: Popular Archaeology Magazine sends group to newly discovered ancient sites in Peru
Japonsko: Japan’s burial mounds drawing new breed of tourist
Antarktida: Shackleton and Scott's historic Antarctic huts saved from ruin

2. 2. 2015
Digging into the Secrets of Medieval Manuscripts
Slovensko: Na Slovensku žili neandertálci, jedli kone / Neandertálci na Hornej Nitre lovili kone aj nosorožce, živili sa špikom z kostí
Anglie: Magna Cartas united at British Library to celebrate 800th anniversary
Anglie: Michelangelo bronzes discovered
Irsko: Immigrant burials in Late Iron Age Meath
Island: Building an Icelandic Pattern Loom
Island: Iceland to build first temple to Norse gods since Viking age
Polsko: Stone Age hunter-gatherer camp studied in Poland / Abundant remains of 13,000 year-old hunter-gatherer camps found in Poland
Francie: A Couple Bought An Abandoned French Chateau From The 1700s. This Is What They Found Inside
Španělsko: Bowhunting may have fostered social cohesion during the Neolithic / Bowhunting may have fostered social cohesion during the Neolithic
Španělsko: Prehistoric High Times: Early Humans Used Magic Mushrooms, Opium
Řecko: 550 Ancient Greek Places in Google Earth
Řecko: Floods bring down Ottoman bridge in Balkans
Izrael: Tomb raiders arrested in Ashkelon National Park for looting, damaging ancient site
Čína: The palace of shame that makes China angry
Mongolsko: Mummified monk is ‘not dead’ and in rare meditative state, says expert / Mummified Mongolian monk in "deep meditative state" after 200 years: report / Našli múmiu starú 200 rokov, no zrazu nastal šok: Meditujúci mních nie je mŕtvy!
USA: Human dispersal and the evolution of languages show strong link
Texas (USA): Ancient Texas pictograph mystery solved
Havaj (USA): Prehistoric Temples on Maui Reveal Origins of Island’s First Kingdom / Archaeologists Date Prehistoric Temples in Hawaii to establish origins of First Kingdom
Guatemala: Ancient Maya bookmakers get paged in Guatemala

1. 2. 2015
Archaeologist attempts to revive lost alcoholic beverages from ancient recipes and residues
Slovensko: GOD IN THE AXE – Celtic Ceremonial Axes from Horné Orešany (Slovakia)
Anglie: Archaeologists search for prehistoric settlements in fields where Bronze Age remains were revealed by Google Earth
Anglie: Roman pottery kiln uncovered near Manningtree, Essex
Anglie: Death of a Traitor: re-evaluation of human remains excavated from Hulton Abbey
Skandinávie: „Skald Þorbjǫrn vytesal runy“ aneb vznik runového kamene
Dánsko: Old cemetery found in central Copenhagen
Německo: Der Bissen der Erkenntnis & Stabil über Millionen Jahre
Itálie: Archeological Museum Opens Underground in Milan
Izrael: Looters caught red handed in Israel
Indie: 10th century sculpture of Buddha found in Thanjavur
Papua Nová Guinea: Prehistoric caves found in Papua
USA: The 20 Oldest Houses In The United States
Louisiana (USA): Mystery of missing Confederate submarines tackled by Louisiana archaeologist
Jižní Karolína (USA): After 150 years, the H.L. Hunley ready to reveal its secrets

II. 2015
Řecko: Exploring the Titanic of the Ancient World
Čína: Why Footbinding Persisted in China for a Millennium

31. 1. 2015
First Major Exhibition of Hellenistic Bronzes to Tour Internationally
Anglie: Northampton's medieval chess workshop 'first to be found'
Wales: Uni wins £54k funding for archaeology opera
Norsko: Ceremonial Drinking in the Viking Age
Rusko: V Moskvě hoří největší ruská knihovna společenských věd, nejvzácnější tisky se zachránily / Fire in major Russian library destroys 1m historic documents & Books saved as library burns in Moscow
Irák: ISIS loots and burns ancient libraries in Iraq
Indie: Ahmedabad darwazas to regain imperial charm
Indie: Rajasthan village yields artefacts of yore
Indie: Satvahana site to be re-excavated
Kambodža: French Tourists to Be Deported Over Nude Photo Shoot at Cambodian Temple