Zprávy ze světa - rok 2014

31. 12. 2014
8 Ancient Geoglyphs Across the Globe
Švýcarsko: Der "Röstigraben", die verbindende Kluft der Helvetier
Kypr: New light shed on Amathus construct
Izrael: Weighing up the evidence for the ‘Historical Jesus’
Izrael: Antiquities thief busted with over 800 ancient coins
Kanada: Bones found on Canadian beach likely from ‘coffin ship’ from Ireland’s Great Famine / Human bones discovered on Gaspé peninsula ‘witnesses to a tragic event’

30. 12. 2014
Slovensko: Príbeh roka 2014: Máme Tutanchamóna. Len ho niet kde vystaviť
Anglie: More information emerges on archaeological finds at site of new extra care scheme
Anglie: Archaeological dig at £7m car park suggests hats were made from cats in medieval Norwich
Norsko/Británie: Mid-Norway Vikings among the first to sail to British Isles
Norsko: 1300-year old ski is being reconstructed
Norsko: Viking Children Learned the Art of War
Švýcarsko: Parasite eggs from the Celtic period found in Switzerland / Eggs of intestinal parasites identified in Late Iron Age site
Rakousko: V Rakúsku objavili tajnú zbraň Tretej ríše: Podzemné laboratórium potvrdilo najväčšie obavy!
Chorvatsko: Spectacular Roman finds under Europe's oldest public theatre
Kypr: New finds at the Vretsia prehistoric hunting site
Turecko: Van’s Iron age castle new ancient discovery
Turecko: Turkish superstitions, rituals and myths
Írán: New burials discovered in Burnt City / Unique marble jar found in Iran’s Shahr-e Sukhteh
Rusko: Under-cabinet director general of the Tver Museum found an ancient treasure
Rusko: Bone Music: How Banned Western Music in the Soviet Union Was Printed on Repurposed X-Ray Records
USA: Did a Volcano Wipe Out the Neanderthals?
Chile: Myths and Mysteries Surround Chile's Desert Drawings

29. 12. 2014
Polsko: Polskie muzeum opracowało nowatorską metodę dokumentacji wraków
Polsko: Archeolodzy wznowią poszukiwania pola bitwy pod Grunwaldem
Izrael: Archaeologists Investigate Early Urban Center Near Sea of Galilee
Omán: '4000-year old carving on rock vandalised': Call to protect Oman's historical sites
Kambodža: The 're-wilding' of Angkor Wat
Belize: Belize's 'Blue Hole' Reveals Clues to Maya's Climate Doom

28. 12. 2014
Flying over the Middle Ages
Anglie: 'Earspoon' uncovered at Leiston Abbey dig
Skotsko: Tram works unearth piece of Scottish prehistory
Francie: Excavation of Saint-Germain church
Ukrajina: Archaeologists Have Unearthed a 6,000-Year-Old Mega-Temple Built by a Matriarchal Society / Evidence of sacrificial practices found at 6,000 year old temple in Ukraine / More on 6,000 year old temple found in Ukraine / Ancient Trypillian Temple Discovered in Ukraine
Egypt: The online battle for papyrus texts
Turecko: Ancient Middle East Shipwrecks Shed Light on Shipbuilding History
Turecko: Massive ancient underground city discovered in Turkey's Nevşehir / New details emerge in massive ancient underground city discovery in Cappadocia / Objev roku 2014: V turecké Kappadokii objevili zřejmě největší podzemní město na světě!
Afghánistán: Meet the Afghan Workers Restoring Historic Landmarks Destroyed by the Taliban
Indie: 4,000 year old house found at Baghpat village offers rare clue to Harappan habitation
Virginie/Severní Karolína (USA): Fleeing To Dismal Swamp, Slaves And Outcasts Found Freedom

27. 12. 2014
Coolest Archaeological Discoveries of 2014
Dánsko: Researchers try to answer mystery of saintly skull
Německo: Apokalyptischer Orkan entschied die Varusschlacht
Polsko: Obóz Jagiełły stał w innym miejscu
Polsko: Odpalamy laser czyli jak podejrzeć dane LiDAR w Geoportalu
Turecko: Coffee and coffeehouses among the Ottomans
Pákistán: Ancient Buddhist stupa and Kushan-era coins discovered in Pakistan / Buddhist sculptures, Kushan-era coins found at Bhamala
Uzbekistán/Korea: Experts restore mural depicting envoys Goguryeo Dynasty from 1,3000 years ago
Jižní Afrika: Archaeologists Investigate Early Modern Human Adaptability in South African Rock Shelters

26. 12. 2014
Anglie: Enigmatic symbols and carvings in man-made cave in England confound experts
Skotsko: New project will reveal history of ancient hill fort near Ben Nevis
Skotsko: Bull plays security guard for archaeological hoard
Itálie: Italy looks for help with heritage management
Turecko: Secret tunnel in Dracula’s castle to open to tourism
New York (USA): After Fire, a Rush to Preserve History

25. 12. 2014
Coolest Archaeological Discoveries of 2014
Slovensko: Garáže pod Bratislavským hradem se staví na místě římských podlah
Malta: Exploration into why a rich Temple-building civilization died out on Malta
Turecko: Hittite rock inscription in Bolkar Mountain to be taken under protection
Turecko: Mardin Castle restored by climbers
Írán: Iran's Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System in photos
Pákistán: Police arrest six men for illegal excavation in Swat
Austrálie: Pigments and palettes from the past – science of Indigenous art

24. 12. 2014
Anglie: 800-year-old contract to go on show in Wigan
Wales: Exotic hoard artefacts found in field hint at long-distance Bronze Age sea travel, say archaeologists in Wales
Nizozemsko: 'Carthage' at the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden in Leiden, the Netherlands
Belgie/Írán: Belgium to return stolen artefacts to Iran
Kypr: Hellenistic Agora in Nea Paphos located
Turecko: Batman's castle from Medieval ages
Vietnam: Millennia-old village unearthed in northern Vietnam
Čína: Mystery of Ancient Chinese Civilization's Disappearance Explained / Chinese Civilization's Mysterious Disappearance Solved

23. 12. 2014
Anglie: Hunter-gatherer past shows our fragile bones result from physical inactivity since invention of farming / Our Weaker Bones a Recent Evolutionary Development, Say Researchers / Lidem zřídly kosti o pětinu, když přestali lovit, tvrdí studie
Anglie: Iron Age finds unearthed at reservoir construction site
Anglie/Řecko: Forbes: The British Museum should return the Parthenon Marbles to Greece
Německo: Historischer Fund im Plumpsklo
Německo: Elektroschrott - heute im Müll, morgen im Museum?
Polsko: Ważne odkrycia bez użycia łopaty – archeolodzy w średniowiecznych grodziskach
Itálie: Pompeii restored with help of artefact thieves / Guilty thieves return ancient Roman objects to Pompeii
Řecko: 44-Clues to Amphipolis tomb’s mysterious occupant slowly surface (1) (2) (3)
Malta: 50 new sites in Malta scheduled for protection
Rusko: Ancient bronze ram unearthed in Phanagoria named Russia’s most compelling find in 2014
Turecko: Bouleuterion unearthed in ancient Smyrna
Turecko: Assembly of Romans finally comes to light
Turecko: Scientists discover oldest stone tool ever found in Turkey / Scientists discover oldest stone tool ever found in Turkey
Turecko: İznik’s basilica among top 10 discoveries
Rusko: The Most Compelling Archaeological Discovery in Russia for 2014
Izrael: Antiquities Authority finds 1,600-year-old glass bracelet with menorah inscription
Izrael: Ancient synagogue unearthed in Magdala

Maryland (USA): End of archaeological dig at Mt. Clare Mansion stirs controversy

22. 12. 2014
Top 5 Archaeological Discoveries of 2014
Slovensko: Reconstruction of a church floor unveils rare archaeological findings
Polsko: Szczecińscy archeolodzy odkryli budowle megalityczne / Szczecin archaeologists discovered megalithic structures
Polsko: Średniowieczny handel na wystawie w Poznaniu
Polsko: The mystery of Chopin's death
Polsko: Understanding the people of the lake
Itálie: Sailors & Marines help to excavate ancient burial site in Parco Forestale Di Calaforno
Itálie/Austrálie: Twenty-five century-old mystery uncovered
Řecko: First geophysical scan of Amphipolis mound released
Řecko: The Southeast Naxos Survey 2015
Čína: The site of ancient Sizhou city rediscovered
Kanada: 13,800-year-old Haida site found underwater in Canada
Mexiko: 100 years of the discovery of the Great Temple celebrated with an exhibition in Mexico
Kostarika: Mysterious pre-Columbian spheres on show in Costa Rican capital

21. 12. 2014
Archaeological Evidence for 1,700-Year-Old Chemical Warfare
Itálie: Italy to bring private sector into its museums in effort to make a profit
Indie: Prehistoric site spotted in Nalgonda
Brazílie: Sonar maps and images created of steamship lost more than 100 years ago

20. 12. 2014
Popular Archaeology Releases New Ebook
Slovensko: Mŕtvi novorodenci, pes bez hlavy a prevarené kosti hovoria jasnou rečou: Kanibali na Slovensku! / Na Slovensku našli stopy po lidojedech
Anglie: Rare festive finds discovered in Roman child's grave near Tamworth
Irsko: Newgrange and the Winter Solstice
Francie: Re-creating 36,000 year-old Chauvet cave art
Egypt: BYU dig license revoked over 'million mummy' claim / BYU archaeology dig license revoked after controversial ‘mummies’ find
Přední Východ: The Real Indy
Turecko: The Jews and Anatolia: 2,500 years of history

19. 12. 2014
Top 10 Archaeological Discoveries of 2014
Anglie: Stonehenge dig finds 6,000 year old encampment / Archaeologists slam Stonehenge tunnel plan / Záhadné objavy v okolí Stonehengu môžu prepísať dejiny
Anglie: Earliest bronze dagger ever found in Britain rediscovered with ancient chieftain
(Severní) Irsko: Ireland’s Bronze Age gold
Dánsko: Coin hoard found at Copenhagen star fortress
Norsko: Vikings Never Gave Up: Viking Village Becomes a Reality
Švýcarsko: Rekonstruktion des Pfahlbauhauses geht nach Thayngen
Německo: Landesdenkmalpflege ist von heute an im Regierungspräsidium Stuttgart gebündelt
Německo: Drogen in Rinderzähnen nachgewiesen
Německo: Jäger drängten Mammuts schon vor 30.000 Jahren zurück
Německo: Wertvolles Glas: Zerbrechliche Vergangenheit bewahren
Španělsko: Digging up the 'Spanish Vikings' / Anchors provide clues to Spanish Vikings
Itálie: Verona's amphitheatre to be restored
Řecko: More structures identified at Amphipolis mound
Tunisko: Auf den Spuren einer Legende
Turecko: Ottoman paint shop to open to tourists
Kalifornie (USA): Arrow Heads and Other Artifacts Stolen from Lake Oroville State Recreation Area Recovered

18. 12. 2014
Slovensko: Rímsky nápis už ťažko prečítať
Polsko: Kamienna amunicja na wystawie w Krakowie
Řecko: Sanctuary of Asclepius in Epidaurus to get a makeover
Turecko: Byzantine skull shows evidence of brain surgery
Turecko: Thousands-year-old bones come to surface in Istanbul
Egypt: Egypt reopens tomb as tourism falls / Egypt reopens tomb of Nefertari as tourism falls
Izrael: Archaeologists unearth royal entry complex at Herodian Hilltop Palace / Monumental Entryway to King Herod’s Palace at Herodium Excavated / V Izraeli našli výborně zachovanou klenutou chodbu do Herodia
Indonésie: Indonesian Cave Art Among Science's Top 10 Breakthroughs of 2014

17. 12. 2014
What did the Romans ever do for us? They left a water warning
Did the Romans invent Christmas?
Anglie: Earliest known piece of polyphonic music found
Anglie: Archaeological dig uncovers 10,000 years of Northumberland history
Skotsko: Tombs in Neolithic Orkney reveal ancient beliefs, taboos and superstitions of mourners and dead
Skotsko: Virtual view for some of Scotland’s most iconic heritage sites
Polsko: Legendarne początki Polski w Grzybowie
Francie: Gothic cathedrals blend iron and stone
Itálie: Vom Wallneregg zum „Roarer Windspiel“
Řecko: Ancient Athens 3D
Řecko: Neolithic remains found in hidden Greek island cave
Kypr/Anglie: 12th century Cypriot looted frescoes presented in London
Turecko: Human skeleton found in ancient city of Misis
Egypt: Intriguing discoveries from million-mummy necropolis in Egypt revealed / Controversy surrounds excavation of million mummy tomb
Súdán: Decapitated head of Emperor which amazed archaeologists in Sudan in 1910 goes on display
Sýrie: The Destruction of Syria’s Cultural Patrimony / Widespread looting and damage to historical sites in Syria / Satellite images reveal plight of six Syrian sites
USA: Commensal bacteria were critical shapers of early human populations
Georgie (USA): South Georgia artifact thieves video their own crimes
Florida (USA): MAI dig suggests human presence at Old Vero Man site
Peru: Drone Footage Shows Extent Of Greenpeace's Damage To Peru's Nazca Site
Austrálie: 'It's like spiritual genocide': CSG miner faces fresh fight to drill Indigenous heritage site

16. 12. 2014
A Step Closer to the Mysterious Origin of the Viking Sword Ulfberht
Slovensko: Veľmož zatiaľ odpočíva v sklade
Anglie: Protesters take next step in Oswestry Hillfort homes battle
Anglie: Mary Rose sailors had childhood rickets, study finds
Skotsko: Neolithic and Bronze Age cists and tombs show tensions between changing prehistoric ideologies
Dánsko: Venison with mead, haunches of boar and the occasional bowl of RISOTTO: The surprisingly tasty treats enjoyed by the Vikings revealed
Polsko: Niesamowite odkrycie archeologiczne w powiecie chojnickim. Skarb leżał pod ziemią / Late Bronze Age treasure found in the field near Chojnice
Itálie: Back to future with Roman architectural concrete / Back to future with Roman architectural concrete: Advanced light source reveals key to longevity of imperial Roman monuments
Itálie/Řecko: Images in Roman mosaics meant to dispel the envious
Řecko: Why the Pantheon Hasn’t Crumbled
Bulharsko: Rzymscy legioniści byli czyścioszkami
Izrael: Discovery of official clay seals support existence of biblical kings David and Solomon, archaeologists say
Egypt: Million-Mummy Cemetery Unearthed in Egypt
Indie: Adivasi Gond tribe may have migrated from Indus Valley
Čína: Ancient stone Buddha statues found in SW China
USA: Spirituality shaped through cultural understandings, says Stanford anthropologist
USA: What was the 'Paleo diet'? There was far more than one, study suggests
Nové Mexiko (USA): Archaeologists Worry As Drilling Approaches Chaco
Florida (USA): Excavation suggests human presence at Old Vero Man site in Florida / Vero dig suggests Human presence at site
Velikonoční ostrov: Dental plaque reveals key plant in prehistoric Easter Island diet / Dental calculus reveals sweet potato as staple food for pre-contact Easter Islanders

15. 12. 2014
Anglie: Earliest handaxe in Britain
Anglie: Bronze Age skeleton 'warrior chief' / Chichester skeleton: Racton Man 'was warrior chief killed in battle' / Story of man and dagger found in UK field is finally told – 4,200 years on
Anglie: Norse Elements in the work of J.R.R. Tolkien
Anglie: Could mystery horse skeleton be legendary 18th century racehorse Doctor Syntax?
Anglie: Under Stonehenge
Anglie: Report from the Worcestershire Archive & Archaeology Service
Dánsko: Oldest Danish town possibly older / Scandinavia’s oldest town built earlier than thought
Dánsko: Reshaping the horse through millennia
Polsko: Skarby z wrocławskiej obwodnicy na wystawie
Španělsko: Images in Roman mosaics meant to dispel the envious
Itálie: Taxes and costs, 70 Italian castles on sale
Egypt: World War II RAF Kittyhawk fighter plane found in the Sahara Desert in Egypt
Egypt: Egypt unveils renovated Tutankhamun gallery
Tunisko: Carthage - Phoenician and Roman Colony in Tunisia
Izrael: 2,800 year old farm house discovered in Israel / An Impressive 2,800 Year Old Farm House discovered in Rosh Ha-‘Ayin / An Impressive 2,800 Year Old Farm House was Uncovered in Rosh Ha-‘Ayin (December 2014)
Izrael: Habitual use of fire as told from cave near Haifa
Írán: The Price of Plunder
Indie: Telhara University's ruins older than Nalanda, Vikramshila
Altaj (Rusko): Mausoleum plans unveiled for homecoming of Siberian ice maiden
Kanada: Off The Grid
USA: Navajo officials win bid to buy back tribal artefacts at contested auction
Mississippi (USA): MSU department announces major archaeological find
Mexiko: Naia—the 13,000-Year-Old Native American
Mexiko: Maya Cities Lost and Found
Mexiko: Year in review: Genes, bones tell new Clovis stories
Guatemala: Drought and Ancient Maya Practices Spelled Collapse of Tikal, Says Study

14. 12. 2014
Anglie: Arts Council recognises Somerset history collection as museum
Anglie: Sights for Sore Eyes: Vision and Health in Medieval England
Dánsko: The oldest Onion in Denmark
Norsko: The Hoen Viking Age Gold Treasure
Řecko: Amphipolis Tomb Animated in New Breathtaking 3D Video
Turecko: Ancient relief revealed in İzmir
Egypt: Pharaoh’s statue restored 3,200 years after collapse in earthquake
Altaj (Rusko): Ukok Princess to find final resting place in Altai
USA: What did ancient Babylonian songs sound like? Something like this

13. 12. 2014
Anglie: How Witches Looked in Medieval Art
Srbsko: Relief of Danubian Horseman found in Viminacium
Řecko: 4,000 year old cemetery found in northern Greece / After Amphipolis, New Ancient Burial Ground Found in Platamonas
Turecko: The Mevlevis, a mystical sect of Anatolia
Izrael: 7,500-year-old underwater village may have been oldest olive oil production center in the world
How to Make Cuneiform Tablet Cookies
Peru: Ancient mummy prepared for public exhibition after excavation in 2012
Peru: Uncovering the Secrets of Cosma
Japonsko: Discovery in Nara Prefecture suggests building linked to imperial family 13 centuries ago / Discovery in Nara suggests building linked to imperial family 13 centuries ago

12. 12. 2014
Alarmierende Berichte über Raubgrabungen in aller Welt
Glacier Archaeology Comes of Age
The codpiece: social fashion or medical need?
Británie: 10 Photos Taken While Flying Over Iron Age Hillforts Covered in Snow
Anglie: How the A11 work uncovered secrets of Norfolk and Suffolk’s past
Anglie: Experts ready to reflect on rare £33,000 Iron Age mirror at the Oxfordshire Museum
Anglie: Viking hoard revealed in all its beauty / Beauty of hoard is revealed as rare Viking treasures displayed / York Viking treasure back on display after conservation
Island: An Icelandic Family Farm Finds Roots in their Traditions
Německo: Jahrtausende alte Pferde-DNS offenbart Zuchtpräferenzen
Německo: Mammut nur Nahrungsergänzung bei Neandertalern?
Německo: Antikenmuseum präsentiert wertvolle Sarkophage
Německo/Irák/Sýrie: Germany to crack down on antiquity theft by ISIS
Středomoří: Water and the rise and fall of the Roman Empire
Řecko: Temple of Artemis in Vavrona flooded
Kypr/Německo: German court to decide by March on fate of looted Cypriot treasures
Turecko: Drought in Lake Van exposes long-submerged Ottoman structures
Izrael: Israeli cave offers clues about when humans mastered fire
Egypt: Rare scenes on ancient Egyptian coffin reveal influence of Persian Empire occupation / Does this coffin show Ancient Egypt’s decline?
Egypt: V Egyptě objevili novou hrobku. Patřila manželce neznámého faraona / Archeologové objevili v Egyptě hrobku faraónovy manželky / 3,000-year-old tomb of Egyptian queen unearthed in Luxor
Tunisko: Tunisia adopts measures to safegaurd ancient Carthage
Indie: 14th century bronze idols discovered
Sibiř (Rusko): Archeolodzy prowadzili wykopaliska wśród syberyjskich kurhanów
USA/Řecko: US to return Byzantine manuscript to Greece

11. 12. 2014
Anglie: Axeheads, burials, knives and more from the Viking cemetery which amazed archaeologists in Cumbria
Anglie: The Headless Romans: Headhunting, Defeated Gladiators or Natural River Movement?
Skotsko: An Iron Age room with a view
Kypr: Eighth season at Katalymata ton Plakoton completed
Turecko: Ancient holy road to now serve tourism / Ancient Greek sacred road to now serve Turkish tourism
Turecko/USA: US returns Turkish artifacts
Florida (USA): Miami dredge project finds 18th century cannon

10. 12. 2014
Británie: The Wreck Detectives
Wales: Newport's Medieval Ship on the move
Polsko: „Historie ponad granicami” w Elblągu
Itálie: Ancient Roman statues emerge from British ambassador's garden in Rome
Ukrajina: Polscy archeolodzy w starożytnej kolonii greckiej w Tanais
Řecko: 'BEYOND. Death and Afterlife in Ancient Greece' at The Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens
Egypt/Německo: Antiquities Minister heads to Berlin conference on cultural heritage
Libanon: Sacred sites in Southern Lebanon are losing their value
Indie: Carbon soot particles, dust blamed for discoloring India's Taj Mahal
Indie: Quarrying destroys megalithic dolmens in Thrissur
Amerika: Yes, Syphilis Sailed the Ocean Blue (Op-Ed)
Kalifornie (USA): First images of historic San Francisco shipwreck, SS City of Rio de Janeiro
Arizona (USA): Planned Arizona copper mine would put a hole in Apache archaeology
Washington (USA): Quileute Tribe celebrates discovery of historic rock carving
Latinská Amerika: Drugs in Early Americas Included 'Magic' Mushrooms and Toad Skins / The use of hallucinogenic drugs in pre-Columbian Mesoamerican cultures
Peru: Archaeologists Excavate Ancient Wari Temple in Peru
Peru: Peru to take legal action over Greenpeace stunt at ancient Nazca lines / Aktivisté Greenpeace poškodili obrazce na planině Nazca, tvrdí Peru

9. 12. 2014
Řecko: Scientists to offer a glimpse of Antikythera shipwreck discoveries
Turecko: Unique Roman bath in Central Anatolian town
Egypt: 2500-Year-Old Mummy of Teenage Boy Revealed
Egypt: 2,400-Year-Old Coffin's 'Odd' Art Hints at Ancient Egypt's Brain Drain
Egypt: Fatimid Cemetery in Aswan opened for public
Izrael: Underwater excavation reveals lost Levantine village / Submerged Neolithic village found off Israel coast
Panama: Penn Museum Exhibits Spectacular Finds from Ancient Panama
Japonsko: Letters by 16th-century warlords Nobunaga, Hideyoshi found in Kobe
Nový Zéland: Early humans single-handedly nudged out New Zealand megafauna

8. 12. 2014
Anglie/Irsko: DNA from parchment helps trace agricultural development across the centuries / Scientists reveal parchment's hidden stories
Dánsko: Danish Bronze Age glass beads traced to Egypt & Beads Found In Ancient Danish Graves Match Glass Made For King Tut
Švédsko: Viking feasting hall identified by ground penetrating radar / Major Viking Hall Identified in Sweden / Major Viking feasting hall identified in Sweden
Skandinávie: Think again about the pillaging Viking warriors - it wasn't just the men who raided Britain
Nizozemsko: Mammoth skeleton hauled from the North Sea
Německo: Leopard complex spotting and congenital night blindness – ancient horse DNA revealed human breeding preferences
Kypr: Krakowscy archeolodzy odkryli agorę hellenistyczną w Nea Pafos
Egypt: Ancient sarcophagus belonging to singer of god Amun unearthed in Luxor
Indie: Prehistoric rock art sites under threat in India / Quarrying threatens paleolithic rock art in Palakkad
Čína: Ornate Clothing from the Ming Dynasty Unearthed in China (Photos) / Opulent Clothing Unearthed in Ming Dynasty Tomb

7. 12. 2014
Archaeological Evidence for 1,700-Year-Old Chemical Warfare
Slovensko: Liptovské múzeum v Ružomberku bolo v úlohe archeológa úspešné
Anglie: The Mighty Wall of Hadrian, Emperor of Rome
Itálie: Traces of Empire – Bronze casting with Giovanna Fregni
Izrael: Antiquity thieves caught at Cave of Skulls searching for Dead Sea artefacts / Dead Sea Scroll Thieves Brought to Justice
Turecko/Řecko/Anglie: Turkey backs Greek fight for Elgin Marbles
Sýrie/Irák: Looting, Antiquities Trafficking Supporting ISIS, Say Officials
Afghánistán: Afghánské artefakty v Náprstkově muzeu
Indie: The Indus Valley Civilization: An ornamented past, revealed in 5,000-year-old artifacts and jewelry
Ohio (USA): Archaeology: Flint tool disappeared with Hopewell culture
Washington (USA): Locked Away for Years, Skeleton's Secrets Rewrite Prehistory of North America
Austrálie: One of Australia's first bridges found within Parramatta's historic Lennox Bridge

6. 12. 2014
Anglie/Řecko: British Museum to send more Elgin Marbles abroad despite Greek anger
Řecko: Education in Ancient Greece
Egypt: Mahlab inaugurates first phase of new Egyptian civilization museum
Egypt: Ancient tomb of ancient Egyptian vizier in Luxor to be opened Dec 20
Turecko: The Church from Byzantium to the Ottomans
Sibiř (Rusko): Bones of 4,500 year-old Siberian show he was suffering from cancer / Scientists find ancient case of human cancer in man who died 4,500 years ago

5. 12. 2014
Anglie: Archaeologists scour First World War airbase at Narborough
Anglie/Rusko/Řecko: Parthenon marbles loaned to Russian museum
Francie: Hrozný objav: Vykopávky odhalili kostry so železným obojkom na krku
Německo: Einzigartiger Kirchenbau aus dem 7. Jahrhundert in Mainz nachgewiesen
Německo: Mitteleuropa wohl keine Kontaktzone von Neandertalern und modernen Menschen
Německo: »Ellwangen rückt in den Fokus der Mittelalterarchäologie«
Polsko: Otwarto ekspozycję w podziemiach przemyskiej archikatedry
Turecko: Anatolia’s bone collection sheds light on history
Egypt: Sphinx unearthed at Karnak temple
Egypt: Restaurierung des Fatimidenfriedhofs von Assuan abgeschlossen
Ujghuristán (Čína): Xinjiang Khotanese Buddhist wall paintings displayed in Shanghai
Čína: Chinas wirtschaftliche Hochblüte im ersten Jahrtausend vor Christus
Kanada: Evidence of early Norse metalwork in Canada / Thousand-year-old crucible provides more evidence of the Vikings in Canada’s Arctic / Evidence of Vikings in Canada
Hawaj (USA): Research team discovers intact 'ghost ship' off the coast of Oahu / Sunken WWII Ship, Famed for Pearl Harbor Rescue Mission, Discovered Off Hawaii Coast
Japonsko: Imperial Household Agency loosens up on access to Osaka burial mound

4. 12. 2014
Natural selection is furthering mutations that are making skin paler
Anglie: Ancient Pond, Bronze Fingernail Cleaner Hint at Roman Settlement
Normanské ostrovy: Archaeologists in Jersey find solid gold torc hidden in Celtic coin hoard / Six Celtic golden torcs have been found packed among 70,000 coins from a Jersey Island hoard
Dánsko: Archaeologists unearth warrior skeletons in Jutland
Německo: Heimwerker der Steinzeit
Itálie: Giant Ancient Roman Water Basin Uncovered / Riesiges römisches Wasserreservoir entdeckt
Egypt: Saving Khufu’s second boat
Namibie: Uncovering one of mankind’s most ancient lineages
Virginie (USA): Virginia Brewery Taps 300-Year-Old Beer Recipe
Washington/Colorado (USA): Localised drought contributed to 13th century southwest Colorado depopulation / Localized climate change contributed to ancient southwest depopulation

3. 12. 2014
Parasites and the evolution of primate culture
Anglie: Saxon remains uncovered at Kirkdale church
Anglie: Gardener unearths Anglo-Saxon carving in job lot of rockery stone
Anglie: Old Sarum survey reveals new information about medieval city layout / V Anglii objevili středověký královský palác, podívejte se
Anglie: Mary Rose dog was a he, not a she
Anglie: Shovels Untouched, Archaeologists Survey a Medieval Town in Britain
Anglie: Dirt provides new insight into Roman burials / Frankincense used in Late Roman Britain elite funerals / Sweet discovery: frankincense found in Roman burial sites across the UK
Skotsko: Late Roman and Pictish hacksilver hoard found in Aberdeenshire
Island: Viking Saga Quote: “He stood so convenient for hewing”
Island: Beer, beef and politics: Findings at viking archaeological site show power trumping practicality / Feasting and politics in Viking Iceland / Findings at Viking archaeological site show power trumping practicality / Vikings and the little ice age: The end of beef and beer
Norsko/Británie/Irsko: Insular artefacts from Viking-Age burials from mid-Norway. A review of contact between Trøndelag and Britain and Ireland
Polsko: Zagadka grobu znad mazurskiego jeziora rozwiązana / Mystery of the grave by the Mazury lake solved
Francie: Shackled individuals found in Gallo-Roman cemetery in southwest France
Itálie: Work on Rome subway digs up ancient farm, tools / Subway Dig Unearths Ancient Farm in Heart of Modern Rome
Řecko: Amphipolis frieze features bull and human forms
Řecko: Road tunnel to run under ancient Greek city
Írán: Behestan Castle in Zanjan Province in photos
Jihoafrická republika: World's Oldest Art Identified in Half-Million-Year-Old Zigzag / Oldest ever engraving discovered on 500,000-year-old shell
Čína: Culture Insider: What did people eat in ancient China?
USA: The surprising origins of Europeans
New York (USA): New York City just opened up its New Amsterdam records, including Peter Stuyvesant's rules for drinking responsibly
Austrálie: Archaeologists search for Queensland's Range Hotel Township which was wiped from the map

2. 12. 2014
Slovensko: Na Slovensku pribudol nový archeopark
Slovensko: Ukázať či skryť? Vzácne nálezy na Hrade prekryje zem
Anglie: Skeleton in car park is Richard III beyond all reasonable doubt
Nizozemsko: Medieval Libraries Developed A Crude GPS System To Locate Books
Itálie: Exceptional Migration Period Excavation Crowdfunding Now
Egypt: Tomb of Amenhotep-Huy to be opened to the public
Indie: Remnants of 11th century temple found in Bhubaneswar
Indie: 200 year old gold coins dug up in Karnataka
Jižní Karolína (USA): Dig uncovers remnants of U.S. wharf where 100,000 slaves arrived / An Atrocious Relic Of American History Has Been Dug Up In South Carolina
Pensylvánie (USA): Artifacts at site of former slaves' village tell historic tale

1. 12. 2014
Anglie: Stonehenge road tunnel plan: some say victory, others say disaster
Anglie: Garden planter revealed as an 1,800-year-old Roman coffin
Anglie: Excavating WWI practice trenches in Cumbria
Anglie: Iron Age settlement unearthed at North East mine
Anglie/Dánsko/USA: Ancient dental plaque contains evidence for milk drinking habits
Irsko: Antlers and horse bones dating back 1,500 years found on Galway beach
Dánsko: This is what living in the Viking age looked like / This is what living in the Viking Age looked like
Švédsko: Macabre skeletal finds sheds new light on the Sandby borg massacre / Child skeleton sheds new light on 1,500-year-old crime mystery in Sweden
Polsko: Bronze Age burial mound discovered in Poland
Itálie: Forgotten 16th century ghetto in Rome rediscovered
Řecko: Ancient Greek Antikythera Mechanism reveals surprising advances in early science
Řecko: Alexander the Great Coins Found in Amphipolis Tomb
Řecko: Exhibition explores the healing practices of the Ancient Greeks
Izrael: Lessons From an Ancient Time When Recyclers Walked the Earth
Jordánsko: Polscy archeolodzy w starożytnym mieście Jowisza Kapitolińskiego / Polish archaeologists in the ancient city of Jupiter Capitolinus
Libanon: Research team discover the world’s largest ancient stone block in Baalbek / Largest Stone Block From Antiquity Found / Největší kvádr starověku překvapil německé archeology
Indie: Neolithic rock art site found in Andhra Pradesh
Indie: Early historic period rock painting site found in Kadapa
Indie: 'Unearthing Pattanam: Histories, Cultures, Crossing' at the National Museum of India
Kambodža: Search for the world's first zero leads to the home of Angkor Wat
Indonésie: Tjipetir mystery: Why are rubber-like blocks washing up on beaches?
Aljaška (USA)/Kanada: New C14 dates suggest mastodons in Alaska and Yukon were extinct long before human colonization / Proof found that humans could not have hunted mastodon in North America
Tennessee (USA): Knoxville archaeologist: 'Pristine' site near Third Creek Greenway worth saving
USA: Ability to consume alcohol may have shaped primate evolution / Booze culture may date back 10 million years, say scientists
Nový Zéland: Settlement reached following damage to iconic lime kilns

XII. 2014
Skotsko: Ness of Brodgar
Skandinávie/Východní Evropa: The Viking Silk Route
Grǿnsko: Sandhavn - Viking and Inuit Trading Port at Greenland
Egypt: The Controversial Afterlife of King Tut
Tunisko: The Tophet at Carthage: Ritual Cemetery of Punic Phoenicians
Jordánsko: Jordan, Long Before Petra
Indie: The Hill Fort of Shergarh (Rohtas, Bihar)

30. 11. 2014
Kambodža: Interactive map of major Angkor temples in new guide

29. 11. 2014
Německo: Secrets of 'Celtic princess of the Danube' revealed
Řecko/Británie: Did the British loot the Amphipolis tomb in 1916?
Řecko: Amphipolis Press Conference: Archaeologists reveal new secrets of ancient tomb at Kasta Hill
Japonsko: Japanese Unearth Remains, and Their Nation’s Past, on Guadalcanal

28. 11. 2014
Slovensko: Čo prezradili kosti starých Bratislavčanov?
Slovensko: Pod budúcou diaľnicou objavili praveké osídlenie
Anglie: 'Connecting Continents: Indian Ocean Trade and Exchange' opens at the British Museum
Irsko: Bones of 5,000-year-old Stone Age child and adult found in Irish cave
Německo: Wiedervereinigung in Baden-Württemberg: Landesamt für Denkmalpflege wieder zentralisiert
Německo: Mit gestapelten Papierzungen zur Reliquie
Německo: Wie vor 30.000 Jahren die Nahrung verteilt wurde
Německo: Auf den Spuren der ersten schwäbischen Bauern
Německo: LWL-Archäologen graben in der Kleppergasse
Německo: LWL erforscht in Saerbeck das Leben in der Eisenzeit
Švýcarsko/Rakousko: Zwischen den Zeilen gelesen
Kypr: Larnaka sewerage works expose significant finds
Čad: Changing faces: revealing ancient alterations in Saharan rock art
Čína: New age of the Lantian Homo erectus cranium extending to about 1.63 million years ago
USA: Kočka v sobě šelmu nikdy nezapře. Jak zdomácněla?
USA: Working together came from fighting each other

27. 11. 2014
Anglie: Saxon skeleton among discoveries in Aylesham
Wales: Bronze Age hoard found on farm land in Pembrokeshire, has been declared treasure
Francie: Venus of Renancourt pieced together from broken limestone fragments in northern France / 23,000-year-old statuette found in France adds to mysterious collection of 'Venus figurines' / 23,000 year old limestone 'Venus' dug up in France / Limestone 'Venus' 23,000 years old dug up in France
Polsko: Zabytki światowego piśmiennictwa w Poznaniu
Rumunsko: Z Krymu do Rumunii – polscy archeolodzy migrują w związku z sytuacją polityczną
Řecko: New analysis of Antikythera Mechanism reveals clues to one of history’s greatest puzzles
Turecko: Bathonea excavations shed light on Istanbul’s history
Turecko: Another Byzantine structure rescued in Istanbul
Egypt: Amenhotep III and Royal Priest Limestone Heads Discovered in Ruins in Egypt
Ethiopie: Lucy slaví 40 let! Vědci díky ní poodhalili původ člověka
Čína: New discovery at ancient Chinese kiln ruins site
USA: Ancient dental plaque: A 'Whey' into our milk drinking past? / OU Professor and team discover first evidence of milk consumption in ancient dental plaque
Japonsko: Museum finds drawings from Schliemann’s report on ancient Greek remains / Museum finds original drawings by Schliemann
Japonsko: Images drawn by Meiji Era carpenters found at Kyoto's Chionin temple
Austrálie: Heritage archaeologists reveal old observatory base in Parramatta Park

26. 11. 2014
These Ancient Condoms Will Make You Realize How Far Safe Sex Has Come
Anglie: Discovering Derventio: Beyond the Fort
Anglie: Riverbank works uncover ruins of homes from Shropshire landslip disaster
Polsko: Post-medieval Polish buried as potential 'vampires' were likely local / Examination of Polish deviant burials show they were non-immigrant / Polish 'vampires' likely victims of cholera epidemic / "Wampiry" z Drawska mogły być osobami zmarłymi na cholerę
Polsko: Jak wyglądał pogrzeb cystersa w Krzeszowie?
Německo: »Nordrhein-Westfalen spart an Archäologie und Baudenkmalpflege und vergeudet dennoch öffentliche Gelder«
Německo: Artefacts - Scientific Illustration & Archaeological Reconstruction
Kurdistán (Irák): Polscy archeolodzy powrócili z badań w irackim Kurdystanie
Čína: Ancient tomb from Six Dynasties discovered in Jiangxi
Čína: Imperial Office of the Tang Dynasty discovered at the ruins of Daming Palace
USA: Prehistoric conflict hastened human brain's capacity for collaboration

25. 11. 2014
Slovensko: Garáže na Bratislavskom hrade vyvolali odpor / Ničenie histórie výstavbou garáží na Hrade vyvolalo odpor
Anglie: Ironbridge lost cottages uncovered during works
Anglie: Oxford team shed light on Philae obelisk
Švédsko: Skarb polskiej rodziny archeologiczną sensacją w Szwecji
Francie/Egypt: Egypt will retrieve 239 artefacts from France in the next few days / France to return 239 artefacts to Egypt
Německo: Hamburgs Geschichte – Mythos Hammaburg
Německo: Archäologische Bericht im Open Access
Polsko/Turecko: Archeolodzy podsumują badania polskich i tureckich twierdz nad Dniestrem
Řecko: The evidence of military traumas in the Minoan and Mycenaean burials
Kypr: Excavations of the Pafos Agora Project 2014 & More on Dozens of items found at Paphos Agora site
Turecko: Ancient house with floor heating unearthed in southern Turkey
Gruzie: Golden Fleece myth was based on real events, geologists contend
Afghánistán: Raising Awareness of Afghanistan Cultural Heritage
Súdán: Evidence of domestic cereals in Sudan as early as 7,000 years ago
Thajsko/Kambodža/Malajsie: Ancient rock art discovery across Asia
Čína: Mixed agriculture in northern China developed at similar time to the Near East

24. 11. 2014
Morava/Německo: Tübingen biogeologists show how Gravettian people shared their food 30,000 years ago / People ate mammoth; Dogs got reindeer / Humans preferred mammoth to reindeer at 30,000 year old site
Slovensko: Karpatská Trója, alebo ako sa prezentujú archeologické náleziská
Slovensko: Zvrat v prípade vzácnych vykopávok pod hradom: Pamiatkári rozhodli o poslaneckých garážach
Anglie: Army hospital x-rays reveal intricacies of Anglo-Saxon sword, shield, spear and grave goods
Dánsko: Neolithic flint axe and preserved wooden handle discovered in Denmark
Norsko: Early Medieval Tunic recreated in Norway / Recreating clothes from the Iron Age / Recreating clothes from the Iron Age
Skandinávie: Viking Dogs Followed Their Masters to Valhalla
Polsko: Masowy grób sprzed 5 tys. lat na wystawie w Krzemionkach
Španělsko: Biopolitics for understanding social regulation and control through archaeology
Řecko: Painted Figures Found in Greece's Mystery Tomb
Turecko: Expedition returns from Anatolia: 1908
Turecko: Mammoth Ottoman carpet restored
Egypt: Restoration of Amenhotep III statues under way
Ujghuristán (Čína): 1,700-Year-Old Silk Road Cemetery Contains Mythical Carvings
Sibiř (Rusko): 40,000-year-old blood brings mammoth cloning closer
Kambodža: Expert urges gov’t to save site
Čína: Chinese Chickens May Have Been Domesticated 10,000 Years Ago
Kentucky (USA): Archaeology dig yields Hatfield and McCoy artifacts
Austrálie: Historic dump in Geraldton's cathedral grounds opened to the public for foraging

23. 11. 2014
Slovensko: Výskum osady Pod Rohačkou je robota aj na tri ľudské životy
Anglie: Archaeologists hail ‘incredible’ Norfolk Bronze Age discovery / Bronze Age dirk dagger used as doorstop saved with grant from the NHMF
Dánsko: How the bones of 1185 soldiers became part of the largest battlefield skeletal collection
Polsko: Warsztaty: co jedzono w średniowieczu zimą i jesienią
Řecko: Scientists expand excavation of ancient Amphipolis / Search continues at Amphipolis burial mound
Indie: Smiling Buddha idol unearthed at Ghantasala
Vietnam: Shipwrecks reveal ancient trade routes

22. 11. 2014
Anglie: Dive Into The Thames’ Past With Greenwich FROGs
Anglie: Saving historic sites from sea
Normanské ostrovy: Jersey experts find gold necklace in 'largest Celtic hoard' / Gold necklace found in 'largest Celtic hoard'
Německo: Das Grab der Keltenfürstin & Wer war die unbekannte Dritte?
Řecko: Archeologický objav roka je v Grécku, ukrýva telo Alexandra Veľkého?
Řecko: Search continues at ancient Greek burial mound (Update) / Search continues at Amphipolis burial mound
Turecko: Papyrus, parchment and paper in old Istanbul
Egypt: Restaurierung von nubischen Tempeln geplant
Arménie: Odkrycia polskich archeologów w Armenii / Discoveries of Polish archaeologists in Armenia / Evidence of massacre at ancient city of Metsamor

21. 11. 2014
Anglie: Beautiful Roman "Swiss army knife" is star archaeological attraction at Cambridge's Fitzwilliam Museum / Na „švýcara“ měli patent už Římané
Anglie: Secrets of the Staffordshire Hoard: Skills of the Saxon smiths revealed
Anglie: Castle’s archeological secrets to be revealed for the first time
Polsko: Poznań archaeologists studied a monumental mound / 'Monumental' burial mound excavated in Poland
Německo: Forscher weisen römische Anlandestelle in Bonn nach
Německo: Standortvorteile seit 12.000 Jahren
Německo: Für Zukunft der Porta Nigra nicht schwarzsehen
Itálie: Russian tourist 'carved letter K on Colosseum' / Tourist fined $30,000 for tagging Colosseum / Turista dostal za písmeno vyryté do Kolosea pokutu půl milionu
Itálie: Giganten auf Sardinien
Řecko: A look at Greece's Macedonian legacy
Řecko: Behind Tomb Connected to Alexander the Great, Intrigue Worthy of "Game of Thrones"
Turecko: Edirne Palace to gain status of ancient site
Turecko: Ancient game found in Roman era city / Game pieces found in ancient city of Kibyra
Turecko: Klimakapriolen der letzten 600.000 Jahre
Afrika: Afrika: Frühe Vielfalt auf dem Speiseplan
Egypt: Egyptian mummy wearing jewellery found / Ancient Egyptian Mummy Wearing Jewels Found
Libanon: Der dickste Brocken der Antike liegt im Libanon
Sýrie: An Ancient Zodiac from Arabia Discovered
Írán: Iron Age cemetery found in northwestern Iran
Čína: New palaeolithic finds broaden habitat of hominids of Northeast Asia / New paleolithic relics broaden habitat of hominids of Northeast Asia
Sibiř (Rusko): Could rare sword have belonged to Ivan the Terrible? / 12th century sword may have belonged to Ivan the Terrible

20. 11. 2014
Anglie: Solent's Stone Age village 'washing away'
Skotsko: Archaeologists dig into Glasgow School of Art’s Mackintosh library
Dánsko: Ranvaik’s Casket, an ornate shrine stolen during Viking raids on Ireland?
Německo: Speiseplatz der Götter
Španělsko: Extensive Roman gold mining hydraulic system discovered in Spain / Airborne LiDAR discovers Roman goldmines in Spain
Turecko: Roman tomb, skull unearthed in northwestern Turkey / Roman era tomb unearthed in northwestern Turkey
Egypt: Ancient Egyptian Handbook of Spells Deciphered / Ancient Egyptian codex deciphered, revealing 1,300-year-old spells and invocations / Ancient Coptic 'Handbook of Spells' deciphered
Izrael: New kid's Israeli archaeology game launched for iPhone
Tibet (Čína): Prehistoric Farming on the Tibetan Plateau
Indie: Horses and rhinos originated on Asian subcontinent while it was still an island
Indonésie: Buddhas to be reunited with their heads
USA: Reasearch supports Neanderthals as a separate species
Minnesota (USA): Minnesota archaeological dig reveals 2,000-year-old artifacts, campsites / Lake Shore dig unearths 2,000-year-old artefacts, campsites
Wisconsin (USA): New website lets you explore Lake Michigan's shipwrecks
Austrálie: Aboriginal rock art discovered on Sydney’s northern beaches a major ancient archaeological find / Ancient Aboriginal rock art site discovered in suburban Sydney

19. 11. 2014
Británie: Home: a Time Traveller’s Tales from Britain’s Prehistory by Francis Pryor, review: 'rambling but thought-provoking'
Anglie: Archaeologists race against time to explore Neanderthal site / Hampshire archaeologists battling nature in bid to explore Neanderthal site
Anglie: Dig uncovers Barnham’s former Roman residents
Dánsko: Scandinavians are the earliest Europeans
Polsko: Archeolodzy przebadali najstarsze relikty Sandomierza
Itálie: Archaeologists Excavate Imperial Roman Structure
Řecko: Submerged ancient ceramics workshop found in Delos / Small 'Underwater Pompeii' Found Off Greek Island / Unikátny nález: Vedci objavili ruiny starovekého mesta
Egypt: Survey Trip – Eastern Desert, Egypt
Afghánistán: In ‘Saving Mes Aynak,’ a real-life Indiana Jones fights to protect Afghanistan’s Buddhist heritage
Thajsko/USA: US Returns Looted Ancient Artifacts to Thailand
USA: Anthropologist uncovers issues of gender inequality in archaeology journals

18. 11. 2014
Anglie: Vindolanda Roman fort director selects top finds from 2014 discoveries
Skotsko: Threave Estate dig site dates from Iron Age
Dánsko: Dates from Viking fortress confirm it could have been built by Harald Bluetooth / Carbon dating confirms Viking age of circular fort
Řecko: Fragment of ancient grave stele unearthed at Kerameikos in Athens
Řecko: Majestic mosaic unearthed in Northern Greece
Turecko: Anavarza in Anatolia has richness of 10 ancient cities
Turecko: Turkey in spotlight as ‘world’s largest museum’
Egypt: Archaeologist leads the first detailed study of human remains at the ancient Egyptian site of Deir el-Medina
Kurdistán (Irák): Archeologové z Plzně dál zkoumají v Kurdistánu, ostatní ne
Kambodža: Three statue heads unearthed

17. 11. 2014
How Farming Almost Destroyed Ancient Human Civilization
Británie/Irsko: Climate change was not to blame for the collapse of the Bronze Age / One tiger economy helps understand collapse of another / Jak ovlivňovala období sucha úpadek starověkých říší?
Anglie: Anglo-Saxon skeletons found in Suffolk dig / High status Anglo-Saxon burials in Suffolk, England, may be linked to ancient King of East Anglia
Norsko: Keys Symbols of the Viking Women’s Independence
Polsko: W Świętokrzyskiem archeolodzy odkryli prehistoryczny kurhan
Itálie: Pompeii Pottery Workshop Frozen in Time: Photos / Vases in Pompeii Reveal Panic Before Eruption
Řecko: Tests on ancient Amphipolis remains could take more than eight months / Amphipolis tomb remains could take months
Izrael: Funds needed for Vatican synagogue in Israel / Funds needed to preserve ancient synagogue in Israel
Sýrie/Irák: Islamic State Antiquities Trade Stretches To Europe, United States
Sýrie: Archaeologists unearthing treasures just meters from ISIL
Írán: Excavations uncover large ancient gate in 2,500-year-old city of Persepolis in Iran
Čína: Archaeological site from Peking Man era unearthed in NE China
Utah (USA): Utah Cave Full of Children’s Moccasins Sheds Light on Little-Known Ancient Culture

16. 11. 2014
Irsko: Field in Waterford home to Ireland’s greatest Viking discoveries
Německo: Recreating The Neolithic Toolkit
Omán: Archaeologists Excavate Ancient Bronze Age Remains in Oman
Východní Karolína (USA): Rubbish dig casts new light on pre-Columbian village

15. 11. 2014
Tell-tales of war: Traditional stories highlight how ancient women survived
Kypr: Excavations reveal shops and building in Nea Paphos
Turecko: The Byzantium that is still with us
Egypt/Anglie: Revealed: Modern medicine unwraps ancient mysteries of Bolton's 2,000-year-old child mummy
Sýrie: Archaeologists discover 5,000 year old hieroglyphics at ancient site 20 METRES away from ISIS territory in Syria - and they want to turn it into a tourist attraction / Archeologové představili nálezy z místa poblíž syrských bojů
Kazachstán: Kazakh people practice the ancient art of hunting with golden eagles in Mongolia

14. 11. 2014
Francie: Meet the ancestors: Exhibition at Bordeaux gallery reveals faces of prehistoric humans
Německo: Tübinger Koranhandschrift älter als angenommen
Německo: Kulturgut in Gefahr: Konferenz zu Raubgrabungen und illegalem Handel
Itálie: The Appian Way on the wings of a bird
Itálie: Latrines, sewers show varied ancient Roman diet / Latrines, sewers show varied ancient Roman diet
Turecko: Construction company tries to cover up Byzantine structure with cement
Turecko: Turkey’s immortal city gets new lease on life
Saúdská Arábie: Saudi Arabia Bulldozes Over Its Heritage
Írán: Iran's archeological treasures made more vulnerable by tourist footfall
Čína: Ancient temple burned down to the ground in Shaanxi
Čína: Ears of ancient Chinese terra-cotta warriors offer clues to their creation / Ears of Ancient Chinese Terra-Cotta Warriors Offer Clues to Their Creation
Sibiř (Rusko): Is this what Siberian men used to shave in 2,000BC?
Polynésie: A thousand years of environmental change in Polynesia

13. 11. 2014
Anglie: Tools and primates: Opportunity, not necessity, is the mother of invention
Anglie: FLOOD DEFENCE: Digging for more Roman remains ahead of Derby river barrier work
Irsko: Galway motorway excavation sees soil throw up its ancient secrets
Skandinávie: The First Inhabitants in Scandinavia
Polsko: Dolina Dolnego Bugu odsłania tajemnice
Německo: Die DNA der Geschichte
Francie: Napoleon’s iconic hat up for auction in France / Veřejná dražba Napoleonových předmětů vynesla rekordní zisk přes 270 milionů korun
Francie/Řecko: 'Rhodes: A Greek Island and Gateway to the East' at the Louvre
Turecko: 11,000-year-old site of Aşıklı Höyük in Turkey reveals early brain surgery and ancient craftsmanship
Afrika: Did men evolve navigation skills to find mates?
Egypt: Archaeologists unearth ancient coins and dietary options / Cache of Ptolemaic coins unearthed in Egypt
Čína: 1,000-Year-Old Ancient Liao Dynasty Chinese Tomb Discovered With Stunning Murals [PHOTOS]
Japonsko: Scientists: Glass dish unearthed in Nara came from Roman Empire
USA: New Research Focuses TIGHAR’s Underwater Search for Earhart Plane
Amerika: 9,000-year-old man yields secrets of America's earliest inhabitants

12. 11. 2014
What language tells us about the roots of the stone age diet
Anglie: A tale of two seas: Last Ice Age has shaped sharks across Europe
Skotsko: National Museums Scotland – introducing the collections
Skotsko: 2,500-year-old furnace unearthed in Scots forest
Německo: Schon mehr als 11 000 Gäste erleben Geschichte hautnah
Španělsko: Organic matter identified in Levantine art may lead to new interpretations / Spain's Valltorta-Gassulla cave paintings examined
Řecko: Skeleton found at Amphipolis tomb site / Does the Alexander the Great-era tomb belong to the blue-eyed king? Remains of 'general' reveal that he was of medium height and had red hair / Archaeologists find skeleton in Alexander the Great-era tomb / Amphipolis skeleton from Alexander's time found in Greece / Amphipolis: Skull to allow reconstruction of occupant’s head
Řecko: NEW Macedonian tomb found in Aeges cemetery (photos) / Unlooted Macedonian tomb discovered at Vergina
Blízký Východ: Too many people, not enough water: Now and 2,700 years ago
Izrael: ‘Lost Gospel’ scholars claim manuscript reveals 'a married Jesus'
Egypt: 15 beams of Khufu's second solar boat arrive at GEM / 15 pieces of Khufu’s solar boat transported to GEM: Damaty
Egypt: Former Egyptian antiquities minister faces questions over theft from pyramid
Egypt: Deutsche Hobby-Archäologen zu fünf Jahren Haft verurteilt / Egypt convicts Germans over artefact theft
Egypt: A final call to save Alexandria’s antiquities
Turecko: Cappadocia’s 11,000-year-old settlement thrills experts
Indie: Secrets in stone: Art historian cracks the code of an ancient temple / Art historian cracks the code of an ancient temple
Sibiř (Rusko): Who built this Siberian summer palace… and why?
Mexiko: High-tech authentication of ancient artefacts
Mexiko: Ancient artefacts auctioned over Mexico objections

11. 11. 2014
Slovensko: Nitrianski archeológovia objavili v horách znaky prítomnosti Slovanov!
Anglie: VIDEO: Roman House destroyed in arson attack at Upton Country Park
Itálie: Archaeologists Investigate Underground Pyramidal Structure Beneath Orvieto, Italy / The Mysterious Ancient Etruscan Underground Pyramids Discovered in Italy
Blízký Východ: The Works of Old Men: Geoglyphs of the Middle East
Turecko: Roman stele depicting unknown god uncovered in southeast Turkey
Turecko: Life of Sagalassos people discussed at conference
Libanon: Phoenician grotto unearthed by roadworks in Lebanon
Aljaška (USA): Archaeologists discover remains of Ice Age infants in Alaska / Na Aljašce našli ostatky malých dětí z doby ledové
Nevada (USA): Archaeology of an atomic test site
Austrálie: The ancient art of the Dampier Archipelago

10. 11. 2014
Societies in harsh environments more likely to believe in moralizing gods
Anglie: Bigger is Better: Anglo-Saxons and their Beards
Anglie: Aerial survey uncovers 2,000 sites on Exmoor
Anglie: Yorkshire Hoards - Google Cultural Institute
Anglie: National Trust plans trail for Iron Age hill fort find
Skotsko: 'Prehistoric basket' uncovered by tide on North Uist
Dánsko: Archaeologists unearth 5,000-year-old footprints / 5,000 year-old footprints in the sand capture a moment in time
Řecko: Amphipolis mound handed over to geologists
Turecko: Mycenean artifacts found in Bodrum
Turecko: Unique Roman relief discovered: Depiction of unknown god in Turkey; Relics from 2,000 years of cult history excavated / Unique Roman Relief Discovered
Egypt: Egypt to open Sphinx area to tourists again
Aljaška (USA): ‘Twin’ Ice Age Infants Discovered in 11,500-Year-Old Alaska Grave
Arizona (USA): ASU professor emphasizes the humanity in archaeology
Washington (USA): Undergrads use sonar to uncover Lake Union shipwrecks
Peru: Archeolodzy: rabusie plądrujący groby obawiają się klątwy

9. 11. 2014
Anglie: New owners reveal exciting plans for Binchester Roman Town in County Durham
Anglie: The ‘Lost Diggers of Fromelles’: identifying and caring for the dead of the First World War
Anglie: Experts search for mass grave of Royal Anne shipwreck
Belgie: In Flanders fields, the largest ever WWI excavation
Řecko: Roadworks unearth classical tomb in NW Peloponnese
Irák/Sýrie: Nákupem starožitností z Iráku a Sýrie financují západní sběratelé islamisty
USA: The ‘Lost Diggers of Fromelles’: identifying and caring for the dead of the First World War
USA/Peru: Burke Museum to return artifacts to Peruvian government
Trinidad a Tobago: ‘A rare and historical find’ archaeologist discovers 17th-century shipwreck in Tobago

8. 11. 2014
Anglie: Roman pond found at Barnham archaeological site
Polsko: Różne aspekty duchowości poznańskiego Ostrowa Tumskiego na wystawie
Řecko: Ancient Pydna excavations and Alexander the Great (photos)
Řecko: Hunt for fourth chamber at Amphipolis continues / New geophysical scan suggests labyrinth of tombs lies within Amphipolis burial mound
Indie: Interactive history: MSU plans gazetteer of Harappan sites

7. 11. 2014
Anglie: England Under Attack from Vikings
Anglie/Řecko: British Museum director says "No" to return of Parthenon Sculptures
Norsko: 800-year-old body found in Norway supports Sverris Saga accuracy
Německo: Volk der Langobarden: Immer unterwegs
Německo: Seefahrt und maritimes Leben in der ägäischen Bronzezeit
Německo: Wie die Neandertaler sich dem Klima anpassten
Německo: Energieeffizienz vor 16.000 Jahren
Německo: Wie am Fließband: Neue Technik revolutioniert Digitalisierung musealer Objekte
Německo: Das Gilgamesch-Epos im Theater
Polsko: Wybitny polski archeolog XX wieku w internecie
Řecko: Derveni Papyrus candidate for UNESCO List
Bulharsko: The 'Yunatsite' settlement mound and the oldest European civilization
Turecko: Lange gesuchter Tempel der Artemis in Didyma gefunden?
Turecko: Pools, fountain discovered in ancient Kibyra
Egypt: The truth about Tutankhamun
Peru: Peru plans to map buried Inca capital

6. 11. 2014
Anglie: 'Demon Traps' Found in 17th-Century English House
Anglie: Thirteen charged over plot to steal high value items from a Durham Museum
Anglie: Archaeologist launches fresh legal bid to block housing access road on Fulford 'battlefield site.'
Německo: Spurensuche in Sachsens Vergangenheit: Grabungen am Burgberg in Eilenburg sind abgeschlossen
Německo: Ancient horse fossil preserves uterus with unborn foal
Polsko: Poznańscy archeolodzy przebadali monumentalny kurhan / W Wielkopolsce odkryto imponujący kurhan
Irák: V Iráku dál pracují čeští archeologové. Jen kousek od pozic Islámského státu
Čína: Ancient Salt-Processing Sites Uncovered in Jilin
Sibiř (Rusko): Europe Was a Melting Pot From the Start, Ancient DNA Reveals / 37,000-year-old bone surprisingly connects Ancient and Modern Europeans / Ancient DNA shows earliest European genomes weathered the Ice Age
Sibiř (Rusko): Complete 9,000-year-old frozen bison mummy found in Siberia / Complete 9,000-year-old frozen bison mummy found in Siberia
Kanada: Bell of captain’s ship recovered from Franklin Expedition

5. 11. 2014
Anglie: "Amazing" Bronze Age burial in Buckinghamshire contained skeletons of two children, say archaeologists / Bronze Age burial unearthed in Buckinghamshire
Anglie: Witchmarks to protect King James I found on concealed wooden beams / Witchmarks to protect King James I from evil found at Knole
Švédsko: Breakthrough on Understanding Demographic History of Scandinavian Stone-Age Humans
Řecko: Mosaics in Hadrianopolis open to tourists
Řecko: Byzantine treasures of Mount Athos to be digitized
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Uncover Veliki Preslav's Eastern Gate / Eastern Gate of medieval Bulgarian fortress located
Blízký Východ: The greatest buildings you'll never see: 19 priceless monuments lost in battle
Egypt: Documents from Roman Egypt give clues about childhood / 2,000-year-old youth organization / Teaching youths to become good ctizens in Roman Egypt
Turecko: Archaeologists Uncover Massive Fortifications in Ancient City of King Midas
Turecko/Irák: Population boom, droughts contributed to collapse of ancient Assyrian Empire
Indie: 5,000-year-old stepwell found in Dholavira, said to be largest in India
Korea: Shipwreck thought to date back to Joseon found
New York (USA): Post-Sandy construction uncovers 19th-century shipwreck
Mexiko: Expert: Water key to Mexico's Teotihuacan
Mexiko: Thousands of ancient artifacts uncovered at awesome Mexican temple
Nový Zéland: Small New Zealand population initiated rapid forest transition c. 750 years ago: Drier forests lost within decades, instead of centuries as previously thought

4. 11. 2014
Nechutné objavy. Archeologické nálezy ako vystrihnuté z hororu
Slovensko: Rakúšania sa z nás smejú! Vzácne pamiatky si ideme zabetónovať
Británie: The art world’s shame: why Britain must give its colonial booty back
Řecko: The dead man who wasn’t there
Turecko: New mosaics unearthed in ancient city of Zeugma
Uzbekistán: Objev v Uzbekistánu. Čeští archeologové nalezli zavlažovací systém z doby bronzové
Indie: Ancient tablet depicting lewd scene becomes object of veneration in India
Srí Lanka: Ancient Buddhist Monastery unearthed in Sri Lanka
Kanada: Halifax archaeologist unravelling the mystery of buried clothes
USA: 10-year-old Virginia boy donates a 14,000-year-old arrowhead to the Smithsonian
Peru: In pictures: Protecting Peru's ancient burial grounds

3. 11. 2014
Slovensko: Cez sídlisko z bronzovej doby budú uháňať vlaky
Skotsko: The Anatomage Table: Edinburgh’s virtual cadaver
Francie: The archaeology of daily life during the Great War
Francie: French museums face a cultural change over restitution of colonial objects
Polsko: Nowy cykl wykładów popularnonaukowych o archeologii
Polsko: Skarb Grodów Czerwieńskich w Radomiu
Řecko: Despotiko island soon to become open museum
Omán: Mega wave hit Oman's coast 4,500 years ago
Archaeologists discover various artifacts at University of Central Asia campus construction site in Naryn
Rusko: Children from lost civilisation 'helped build' geoglyph some 6,000 years ago / Giant geoglyph in the Urals created 6,000 years ago
Čína: Shaanxi man finds ancient sword while working
New York (USA): Photographs into Models: Documenting the World Trade Center Ship

2. 11. 2014
Anglie: Coventry Cathedral medieval crypts to open to public
Anglie: A temple to 860 lost species planned for Jurassic coast
Itálie: Rome's Colosseum arena floor should be restored - minister / Itálie chce obnovit arénu v Koloseu, na které zápasili gladiátoři / Proposal to rebuild arena floor of Rome's Colosseum
Itálie: Megalomanský palác slavného tyrana zase okupují turisté
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Unearth Lion's Head, Tablet With Nymphs In Hisarya / New finds from Bulgaria's Diocletianopolis
Irák: UNESCO chief slams 'barbaric' destruction of Iraq heritage
Sibiř (Rusko): Archaeologists encounter extraordinary alfresco gallery of prehistoric art in the stunning Altai Mountains, one of the great undiscovered tourist destinations of Siberia
Austrálie: Springbank Island archaeology project could uncover cultural goldmine

1. 11. 2014
Anglie: Medieval chess pieces found in Northampton dig
Anglie: Groundbreaking finds by Stonehenge team
Anglie: 'Ancient' skull found by cavers in north Lancashire
Anglie: Iron Age battle site in Gloucestershire preserved
Anglie: Ancient burial sites no longer at risk thanks to grants
Anglie: BUDDING INDIANA JONES? Milton Keynes Archaeology Day is the place to go!
Turecko: Quenching Istanbul’s thirst with aqueducts and cisterns
Egypt: Cedar timbers, rope point to historic Egyptian find
Egypt/Česká republika: Egyptoložka Renata Landgráfová: Pravého Egypťana byste dnes hledali marně
Ethiopie: Discoverer of Lucy skeleton hopes to find what made us human
Jordánsko/Sýrie: Aerial images shed light on mysterious Middle East stone circles / Stone circles in Middle East baffle archaeologists
Rusko: V Moskvě vystavují tělo desetileté mamutí samičky. Staré tisíce let
Ohio (USA): Archeology: Evidence scant for ancient Muslims in America / Pre-Columbian Muslims in Ohio?
Kolumbie: Archaeologists uncover remains of pre-Columbian village in central Colombia
Peru: Ancient ritual sacrifice of children and llamas unearthed in Peru

31. 10. 2014
Anglie: Lindisfarne hoard to stay in North East
Anglie: The Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society recreate history at Chedworth Roman Villa
Anglie: Travelling exhibition of South Devon Link Road archaeological finds
Anglie: Roman skeletons found in Worcestershire
Anglie/Egypt: The real 'curse of Tutankhamun' is that gold mask has never been fully studied, say experts
Francie: Magnificent Ancient Roman Silver Treasure Revealed
Německo: Die mittelalterliche Wüstung Krakau bei Peißen
Německo: LWL untersucht in Hamm Siedlungsfläche der Eisenzeit
Německo: Eiszeitjäger – Leben im Paradies. Europa vor 15.000 Jahren
Německo: Mythos Hammaburg- Archäologische Entdeckungen zu den Anfängen Hamburgs
Španělsko: New search planned for grave of Spanish poet Lorca
Bulharsko: Archaeological Excavations At Perperikon To Continue Next Year
Řecko: Archaeologists find underground vault at Amphipolis tomb / Eight Square Meter Vault and Marble Door Found in Amphipolis Tomb / Underground 'vault' found at Amphipolis tomb
Řecko: First Ever Video Shot Inside Amphipolis Tomb Released, Plus More Discoveries
Řecko: Submerged ancient Greek port revealed near Corinth / Ancient Greek Port Revealed Near Corinth, Peloponnese
Kypr: New app will provide streetview for Bronze Age city life in Cyprus
Kypr: 2014 excavations at ancient Idalion completed
Turecko: Rezan Has Museum opens Urartian jewelry collection to public
Izrael: The Ghosts Of The First Neolithic People In A Paleo World
Egypt: The real 'curse of Tutankhamun' is that gold mask has never been fully studied, say experts
Egypt/Malawi: 950 artifacts stolen from Malawi Museum recovered / Egypt retrieves 950 artefacts stolen from Al-Minya
Virginie (USA): Old Hampton dig confirms evidence of lost Civil War refugee slave village
Mexiko: Thousands Of Relics Recovered From Ancient Mexican City

30. 10. 2014
The 10 greatest changes of the past 1,000 years
8 Spooky human bone Ossuaries
Heritage at Risk – 2014
Travellers under open skies: writers, artists and gypsies
Británie: English Women Fell in Love with Vain Vikings
Anglie: Halloween: England's strange and ancient winter rituals
Anglie: Exhibition of Roman artefacts discovered in Peterborough - in pictures
Skotsko: Medieval oak timbers and hexagonal harbour discovered on west coast of Scotland
Irsko: Hill of Ward: Did Halloween begin on 'magical' ancient site?
Irsko: Excavation works at Rathfarnham Castle uncover 17th century artefacts / Hoard of 17th century artefacts found at Rathfarnham Castle
Německo: LWL untersucht in Hamm Siedlungsfläche der Eisenzeit
Německo: Landesforschungspreis für Katerina Harvati
Rakousko: Small clue to Neolithic Cham flint traders
Itálie: Ben-Hur villa at risk of demolition in Rome
Itálie: Med Bourse of Archaeological Tourism starts in Paestum
Vatikán: Sistine chapel dazzles after technological makeover / Sistine chapel undergoes technological makeover
Bulharsko: Bulgarian archaeologists find skeleton of child buried with anti-vampire ritual / Child burial with anti-vampire ritual found in Bulgaria
Řecko: Acropolis Museum to host specialized tours every Saturday
Řecko: The Mycenaean Chamber Tombs at Apatheia, Troezen
Blízký Východ: Ancient Stone Circles in Mideast Baffle Archaeologists
Izrael: Archaeologists Excavate Earthquake-Devastated Roman City
Egypt: What The Great Pyramid Looked Like More Than 4,000 Years Ago
Egypt: Tutankhamun's treasures at Egyptian Academy of Rome
Írán: Ancient seal sheds light on Persian prophet
Čína: Historical relics unearthed in China's Henan
New York (USA)/Turecko: No Turkish loans for Seljuk show in New York
New York/New Jersey (USA): A headless Ranger? Mystery at Colonial burial site
Bolívie/Švýcarsko: Schweiz: Historisches Museum in Bern gibt Bolivien den “Ekeko” zurück / »Ekeko«-Figur zurück in Bolivien

29. 10. 2014
Anglie: Archaelogist baffled after uncovering old newspapers during Durham Cathedral restoration work
Anglie: Woolly rhino skull found in Cambridgeshire Fens
Anglie: Digging deep to find a host of Roman remains
(Severní) Irsko: Rewriting history: 400-year-old battle in County Fermanagh
Polsko: W Pruszkowie otwarto nowoczesną wystawę archeologiczną
Německo: Návštěva výstavy [Die Wikinger] v Berlíně
Řecko: Researcher explores the truths behind myths of ancient Amazons
Turecko: Ancient playing pieces unearthed in Siirt to be redesigned as 3D game
Egypt: ROM mummy Justine's real name was Nefret-Mut, researchers reveal / Mysterious ROM mummy was a singer named Nefret-Mut
Egypt: Locals busted digging up temple under house in Giza / As a result of illicit dig, Thutmose III temple discovered / Ägypter finden uralten Pharaonen-Tempel unter Haus
Egypt: As a result of illicit dig, Thutmose III temple discovered
Turkmenistán: Ancient Merv Project
Balóčistán (Pákistán)/Itálie: Relics stolen from Balochistan recovered in Rome, Italy
Fossilized maize, rice found in Temanggung
Sumatra: Tang Dynasty coins found in south Sumatra
Mexiko: Mexico archaeologists explore Teotihuacan tunnel / Offerings found in Temple of the Feathered Serpent tunnel at Teotihuacan / Archeologové doufají, že v Mexiku narazili na starobylou královskou hrobku
Peru: Peruvian dig reveals sacrificial mystery
Austrálie: Rock carvings at Burrup Peninsula
Ned Kelly, Burke and Wills among notables buried in Victoria's cemeteries

28. 10. 2014
Anglie: Crickley Hill's 5000-year-old battle site saved by National Trust project
Anglie: New Roman treasure uncovered at Cumbrian dig & More on Roman treasure uncovered at Cumbrian dig / Archaeologists find fertility genius, godheads and oil lamps in Roman Cumbria
Anglie: Relics are found in Ripponden reservoir
Anglie: Roman find in Ouseburn Valley beneath new affordable housing site
Anglie: Wreck of HMS Victory may soon reveal its secrets
Skotsko: How to bury a witch
Irsko: Leitrim caves and the War of Independence
Německo: Großprojekt zu Brenntechnik in Spätantike und Mittelalter
Německo: Gemeinsame Ausstellung der fünf archäologischen Fächer in Frankfurt
Španělsko: Sound Illusions: Eerie Echoes May Have Inspired Prehistoric Cave Art
Itálie: Raw clay pots from Pompeii workshop found
Itálie: Divers recover cargo from ancient Greek shipwreck / Divers Unearth a Piece of Roman Empire at 2,000-Year-Old Shipwreck
Itálie: WWII pilot found buried in Italian corn field
Řecko: Watch the First Ever Video from Inside the Amphipolis Tomb
Řecko: Amphipolis dig shows no gateway to fourth chamber [Video] / Amphipolis dig shows no doorway to fourth chamber
Pákistán: Tampering with ancient statues at Jualian stupa alleged
Indie: Largest Stone Age flake tool in India found
Vietnam: Vietnam salvager says ancient coins looted from shipwreck
USA: Sound Phenomena Influenced Ancient Art and Architecture, Say Researchers
USA: Scientists resurrect 700-year-old viruses
USA: Amelia Earhart Plane Fragment Identified
Missouri (USA): Archaeological Society in St. Louis Places Ancient Artifacts on the Auction Block
Mexiko: The real-life Indiana Jones on the hunt for lost ancient Mayan cities in Mexico
Austrálie: Mungo Man expected to return to western NSW by 2015
Austrálie: Noongar community opens cultural centre near Pinjarra massacre site
Měsíc: One giant leap for preservation: Protecting Moon landing sites

27. 10. 2014
Slovensko: Pritvrdiť alebo zmierniť boj proti vykrádačom?
Anglie: Sound mirrors - the earliest form of air raid warning - unearthed on South Coast
Anglie/Egypt: Petrie Museum reveals the hidden secrets of Ancient Egyptian archaeology
Francie: Defining the occupational chronology of Mont Castel
Itálie: Would You Survive Ancient Rome?
Řecko: Minecraft Representation of Ancient Amphipolis [VIDEO]
Řecko: Astronomical Find: Ancient Greek Wine Cup May Show Constellations
Sýrie/Irák: How the West buys ‘conflict antiquities’ from Iraq and Syria (and funds terror) / Archeologické skvosty v Iráku a Sýrii mizí pod rukama zlodějů
Irák: „Islamischer Staat“ macht die Universität zur Kaserne
Jordánsko: Looters raid Jordanian crypts in search of gold, jewels and artifacts / Tomb raiders in Jordan descend on ancient crypts
Kanada: Supervolcano cleared in Neanderthals' demise
Severní Karolína (USA): Shipwreck expedition wraps up fall dive / Pirate Blackbeard's Newly Recovered Cannon to be Shared with Public
Amazonie: In Amazon wars, bands of brothers-in-law

26. 10. 2014
Anglie: Was Anglo-Saxon poem ‘The Ruin’, believed to be about Bath, actually about Stonehenge?
Skotsko: Orkney archaeology video
Německo/Švýcarsko: "Das ist wie eine Zeitmaschine" & Der "Schnidi" stapfte 400 Jahre nach Ötzi durch den Schnee
Rumunsko: Rzeszowscy archeolodzy badają trackie cmentarzysko w Rumunii / Thracian burial ground investigated in Romania
Thajsko/USA: Ancient artefacts back where they belong
Kanada: Franklin discovery: Searchers consider 'winter dive' to explore Erebus further / Searchers consider 'winter dive' to explore Erebus further

25. 10. 2014
Anglie: Prehistoric remains found on BHLR site
Anglie: The medical practitioner in Anglo-Saxon England
Anglie: 2000 years of York's history unearthed at All Saints' Church, North Street
Řecko: The quest to recover the fallen soldiers of Marathon
Egypt: Świątynia Hatszepsut w internecie
Švédsko: Alle Schwedischen Archäologischen Institute im Mittelmeerraum müssen schließen

24. 10. 2014
Where Did Human Beings Originate?
Anglie: Archaeology probe on cannons ship wreck off Northumberland
Anglie: The first Scandinavian settlers of England – the Frisian connection
Anglie/Egypt: Egyptian Philae obelisk revealed anew
Irsko: Dig at church unearths burial vaults
Dánsko: Grave robbers plunder ancient Danish burial sites
Norsko: Rare British WW2-airplane found in Norwegian fjord
Polsko: Objev záhadného polského Vikinga
Německo: Stuttgart 21: Archäologische Untersuchungen im Schlossgarten werden fortgesetzt
Německo: Fünf nach Zwölf für Kulturgüter
Německo: Software hilft beim Entziffern alter Handschriften
Německo: Erbgut des bisher ältesten modernen Menschen entschlüsselt
Německo: Göttinger Wissenschaftler erforschen Umland der historischen Stadt Kamarina
Itálie: Nero’s Domus Aurea to Reopen on Sunday in Rome
Řecko: Rhodes hoteliers call for reconstruction of Colossus
Řecko: More on Ancient city found in Western Greece
Řecko: Amphipolis Tomb - 3D presentation HD 1080
Kypr: Street View for the Bronze Age
Turecko: Medusa to gaze once more from mosaic
Turecko: Ancient fingerprint found in Çatalhöyük
Egypt: Egypt’s new generation of archaeologists
Rusko: Ancient City Ruled by Genghis Khan's Heirs Revealed / Archaeologists Reveal City Ruled By Genghis Khan’s Heirs
Indie: Stone-age site lies in state of neglect
Čína: 120 arrested, 1,300 relics seized in Zhejiang's ‘biggest ever’ tomb-raiding case
Čína: Exhibit reveals exquisite artworks of a lost civilization
USA: Three Egyptian mummies receive CT scans
Virginie (USA): Jamestown Dig Update: Archaeologists Look for Clues About Pit Outside Fort Walls
Texas (USA): Remains of French ship being reassembled in Texas
Nový Zéland: Christchurch uncovered: Put this in your pipe and smoke it!

23. 10. 2014
Anglie: Ancient Egyptian sarcophagus discovered in Essex living room
Anglie: VIDEO: Iron Age coins found in Peak District go on display
Anglie: Roman gums 'healthier than ours' / Romano British burials show less gum disease than modern population
Skotsko: Bronze Age pottery find in archaeological dig on Lewis
Skotsko: The Newshot Ship Graveyard Part 2: A very special vessel
Norsko: Middle Ages tagging found in Oslo
Řecko: Position of Sphinx’s Head Raises Questions
Izrael: Hippos-Sussita excavation: Silent evidence of the earthquake of 363 CE
Egypt: New generation of archaeologists takes ancient Egypt into 21st century
Kurdistán (Turecko): Kurdish peace bid allows for rediscovery of prehistorical paintings in Hakkâri
Čína: Bear skeleton sheds light on 2,800-year-old Chinese ritual
Korea: Baekje Gilt Bronze Shoes Found in Naju
Peru: Archaeologists Discover Highest Altitude Ice Age Human Occupation Site / Highest Stone Age Campsite Reveals Grit of First Americans / Die ersten Siedler auf dem Vordach der Welt
Peru: Thirteen-angled stone found at Inca site of Inkawasi
Velikonoční ostrov: Genetic Study Shows Early Contact Between Easter Islanders and South Americans

22. 10. 2014
Anglie: Devon treasure hunter locates Bronze Age settlement using Google Earth – and digs up 5,000-year-old pottery / Now that's armchair archaeology! Treasure hunter locates Bronze Age settlement using GOOGLE EARTH – and digs up 5,000-year-old pottery and flint tools
Anglie: English Heritage adds hundreds of sites to 'at risk register'
Polsko: Powstały animacje promujące archeologię wśród najmłodszych
Kypr: Ancient textile and dyeing workshops excavated in Erimi / 2014 excavations at Erimi-Laonin completed
Turecko: Officials confirm Heracles smuggled from Antalya’s Perge
Indie: Museum treasures to go online
Indonésie: 'Hobbit Humans' Actually Might Not Have Been Human / Ten years on, scientists still debating the origins of Homo floresiensis—the 'Hobbit' / Ten Years On, the Flores “Hobbit” Remains an Evolutionary Puzzle
Sibiř (Rusko): Genome sequence of 45,000 year-old Siberian / Ancient human bone helps date our first sex with Neanderthals / Neanderthals and Humans First Mated 50,000 Years Ago, DNA Reveals / Neandrtálci a moderní lidé se křížili už před 60 tisíci lety / Earliest modern human sequenced / Oldest DNA ever found sheds light on humans' global trek
Sibiř (Rusko): Is this the world's oldest secret code?
Čína: China Exclusive: Bear skeleton sheds light on 2,800-year-old Chinese ritual
Texas (USA): Remains of French ship being reassembled in Texas
Severní Karolína (USA): Wreck of WWII German U-boat found off North Carolina

21. 10. 2014
European farmers were still lactose intolerant after 5,000 years
The Later Prehistory of Northwest Europe: the Evidence of Recent Fieldwork
Anglie: How Roman were the first Londoners?
Anglie: Stonehenge may feature in 8th Century poem
Irsko: The Lurgan Canoe, an Early Bronze Age boat from Galway
Skandinávie: The Vikings Sacrificed to the Gods in Rivers and Lakes
Finsko: Four divers charged with raiding ancient shipwreck
Polsko/Súdán: W Poznaniu wystawa o historii piwa w Sudanie
Polsko: Archeolodzy w Bytomiu natrafili na ślady średniowiecznego grodu
Polsko: Konferencja o dziedzictwie Zakonu Krzyżackiego
Slovinsko: Successful use of 3D: Early Roman Barge 2013
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Unearth Bronze Belt Of Bulgar Warrior
Bulharsko: Treasure haul uncovered at Thracian tomb in Bulgaria
Řecko: Decrypting the enigmatic Phaistos Disk / Mysterious 4,000-Year-Old 'CD-ROM' Code Cracked / Have researchers cracked the code of the 4,000-year-old Phaistos Disc? / Phaistos disc – a step towards understanding
Řecko: Ancient Greek well yields rare wooden statue
Řecko: Missing Amphipolis sphinx head discovered / Missing Amphipolis Sphinx Head Discovered
Turecko: Bust of Heracles emerges from ancient city / Bust of Herakles found in ancient Kibyra
Turecko/Švýcarsko: Turkey wants sarchophagus back from the Swiss
Egypt: Seven containers of antiques seized in Egypt
Izrael: Inscription dedicated to Hadrian found in Jerusalem
Indie: Idols of Jain Tirthankaras belonging to 4th century unearthed / Twelve ancient statues of Jain Tirthankara deities found in Indian temple
Trinidad a Tobago: UConn Archaeologist Discovers 17th-century Shipwreck / Wreck of 17th-Century Dutch Warship Discovered

20. 10. 2014
Anglie: Black Down dig set to reveal Bronze Age secrets
Anglie: Bottle used to ward off evil spells during 18th century witch hunts found by archaeologists / Witch bottle found during Newark Civil War Centre dig
Anglie: Digging for Britain’s real-life war horses
Skotsko: White Caterthun hillfort: Work in progress on a speculative reconstruction for my research film "The Caterthuns"
Řecko: Gladiator ash drink from ancient literature probably did exist / Dávni gladiátori bývali vegetariáni
Řecko: Underwater Exploration of Spanish Shipwreck in Zakynthos
Ukrajina: 6,000-Year-Old Temple with Possible Sacrificial Altars Discovered
Turecko: Archaeology workshop in İstanbul
Egypt: Arthritis rediagnosis in Egyptian pharaohs
Egypt: Mummy remains refute antiquity of ankylosing spondylitis
Egypt: King Tutankhamun did not die in chariot crash, virtual autopsy reveals / New research suggests Tutankhamun died from genetic weakness caused by family inbreeding
Egypt: King Tut Re-Creation Presents a Shocking Image / Tutankhamun does not deserve this 21st-century desecration
Saúdská Arábie: 
Researchers Discover Prehistoric Human Habitation Sites in the Nefud Desert
Čína: Stunning murals uncovered in Ming Dynasty tomb
Vietnam: 10 ancient ships found in Binh Chau waters: archaeologists / Ten shipwrecks found in Vietnam waters
Florida: Archaeologists sift Everglades muck for cultural artifacts
Oregon (USA): 
Ancient Oregon Caves May Change Understanding of Human Habitation in Americas
Antarktida: Thaw reveals photographer’s notebook from Captain Scott’s Antarctic hut / Antarktida vydala deník Scottovy výpravy. Sto let se skrýval v ledu

19. 10. 2014
Anglie: Jack the Ripper: Scientists who claims to have identified notorious killer has 'made serious DNA error'
Anglie: Scientists prove ship's dog on the doomed Mary Rose was male
Anglie: Archaeologists find Roman artefacts during Lincoln Bomber Command dig
Anglie: Public 'misled' over ‘five-year supply’ argument for hillfort housing
Anglie/Řecko: As a Briton, I hang my head in shame. We must return the Parthenon marbles
Wales: Skeleton of arthritis-suffering neolithic woman at centre of archaeological crowdfunding bid
Skotsko: New research into the vegetation history of central Scotland
Španělsko: Cooking With Archaeologists: Spanish paella and Gro Hammerseng
Turecko: Longest poem of classical-era unearthed in western Turkey
Rusko: 14th century birch bark scrolls preserved in mud tell Novgorod’s story / Russia’s ancient history grew on trees / Where Mud Is Archaeological Gold, Russian History Grew on Trees
Indie: History Six Feet Under
Ohio (USA): Farmer’s discovery of mastodon tooth turns field into archaeological dig site

18. 10. 2014
Anglie: West Dean students restore Roman artefact
Irsko: Medieval rubbish pits area unearthed
(Severní) Irsko: Co Down excavations uncover WWI training trenches
Polsko: Niedaleko Międzyrzecza znaleziono skarby z wczesnej epoki brązu / Signs carved in the trees reveal the mysteries of the past
Itálie: Forget Indiana Jones: Here Comes The Robot Archeologist
Řecko: Best-Ever Portrait of Alexander the Great Found?
Turecko: The fountains of Ottoman İstanbul
Čína: Unique 3,000-year-old Sanxingdui artifacts to be revealed in all their glory
Austrálie: Mammalian bones provide clues to early human activity

17. 10. 2014
Anglie: Britain's greatest treasure hoard reveals how goldsmiths fooled the Anglo-Saxon world / Sutton Hoo: Anglo-Saxon goldsmiths exposed as fraudsters - but King Raedwald’s treasure was ‘the real deal’
Anglie: Enjoy a heritage walk at Chester Farm this autumn
Anglie: Archaeologists make sweet discovery in Worcestershire village
Anglie: What really happened in the London Beer Flood 200 years ago?
Anglie: Introduction to medieval coins & identification guide
Finsko: Scientists recreate 172-year-old shipwrecked beer
Rakousko: Dirty Diggers Face Jail For Grave Offence
Německo: Keltischer Münzschatz bei Merklingen entdeckt
Německo: Ein 72 km langes Boden-Denkmal aus der Spätantike
Německo: Wiedereinrichtung des Studiengangs Ur- und Frühgeschichte in Rostock
Německo: Fremde Frauen in der Hohen Börde?
Německo: Antikenmuseum der Universität Leipzig wird 20 Jahre alt
Německo: Die steinzeitlichen Wurzeln der Schriftzeichen
Německo: Versunkene Schiffe im Schiffshebewerk
Německo: Die Hanse online entdecken
Německo/Írán: Ansichten einer iranischen Archäologin im Ausland
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Find Medieval Gate in Agatopolis Fortress in Bulgaria's Ahtopol
Bulharsko: Thracian Temple In Starosel Is Falling Apart
Kypr: Operation Nightingale, Cyprus
Turecko: Bischofspalast in Assos entdeckt?
Turecko: Forscherteam identifiziert 3500 Jahre alte Königsstadt
Turecko: 'Dracula’s dungeon in Turkey' to be viewed online
Čína: Bright-colored murals found in Hunan tomb
Nové Mexiko (USA): Hallucinogenic Plants May Be Key to Decoding Ancient Southwestern Paintings, Expert Says
Kalifornie (USA): Sphinx unearthed from 1923 Cecil B. DeMille movie set
Austrálie: Australian rock art is threatened by a lack of conservation

16. 10. 2014
Medieval Shoes
Anglie: Ancient bones and evidence of medieval church found on building site
Anglie/Egypt: Metropolitan Museum of Art rescues 36 Egyptian artifacts from auction
Skotsko: The Newshot Ship Graveyard Part 1: The Mystery of the Burned Schooners
Polsko: Archeologiczne zimowisko w Grzybowie
Polsko: Znaki na drzewach ujawniają zagadki przeszłości
Německo: Klimawandel in der Steinzeit
Rumunsko: Archaeologists Excavate Roman Frontier Site in Romania
Řecko: 3D interactive model of Amphipolis Tomb / 3D representation of Amphipolis Tomb
Řecko: Greek Tomb Mural Depicts Abduction of Persephone
Řecko/Anglie: Greece 'will wait for talks' before legal push for Elgin Marbles / Parthenon Sculptures debate heats up
Kypr: Church in occupied Cyprus saved from total collapse
Turecko: Church in ancient city of Laodecia to open to tourism
Egypt: Meidum Pyramid site under restoration in Upper Egypt
Egypt: Conserving by copying: 3D Printing Tutankhamun’s Tomb
Tanzánie: International team to advise Tanzania on protection of ancient footprints
Palestina: Archaeology as a tool of the occupation
Baškortostán (Rusko): Vast Burial of Prehistoric Animals Discovered in Russian Bashkiria
Čína: New oracle bone characters discovered in Liaoning
Tanzánie: Researcher discusses international team to protect ancient footprints

15. 10. 2014
Slovensko: Archeologička: Komunistom sme garáž na Hrade nedovolili, teraz ju tam kopú
Dánsko: Prehistoric humans were far smarter than previously assumed
Švédsko: Archaeological glass artefacts shed new light on Swedish glass history / Swedish glass production 300 years older than historians believed
Francie: Did Neanderthals use sophisticated spears? Unusual ridge on 200,000-year-old arm bone suggests Neanderthals threw weapons
Itálie: Largest Pottery Workshop of Greek Antiquity Found
Izrael: Massive 5,000-Year-Old Stone Monument Revealed in Israel
Rusko: Bronze Age Sundial-Moondial Discovered in Russia / Ancient astronomical instrument found in Russia
Altaj (Rusko): Did ancient Siberian princess use cannabis to cope with breast cancer? / Scans of the Pazyryk tattooed Ukok ‘princess’ tell a sad story
Wyoming (USA): High Tetons surrender clues about prehistoric residents

14. 10. 2014
Anglie: Geologický průzkum napoví, jestli král Harold II. zemřel v bitvě u Hastingsu / Richard III radar team set sights on King Harold II
Anglie: Bronze relics from Celtic chariot found at Leicestershire hillfort
Anglie: Charterhouse Square skeletons confirmed as Black Death victims
Anglie: Archaeologists find remains of Roman South Yorkshire during crowdfunded back garden dig
Skotsko: Archaeologists Make Surprising Discovery at Neolithic Site in Scotland
Island: First Ásatrú tem­ple in 900 years?
Skandinávie: Voskové destičky a rydla
Francie: Pre-Neanderthal remains discovered at Normandy site
Německo: The Neolithic Toolkit (1) (2) (3) (4)
Španělsko/Indie: Toledo Museum of Art to return 1,000-year- old bronze Ganesha sculpture to India
Řecko: Possible third figure in Amphipolis mosaic may be uncovered shortly
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Uncover Secret Tunnels Beneath Bulgaria's Pliska
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Excavate Late Antiquity Basilica At Hisarluka / Byzantine fortress excavated in Bulgaria
Kypr: Possible prehistoric barbeque pit discovered
Turecko: Centuries-old wall paintings discovered at Seyitömer
Turecko: Refurbished Genoese Ottoman castle in Foça provides lessons on restoration
Rusko: Russian Archaeologists Discover Cave Paintings Dated 3000 BC
Indonésie: Human or Hobbit?
USA: The Igorrote Tribe Traveled the World for Show And Made These Two Men Rich
Austrálie: Pilbara Indigenous elders welcome return of rock art: Burrup Peninsula collection put into storage during LNG development

13. 10. 2014
Top Ten Monsters of the Middle Ages
Anglie: Dartmoor's famous prehistoric sites captured on camera
Anglie: Unearthing a treasure trove of secrets
Wales: Portable Antiquities Scheme Wales secures funding to save more archaeologcial finds
Polsko: Germanie w jaskini / Evidence of ancient Germanic people found in Polish cave
Španělsko: Powstaje film o jaskini Altamira
Řecko: Here Is Some of What Archaeologists Have Found Inside the ‘Extremely Important,’ Yet Still Unknown, 2,300-Year-Old Tomb in Greece
Turecko: Count Dracula’s prison to become tea garden
Izrael: Storm God Worship: Ancient Cult Complex Discovered in Israel / Bronze Age cult complex discovered in Judean foothills may have been dedicated to Baal
Indie/Pákistán: A New Type of Inscribed Copper Plate from Indus Valley (Harappan) Civilisation
Massachusetts (USA): Archaeologists Excited By Finds Beneath Armory Building
Dominikánská republika: IU professor uncovering mysteries of Columbus

12. 10. 2014
Anglie: Archaeologists claim King Harold survived Battle of Hastings
Anglie: Avebury circle 'had more stones'
Anglie: Archaeologists uncover evidence of Iron Age settlers along the new A14 route near Brampton Hut
Anglie: Toad helps find piece of 18th century plate at Brixham
Skotsko: Viking treasure haul unearthed in Scotland / Viking treasure hoard found in Scotland / Gold items among major Viking hoard / Metal detector fan uncovers priceless Viking treasures / 'Significant' Viking treasure found in Dumfries and Galloway / Metal detectorist finds Britain's biggest ever haul of Viking treasure - with hundreds of artefacts including an ancient silver cross / Treasure hunter uncovers one of the most significant Viking hoards ever found in Scotland / Vikings' European treasure trove unearthed in Scotland / Treasure hunter finds Viking hoard / Spectacular Viking treasure hoard found on Church land / Viking treasure trove found in Dumfries field / Objevení pokladu / Nevyčísliteľný vikingský poklad. Škót našiel tisícročné zlaté a strieborné predmety / Hledač pokladů našel tisíc let staré cennosti / Rentner findet riesigen Wikingerschatz / Scanning the Viking Hoard / CT scans of treasure chest reveal hidden brooches, gold ingots and ivory beads
Polsko: Wykopaliska w najstarszym zabytku Rudy Śląskiej
Řecko: Stunning Mosaic Floor Revealed in Amphipolis Tomb / Greek God Hermes Featured in Ancient Mosaic: Photos
Řecko: 2,000 year-old Antikythera ship much larger than previously thought / Scientists hope to unravel mystery of the ‘Titanic of the ancient world’ / Diving Into a Mediterranean Shipwreck: Photos
Sýrie: The Inner Lives of Ancient Houses: An Archaeology of Dura-Europos

11. 10. 2014
Rakousko: Auf Spurensuche an der Bernsteinstraße im Burgenland
Turecko: The many legends of the Hagia Sophia
Louisiana (USA): Poverty Point officially named world historic site
Peru: Inca ceremonial site discovered in Central Peru

10. 10. 2014
Anglie: Yorkshire Viking relics go on show in Denmark
Anglie: Burnt Magna Carta Read for First Time in 283 Years
Anglie: Young archaeologists mark war horse project
Anglie: Bespoke toilet seat company pledges funds towards preservation of ancient loo seat
Irsko: Aerial Views of Ireland’s Ancient Royal Sites
Francie: From the end of independence to Romanization: excavations at Mont Castel in Port-en-Bessin / Gallic oppidum investigated in northwestern France
Francie: Father of modern philosophy comes under forensic scrutiny
Polsko: Fossilized Bladder Stone Uncovered in Medieval Polish Cemetery
Bulharsko: 'Vampire grave' found in Bulgaria / Archeolog nalezl hrob upíra ze 13. století
Řecko: Remains of Alexander the Great's Father Confirmed Found / Philip Who? On the recent reanalysis of skeletal remains from Vergina
Turecko: Mystery of mass graves in ancient Roman village under examination / Byzantine mass graves found at Pisidia Antiocheia
Turecko: The many legends of the Hagia Sophia
Arozona (USA): Ancient village found at Arizona's Petrified Forest
Japonsko: Roof tiles found in Nara related to 8th-century Buddhist priest from China

9. 10. 2014
Norsko: Found 1300-Year-Old Ski and 6000-Year-Old Arrows in Reinheimen / Ancient Ski Discovered in Norway / Archaeologists uncover 1300-year-old ski in Norway
Německo: 3000 Jahre altes Grab mit Schmuck entdeckt
Francie: 200,000 year old Neanderthal remains found in Normandy / Archaeologists uncover 200,000-year-old Neanderthal remains in France
Francie: Human fossils from 'oldest Parisian'
Španělsko: Silver Tiara Among Treasures Discovered in Bronze Age Tomb
Itálie: Carabinieri unveil recovered art / Italian police unveil recovered art
Řecko: Antikythera wreck yields new treasures / Spectacular finds from ancient greek shipwreck: New Antihythera discoveries prove luxury cargo survives
Řecko: Amphipolis: The answer to the mystery is in the fourth door
Řecko: The Erechtheion soon to open to visitors
Turecko: Issos diggings yield attractive findings
Turecko: Ancient port to move to new Hasankeyf settlement
Turecko: Roman-age artifacts come back to Turkey
Egypt: Antique coin smugglers busted at Cairo airport / Cairo airport security foils attempt to smuggle antique coins out of Egypt
Afghánistán: Saving Mes Aynak to world premiere at IDFA 2014
Čína: Royal temple excavated in NE China
Oregon (USA): Drought exposes once-submerged Oregon town to archaeological dig

8. 10. 2014
Anglie: Northern Goddess Discovered By Archaeologists In South Shields / Digging up the past of South Tyneside’s Roman history
Anglie: Biblical inscription | Staffordshire Hoard
Anglie: Featured Object: Medieval Chess Pieces
Anglie: Treasure trove of ancient genomes helps recalibrate the human evolutionary clock
Skotsko: Battle of Flodden: Archaeologists examine Ellemford mustering point
Dánsko: Rare Bronze Age knife discovered in southern Zealand
Polsko: „Jesień z archeologią” w Muzeum w Gliwicach
Rakousko: Fund einer antiken Statuette löst Rätsel um steirischen Kultplatz
Španělsko: Ronda’s Roman ruins’ future in jeopardy, says Spanish heritage group
Španělsko: Bronze age palace and grave goods discovered at the archaeological site of La Almoloya in Pliego, Murcia / Bronze Age Palace with Prince's Tomb Discovered on Iberian Peninsula [PHOTOS]
Španělsko: Photos: Glittery Treasures Discovered in Bronze Age Tomb
Itálie: Riace Bronzes 'can't be moved' for Milan Expo 2015
Řecko: Greek Bronze Age ended 100 years earlier than thought / Greek Bronze Age ended 100 years earlier than thought, new evidence suggests
Řecko: Traces of Philip II's death mask identified
Kypr: Oldest Greek Merchant Ship
Bulharsko: The Grave of a Thracian King in the mound near the villages of Malomirovo and Zlatintza
Bulharsko: Europe’s Oldest City Uncovered near Varna, Bulgaria
Turecko: ‘Ancient restaurant’ discovered in Burdur
Palestina: Antiquities collections destroyed in Gaza conflict
Indie: 5,000-year Harappan stepwell found in Kutch, bigger than Mohenjo Daro's / 5,000 year old Harappan stepwell found in Kutch
Indonésie: World's oldest art found in Indonesian cave / Study: Asian Cave Drawings as Old as European Ones / Vědci našli v Indonésii jeskynní malby staré až 40 tisíc let / Ruka i prasojelen. Indonésie skrývala malby staré jako ty v Altamiře / Jeden malý nález zřejmě úplně změní pohled na lidské dějiny! / Finding the first artists
Tennessee (USA): Archaeologists Uncover Paleoindian Habitation in Upland Area of Tennessee
USA: When the Greeks ruled Egypt: From Alexander the Great to Cleopatra at NY University
Peru: Important Inca remains found in Peru / Important Inca remains found in central Peru
Austrálie/USA: Archaeologists to look for Capt. James Cook's historic ship in the US

7. 10. 2014
Anglie: Operation Stonehenge: what the TV films left out
Anglie: Ancient remains found in King’s Lynn will be reburied
Anglie: Historic WW2 Defences uncovered on the Suffolk Coast
Anglie: Treasure trove of ancient genomes helps recalibrate the human evolutionary clock
Polsko: Unikatowa pradziejowa figurka na wystawie w Krakowie
Itálie: 2,000-year-old shipwreck and sacrificial altar found near Aeolian Islands / Ancient Sailors Made Sacrifices on Ships
Itálie: Ancient Roman Amphitheater Unveiled Under Florence’s Piazza della Signoria
Řecko: ‘The Histories’ by Herodotus: An open enquiry
Řecko: UNESCO referees return of Parthenon Sculptures
Turecko: Story of a unique catalogue at İstanbul Archaeological Museum
Turecko: Excavations shed light on Urartian’s social life
Izrael: 12th century Chariot gets a 21st century virtual clone
Izrael: Ancient ritual bath discovered in Israel
Indie: Did the mythical Saraswati river of the ancient Vedas really exist?
USA: Top 10 reasons to learn to make Stone Age tools
Arizona (USA): Archaeologists believe they've uncovered 1,300 year-old village in Arizona
Austrálie: Ancient bath and Aussie carvings uncovered at archaeology site

6. 10. 2014
Evropa: Tracing our ancestors at the bottom of the sea
Anglie: 'Significant' Neolithic pottery found at site on Scilly Isles / St Martin’s Neolithic Site Unlikely To See More Excavation Soon
Anglie: Ancient relics could reveal secrets of long-lost York friary
Anglie: Rare bronze cockerel found in ancient grave of a two-year-old girl
Wales: Archaeologists find prehistoric cattle tooth within mound of Iron Age stones on Skomer
Norsko: Norský vědec a dobrodruh Thor Heyerdahl by oslavil sto let / Přes oceán na člunu z rákosí i smrkovém voru
Polsko: Archeolodzy odkryli zatopioną wioskę sprzed tysiącleci / Archaeologists have discovered a sunken village from millennia ago
Španělsko: The exact place where Christopher Columbus left for the New World in 1492 has been found
Itálie: Skeleton of Possible 'Witch Girl' Found
Itálie: Ancient cities and new politics in southern Italy
Řecko: Animal figurines unearthed in tombs at ancient Kamara
Turecko: Hattuşa’s city walls come to light
Izrael: Archaeologists Make Big Find Dating to King Herod’s Era Beneath Western Wall: ‘One of the Most Significant Remains’
Írán: Gallery: Naghsh-e Rostam
Indie: 200,000 year old Stone Age tools found in Chhattisgarh
Haiti: UNESCO report: Wreck off Haiti not 'Santa Maria'
Aljaška (USA): Alaska Volcano Blanketed Europe with Ash 1,200 Years Ago
Pensylvánie (USA): Penn Museum opens archaeology study center

5. 10. 2014
Anglie: Eight great Roman jokes: TV historian Mary Beard brings 2,000-year-old humour to Cheltenham Literature Festival
Polsko: Archeolodzy zbadali osadę sprzed 6 tys. lat / Archaeologists studied 6 thousand years old settlement
Řecko: Greek police arrest 2 men for damaging Acropolis wall
Turecko: Footprint of an ancient laborer found in Çanakkale
Maroko: Climate Change Influenced Early Modern Human Occupation of Moroccan Caves, Say Scientists
Indonésie: The megalithic site of Gunung Padang begins to reveal its secrets

4. 10. 2014
Pohanské stopy v kinematografii Východního bloku
Great Archaeological Discoveries Ahead: Photos / Opinion: More Archaeological Finds Coming Through Tech
Polsko: Pierwszy krok archeologów do pokazania palatium na Ostrowie Tumskim
Řecko: Mystery Covers Antikythera Shipwreck Searches
Turecko: Puppets, puppeteers and performances: Ottoman shadow theater
Egypt: Jazyk egyptských písařů
Austrálie: Scientists left scratching their heads over the origin of a 1000-year-old skull and matching jawbone washed up on Mona Vale beach in Sydney

3. 10. 2014
Slovensko: Veľké zistenie týkajúce sa Zvolena: Pustý hrad bol jedným z najnavštevovanejších miest kráľov!
Slovensko: Slovák, ktorý dobyl svet. Knihami o antike
Anglie: Evidence of early humans discovered...in Clifton
Skotsko: Battle of Flodden: Final archaeological dig of year begins
Dánsko: Ancient male warriors showed signs of vanity
Bulharsko: Byzantine lead seal found in Bulgaria's Kireka
Řecko: Have they found Alexander the Great's tomb? Or maybe his mother's: Greek archaeologists increasingly convinced mystery tomb hides a sensational secret
Řecko: Greece: the Acropolis is not in danger of collapse!
Turecko: Cappadocia’s cathedral attracts visitors
Egypt/Súdán: Artifacts of Christian Nubia Revealed
Sýrie/Irák: Antiquities Lost, Casualties of War
Oregon (USA): Ancient Oregon Caves May Upend Understanding of Humans in Americas / Paisley Caves added to U.S. list of most important archaeological sites
Nový Zéland: Heritage NZ has bone to pick over moahunter site
Japonsko: Wreck thought to be from Mongol invasion attempt found near Nagasaki

2. 10. 2014
Slovensko: Historické predmety hľadal detektorom kovov, obvinili ho / Amatérskemu archeológovi, ktorý doma skrýval poklad, hrozí väzenie / Slovák zatajil archeologické nálezy, hrozí mu až pět let vězení
Británie: 'Nighthawks' stealing British history
Anglie: Stonehenge’s hidden landscape
Anglie: York archaeologists "overwhelmed" by public response as dig reveals vast array of artefacts
Anglie: Brain Evolution Study Yields Surprising Finds
Wales: Skomer Island excavation dates settlement to Iron Age
Skotsko: Get your hands dirty at Dig for a Day event at Crathes Castle
Skotsko: Best Foot Forward – Carzield Roman Fort
Španělsko: Found: Spain's earliest ever image of Jesus / Early Image of Beardless Jesus Found
Itálie: Mummified Fetus Reveals Ancient Surgical Procedure
Chorvatsko: Well-preserved German World War II bomber found in Croatia's central Adriatic / Na dně Jadranu v Chorvatsku našli zachovalý letoun z 2. světové války
Řecko: Amphipolis: Marble Door Found in Third Chamber / Marble door found in third chamber at Amphipolis
Turecko: 'Relative gender equality' revealed at Çatalhöyük / Çatalhöyük excavations reveal gender equality in ancient settled life
Izrael: Medieval inn, bathhouse beneath Jerusalem’s Old City to open to public
Kambodža: Temple trees to go: authority
Aljaška (USA): Quinhagak Residents Hopeful Hair Samples will Unlock More Mysteries About Ancestors
Jižní Amerika: The first South Americans: Extreme living
Nový Zéland: Builders disturbed early Maori site, court told

1. 10. 2014
Británie: Detectorists: The treasure hunters digging up a fortune
Anglie: BREAKING: Northampton Borough Council is BARRED from Museums Association membership for sale of Sekhemka statue
Anglie: Delivery driver from Grays admits to using metal detector to steal Roman coin
Skotsko: Book documents World’s most remote war graves
Německo: Still wearing their boots and helmets, the Germans who fell fighting Russians at the Gates of Berlin: 70 years on, troops sacrificed in Hitler's doomed last stand are unearthed
Německo: Scherben bringen Glück und manchmal Erkenntnis
Polsko/Litva: New “Nazi War Diggers” Allegations
Španělsko: New findings in the Archaeological site of El Castillon (North-western Spain) contribute to the understanding of the settlement’s inhabitation
Itálie: Nanotechnologii vymysleli staří Římané. Uměli triky, které dnes nenapodobíme
Řecko: And now the Acropolis is crumbling... / Falling rocks from the Acropolis raise alarm bells
Řecko: Bonhams withdraws ancient Hermes head from auction
Jemen: Uncovering Yemen
Kanada: Franklin wreck found in Arctic identified as captain’s ship / Franklin wreck found in Arctic identified as the HMS Erebus
Nové Mexiko (USA): Rock Art of Comanche Warriors
USA: Potlatch coppers: wealth and power on the Northwest Coast
Bermudy: Bermuda, the shipwreck capital of the world

IX. 2014
Anglie: What Lies Beneath Stonehenge?
USA: The Livermore Cache. Hunting down a historic collection of arrowheads

30. 9. 2014
Anglie: Top 10 Toilets Through Time
Anglie: Council blind spot over hillfort housing jeopardises county plan, warn campaigners
Skotsko: MSPs seek action over Tinkers' Heart in Argyll
Skandinávie: Viking Treasure: The Buzz About Liquid Gold
Polsko: PIERWSI ROLNICY - Animacja archeologiczna
Polsko: Nie żyje prof. Marek Gedl
Německo: Es roch nach Holz und Siegellack
Vatikán: Vatican releases extraordinary tale of a pope, a pirate, and a dead bishop’s treasure / Pirate Attacks, Corruption & Treasure Revealed in Vatican Archives
Itálie: Turisté objevují římské památky za běhu
Bulharsko: Archaeological roundup: Finds in Bulgaria include ancient coins, a basilica and an inn in Philippopolis
Řecko: Elderly Greek man 'hoarded thousand coins of historical significance' police said
Egypt: UNESCO seeks answers from Egypt on more than 4,600-year-old 'damaged' pyramid
Egypt: Blood Vessels Left Imprint on 2,000 Year Old Mummy
Izrael: Archaeologists prove: A Canaanite king’s wine tasted and smelled royal
Sýrie: Government confirms ISIL militants advancing on Turkish tomb in Syria
Irák: Priceless Iraqi artefacts hit black market
Indie: Pallava Era 'Hero Stones' found in Tamil Nadu
Sibiř (Rusko): 13,300-year-old spear made from a woolly rhino horn discovered in Siberia
Pensylvánie (USA): Penn Museum’s Center for the Analysis of Archaeological Materials Launches in Fall 2014
Illinois (USA): Prehistoric sweat lodge discovered at Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site / Archeology Students Discover Prehistoric Sweat Lodge
Uganda: Social Transmission of Tool Use in Wild Chimpanzees Observed
Velikonoční ostrov/Oceánie: Rogue winds swept humans to last uninhabited islands

29. 9. 2014
The Enemy Of Archaeology Is Not People, It's Salt
Anglie: Search for King Harold's remains approved
Anglie: ‘Hundreds’ of bodies to be dug up in £4m Blackburn project
Anglie: Last Flodden dig of 2014 at Ellemford
Anglie: Yours for £400, eternal rest in a Stone Age tomb ...newly built in a Wiltshire field by a farmer called Tim
Skotsko: Archaeologists find "totally fascinating" medieval friary and human skeletal remains
Wales: Flood bund will undermine view of 'nationally important' Beaumaris Castle
Dánsko: Researchers are trying to solve a Danish castle mystery
Německo: Marine hunter-gatherer with early Southern African lineage
Polsko: Unique archaeological discovery in Supraśl
Bulharsko: Archaeology: New finds from Bulgaria’s Perperikon unveiled
Egypt: Egyptian Mummy's Brain Imprint Preserved in 'Peculiar' Case
Izrael: Archaeological findings shed light on massive 363 CE earthquake in Galilee / Skeletons Shed Light on Ancient Earthquake in Israel
Turecko: Hittite tablet to be deciphered with 3D
Kanada: Inuit folklore kept alive story of missing Franklin expedition to north-west passage
Arizona (USA): Twin 1,300-Year-Old Villages Discovered in Arizona Sand Dunes
Nový Zéland: Sophisticated 600-Year-Old Canoe Discovered in New Zealand / 600-Year-Old Polynesian Ocean-Sailing Canoe Discovered in New Zealand / Winds favoured Polynesian migration

28. 9. 2014
Slovensko: Sprístupnili prvý archeopark na Slovensku
Anglie: New hope for future restoration of Newport's medieval ship
Skandinávie: Houses and domestic life in the Viking Age and medieval period
Finsko: Hyperspectral imaging shines light on the early Finns' life in the Stone Age
Finsko: Ancient swordsman’s grave could hold many more secrets
Německo: Polnisch-deutsches Ausgrabungsprojekt am Burgwall in Kemberg
Německo/Japonsko: Rare ancient Gigaku masks found in Germany, for a second time
Vietnam: Ancient Vietnamese artifacts found in Spratlys
USA: Who were the very first Americans? / Facts not ‘flexible’ in dating earliest Americans
Maryland (USA): Proposed Annapolis development could have Civil War past

27. 9. 2014
Anglie: Uncovering ancient hillforts of Chilterns
Anglie: Medieval finds at new housing estate site in Pontefract
(Severní) Irsko: Drumclay crannog dig 'rewriting medieval history'
Německo: 'Sensational' Discovery: Archeologists Find Gateway to the Viking Empire
Bulharsko: Plovdiv To Exhibit Mosaics From V c. Basilica
Egypt: Antiquities minister axes planned King Tut mummy move
Pákistán: Archaeological heritage remains vulnerable in Swat due to govt disinterest

26. 9. 2014
Anglie: Video: Tens of thousands of Roman coins on their way to Exeter after being unearthed in East Devon
Anglie: World War I Leeds Pals village and German POW camp rediscovered by archaeologists
Německo: Wandlungsprozesse in Zeiten des Klimawandels
Španělsko: Italian-Spanish archeologists to launch dig into Luxor tomb
Řecko: Animating the Battles and Mythology of Greek Vases
Turecko: Roman-era traces discovered in Hittite capital
Egypt: Starovekých Egypťanov ovládali záhadní prišelci, naši vedci ich skúmajú
Rusko: Early 12th century frescoes found by archaeologists in Old Russian church in Novgorod / Early 12th century frescoes found in Old Russian church
Čína: Road Workers Found This Mysterious Box Underground. They Decided To Look Inside And…
Haiti: Official: Wreck off Haiti likely not Columbus ship
Maryland (USA): Mystery ring at historical site could have been Charles Calvert's

25. 9. 2014
Gleaming in the Dust – Ancient Antiquities Looted & Sold on International Markets
Slovensko: Hradisko Smolenice-Molpír a jeho stredoeurópsky význam
Anglie: Fort discovered under castle?
Anglie: Exclusive event at Corinium Museum sees the launch of exciting Roman discoveries
Anglie: Ancient stone castle found under school
Wales: Llys Rhosyr medieval court to be rebuilt at St Fagans
Skotsko: Roman occupiers had comfy boots, granaries and heating in southern Scotland, say experts
Skotsko: 3D virtual reality tours of RRS Discovery developed
Sardinie (Itálie): Sardinian archaeologists find 'giant' / Sardinian archaeologists find Bronze Age 'giant'
Řecko: Amphipolis caryatids may hint that Olympias lies within
Turecko: Ancient ceramic atelier found in western tumulus
Egypt: UNESCO seeks answers from Egypt on 'damaged' pyramid
Egypt: The Cairo Geniza, Under Piecemeal Restoration
Egypt/Anglie/Francie/USA: Gleaming in the Dust - Ancient Antiquities Looted & Sold on International Markets
Izrael: International Conference: Ancient Cultures in the Lands of the Bible
Sýrie: Scholars Call for U.N. to Ban Trade in Syrian Antiquities
Arménie: Prehistoric Stone Tools Evolved Independently Within Local Populations, Say Researchers / Innovative Stone Age tools were not African invention, say researchers / Prehistoric Stone Tools Evolved Independently Within Local Populations, Say Researchers
Indie: Unearthed idols dated to the 15th century
Sibiř (Rusko): Siberian Mammoth Unearthed After Eaten by People 25,000 Years Ago
Tanzánie: Pierwszy polski projekt archeologiczny w Tanzanii / The first Polish archaeological project in Tanzania

24. 9. 2014
Wales: Welsh History Month: Rising from the ruins, Cadw rebuilds Roman Fort
Irsko: Irlandia: archeolodzy odkryli miejsce, gdzie zmasakrowano rzymski oddział
Polsko: Średniowieczne klejnoty na wystawie we Wrocławiu
Polsko: Naukowcy badali zamek „Diabła Warszyckiego”
Německo: Humanity Has More Mothers Than Fathers, DNA Reveals
Itálie: Roman remains crumble in Italy's 'banana republic'
Itálie: The keys to the Roman Empire: An original interactive journey to discover the city of Augustus
Bulharsko: Numerous finds in a Roman camp / Uzbrojenie rzymskich legionistów odkryto w Bułgarii
Kypr: Digital Archaeology changes exploration of the past
Turecko: Hadrianopolis Church mosaics to open to visitors after for years of restoration
Izrael: Check out what archaeologists uncover in Nazareth
Irák/Sýrie: Protecting ancient treasures from becoming casualties in Iraq and Syria
Utah (USA): BLM draws controversy for proposed drilling sites in southeast Utah

23. 9. 2014
Anglie: First World War dead commemorated in new online archive blog
Anglie: Sekhemka sale: Northampton Museum facing 'disciplinary'
Polsko: Mezolityczne sanktuarium odsłania kolejne zagadki / Mesolithic sanctuary reveals constellation riddle
Německo: Výstava Vikingové v Berlíně
Rakousko: They weren’t wimps: how modern humans, like Neanderthals, braved the northern cold
Bulharsko: Byzantine church treasure found in Bulgaria / Bulgarian and American archaeologists discover ancient basilica
Bulharsko: 7,000 year old wall unearthed in Bulgaria
Itálie: Diocletian's Baths reopen to public after restoration
Řecko: Amazon Warriors' Names Revealed Amid "Gibberish" on Ancient Greek Vases / Scholars decipher names of Amazon warrior women from ancient pottery
Řecko: Fourth chamber may hold key to Amphipolis riddle / Could the 4th chamber hold the key to the Amphipolis riddle? (see photos)
Turecko: Music chamber found in ancient city of Isos
Turecko: Archaeology and photography at ancient Alalakh
Egypt: Faience figurines from Middle Kingdom Egypt
Izrael: Oldest Metal Object Ever Found In A Woman’s Grave In Israel
Kazachstán: Nazca Lines of Kazakhstan: More Than 50 Geoglyphs Discovered / Vedci objavili záhadný nález a nevedia zatvoriť ústa od úžasu: Zábery z Google Earth nevedia vysvetliť!
Kambodža: Beyond Angkor: How lasers revealed a lost city
Kanada: Underwater expedition may have revealed earliest site of human habitation in Canada / Haida Gwaii underwater expedition may have revealed earliest site of human habitation in Canada

22. 9. 2014
Anglie: Victorian railway infrastructure discovered by archaeologists near London tube station / Crossrail archaeologists uncovers Brunel’s railway heritage
Anglie: London archaeologists seek public’s help to restore Temple of Mithras
Skandinávie: Mezi vikinskými hrdlořezy byly i ženy, odhalili historici. Jak vypadaly?
Dánsko: Excavation hopes to unlock the secrets of Hammershus
Rakousko: Study shows early modern human settlement in Central Europe over 43,000 years ago
Polsko: Zakończono badania archeologiczne pod Grunwaldem
Polsko: Rich archaeological finds in Burdąg
Itálie/Řecko: Italy to return 80 ancient coins to Greece
Řecko: Ancient theatre of Larissa comes to life
Řecko: Platform Sandals Revealed on Greek Statues Guarding Alexander-Era Tomb
Řecko: Greeks captivated by Alexander-era tomb at Amphipolis
Řecko: Did British soldiers plunder Amphipolis Tomb in 1916?
Turecko: Ottoman coins to be displayed in first mint
Irák: Islámský stát ničí starověké památky. Paměť Mezopotámie mizí
Botswana/Namibie/Jihoafrická republika: Firelight talk of the Kalahari Bushmen: Did tales told over fires aid our social and cultural evolution? / Oheň stvořil člověka. Ale úplně jinak, než jsme si doposud mysleli!
Florida (USA): Answer to restoring lost island biodiversity found in fossils
USA: Ink with meaning: What we can learn from the tattoos of our ancestor
Austrálie: Search for 500-year-old shipwreck could rewrite Australia's history
Vanuatu: Pacific settlers developed gardens to survive

21. 9. 2014
Ten Amazing Cities from the Ancient World
Anglie: Roman excavation at ‘human bones’ find property in Swinton
Anglie: How Medieval England looked 200 years ago
Řecko: New photos of Amphipolis Caryatids released
Jordánsko: Nowy polski projekt archeologiczny w Jordanii / New Polish archaeological project in Jordan
Omán: Rediscovering Adam’s antiquity and culture
Džammú a Kašmír: Kashmir cultural heritage at risk
Kambodža: Cambodia's stolen warriors

20. 9. 2014
Anglie: Wiltshire's 'Neolithic' long barrow burial chamber opens
Anglie: Norfolk garden exploration at Caistor reveals ancient coins
Anglie: Open day chance to see Bronze Age barrow before it's lost to quarry
Řecko: Roadworks reveal ancient city in Western Greece
Turecko: Hitting a high the Ottoman way with tobacco
Turecko: Byzantine monuments in Istanbul neglected
Čína: Chinese Homo sapiens fossil shifts perceptions of dispersal
Florida (USA): Ancient DNA could unlock South Florida secret

19. 9. 2014
Francie: 2,000 year old boomerang unearthed in France / French archaeologists find 2,000-year-old boomerang used by Gauls
Německo: Naturfreunde schmelzen für Eisenzeit dahin: In Lehrte bald historisch-ökologische Bildung
Turecko: Centuries-old cistern contributes to excavation
Turecko: Mount Nemrut promoted with phone apps
Irák/Sýrie: Islamic State threatens ancient sites in Iraq, Syria
Mongolsko: Crumbling tower in ancient Mongolian ruins offers clues about Khitan history
Čína: New Large Stone Prehistoric Cutting Tools Found in China
USA: 'Assyria to Iberia at the Dawn of the Classical Age' at The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Jižní Karolína (USA): Sunken 'Ship of Gold' Contains Bounty of Jewelry, Treasures

18. 9. 2014
Slovensko: Jarok pri Nitre bol sídlom pravekých ľudí, ostali po nich stopy
Slovensko: The Burial of a Celtic Chieftain from Stupava (Slovakia)
Anglie: Stonehenge: children revealed to be the metal workers of prehistoric Britain
Polsko: Unikatowe odkrycie archeologiczne w Supraślu
Itálie: Roman emperor Augustus's frescoed rooms unveiled for first time in Rome
Turecko: Exhibition sheds light on the ancient city-state of Alalakh
Turecko: Excavations in Patara end with surprizing discoveries
Izrael: Archaeologists Discover Ancient Compound Near Beit Shemesh / Byzantine monastic complex unearthed in Israel / Archaeologists discover 'industrial scale' wine production at ancient site
Egypt/Německo: Germans return stolen parts of Great Pyramid
Afrika: The age of the Sahara desert
Keňa: Kenya Has Its Own Machu Picchu—the Lost Town of Gedi
Sýrie: Syrian World Heritage sites show significant damage / New high-resolution satellite image analysis: 5 of 6 Syrian World Heritage sites ‘exhibit significant damage’
Indie: Plan to develop Buddhist site at Chebrolu
Čína: Lunadong fossils support theory of earlier dispersal of modern man
Arizona (USA): The Latest Research on the Earliest Farmers
Tennessee (USA): Science uncovers story of slaves on zoo property
Mexiko: Tlatilco burial artefacts reveal Olmec connection

17. 9. 2014
Europeans drawn from three ancient 'tribes' / New branch added to European family tree / Ancient human genomes suggest three ancestral populations for present-day Europeans / Most present-day Europeans derive from at least three populations
Slovensko: Osud slovenského Tutanchamóna je neistý
Anglie: King Richard III killed by blows to skull / Modern forensic techniques identify most likely cause of King Richard III’s death
Anglie: Analysis of centuries-old skeletons in mass grave ‘inconclusive’
Anglie/Itálie: Fancy pants: skirmishes with the fashion police in 16th-century Italy
Skotsko: Dig near Dumfries unearths Roman Army artefacts
Irsko: Damage to crannóg in Roscommon being investigated
Polsko: Archeologists discover exact location of gas chambers at Sobibór death camp in Poland / Archeologové v Sobiboru odkryli zbytky plynových komor
Německo: Mit GPS und Laserscanner
Německo: Zuwachs in der Ahnengalerie
Španělsko: Iberian pig genome remains unchanged after 5 centuries
Řecko: Byzantine grave unearthed in Thessaloniki
Řecko: Greece To Nominate Archaeological Site Of Philippi For UNESCO’s World Heritage Site Status
Kypr: Ottoman cannon recovered off Paralimni, Cyprus
Egypt: Ancient Egyptian Woman with 70 Hair Extensions Discovered
Turecko: Bronze Age wreckage oldest in Turkey
Jordánsko: Scarab of Biblical-era pharaoh found in Jordan / Pharaoh-Branded Amulet Found in Jordan
Irák: Iraq's heritage faces new wave of destruction
Sibiř/Tuva (Rusko): Scientists to recreate 2,300 year old brain surgery after finding evidence of successful operations / Successful 2,300-Year-Old Brain Surgery Techniques Now Being Recreated in Siberia / Ancient Pazyryk nomads carried out highly advanced cranial surgery in Siberia
Guatemala: Capturing ancient Maya sites from both a rat's and a 'bat's eye view'

16. 9. 2014
The Gulf Stream kept going during the last Ice Age
Anglie: Volunteers hope to unearth hidden history at medieval church in Hopton
Irsko: New bog body discovered in Co. Meath
Skandinávie: Viking Age architecture in space and time
Francie: Washington First World War soldier's battlefield poppies survive a century
Německo: Arbeiten am Bahnhofstrog unterbrochen
Finsko: Spread of Pit-Comb Ware culture in eastern Finland / The creation of the Vuoksi River preceded a significant cultural shift / Massive ancient lake-burst triggered major cultural shift in eastern Finland
Německo: Ein Bogen für die Schmach Kleopatras
Polsko: „Weekend z archeologią” w Pietrowicach Wielkich
Turecko: ‘Ottoman shopping malls’ revealed in Van excavations / Van excavations yield Ottoman era finds
Turecko: Ancient theater to host culture events
Egypt: Egypt's Marina El-Alamein to open in April
USA/Itálie: American tourists caught with Pompeii relic
Kalifornie (USA): NOAA team reveals forgotten ghost ships off Golden Gate / Researchers explore 'graveyard of ships' near San Francisco

15. 9. 2014
Irsko: Skeletons found in a Portuguese mass grave belonged to African slaves
Wales: The Process of Discovery: Preparing Llandeilo’s Bronze Age Cremations for Analysis
Dánsko: Viking Fortress Reveals 'Fierce Warriors' Were Decent Architects
Polsko: Pod Grunwaldem rozpoczęły się wielkie badania archeologiczne
Polsko: 20. Festyn Archeologiczny w Biskupinie pod znakiem trzech epok
Polsko: Historycy: znaleziony pod Grunwaldem topór prawdopodobnie użyty w 1410 r. / Teutonic battle axes found in Polish forest
Polsko: Liczne znaleziska w rzymskim obozie
Polsko: Archeolodzy przebadali czeskie cmentarzysko
Itálie: 'Hidden Treasure of Rome' project unveiled
Řecko: Third chamber at Amphipolis tomb deemed unstable
Řecko: Divers sure of new finds at Antikythera shipwreck / Daring new search of ancient Antikythera wreck begins today
Izrael: Massive 5,000 yr old stone structure found in Israel / Massive 5,000-Year-Old Stone Monument Revealed in Israel
Turecko: Fossil of largest known land mammal uncovered in Çorum
Katar: Kingdom of Kush Iron Industry Works Discovered
Madagaskar: Castaways (1) (2) (3) (4)
USA: Uncovering Hidden Text on a 500-Year-Old Map That Guided Columbus
Tennessee (USA): Ancient Native American burial mounds get state historical marker
Mexiko: Research Affirms Evidence of a Key Alcoholic Beverage in Ancient Mexico
Austrálie: 30,000-Year-Old Cave Paintings in Danger of Destruction

14. 9. 2014
Anglie: Dig could have found a Roman settlement / Possible Roman settlement found at Buckingham
Nizozemsko: Science comes to the rescue of art
Švédsko: Election day and medieval chess queens
Egypt: AIA affiliated society to auction Egyptian artefacts
Egypt: Prozess gegen deutsche Hobby-Archäologen in Ägypten erneut vertagt
Severní Amerika: Microscopic Diamond Suggests Cosmic Impact
USA/Egypt: Egypt’s heritage up for auction in sell-off by the American Institute for Archaeology St Louise Society Inc
Ohio (USA): Feds chase treasure hunter turned fugitive

13. 9. 2014
Anglie: Grave finds at Hungate dig in York
Anglie: Southend shipwreck shoe find could give clues about sailors' lives
Polsko: Medieval Polish castle reveals its secrets
Řecko: Tomb of Alexander the Great already found, archaeologist claims, but findings have been blocked by ‘diplomatic intervention’
Řecko: Archaeologists return to 16th cent. Zakynthos wreck
Egypt: Restoration of Step Pyramid restarts amid controversy
Turecko/Japonsko: Boat sinking deepened Japanese-Ottoman relations
Indie: Mughal era coins recovered from Kanpur's cantonment area
Indie: 72,300 ancient manuscripts to be digitized in India

12. 9. 2014
Anglie: Mary Rose scientists to investigate site 'damage'
Anglie: Uncovering the text of the New Testament
Anglie: Staffordshire Hoard - největší anglo-saský depot nalezený detektorem kovustále šokuje
Francie: Neolithic necropolis contains twenty monumental tombs
Polsko: Szczątki odkryte w najstarszej polskiej szkole złożono w ossuarium
Německo: LWL-Archäologe Bérenger geht in Ruhestand
Německo: Spuren aus zwei Jahrtausenden
Německo: Lauresham: Wo die Karolingerzeit lebendig wird
Německo: Der erste runde Zaun aus der Steinzeit
Itálie: Villa of Livia now open to the public
Řecko: Archaeologists access third chamber of Amphipolis tomb
Řecko: 'Aegean – Creation of an Archipelago' exhibition in Athens
Turecko: European archaeologists gather in İstanbul for symposium
Turecko: Temple of Serapis in Ephesus undergoes restoration
Egypt: Egypt tries to prevent UK auction of coffin lid
Egypt: Egyptian temple south of Luxor jeopardized by groundwater
USA: Ripples in ancient rock may be signs of early life
Japonsko: Authenticity confirmed for long-lost Shimazu Masamune sword
Japonsko: Walkway to Kamakura shrine to get 1st face-lift in 800 years

11. 9. 2014
How salt causes historic buildings to crumble
Life on Earth still favours evolution over creationism
Anglie: Essex: ‘Nationally important’ Roman treasure found under Colchester department store will remain in the town
Anglie: Two ancient skeletons found holding hands in medieval chapel / 700 let se drželi za ruce v tajném hrobě. Komu těla patří? & More on Medieval skeletons holding hands found at Hallaton
Irsko: Prehistoric pit discovered on Coney Island beach
Francie: Between the rails in Montpellier
Německo: Erste Bauernkultur am Hellweg überrascht LWL-Archäologen
Německo: Die heimlichen Helden der Archäologie
Polsko: Powstał nowy film na temat Biskupina
Bulharsko: Byzantine Basilica found in northeastern Bulgaria
Řecko: The Amphipolis caryatids revealed
Turecko: Palace unearthed in Mersin’s ancient settlement Yumuktepe
Egypt: Conservation works on the Sphinx in progress
Egypt: Archeologists Make Remarkable Find In Greek Underground Chambers
Izrael: Thousands of artefacts available online by the Israel Antiquities Authority
Kanada: ‘We Will Not Be Moved’ Say Archaeological Protesters

10. 9. 2014
Anglie: 4,000-year-old pelt found in princess grave reveals bears roamed Dartmoor, England
Anglie: Two 1,000-year-old skeletons holding hands found by archaeologists in Leicestershire
Anglie: Radar finds HUNDREDS more megalithic monuments, chapels, and shrines around Stonehenge / More on 15 new structures found around Stonehenge / Stonehenge obklopovalo 17 dalších svatyní, zjistili archeologové / Stonehenge had huge 'stone religious sibling' just two miles away / Kolem Stonehenge stál rozsáhlý areál svatyň, zjistilo 3D mapování / New survey transforms knowledge of Stonehenge landscape / Stonehenge had huge 'stone religious sibling' just two miles away
Anglie: Non-dominant hand vital to the evolution of the thumb
Anglie: "Lost house" destroyed by 17th century Civil War Royalists found on Nottinghamshire pipeline
Irsko: In search of the Spanish Armada off the Irish coast
Německo: Aberglaube: Archäologen finden Hinweise auf Untoten-Bestattung
Švýcarsko: Der Erste Weltkrieg als Fall für die Archäologie
Polsko: Naukowcy badają Smoczą Jamę w Krakowie
Polsko: Szkielet, wiadro i czarka - kolejne znaleziska w Weklicach
Chorvatsko: Archaeologists Uncover 7,000-Year-Old Stone Age City In Croatia
Řecko/USA: Byzantine manuscript returns to Mount Athos
Kypr: New investigation of the Nissia Shipwreck
Turecko: Water workers unveil century-old bomb from the Battle of Gallipoli
Turecko: Excavations underway at the Red Basilica of Pergamon / Red Basilica of Bergama
Egypt: Robot captures first images of Great Pyramid's secret chamber
Egypt: Here’s How to Explore the Pyramids From Your Own Home
Saúdská Arábie: Early Humans in Northern Saudi Arabia Were a Diverse Lot, Says Study
Čína: Enormous tomb of First Emperor’s grandmother unearthed in China / Ancient tomb unearthed in Shaanxi
Tanzánie: Study ties groundwater to human evolution
Kanada: Soup can reopens mystery of doomed Franklin Expedition
USA: Study reconstructs mega-earthquakes timeline in Indian Ocean
Peru: Peru's Modern Economy Clashes With Its Past
Austrálie: Groundwater tied to human evolution

9. 9. 2014
Top 10 Scandals of the Middle Ages
Anglie: Archaeologists' dig sheds new light on ancient village
Anglie: New digital map reveals stunning hidden archaeology of Stonehenge
Anglie: Dig sheds new light on ancient village
Skotsko: More digs planned after medieval harbour discovered at historic abbey
Norsko: Viking Blacksmith’s Grave Uncovered in Norway / Discovered Viking Blacksmith’s Grave in the Garden / Viking Blacksmith’s Grave Uncovered in Norway
Polsko: Badania potwierdzają - w 200-letniej butelce wydobytej z Bałtyku był gin
Itálie: The Mithraic Mysteries and the underground chamber of San Clemente
Řecko: Seismic tomography of the Amphipolis tomb
Bulharsko: Diver finds ancient Lydian coin in Black Sea / Diver finds 2750-year-old gold coin in Bulgaria / V Bulharsku byla nalezena nejstarší zlatá mince
Turecko: New underwater technology explores Byzantine past
Turecko: Jaw-dropping mosaics abandoned to fate on Med coast
Turecko: Clues about 'Dracula’s captivity' unearthed in Tokat
Japonsko: PHOTO: Kyoto's Phoenix Hall resplendent after full restoration

8. 9. 2014
Anglie: Archaeologists find remains of German Messerchmitt downed during Battle of Britain dogfight
Irsko: Irish Famine’s youngest victims found in mass grave
Německo: 1700 Jahre altes Grabmal in Augsburg entdeckt
Řecko: Archaeologists Chase Private Funds To Preserve Greek Antiquities
Řecko: A Superhero of Sorts in a Hunt for Artifacts
Řecko: Greek archaeology hit hard by austerity measures
Egypt: Study shows how ecology transformed through 6,000 years of Egyptian history / Study traces ecological collapse over 6,000 years of Egyptian history / Tracing changes in Nile Valley ecology over 6000 years
Írán: 3,000-Year-Old Golden Bowl Hides a Grisly Archaeological Tale
Čína: 3000-year-old bronze sword discovered in China / Chlapec našel při mytí rukou v řece tři tisíce let starý meč
Kanada: Search crew finds first artifact in decades from doomed Franklin expedition / Kanada objevila bájné plavidlo kapitána Franklina, zmizelo před 160 lety
Brazílie: More signs emerge of New World settlers before 20,000 years ago
Peru: The End of Another Exciting Season in Peru!
Austrálie: Researchers uncover chemistry behind ancient indigenous art

7. 9. 2014
Slovensko: Rímske hry v Gerulate odhalili, aké vynálezy priniesla antika
Anglie: Shapwick – Landscape and Community in Somerset
Anglie: Replica bronze age boat takes to the sea
Skotsko: Archaeologists Discover 1,000-Year-Old Viking ‘Parliament’ in Scotland
Německo: Slavic Germany – the untold history of Germany
Polsko: Bogate znaleziska archeologiczne w Burdągu
Francie: Replica of 18th century ship tests French waters
Itálie: The fall of Rome? Italy's fears that corporate-sponsored restoration projects will lead to the Disneyfication of its cultural heritage
Řecko: Female Sculptures Guard Mysterious Tomb in Greece / Neue Funde aus makedonischem Grab in Nordgriechenland präsentiert / Archeologové v Řecku objevili ve starověké hrobce dvě karyatidy
Turecko: Ancient brush and rattle discovered
Spojené arabské emiráty: Cabinet approves law to protect UAE artefacts

6. 9. 2014
Women Scientists of the Middle Ages and 1600s
Anglie: Anglo-Saxon Portraits: King Raedwald
Anglie: Mystery holes on Malvern Hills are blamed on rogue metal detector enthusiasts
Izrael: Re-evaluating conflict through archaeology, amid uncertain peace
Sibiř (Rusko): Warrior's 3,900 year old suit of bone armour unearthed in Omsk
Kanada: Ancient peach stones reveal domestication history
Pennsylvánie (USA): Museum Plans to Restore Ancient Egyptian Throne Room
Panama: Panama Canal expansion dredges up historical treasures

5. 9. 2014
Anglie: Hadrian's Wall dig unearths Roman stylus wax tablet
Anglie: Golden hoard of Roman jewellery found hidden from Queen Boudicca and her army / Colchester’s hidden Roman treasure
Anglie: Excavation gives gruesome glimpse of Iron Age massacre where 'thousands' were slaughtered, chopped up and dumped in mass grave
Anglie: Dig reveals canal basin under Telford garden
(Severní) Irsko: Lost Dunluce town reveals plantation secrets
Dánsko: New Viking fortress found near Køge / Danish archaeologists find Viking Age ring fortress / Viking 'ring fortress' discovered in Denmark / New Viking Ring Fortress Discovered / Kruhová pevnost Vallø Borgring & More on New Viking fortress found in Denmark
Německo: Bronzezeitliches Metallhandwerk bei Preußlitz
Polsko: Krzyżackie topory znaleźli saperzy w lesie nadleśnictwa Wipsowo
Španělsko: Evidence for Copper Age settlement in Central Spain / Copper Age settlement discovered in Central Spain: Archaeologists show the Meseta's resources were used intensively as early as 4,000 years ago
Turecko: Millennia-old sunken ship could be world’s oldest, researchers suggest
Afghánistán: Three Afghani Masterpieces Face Same Threats, Different Futures
Jihoafrická republika: Tourists to gain access to excavations for hominid bones in South Africa
Kanada: Vikings Built This Amazing Green-Roofed Village 1000 Years Ago!
Aljaška (USA): Dig near Quinhagak provides a look into ancient Yup’ik culture
Austrálie: The Tamam Shud Enigma – Dead Body found in Australia with Ancient Persian Connection
Austrálie: Ground surveying digs deep for Batavia secrets

4. 9. 2014
Británie: Military kit through the ages: from the Battle of Hastings to Helmand & Inventories of war: soldiers' kit from 1066 to 2014
Anglie: 1,000-year-old Middle Eastern recipe book claims to have the ultimate hangover cure
Anglie: Northampton Museum to negotiate Sekhemka-funded expansion
Norsko/Švédsko: The Viking Buddhas
Skandinávie: Bronze Age Artwork in Scandinavia
Polsko: W Karpatach odkryto osadę z okresu wpływów rzymskich
Polsko: Archaeologists uncover traces of 1000-year-old settlement
Německo: German museum agrees to study on contested Native American scalp (Update)
Německo: Historisches Römerkastell in Gernsheim entdeckt / Lange gesuchtes Römer-Kastell entdeckt / Römisches Lager in Gernsheim gefunden / Hitting the jackpot on a dig in Gernsheim: Long lost Roman fort discovered / Long lost Roman fort discovered in Germany
Španělsko: Research Shows Early Neanderthal Extinction on Iberian Peninsula
Srbsko: Turkish archologists find ancient Roman church in Kosovo / Turkish archaeologists reveal 6th century baptistery abroad
Bulharsko: Archaeology: 2014 finds in Bulgaria include Roman statues, pottery workshop, child’s toy
Egypt: What happened to the missing mummies of Egypt's lost queens?
Turecko: Muž objavil vo svojom dome tajomný tunel: Doviedol ho na neuveriteľné miesto!
Turecko: Ancient bath-house excavated in Harran
Írán: The Challenges of Rebuilding an Archaeological Program in Post-Revolutionary Irana
Hawaj: How the Voyage of the Kon-Tiki Misled the World About Navigating the Pacific

3. 9. 2014
Slovensko: Elizabeth Bathory – 16th century deranged serial killer or victim of betrayal?
Anglie: Ancient Last Supper charm is earliest known use of magic in Christianity
Anglie: Building work on hold as medieval remains found in Peterborough / Medieval cemetery unearthed at housing site
Anglie: Colchester: Roman find of ‘national importance’ discovered under Williams & Griffin store
Anglie: Town has hidden hoard of ancient Egyptian artefacts
Dánsko: Archaeologists make spectacular discovery off Denmark’s coast / Ancient boat and Stone Age settlement found
Polsko: Archaeologists study the village of Scandinavian settlers in Suchań
Sýrie: Archaeologists Train "Monuments Men" to Save Syria's Past
Arménie: Archaeologist 'digs' using drone for fieldwork in Armenia
Kalifornie (USA): First Columbian Mammoth With Hair Discovered on California Farm

2. 9. 2014
Anglie: Ancient Last Supper charm found in John Rylands Library
Anglie: Modern population boom traced to pre-industrial roots
Skotsko: Archaeologists hoping to scrape their way to Moncreiffe Hill’s ancient secrets
Skandinávie: Better Identification of Viking Corpses Reveals: Half of the Warriors Were Female & Sorry, but That Study Doesn’t Say Half of Viking Warriors Were Women / Vikingy doprovázely ženy na cestách víc, než se myslelo
Francie: Exceptionally well preserved insect fossils from the Rhône Valley
Itálie: From silk tunics to relics: Development of early relic worship
Vatikán: Photos from inside the Vatican Secret Archives
Řecko: Politicized archaeology
Turecko: Inscriptions reveal ancient Parion’s importance
Turecko: Mummies of Anatolia
Irák: ISIS’ Antiquities Sideline
Omán: Major heritage sites of Oman documented
Pennsylvánie (USA): Ancient 6,500-Year-Old Skeleton from Ur Excavations Gets a Public Audience
USA: Extinctions during human era worse than thought
Bolívie: Psychedelic Culture Tripped Circa 500 A.D.
Kolumbie/Španělsko: Spain returns priceless booty to Colombia

1. 9. 2014
Anglie: A pristine Roman sculpture: take a spin
Anglie: Outline of missing stones appear at Stonehenge, proving stone circle was closed / Stonehenge was circular? Well, blow me down / Letní sucho odhalilo neznámou tvář Stonehenge
Anglie: Bone collector
Skotsko: Digital project could reveal secrets of Highland standing stone
Skotsko: Archaeologists say "special" longhouse could reveal life during Scottish Middle Ages
Dánsko: Nationalmuseets Samlinger Online [sbírka kødaňského Národního musea]
Rakousko: Traumberuf Archäologe. Zwei Drittel der Österreicher wollen bei archäologischen Grabungen mitmachen. Wie Laien künftig in der Forschung arbeiten können
Polsko: Rozwój miecza w średniowieczu (1) (2)
Polsko: Opolscy archeolodzy powrócili z Rosji
Gibraltar: Rock Engraving Made by Neanderthals, Suggests Study / Neanderthals made some of Europe's oldest art / Newly Discovered Engraving May Revise Picture of Neanderthal Intelligence / V gibraltarské jeskyni nalezli abstraktní umění neandertálců
Řecko: Excavation work at Amphipolis reveals section of marble mosaic floor
Albánie: Wax Tablets Reveal Secrets of Ancient Illyria
Egypt: Egypt’s Step Pyramid at risk of ‘catastrophic collapse’
Egypt: Polish archaeologists in on the Red Sea port
Turecko: Ancient footprints discovered in Bursa
Írán: Iron Age CSI finds gold thieves died in the act
Indie: Ancient Nalanda University resumes today after 800 year break
Čína: Royal bronze chariot found after 3,000 years / Royal bronze chariot found after 3,000 years
Mexiko: Figurines provide clue to Olmec trading links in Mexico
Austrálie: Finding lost identity in Aboriginal languages

VIII. 2014
Digital Approaches to Heroic Imagery and Travel
Skotsko: Scotland’s Stone Age Ruins / Unter Schottland wartet ein monumentaler Tempel

31. 8. 2014
Ten incredible texts from our ancient past
Anglie: London Mapping Project
Německo: Cäsars Nachschublager umfasste 30 Fußballfelder
Itálie: Currency Reform In Ancient Rome
Írán: An ancient city waits for tourists in Iran
USA: 'Roman in the Provinces: Art on the Periphery of Empire' on view at the Yale University Art Gallery
Virginie (USA): 18th century brewery remains found at Va. college
Haiti: Experts seek to save Haiti's archaeological sites

30. 8. 2014
Anglie: Stonehenge 'complete circle' evidence found
Anglie: Heritage: Pottery excavations at Cow Roast
Anglie: Fears 'Pompeii of the North' could be snapped up by developers as historic Roman site is put up for sale
Island: A social analysis of Viking jewellery from Iceland
Německo: Villa Rustica für Laien kaum erkennbar
Izrael: Wine cellar of Bronze Age Canaanite palace
Aljaška (USA): Archaeologists rush to save Yup'ik treasures threatened by vanishing shoreline
Jižní Karolína (USA): Shipwreck of S.S. Central America Yields More Gold

29. 8. 2014
Anglie: Teenagers fight £3.4million home plans at Sunderland Bronze Age site
Německo: Ausgrabungen im Zuge des Museumsneubaus in Bochum
Německo: Neue Grabungen und Prospektionen auf dem Kapellenberg
Řecko: Search for Europe's oldest village concluded
Turecko: Göbeklitepe: The world’s oldest sculpture workshop
Barma (Myanmar): Thailand to help Burma conserve ancient cities
Čína: Neolithic site dating back 5,000 yrs discovered in C China
Kansas (USA): Researchers search for evidence of earliest inhabitants of Central Great Plains / Evidence for earliest inhabitants of Central Great Plains

28. 8. 2014
Lovesickness: The Most Common Form of Heart Disease
Anglie: Wooden Roman Toilet Seat Found in U.K. / Roman wooden toilet seat found at Vindolanda
Anglie: Roman ruins uncovered in Somerset dig
Skotsko: Ballochraggan 12, Port of Mentieth, Perthshire
Island: Viking Travellers of the Sagas
Švédsko: New research reveals how wild rabbits were genetically transformed into tame rabbits
Rakousko: Archäologische Grabungen: Feld voller Skelette
Řecko: Video footage of Amphipolis tomb from the air
Turecko: Fingerprints at Bonçuklu
Izrael: Ancient Metal Workers Were Not Slaves But Highly Regarded Craftsmen
Libanon: War, earthquakes, tourism ... the city of Byblos, Lebanon fights for its future
Afghánistán: Afghan historic minaret of Jam 'in danger of collapse'
Jihoafrická republika: Stone-tipped spears lethal, may indicate early cognitive and social skills / Aufrüstung in der Steinzeit
Aljaška (USA)/Kanada/Grǿnsko: Prehistoric migrations: DNA study unravels the settlement history of the New World Arctic / First inhabitants of Arctic not related to the Inuit / Earliest Eskimos Mysteriously Vanished 700 Years Ago
Pensylvánie (USA): Eighteenth century artifacts — including a British half-penny — found during Camp Security dig

27. 8. 2014
Anglie: New Roman mosaic found at Chedworth
Anglie: Auctioneer discovers Egyptian coffin lid in wall
Irsko: Vikings were experts in recycling and reclamation
Francie: Grander designs at Guédelon: historic château project brings past to life
Polsko: Wkrótce jubileuszowy festyn archeologiczny w Biskupinie
Polsko: Królewski zamek w Krzepicach odsłania tajemnice
Německo: Wissenschaftler entdecken Römerkastell
Turecko: Ancient throne discovered in excavations at Euromos
Izrael: Bronze Age wine cellar found in Israel
Kanada: Complete Inuvialuit driftwood house found in Mackenzie Delta
Kanada: Walking fish reveal how our ancestors evolved onto land
New York (USA): Scientists recreate old beer they dug up in Chinatown
Austrálie: Changing styles of Kimberley rock art tell a rich story of human life

26. 8. 2014
Norsko: Medieval graves unearthed in Oslo
Francie: Bibracte: where Julius Caesar completed his “Gallic Wars”
Francie: The Seven Liberal Arts and the West Door of Chartres Cathedral
Itálie: What can 14th century Venice teach us about Ebola?
Itálie: A Glance into the Lives of the Roman Peasantry: Four Weeks of Excavation with the Roman Peasant Project
Chorvatsko: World's oldest Aga discovered in Croatia / 6,500-year-old oven with heating and hot water system is similar to modern technology / Archaeologists Uncover 7,000-Year-Old Stone Age City In Croatia
Rumunsko: Oldest European human footprints confirmed
Bulharsko: Archaeology: Bulgaria’s latest ‘vampire’ skeleton found in Plovdiv
Řecko: Tomb Raiders Likely Plundered Ancient Greek Site / Greek Tomb Shows Signs of Looting: Photos
Turecko: Ani ruins reveal hidden secrets from below / Secret underground tunnels of ancient Mesopotamian cult revealed under Ani ruins / A Man Renovating His Home Discovered A Tunnel... To A Massive Underground City
Turecko: Construction work damages ancient tombs in Istanbul
Egypt: Egypt develops hi-tech security system in museums, archeology sites
Saúdská Arábie: Ancient Arabian Stones Hint at How Humans Migrated Out of Africa
Indie: 800 year old Ganesh idol discovered in sugar factory
Kanada: Archeologists discover Labrador's 1st snowmobile
Mississippi (USA): Historic canoe removed from Pearl River bank

25. 8. 2014
10 must see UNESCO World Heritage Sites
10 reasons when you know you’re a true archaeologist…
Top 10 Historically Misleading Films
Británie: Face off: when façades go bad – in pictures
Anglie: Princely seax knife shows sophisticated craftsmanship of Anglo Saxon England
Anglie: Archaeologists Discover 15 Previously Unknown Monuments Buried Around Stonehenge
Anglie: Archaeologists dig up Norfolk gardens to shed new light on Roman town
Španělsko: Into the depths of human history
Řecko: Greek archaeologists enter large underground tomb / Greek sphinxes found guarding 'incredibly important' ancient tomb
Bulharsko: Bulgarian archeologists may have found the oldest copper factory in Europe
Malta: 2,700-year-old Phoenician Shipwreck Discovered in Maltese Waters / Ancient Shipwreck off Malta Leaves 700 BC Cargo
Jihoafrická republika: Study Raises Questions About Evolution of the Human Brain
Turecko: Home owner discovers ancient underground city beneath his house in Anatolia
Kurdistán (Irák): Toronto based researcher works to preserve ancient Syriac inscriptions
Irák: Cultural Destruction by Islamic State Continues with No End in Sight
Spojené arabské emiráty: Societal changes in Bronze Age Arabia
Afghánistán: Journey of the Treasures
Afghánistán: China And Afghanistan’s Minerals: Archaeologists Still Scrambling To Save Mes Aynak / Archaeologists still scrambling to save Mes Aynak
Kyrgyzstán: Russian Archaeologists Search for Remains of Ancient Civilization Under Lake Issyk Kul
Sibiř (Rusko): Mighty Siberian hero warrior reveals his secrets from almost 1,000 years ago
Sibiř (Rusko): Close contact between women and dogs in prehistoric times
Washington (USA): Scientists: Mysterious Kennewick Man looked Polynesian and came from far away / The Kennewick Man Finally Freed to Share His Secrets
Utah (USA): Utah's Great Gallery rock art younger than expected, say scientists
Aljaška (USA): Attack on Kiska: Untouched Relics from a Baffling WWII Battle / Útok na Kisku: památky na kuriózní bitvu
Mexiko: Archaeologists Excavate Endangered Maya Site

24. 8. 2014
Wales: Row over bones discovery
Francie: Medieval hoard found at French site
Řecko: Amphipolis tomb entrance gradually revealed / Ancient Amphipolis tomb entrance gradually revealed
Kypr: Krakowscy archeolodzy wrócili na Cypr
Turecko: Trenches surveyed at Gallipoli
Sýrie/Egypt/USA: Academics and Archaeologists Fight to Save Syria’s Artifacts
Indie: Archaeologists discover 8th Century inscription in Purulia village
Indie: After July landslide, Indian heritage monuments may be at risk
Arizona (USA): Hohokam village unearthed at planned mall site
Mississippi (USA): Fight to preserve Prospect Hill Plantation
USA/Afrika: Arts at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

23. 8. 2014
Anglie: Norfolk digs to reveal Caistor Roman secrets
Anglie: Northampton archaeologists find 13th Century malting oven
Anglie: Birmingham's official archaeologist Dr Mike Hodder rewrote the city's history
Anglie: Fifteen previously unknown monuments discovered underground in Stonehenge landscape
Německo: Eine unbekannte Mauer unter Paderborner Hellwegpflaster
Řecko: Athens to display 25 masterpieces from Greece & Italy
Turecko: Byzantine Emperor's tomb turning into garbage dump / Byzantium king tomb turning into garbage dump
Gruzie: Roman baths discovered in Georgia
Írán: Pre-World War II ammunition unearthed in Tehran
Čína: 1,200-year-old Tomb Discovered in China
Jáva: IS threatens to destroy world’s largest Buddhist temple
Illinois (USA): Remains of Oak Brook settlers being moved

22. 8. 2014
Slovensko: On the trail of the 'Blood Countess' in Slovakia
Anglie: Roman mosaic uncovered at Chedworth Roman Villa / Roman mosaic uncovered by archeologists at Chedworth Roman Villa
Anglie: Colchester families' last meal before Boadicea struck
Anglie: Come and see Dig Whitehawk in action
Skotsko: Video: Medieval discovery near electrical substation
Německo: 700 Jahre alte Spielzeugfigur in Plauen gefunden
Polsko: Film o archeologii Wolina laureatem na II Zamojskim Festiwalu Filmowym
Řecko: Amphipolis tomb sparks intense interest
Bulharsko: Medieval buckles with imperial symbols found in Bulgaria’s Pliska
Egypt: Tourism Police foil unprecedented underwater antiquity theft attempt / Police thwart attempt to smuggle Egyptian antiquities
Irák: The Islamic State isn’t just killing people. It’s destroying a culture
Jemen: Archaeological Finds of Ancient Arabia to be Shown
Kazachstán: Ancient settlement found in Kazakhstan
Japonsko: 4,000 Year-Old ‘Masked Goddess’ Statue Named National Treasure

21. 8. 2014
Anglie: Deserted village gets listed status / Deserted Medieval Villages in England
Anglie: The Swash Channel Wreck gives up its secrets at Poole Museum
Anglie: Archaeology survey starts on proposed 2,500 homes site in Cirencester
Anglie: More than 100 bodies found beneath Metrolink Second City crossing route
Wales: History of Black Mountains' white gold revealed
Polsko: W Kielcach odkryto XVI-wieczne mury na dziedzińcu byłego pałacu biskupów
Německo: Das plötzliche Ende der Neandertaler
Německo: Zwischen Thermen und Forum – Ausgrabungen am Trierer Weberbach
Německo: Barocker Steinbruch in Spardorf?
Itálie: Italy Risks Priceless Riace Bronzes for Cash
Řecko: Despotiko excavation reveals majestic shrine
Řecko: Architectural elements emerge at Amphipolis tomb
Řecko: Greek Archaeology Site Sparks Intense Interest
Bulharsko: Layers of destruction: Archaeology, Serdica and Sofia’s Largo
Libye: Leptis Magna is a crumbling city in Africa that time forgot
Turecko: Ancient kitchen found in Sagalassos
Turecko: Ancient city of Metropolis opens to tourism
Jordánsko: Oldest metal object found to date in Middle East
Karačajevsko-čerkeská republika: Čeští archeologové objevili na Kavkaze významné mohylové pohřebiště / Cenný objev v Karačajevsko-čerkeské republice
Sibiř (Rusko): Forgotten medieval warrior unearthed in Siberia
Korea: Trove of Buddhist artifacts uncovered in South Korea
Kalifornie (USA): Scientists fight the sea to save ancient relics
Oregon (USA): Scientists fight the sea to save ancient relics

20. 8. 2014
Anglie: Neanderthals 'overlapped' with modern humans for up to 5,400 years / Neanderthals lived alongside humans for centuries, latest study shows / Nový výzkum přepisuje historii neandertálců
Anglie: Hadrian’s Wall: Celebrating the pioneers behind the wall
Anglie: Major investigation into nationally important site on Cumbrian coast returns next month
Dánsko: Curiosities of Bornholm Castle
Německo: Archäologie-Schau der Superlative zeigt keltischen Salzabbau
Německo: Das Rätsel der verlassenen Dörfer
Palaeolithic diet included snails 10,000 years earlier than previously thought
Itálie: Rome’s first emperor died 2000 years ago – his tomb is now used as a toilet
Řecko: Geometric tomb found in ancient Corinth / 2,800-Year-Old Zigzag Art Found in Greek Tomb
Řecko: Sphinxes at Amphipolis tomb revealed
Bosna a Hercegovina: Experts launch project to digitize neglected Bosnian heritage
Turecko: Panoramic museum planned for Nemrut sculptures
Grǿnsko: Rising temperatures threaten Greenland's archaeological treasures
New York (USA): Dig here: Albany historian says old maps point to exact location of fort Dutch built in 1614
Peru: The Hunt for Alpaca … Skeletons
Peru: Seals and sea lions likely spread tuberculosis to Americas before Columbus
Austrálie: The Blombos Rocks: are they Crude Imitations of an Original Australian artifact?

19. 8. 2014
Anglie: Archaeologists unearth medieval walls at Merton Priory Chapter House site
Irsko: Ancient oak structure from Connemara coast excavated
Skotsko: £1.5 million aid for historic buildings
Normanské ostrovy: Iron Age site kept secret to stop metal detector users
Polsko: Archeolodzy badają osadę skandynawskich przybyszów w Suchaniu
Německo: Entdeckung im Finkenhaus
Německo: Archäologie erleben
Itálie: Pompeii seduces thousands with 10 new houses
Egypt: Uncovering Berenike: an ancient port on the Red Sea coast
Egypt/Německo: Germany returns illegally obtained archaeological samples from Cheops Pyramid
Turecko: Unique Neolithic figurines found in Patara
Thajsko: Ancient human remains unearthed in Krabi, WWII shipwreck found off Chumphon
Sibiř (Rusko): Siberian elders vote to bury 'Ice Maiden' to stop quakes, floods
Florida (USA): Lost French fleet of 1565 remains a mystery after divers spend weeks looking off Florida coast
Colorado (USA): Violence in the Ancient Southwest Offers Insights Into Peace, Study Says

18. 8. 2014
Slovensko: V Nitre zistili, že žila aj po Veľkej Morave / Archeologické výskumy pokračujú: Postupne rekonštruujú vývoj Nitrianskeho hradu
Anglie: Archaeological dig next to Guildhall searches for royal clues
Anglie: Volunteers help British Museum in crowdsourcing archeology project
Anglie: Before they left Africa, early modern humans were 'culturally diverse'
Anglie: Want to Buy a Genuine Viking Age Battle Axe?
Anglie/Řecko: The Parthenon sculptures should be returned to Greece says British journalist
Francie: Archaeologists study Celtic 'oppidum' in France
Německo: Tempelsäule diente als Hochwasserschutz
Německo: Die versunkene Welt von Rungholt
Katalánsko (Španělsko): Black Death mass grave found in Barcelona
Řecko: Excavations at Amphipolis tomb resumed on Monday
Turecko: 4,000 year old 'baby rattle' among Kültepe finds / Centuries-old baby rattle among Kültepe findings
Turecko: Ancient monuments mishandled by inferior restoration / Ancient monuments poorly restored in Turkey
Egypt: Polscy archeolodzy w czerwonomorskim porcie
Kazachstán: Scythian 'Princess' discovered in Kazakhstan reconstructed / Reconstruction shows how ancient Scythian 'Princess' discovered in Kazakhstan looked like
Barma (Myanmar): The search for Myanmar's mysterious Dhammazedi Bell
Uganda: Pygmy phenotype developed many times, adaptive to rainforest
Mexiko: Real Chompers! Jesus Statue Has Human Teeth

17. 8. 2014
Anglie: Bone study reveals royal lifestyle of Richard III / Bone Chemistry reveals royal lifestyle of Richard III
Francie: Theoretical Structural Archaeology
Německo: Kleiner Fund mit großer Bedeutung
Itálie: Emperor Augustus stables in Rome to be reburied due to lack of funding
Izrael: Hoard of bronze coins from Jewish Revolt found near Jerusalem
Čína: European man's remains found in ancient Chinese tomb
USA/Tibet: Study Sheds Light on Human Evolution
Mexiko: Two ancient Maya sites discovered in southern Mexico / V pralese v Mexiku objevili dvě neznámá velká města starých Mayů / Dve mayské usadlosti, o ktorých doposiaľ hovorili iba legendy, sa podarilo objaviť Ivanovi Sprajcovi, členovi Slovinskej akadémie vied a umení

16. 8. 2014
Slovensko: Tajomná hrobka spod Tatier okúzlila vedcov i majstrov dreva
Slovensko: V nálezisku objavili ľudské kosti so známkami varenia / Nálezisko z doby bronzovej ponúka zaujímavé historické objavy
Slovensko: Vráble boli obývané už v praveku, boli veľké ako Trója či Mykény
Anglie: Elizabethan wreck recovered from the Thames
Anglie: Medieval artefacts, remains found in UK village dig
Skotsko: Callanish Stones still surprise
Polsko: Archeolodzy odkryli fundamenty XVIII-wiecznej opery w Białymstoku
Německo: Das rätselhafte Helgoländer Steinkistengrab
Německo/Egypt: Sachsen gibt Ägypten entwendete Pyramiden-Proben zurück
Švédsko: Roman gold coin found at Swedish massacre site
Řecko: German tourists arrested with Roman amphora
Egypt: Mystery of the Tulane mummies
Irák: Iraq's Archaeological Treasures At Risk Of Destruction By ISIL
Austrálie: Bones of contention: The global trade in archaeological and ethnographic human remains

15. 8. 2014
Británie: Megaliths, standing stones and astronomical alignment
Anglie: Silchester archaeological dig ends after 18 years
Anglie: Luas Works Reveal Multiple Human Remains at College Green
Skotsko: Bronze Age burial cist unearthed in Scotland
Irsko: 3,500-year-old sword discovered by dive club in Shannon River
Francie: Mystery of the ancient Gauls found dumped in a pit
Německo: Dem mittelalterlichen Bergbau auf der Spur
Německo: 3D-Modelle archäologischer Denkmale aus Baden-Württemberg gehen online
Německo: Kunsthistoriker der Uni Trier erforschen die Porta Nigra
Německo: Neuer Masterstudiengang Geoarchäologie in Heidelberg
Německo/Blízký Východ: Der Einfluss von Dürreperioden auf die vorgeschichtliche Landwirtschaft in Nahost
Egypt: Early modern humans were 'culturally diverse' before they left Africa
Turecko: Excavations in Kyzikos to search for Hadrian relief
Jordánsko: Jordanian shopkeeper now helps protect Petra
Indie: The Ajanta cave murals: 'nothing less than the birth of Indian art'
New York (USA): Dig at Colonial battleground turns up artifacts

14. 8. 2014
Slovensko/Polsko/Egypt: Poľsko-slovenská archeologická misia na Tell el-Retábí doháňa zameškané
Anglie: All quiet on the Western Front garden! WWI expert turns his yard into trench system to show what life was really like on the front line
Anglie: For sale: Abandoned fort on the River Thames
Irsko: Medieval human remains found in Dublin
Německo: Sensation: Römisches Offiziersgrab gefunden
Polsko: Broń składana na obrzeżu terytorium - czyli zwyczaje sprzed 3 tys. lat
Kypr: More victims of 4th cent. Kourion earthquake found
Kypr: ‘Significant’ Neolithic burial uncovered in Cyprus
Turecko: Treasure hunters destroy mosaics in Central Anatolia
Turecko: 2,000-year-old tomb unearthed in SW Turkey
Indie: More on Prehistoric site found in Andhra Pradesh
Tennessee (USA): No Viking Ship Discovered Near Mississippi River
Mexiko: Two ancient Maya cities discovered in the jungle of southeastern Mexico
Japonsko: 6th-century tomb in Nara likely step pyramid in shape / Archaeologists Report Rare Pyramid-Like Tomb in Japan
Austrálie: Lover's Walk: Rare Darwin stairway from the city's lost 19th century discovered by men building fence

13. 8. 2014
New to the Archaeologist’s Tool Kit: The Drone
Anglie: Divers to recover items from 320-year-old wreck
Anglie: Douky Bottom, Arncliffe, North Yorkshire
Norsko: Built Iron Age Farm with Iron Will
Polsko: Medieval Prussian town unearthed in Poland
Polsko: Archeolodzy odkryli "Warmińskie Pompeje" - grodzisko z XIV wieku / Archaeologists discovered the "Warmia Pompeii" - fourteenth century settlement
Francie: Middle Palaeolithic carcass processing site in France
Španělsko: Found: 1,000-year-old Islamic burial ground
Španělsko: Million year hominid dispersal event in Iberia
Egypt/USA: UCLA professor develops digital resources for study of ancient Egypt
Egypt: The mummy’s face: Solving an ancient mystery
Egypt: Evil Eye Box and Other Treasures Found in Ancient Tombs on the Shores of the Nile
Egypt: Oldest Evidence for Egyptian Mummy Making Discovered / Embalming study ‘rewrites’ key chapter in Egyptian history
Egypt: Embalming study 'rewrites' key chapter in Egypt's history
Egypt: Temporary exhibition to fundraise construction of the Sharm El-Sheikh museum
Gruzie: Best-Preserved Ancient Fruit Found in 4,000-Year-Old Burial Chamber: Honey’s Preservative Power
Čína: Road Workers Found This Mysterious Box Underground. They Decided To Look Inside And…
Virginie (USA): Discovery suggests humans may have settled North America much earlier than previously thought / Fisherman Pulls Up Beastly Evidence of Early Americans / Lidé žili v Severní Americe o sedm tisíc let dříve, než jsme si mysleli
Japonsko/Egypt: “Tutankhamun and the golden age of the Pharaohs” in Japan for a year

12. 8. 2014
UNESCO strengthens action to safeguard cultural heritage under attack
Anglie: Neolithic henge discovered in England / Archaeologists compare Neolithic Kent site to Stonehenge, find Bronze Age funerary monument
Anglie: Ten Things You May Not Have Noticed in the Bayeux Tapestry
Polsko: Wkrótce IV Karpacki Festiwal Archeologiczny Dwa Oblicza
Egypt: PM meets Antiquities Minister on GEM project
Turecko: Restoration of mosaics at Ephesus' Terrace Houses
Súdán: Treasures found in ancient Sudanese cemetery
Sýrie: Climate change and drought in ancient times
Ujghuristán (Čína): Excavation ‘very likely’ to redefine Zoroastrian origins / Excavation ‘very likely’ to redefine the Zoroastrianism’s origin
USA: Scientists to begin exposing the "real" Hunley

11. 8. 2014
Wales: Archaeologists shocked to find 5,000-year-old battlefield in prehistoric Cardiff
Francie: Neanderthal occupation discovered on the bank of the Saône river, France
Německo: Urzeitgräber und erste Eisenhütten
Polsko: Ponad 100 kurhanów odkryli archeolodzy w woj. zachodniopomorskim
Itálie: Chianti Wine Ancestor Found / Chianti Wine's Origins Found Down a Well: Photos
Řecko: Amphipolis tomb may be linked to Alexander the Great / The Mystery of Ancient Amphipolis
Izrael: Jerusalem's Western Wall wearing away
Kurdistán (Irák): Erbil Revealed (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
Gruzie: Roman baths discovered in Western Georgia
Amerika: America, in the Beginning (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
New York (USA): Archaeologists Reveal the Stories of Two 18th Century American Ships

10. 8. 2014
Anglie: Major finds unearthed on Hinkley bypass dig
Anglie: Medieval brewery uncovered at Northampton
Francie: The first farmers of France
Itálie: Bronze vessels retrieved from Etruscan well
Egypt: Archaeological coalition says Aswan tombs robbed
Egypt: Concerns raised over Suez Canal expansion project
Turecko: Roman Baths found under Byzantine church
Kazachstán: Ancient instrument found in Turkic warrior burial in Kazakhstan / Ancient instrument found in Turkic warrior burial in Kazakhstan

9. 8. 2014
Anglie: Bronze Age tools used to mend Flag Fen roundhouse roof
Německo: Gerücht um die "Dunkelgräfin" geklärt
Německo: Vier römische Meilensteine und ein Ausstellungskonzept vorgestellt
Ukrajina: Polscy archeolodzy ze skanerami 3D na Ukrainie
Egypt: Egypt makes slow gains against antiquities thefts
Kanada: ArchaHistory got it Wrong: Scientist eological dig reveals Abenaki fortress in Quebec

8. 8. 2014
Skotsko: Archaeologist try to unlock secrets of Pictish stone
Portugalsko: Genetic Evidence of African Slavery at the Beginning of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
Německo: DFG fördert digitale Edition der Augsburger Baumeisterbücher
Polsko: Znaleziska archeologiczne na przyszłej obwodnicy Inowrocławia
Turecko: Excavations at ancient Tieion underway
Indie: Human skeleton wearing crown discovered near Harappan site
Vietnam: Preshistoric stone tools discovered in Vietnam geopark
Guatemala: Losing Maya Heritage to Looters
Peru: Ancient shellfish middens rewrite 10,000-year history of El Niño cycles
Polynésie: 14th century Polynesian settlement discovered

7. 8. 2014
Anglie: UK's National Trust acquires 2,600-year-old Iron Age fort
Skotsko: "Truly unexpected" pink granite boulder of ancient Scottish Picts revealed in Moray
Gibraltar: Neanderthals were first bird eaters / Pigeon fanciers of the Palaeolithic
Itálie: Eleventh warship ram recovered in the Egadis
Itálie: Well excavations yields Etruscan, Roman finds / Excavation of ancient well yields insight into Etruscan, Roman and medieval times
Řecko: Ancient City Discovered in Crete
Řecko: 2014 excavations at Azoria concluded
Turecko: Van's ancient necropolis overlooked by tourists
Indie: Prehistoric site found in Andhra Pradesh
Ohio (USA): History Got it Wrong: Scientist Now Say Serpent Mound as Old as Aristotle
Peru: New geoglyphs found in Nazca desert after sandstorm

6. 8. 2014
Turecko: FBI returns the smuggled Lydian artifacts to Turkey
Turecko: Excavations to restart at Temple of Artemis in Ephesus
Jemen: 'Unearthing Arabia: The Archaeological Adventures of Wendell Phillips' at the Freer and Sackler Galleries
Irák/Pensylvánie (USA): The rediscovery of ‘Noah’, a 6,500-year-old skeleton, who survived a Great Flood
USA: Mysterious Viking Sword Made With Technology From the Future?

5. 8. 2014
Anglie: Archaeologists say Anglo-Saxon sword discovery "couldn't have been better scripted"
Anglie: Roman Road Reveals Oldest Potholes
Island: Archaeologists from seven countries excavating an old Viking farmhouse
Polsko: Najważniejsze stanowisko z petroglifami w Ameryce Płd. badane przez Polaków
Německo: Archäologie-Studenten forschen im Steinzeit-Dorf in Albersdorf
Bulharsko: A Late La Tène Warrior Burial from Koynare (Bulgaria)
Řecko: Europe's oldest village sought under Greek bay
Izrael: Ancient money box with rare coins found in Israel
Čína: 2,100-year-old Chinese king's lavish mausoleum unearthed
Kalifornie (USA): The benefits of inequality
Jižní Karolína (USA): Explorers recover gold, artifacts from shipwreck
Pensylvánie (USA)/Irák: 6,500-year-old skeleton found in museum basement / 6,500 Ur skeleton re-discovered in museum collection

4. 8. 2014
Británie: Citizen archaeologists wanted to help rediscover the British Bronze Age
Anglie: Schoolboys unearth 4,000 years old golden hair tress / Schoolboys unearth golden hair tress more than 4,000 years old
Německo: Bavorští Slované hráli vrhcáby i hnefatafl
Polsko: Najstarszy bastion w Polsce odrestaurowywany
Řecko/USA: US officials return ancient coins to Greece
Kypr: Citadel wall discovered at Kouklia-Palaepaphos
Saúdská Arábie: Oldest Nabatean-Arabic inscription found in Najran
Írán: Burnt City, Iran’s 17th entry on World Heritage List of UNESCO
Indonésie: Flores bones show features of Down syndrome, not new 'hobbit' human
Čína: 2,100-Year-Old King's Mausoleum Discovered in China
Colorado (USA): Researchers see violent era in ancient southwest Colorado
Peru: Gales and sandstorms reveal new geoglyphs in the Peruvian desert
Austrálie: Rock art vandalism, including graffiti, imitation carvings, devastates WA Aboriginal elders

3. 8. 2014
Anglie: Bradford Kaims - wetland wonder
Skotsko: Rare Pictish stone discovered in Moray
Skotsko: World Wars secrets revealed at Scapa Flow as Spitfire and warship found in underwater graveyard
Irsko: The Irish Story and Legend of Cú Chulainn
Německo: Ein ungewöhnliches Bronzeschwert erstaunt Historiker
Itálie: Famous Italian statue in thong and feather boa row
Izrael: 'Naked runner' sheds light on a little-known art of ancient Rome
Sýrie: Heritage Crisis in Syria: a call for a moratorium on the antiquities trade
Austrálie: New heritage trail turns back clock on Catherine Hill Bay
Japonsko: Archaeologists find remains of raised performance stage in pond at ancient Asuka palace

2. 8. 2014
The Legend of Gilgamesh
Anglie: Lindow Man: Gruesome discovery who became 'international celebrity'
Anglie: Archaeologist fears diggers could destroy rare ancient burial site in Plymouth
Norsko: Archaeology without a shovel
Skandinávie: The Vikings: Myths and Misconceptions
Francie: Polscy archeolodzy badają celtyckie oppidum we Francji
Francie: More on Gallic chariot tomb discovered in France / 
Itálie: Egyptian Museum of Turin Doubles Exhibition Space
Egypt: Restaurants, Inns and Taverns That Never Were: Some Reflections on Public Consumption in Medieval Cairo
Izrael: Indian shul, cemetery to receive legal protection
Írán: El incendio que salvó las tablillas de Persépolis
Kazachstán: Swastika-depicting vessels discovered in Kazakhstan
USA: Roman in the Provinces: Art on the Periphery of Empire at the Yale University Art Gallery
Rhode Island (USA): Providence man: I made ‘ancient’ markings on rune stone
Kolumbie/Beůgie: 39 pre-Columbian artefacts returned to Colombia from Belgium

1. 8. 2014
Anglie: BREAKING NEWS: Two Northampton museums lose accreditation until 2019 over Sekhemka sale
Abglie: Roman military camp dug up in Nether Compton between Sherborne and Yeovil
Skotsko: Scotland Fights to Keep History from Vanishing Beneath the Waves
Irsko: A twisted torc from Corrard, Co. Fermanagh
Dánsko: Danish Iron Age village to be re-born
Německo: Produktion von Salz und Pökelfleisch in der Bronzezeit
Německo: Archäologie und Chemie lösen Rätsel aus der niedersächsischen Ur- und Frühgeschichte
Německo: Wertvolle Schenkung für archäologische Zweigbibliothek in Halle
Německo: Master of Museum
Polsko: W 200-letniej butelce wydobytej z dna Zatoki Gdańskiej był alkohol
Itálie/Rumunsko/Španělsko: Italy, Romania, Spain: the ancient towns submerged underwater
Libye: Chariots in the Sahara
Afghánistán: End of the Road for Mes Aynak
Kazachstán: Elite Turkic warrior burial discovered in Kazakhstan
Čína: Scientists solve 2,000-year-old mystery of the binding media in China's polychrome Terracotta Army
Čína: Tombs from Han Dynasty with Wine in a Jar Unearthed in Yantai, E China
Kanada: Reconsidering Stone Tools
USA: Google brings 76 more India heritage sites and rare archives online
USA: Did Lower Testosterone Help Civilize Humanity?
USA: Society bloomed with gentler personalities and more feminine faces
Japonsko/Írán: Scientists: 5th-century glass bowl in Nara has origins in ancient Persia

31. 7. 2014
Charting the “Rise of the West”: Manuscripts and Printed Books in Europe, A Long-Term Perspective from the Sixth through Eighteenth Centuries
Anglie: Every house in Norfolk within 200 metres of an archaeological site, find or historic building
Anglie: Roman treasure pulls in the visitors in Arbeia Roman Fort in South Shields
Anglie: Sex and the single saint physicality in Anglo-Saxon female saints’ lives
Anglie: Cleaning, photographing, planning…DIGGING!
Anglie: Queen of the Desert tapestries
Anglie: Kids Go Free ‘Live History Days’ at Towcester Museum in August
Skotsko: Scotland’s first Archaeology Institute established in the Highlands and Islands
Německo: Mittelalter-Alien im Katharinenhof ausgegraben?
Německo: Ausgrabungen an Kap Arkona gehen weiter
Francie: Merovingian necropolis reveals 300 graves
Polsko: Archeologiczne odkrycia w Sądowlu - dzięki projektowi popularyzatorskiemu
Turecko: FULL STORY: How 'the world's oldest temple' changed history
Egypt/Anglie: Colourful glass adornments from Egypt: an 18th-dynasty enigma
Čína: Song Dynasty tomb found at road construction site in Sichuan / Archeologists explore ancient ship of Song Dynasty

30. 7. 2014
Anglie: Soupis římských památek v Londýně
Anglie: World War Two pillbox found in a hedge in Somerset
Anglie: Sheffield’s lost castle to live again
Anglie: Fire rips through Eastbourne Pier destroying roof
Anglie: PICTURES: Team unearths Roman road during at Saddleworth fort site
Skotsko: World’s first Gaelic superhero comic book released
Wales: Hedd Wyn: poetry that echoes from the first world war
Švédsko: Death as an architect of societies Burial and social identity during the Viking Age in South-western Scania
Francie: French sites pillaged by wannabe archaeologist
Francie: Champagne producer charged with looting historical sites
Německo: Ice Age lion figurine gets it head back / How the Vogelherd lion got his head back
Itálie: Ötzi Iceman had genetic predisposition for atherosclerosis: Much the same in ancient peoples as it is today / Ötzimu hrozilo srdeční onemocnění, měl špatné geny
Španělsko: Back to the Cave of Altamira in Spain, Still Controversial
Řecko: Wine cup used by Pericles found in grave north of Athens / V Aténách zřejmě nalezli Periklův pohár na víno
Řecko: Mycenaean vaulted tomb unearthed in central Greece
Egypt: Egypt asks Ashmolean museum to lend it personal collection of Howard Carter
Egypt/USA: Feds end effort to reclaim mummy mask for Egypt
Turecko: Thracian excavations unearth 5,000 years of history
Turecko: Excavations at Heraion Teikhos nearing completion
Gruzie: Polscy archeolodzy odkryli w Gruzji rzymskie termy
USA: Chronic infection, smoke inhalation, or yet to be discovered causes could explain why ancient men and women had atherosclerosis
Florida (USA): Major archaeological discovery unveiled
Florida (USA): Lead in teeth can tell a body’s tale, UF study finds
Ekvádor: Isolated indigenous communities of South America under threat

29. 7. 2014
Anglie: Anglo-Saxon arthritis sufferer, graves and swords found by archaeologists at Barrow Clump
Anglie: Channel 4's Time Team expert Paul Blinkhorn to present Angel Street's archaeological findings
Anglie: Exeter Cathedral work leads to archaeologists discovering city’s cloth market past
Irsko: UNESCO raises concerns about Irish heritage site being used for new Star Wars film...
Dánsko: Violent aftermath for the warriors at Alken Enge / Warriors' Bones Reveal Bizarre Iron Age Rituals
Finsko: Prehistoric dairy farming at the extremes
Francie: Men, Women, and Beasts at Clermont, 1095
Německo: Thüringen: Rätsel der "Dunkelgräfin" ist gelöst - beinahe
Švýcarsko: New insight into Neolithic Europe cattle domestication
Španělsko: Tools dating back 1 million years found in Cuenca province, Spain
Polsko: 10 książek o archeologii, które warto znać
Řecko: Greek Archaeological Council bans climbing contest at Meteora
Bulharsko: Bulgaria's Perperikon excavations funding trimmed
Turecko/Balkán: The Black Death in early Ottoman territories: 1347-1550
Egypt: Armed looters and violence threaten Egypt's heritage
Irák: Iraq's Holy Sites Reduced To Rubble
Kyrgyzstán: Ležela Atlantida v Kyrgystánu?
Kazachstán: Historical burial site containing child and noble woman remains discovered in South Kazakhstan
Utah (USA): Family to pay for Utah rock art vandalism
Indiana (USA): Archaeological dig uncovers 1836 courthouse footprint
Marshallovy ostrovy: Marshall isle erosion exposes bones of possible Japanese war dead

28. 7. 2014
Slovensko: Potok bol hranicou medzi živými a mŕtvymi
Slovensko: V Liskovej odkrývajú sídlisko z doby železnej
Británie: ‘Public interest’ will allow fracking on World Heritage sites
Anglie: New Staffordshire Hoard gallery set to open in Birmingham this October
Anglie: Future of Bredon Horde assured by £5,000 grant
Anglie: 1295: The Year of the Galleys
Anglie: Roman altars, temples excavated at Maryport / Altars dedicated to Roman god Jupiter, classical temples intrigue Maryport archaeologists
Wales: Castle still has lots of secrets to tell
Polsko: Zakończono badania archeologiczne w Twierdzy Wisłoujście
Španělsko: Million-year-old tools unearthed in Spain
Řecko: Major find as eight sunken ships discovered in the Aegean
Řecko: World's largest solar boat on Greek prehistoric mission
Uzbekistán: About tamga of the Samarkand governors
New York (USA): Origins of Mysterious World Trade Center Ship Revealed
Nové Mexiko (USA): Did Deforestation Really Lead to Societal Collapse in Chaco Canyon?

27. 7. 2014
The Problem of Mayda, an Island Appearing on Medieval Maps
Physical Education in the Early Middle Ages
Anglie: Archaeologist happens upon Roman bone fragments – at the end of his road
Anglie: Archaeologists from UCL have found two pieces of pottery believed to date back to prehistoric times
Anglie: Women’s use of religious literature in late medieval England
Anglie: England’s First Attempt to Break the Commercial Monopoly of the Hanseatic League, 1377-1380
Anglie: Excavation may explain how 17th century warship blew itself up
Anglie: Prisons and Punishments in Late Medieval London
Anglie: Perceptions of Magna Carta: Why has it been seen as significant?
Skotsko: Orkney dig dispels caveman image of ancestors
Německo: Archäologen graben an Blätterhöhle nach Sensationen
Německo: Rückblick auf die geophysikalische Messung an der Niederungsburg Wolfskehlen
Polsko: Nowe odkrycia polskich archeologów w Czarnogórze
Španělsko: Some Pharmaceutical Recipes for the Treatment of the Bubonic Pest Contained into the Kitab Al-Tahsil of Ibn Khatima (d.1369)
Španělsko: Medieval Mean Girls: On Sexual Rivalry and the Uses of Cosmetics in La Celestina
Turecko: New shipwrecks discovered off Turkish coast
Egypt/Česká republika: V Egyptě otevřeme další šachtový hrob na podzim, říká archeolog
Sýrie: Syria's threatened historic sites and artefacts
Irák: Spätbabylonische Liebe zur Mathematik
Bolívie: Old mass grave unearthed in Bolivia mine
Polynésie: Tonga Was Once A Major Trading Hub, Artifacts Show

26. 7. 2014
Triglav, Trojan, Trinity, Trimurti, Agni
Anglie: Workmen dig up Roman human remains in York
Anglie: Sutton Hoo: Replica of 'plundered' brooch in place at historical site
Skotsko: Bringing the Rhynie Man's Pictish past to the present
Polsko: W Podlaskiem odkryto średniowieczny kościół
Afghánistán/Austrálie: Kabul museum workers 'risked death' to protect priceless Afghan treasures now on display in Perth
USA: Traditional use of fire to maintain habitat and resources
Illinois (USA): Recent excavation may reveal Cahokia Mounds inhabitants' beliefs
Bolívie: Hundreds of human skeletons found in Bolivian mining city / 
Peru: Wari geoglyph similar to Nazca lines found in Peru

25. 7. 2014
Slovensko: Perún ožíva. Slováci uctievajú starých bohov
Slovensko: Najstarší rómsky cintorín si po sto rokoch všimli aj úrady
Anglie: Shipwreck excavation may explain how 17th-century warship blew itself up
Skotsko: Experts reveal faces of medieval people who were discovered during trams work
Skotsko: Buried secrets of medieval Leith uncovered
Nizozemsko: The Oegstgeest bowl and the bones of a giant king mentioned in Beowulf
Francie: Une exceptionnelle tombe à char dans les Ardennes
Polsko: Unikatowy zabytek odkryto w Brzeziu koło Opatowa
Polsko: Archaeologists discovered lost medieval town in Wielkopolska
Řecko: Million-euro marble statue seized by Greek authorities
Rusko: Ancient naval ram found in Phanagoria reveals history of popular unrest in 63 B.C.
Turecko: Centuries-old Ephesus paintings restored with latest technology
Egypt: Ministry of Antiquities stops attempt to smuggle 20 antique coins from Egypt
Kurdistán (Irák): CONFIRMED: the Shrine of Jonah/Mosque of Yunus (Nineveh, Mosul, Iraq) has been destroyed / VIDEO: Islamisté rozmístili nálože a z mešity Jonáše zbyl jen prach / The occupation of Ninawa province by ISIS endangers Iraqs / VIDEO: Džihádisté v Iráku vyhodili do povětří svatyni z 14. století
Afghánistán: Ancient treasures highlight Afghanistan’s golden history
Kanada: Quite the find at an Enmax substation
Mexiko: Archaeologists find burial of unusual characteristics in the Mexican State of Sinaloa
Peru: Peru Investigating Instances Of Looting And Other Activities Threatening Nazca Lines
Peru: Experts in Peru evaluate confiscated archaeological artifacts
Austrálie: Mine's Aboriginal 'rock art' found to be authentic

24. 7. 2014
The Tasty Medieval Pasty
Anglie: Rare runic inscription discovered in old church grounds
Anglie: Southend shipwreck The London 'similar to Mary Rose'
Anglie: Stonehenge-type monument excavated by Faversham archaeologists
Anglie: Amateur archeologists dig up ancient black death burial ground in Clerkenwell
Anglie: Funding bid to keep Iron Age mirror in UK
Anglie: Dig Reveals More About Maryport Roman Temples Site
Irsko: Medieval Galway
Německo: Gruß der Ahnen in Keramik geritzt
Polsko: W sierpniu prace archeologiczne w Ogrodach Branickich w Białymstoku
Turecko: Risk high for roof of Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar after heavy rain
Egypt: Egyptian Carving Defaced by King Tut's Possible Father Discovered / 3,300-year-old Egyptian carving bears scars of religious revolution under Akhenaten
Egypt: Egypt’s heritage crisis
Izrael: Palaeolithic child with skull fracture given ceremonial burial
Kurdistán (Irák): Iraq’s Long-Lost Mythical Temple Has Been Found… and Is In Danger of Disappearing Again
Tuva (Rusko): Planet’s strongest shamans gather in Tuva for landmark festival
Jihoafrická republika: Earlier Stone Age artifacts found in Northern Cape of South Africa / 1-Million-Year-Old Artifacts Found in South Africa
USA/Sýrie: Penn Museum, Smithsonian Offer Training, Support for Syrian Museum Collections
Kalifornie (USA): Owens Valley relic hunter not one to back down
Wyoming (USA): West US cave with fossil secrets to be excavated
Illinois (USA): Archaeologists uncover nearly 1,000 year old village in Murphysboro
Virginie (USA): Wren Building dig reveals foundation of long-lost college structure

23. 7. 2014
Anglie: Rare Iron Age remains discovered by builders at Porthleven housing development
Anglie: Hundreds turn out to archaeological dig at Batsworthy wind farm site
Pobaltí: The Baltic – from European Sea of Troubles to Global Interface
Německo: Kupferbeil aus Jungsteinzeit entdeckt: ältester Metallfund
Německo: Archäologen arbeiten im Schlosspark Weitmar
Itálie: Ancient Roman Shipwreck Found in the Ligurian Sea
Čína: Archaeological excavations of Yuan Dynasty's sunken ship completed
Maryland/Virginie (USA): Newly formed Public Archaeology Corps digs into history
Mexiko: Mexican archaeologists find Pre-Hispanic mortuary bundle in the State of Hidalgo
Peru: Ancient 'astronomy lab' discovered in northern Peru

22. 7. 2014
Anglie: Archaeologists from UCL are currently unearthing the remains of Salisbury Hall situated on the dog track's former car park
Anglie: Well preserved Roman remains at Binchester
Anglie: Tile unearthed on family dig near museum
Anglie: Join the search for a mysterious King at Silchester Roman Town
Anglie: Young archaeologists win chance to take part in professional dig in Northumberland
Anglie: Richard III visitor centre in Leicester opens its doors to the public
Anglie: Archaeologists find baths of "sociable" Romans and early evidence of Christianity in Durham
Skotsko: DigIt! 2015 - Discover Scotland's Stories
Galicie (Španělsko): Ancient graffiti proves Spain's Irish links / The Inscription found in Betanzos
Polsko: „W średniowiecznej kuchni” – wystawa w Kętrzynie
Řecko: Ancient Cheimarros Tower on Naxos to Be Restored / The Cheimarros Tower on Naxos to be restored
Egypt/Německo: In 'great diplomatic success,' Germany returns ancient mural painting to Egypt
Sýrie: Američtí památkáři přijeli do Sýrie. Radí tu, jak chránit umění i celá muzea
Irák/Anglie: Ur of the Chaldees: a virtual vision of Woolley’s excavations

21. 7. 2014
10 must see Roman sites across the world
Archaeologist Promotes Wonders of Digital Archaeology
Slovensko: Stredoveká osada Paseka pod Strečnom
Británie: Britain should ratify convention to protect cultural objects in time of war
Anglie: The mystery of where Plymouth got its start
Anglie: Festival of Archaeology 2014: The story of an early Bronze Age lunula found in Dorset
Anglie: Roman dig site hailed as 'Pompeii of the north' / "Pompeii of the north" found in Bishop Auckland
Anglie: Human skeleton is found in archaeological dig at Manuden
Švédsko: The Crowning of the Lion
Německo: Neue Grabungen am ältesten römischen Militärlager
Německo: Hittfeld war schon in der Steinzeit eine gute Adresse
Polsko: W środę dzień otwarty wykopalisk w średniowiecznym gródku w Rudzie Śląskiej
Baskicko (Španělsko): The economic territory of Upper Palaeolithic Groups is specified by flint / The economic territory of Upper Palaeolithic groups is specified by flint
Egypt: Why the world went wild for King Tut
Egypt: Archaeologist urges Egypt to file a lawsuit in the ICJ to restore Rosetta Stone
Egypt: Pustynia, Nil i wielka tama w Asuanie
Turecko: Ancient Göbeklitepe pioneer Schmidt passes away / Entdecker des ältesten Tempels ertrinkt vor Usedom / Prof. Dr. Klaus Schmidt verstorben
Sýrie: Parasite worms its way into history
Írán: Archaeologists find bizarre burials in Burnt City / Strange Ritualistic Burials Discovery in 5,200-Year-Old Burnt City of Iran
Vietnam: Findings of old tombs in Ben Tre Province disclosed
Peru: New archaeological finds uncovered at Wari complex in Peru
Peru: Archaeologists in Peru investigate village of "shark hunters"

20. 7. 2014
Anglie: The Bamburgh Research Project
Anglie: Ancient pottery discovered in first day of Lufton archaeological dig in Yeovil
Řecko: Restoration of Frankish Tower on Acrocorinth
Egypt: 70,000 year-old African settlement unearthed
Turecko: Excavations begin at three Central Anatolian sites
Irák: What can you do? Sharing knowledge about Iraq’s vanishing cultural heritage
New York (USA): Archaeologists dig colonial battleground at Lake George
Kentucky (USA): Archaeological diggers in Woodford search for clues to life of Jack Jouett, 'Paul Revere of the South'

19. 7. 2014
Anglie: Neolithic findings go on display at Kirkleatham Museum
Anglie: Mysteries of medieval graffiti in England's churches
Anglie: Northampton town centre dig reveals rare medieval linen
Anglie: Leiston Abbey dig unearths 'poker chip' and curse tablet
Anglie: Suspected Roman ritual pit found in archaeological dig in Ewell
Španělsko: Bronze Age graves unearthed in Callosa de Segura
Itálie: Roman cemetery discovered at Ostia Antica
Itálie: Archaeologists discover Roman ‘free choice’ cemetery
Řecko: Archaeologists unearth Archaic necropolis on Chios island
Egypt: Egypt’s economy: Pharaonic frailties
Čína: Experts Reconstruct Face of Ancient Woman
New York (USA): Archaeologists excavate NY Colonial battleground

18. 7. 2014
10 World War I sites to remember
Anglie: London’s Viking Lineage
Anglie: Community invited to make history
Anglie: Help archaeologists uncover eating habits of County Durham's Prince Bishops
Anglie: Excavation in Devon reveals pot holes thousands of years old
Německo: Knochen vom Steinzeit-Friedhof geborgen / 8.000 Jahre alt: Friedhof aus der Steinzeit freigelegt
Itálie/Ázerbájdžán: Italy: Excavation of Imperial Forum funded by Azerbaijan
Turecko: Tripolis to promote Buldan’s textile
Irák: UNESCO draws action plan to safeguard Iraqi heritage
USA: Who Were the Ancient Bog Mummies? Surprising New Clues
Mexiko: Mammoth tusk used as offering during pre-Hispanic times discovered in Mexico

17. 7. 2014
Česká republika/Německo/USA/Kanada: Complex Bread Wheat Genome Cracked. The genome of bread wheat contains a staggering 100,000 genes / Čeští vědci zrychlili analýzu a získali genom pšenice
Anglie: Bellever's bustling Bronze Age uncovered
Anglie: Longship sheds light on Merseyside's Viking history
Anglie: Roman road discovered on an archaeological dig shows pot hole repairs
Anglie: JobCentre staff make ancient discoveries at historic castle
Skotsko: 5000-year-old Cochno Stone carving may be revealed
Skotsko: Archaeologists find haul of artifacts on former Botanic Gardens site
Irsko: The Vikings beneath modern Dublin / Viking warriors and treasures are buried beneath Dublin
Irsko: Release the Iron Age One!: What's happening to the Turoe Stone?
Francie: Elite Gallic chariot burial revealed
Německo: Uckermark: Vermutlich ältestes Grab Norddeutschlands entdeckt
Německo: Das neue Welterbe Areal Kloster Lorsch öffnet seine Tore
Rakousko: Burgenland's 'Stonehenge' discovery / „Stonehenge“ in Rechnitz / Další Stonehenge? Archeologové zkoumají systém příkopů
Rumunsko: Romanian cave holds some of the oldest human footprints / Oldest European human footprints confirmed
Itálie: Saving Pompeii with EU Regional Funds
Turecko: Vatican bitterly irked by 1500-year-old Bible newly found in Turkey / Vatikán zúri. V Turecku existuje 1500 rokov stará Biblia, ktorá odmieta ukrižovanie Krista
Egypt: Archaeologists Uncover Lost Population of Ancient Amarna
Súdán: Essgewohnheiten der Vorfahren: Jeden Tag Nussgras
Izrael: Researchers Find Rare Coin, Other Artifacts at Bethsaida Dig Site
Indie: Excavations throw light on early inhabitants of Delhi
Indie: 10,000-year-old rock paintings claimed to depict 'aliens and UFOs' found in Chhattisgarh
Taiwan: Century-old sunken ship discovered off Green Island
Kanada: Albertans join archaeologists to help in prehistoric dig
Texas (USA): 17th Century Shipwreck on the Move in Texas
Colorado (USA): 1,500-Year-Old Village, A Sign of ‘Revolution’ in the Southwest, Excavated in Colorado

16. 7. 2014
Anglie: Oldest potholes known to man found in Devon
Anglie: Remains of Army training sites to be excavated
Anglie: Medieval church ruins found at Rufford Country Park
Anglie: Clerkenwell 25-skeleton black death burial ground to open to public
Anglie: Tooth plaque provides unique insights into our prehistoric ancestors' diet
Anglie: Festival of Archaeology 2014: Medieval rings, Bronze Age hoards and Iron Age discoveries
Bulharsko: Bulgaria's Government Allocates Additional BGN 1.5M For Archeology
Súdán: Archaeologists Find Evidence of Significant Plant Use Before Agriculture
Irák: Babylonian Tablet 'Confirms' Noah's Ark
Rusko: Embracing skeletons unearthed in Russia
Aljaška (USA): Archaeological site discovery offers Kotzebue a chance to explore its past
Peru/USA: Peru seeks repatriation of 400 cultural artifacts from New York

15. 7. 2014
Anglie: 10 must see sites along Hadrian’s Wall
Anglie: Exhibition to mark Jorvik Viking Centre’s 30th anniversary
Wales: Police operation launched after priceless Welsh relic, thought to be the 'Holy Grail' is stolen
Norsko: Archaeologists find '8,000-year-old human skull containing brain matter' / Have archaeologists discovered an 8,000-year-old HUMAN BRAIN? Skull unearthed in Norway 'harbours fragments of grey matter'
Švédsko: Archaeologists to explorer secrets of Mars, the fiercest warship of the 16th century
Německo: Neue Schätzchen am Leineufer ausgegraben: Kleiner König verrät Hannover-Geschichte
Německo: Bitburgs drittes Stadttor ist gefunden
Itálie: Ötzi's non-human DNA: Opportunistic pathogen discovered in Iceman tissue biopsy
Itálie: Corporate Medicis to the Rescue
Itálie: Medieval Italian Skeleton Reveals Livestock Disease / Little too late: Researchers identify disease that may have plagued 700 year-old-skeleton
Itálie: The Tomb of the Silver Hands (1) (2) (3)
Řecko: Ancient Parthenon of Thessaloniki to be Buried Under an Apartment Block
Egypt: Ancient Priest's Tomb Painting Discovered Near Great Pyramid at Giza
USA: Sexual harassment is common in scientific fieldwork / Young Scientists Say They're Sexually Abused In The Field
Vietnam: Vietnam's government to advance cash to pull royal rickshaw home

14. 7. 2014
Slovensko: Na hradisku v Bojnej ožila Veľkomoravská ríša
Anglie: Excavation of Robin Hood's village of Edwinstowe
Anglie: Binchester 2014: Early Christianity at Roman Binchester
Anglie/Egypt: Inside 'the best council-owned ancient Egypt exhibition in the country'
Francie: Vintage Bling: Ancient Celts May Have Had Shiny Dental Implants
Turecko: Prehistoric token "bookkeeping" persisted long into age of written language / Prehistoric ‘bookkeeping’ continued long after invention of writing
Súdán: Saharan remains may be evidence of first race war, 13,000 years ago
Illinois (USA): The Most Popular Sport in North America 900 Years Ago
Mexiko: Real-Life Paleo Diet Included Spiral-Tusked Elephant Ancestor

13. 7. 2014
Británie: Britain must dig deeper to save its archaeology
Anglie: Petworth dig to uncover King Henry’s history
Irsko: Fingal’s Cauldron Seat, Machrie Moor, Kilmory, Arran
Turecko: Mine pits damage ancient city of Labranda
Peru: New discoveries confirm astronomical knowledge of Incas at Machu Picchu
Japonsko: Todaiji temple's 800-year-old guardian statues set for repair

12. 7. 2014
Anglie: British Museum still most popular cultural attraction in UK
Wales: Iron Age hill fort sought by Hen Gastell diggers
Itálie/Japonsko: Japanese businessman Yuzo Yagi thanks Italy with $2.7 million Roman pyramid
Chorvatsko: Secret Dalmatia revealed: A 3,000 year-old underwater settlement
Peru: Archaeologists uncover ancient Moche tomb along with stunning and unique artifacts / 1,500-Year-Old Claws Intrigue Archaeologists in Peru / More on Tomb belonging to Moche ruler unearthed in northern Peru

11. 7. 2014
10 must see cave paintings
Anglie: Visit Roman London
Anglie: Rechenkünste der spätbabylonischen Mathematik
Skotsko: Historic Viking broadsword goes to auction
Švýcarsko: Ancient child skulls may have been gifts for Bronze Age lake gods
Španělsko: New method for dating copper and bronze artefacts
Španělsko: Die wandernden Helme aus Aragonien
Řecko: International Mission Exploring Antikythera Shipwreck
Kanada: Black Watch alliances in Seven Years War revealed

10. 7. 2014
Anglie: 'Significant' Suffolk seal find declared treasure
Anglie: Æthelstan, Anglo-Saxon King of England
Skotsko: Painting stones: Prehistoric decorated quartz pebbles
Norsko: Norway archaeologists find 8,000-year-old skull
Německo: Steinzeit-Krimi an der Autobahn: Archäologen finden Skelett einer jungen Frau, die vor 4500 Jahren ermordet wurde
Řecko: Archaeologists Investigate a Massive Ancient Mycenaean Citadel
Egypt: Islamic, pharaonic items returned to Egypt
Izrael: Mystery Mosaic Discovered in Ancient Galilee Synagogue
Kanada: 17th century crucifix unearthed in Ferryland / Student at N.L. dig thought finding fish bones was exciting, then she found something that set the archaeology world abuzz
Florida (USA): Archaeologists mount search for lost French fleet of 1565
Korea: Korean Mummy's Hernia Diagnosed 300 Years Later

9. 7. 2014
Did people drink water in the Middle Ages?
Anglie: Archaeologists have unearthed a bath house at Segedunum Roman Fort after years of speculation
Skotsko: Living on the Edge. Were the residents of a Scottish hillside immoral squatters or hard-working farmers?
Švýcarsko/Německo: Were Ancient Child Skulls Gifts to the Lake Gods?
Belgie: This Traffic Jam Was Stuck In Belgian Forest For 70 Years
Polsko: 200-Year-Old Bottle of Seltzer Found in Shipwreck
Polsko: Łódź znaleziona w Staniszczach Małych może mieć kilkaset lat
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Discover Richly Decorated XVIII c. Grave
Řecko: 10 must see temples in Greece
Egypt: Rare artefacts transported to the Grand Egyptian Museum under tight security
Sýrie: How Syria's ancient treasures are being smashed
Kanada: One secret of ancient amber revealed
New Hampshire (USA): Archaeology team unearths mikveh at Strawbery Banke site
USA: Philadelphia's Rosenbach Museum Offers Public an Intimate Window to the Past
Brazílie: Divoký amazonský kmeň v Brazílii nadviazal kontakt s civilizáciou
Brazílie: Mysterious Man-Made Ditches Predate Amazon Rainforest
Venezuela: Off the Grid
Peru: Clothing the Dead in Ancient Peru
Japonsko: Groups scramble to save traditional architecture in Tokyo’s Yanaka district

8. 7. 2014
3D Heritage Online Presenter
Slovensko: Vyšehrad - centrálne hradisko?
Anglie: Roman baths discovered beneath former Wallsend pub
Anglie: Calderstones, Allerton, Liverpool, Lancashire
Německo: Archäologiepark Belginum mit neuen Ausgrabungen
Řecko/Německo: Over 10,600 artifacts looted in WWII returned to Greece / Large number of Neolithic artefacts returned to Greece
Turecko: Works start to find missing pieces in area of illegal excavation / Search to find missing pieces of Greek statue started
Pákistán: In search of the lost antiquities
USA: Listen to the Oldest Song in the World: A Sumerian Hymn Written 3,400 Years Ago
USA: Why are there so few Archaeologists in such a large country? America’s Archaeology Employment Problems
USA: Archaeology as a vital US strategic interest
Washington (USA): 200-Year-Old Anchor Will Be Displayed At MOHAI For Short Time
Polynésie: Tonga provided 'interaction centres' for people in prehistoric Oceania
Austrálie: Digital technology helping preserve Aboriginal culture in WA's Murchison region

7. 7. 2014
Anglie: 'Boudicca bones' found under Colchester department store
Anglie: Cache of Roman and Corieltavi Iron Age coins discovered in cave / Roman coins hoard found in cave
Anglie: To dig or not to dig, that is the question
Švédsko: Cursed Warship Revealed With Treasure Onboard
Německo: Archäologie auf der Baustelle ist teuer
Polsko: Archeolodzy odkryli zaginione średniowieczne miasto w Wielkopolsce
Polsko: Mesolithic shamanistic meteorite talisman unearthed
Itálie: Italy opens up its museums for free
Itálie: Punic war helmets recovered in the Egadis
Turecko: Ancient road discovered in Black Sea province of Samsun
Kurdistán (Irák): Remains of Long-Lost Temple Discovered in Iraq
Irák: World War I and Archaeology in Iraq
Čína: Archaic Human Skull Discovery in China Sheds New Light on Later Human Evolution / Discovery of Neandertal trait in ancient skull raises new questions about human evolution / Discovery of Neandertal trait in ancient skull raises new questions about human evolution
Nové Mexiko (USA): Road works unearth ancient Puebloan artefacts
Bolívie: Mysterious Earthen Rings Predate Amazon Rainforest

6. 7. 2014
Medieval Fashion Trends
Anglie: New archaeological find could shed light on late-Roman Britain / Roman skeleton discovery could rewrite British history
Dánsko: Dreams in Old Norse-Icelandic Royal Biographies as Representations of the Dynastic Identity: The Case of the Fairhair Dynasty
Řecko: World's earliest erotic graffiti found in unlikely setting on Aegean island / World’s Earliest Erotic Graffiti found in unlikely setting on Aegean Island / Le plus vieux graffiti gay du monde a 2500 ans
Kypr: Before the gas, there was copper
Mexiko: An Aztec shield gifted to a conquistador

5. 7. 2014
Anglie: Museum regulator issues Northampton final warning over membership status ahead of sale of Sekhemka statue
Německo: Der Entstehung der Stadt Bielefeld auf der Spur
Rakousko: Chalcolithic catastrophe on the Mondsee
Řecko/Anglie: Alice Kober: Unsung heroine who helped decode Linear B
Izrael: Loď z Ježišových čias: Ako sa podarilo 2000 rokov staré drevo zachrániť?
Kurdistán (Irák): In pictures: Isis destroys Iraq shrines
USA: What Rome's Arch-Enemies Wore Into Battle
USA: BLM officials work to return looted artifacts to their rightful homes
Japonsko: Agency: 109 historic artifacts missing or stolen

4. 7. 2014
Wales: Charity musters funds – and courage – to renovate medieval Welsh manor
Německo: Höhlen der Schwäbischen Alb sollen UNESCO Welterbe werden
Německo: Ein Gesicht für die Oberkasseler Menschen
Finsko: Forestry officials unearth stone spearheads in northern Lapland
Francie: Oldest case of Down's syndrome from medieval France
Španělsko: A CNIO team reduces the size of the human genome to 19,000 genes
Sibiř (Rusko): Kyzyl-Kuragino 2014: New findings
Salvádor: Skeletons found in El Salvador shed light on early human settlements

3. 7. 2014
Slovensko: Archeologický výskum na Bratislavskom hrade priniesol nové poznatky
Anglie: Mission launched to identify thousands of bodies buried at Bedlam burial ground / Bedlam burials: Skeletons unearthed by Crossrail
Anglie: VIDEO: Five skeletons uncovered during big dig near Roman Villa
Normanské ostrovy: Jersey's first Iron Age settlement unearthed
Německo: Unterm Opernplatz lag der Strand
Německo: Hunsrück: Erstmals Felsgravuren aus der Altsteinzeit in Deutschland entdeckt
Francie: Plans d’occupation des sols à l’époque gallo-romaine
Itálie/Rakousko: Hair from mummy’s clothes provides insights into red deer lineage
Kypr: Excavations at Politiko-Troullia, 2014
Palestina/Anglie: What lies beneath: new discoveries about the Jericho skull
Čína: Ancient casket found in Hebei / Ancient Buddhist casket found in north China
Čína/USA: US returns Tang Dynasty stone coffin to China
USA/Anglie: Medieval manuscript to be scanned with new 3D technology
USA: Timeline of human origins revised / Smithsonian scientist and collaborators revise timeline of human origins / A Convincing Theory About Human Evolution
Texas (USA): Texas Mass Grave Site Continues to Reveal More Remains

2. 7. 2014
Británie: Stunning Aerial Images of Hill Forts from Britain's Iron Age
Anglie: British Museum's Greek sculpture show expected to restart marbles row / Elgin Marbles moved for first time in over half a century
Anglie: Norfolk delivers another major archaeological discovery - experts reveal second timber circle dates back to the time of Seahenge
Anglie: Raiders of the lost wrecks fined
Anglie: Prehistoric beads were made from British shells
Wales: Caerphilly Castle in 1300: Take a stunning tour around a Welsh historical treasure...exactly as it was more than 700 years ago
Irsko: Major Viking site discovery described as ‘mind-blowing’
Irsko: 10 must see castles in Ireland
Německo: Funde geben Hinweis auf jungsteinzeitliches Feuerstein-Handelsnetz
Francie: Top 10 Medieval Castles in France
Kypr: Excavations at Dromolaxia-Vizatzia completed
Turecko: Five 6,000-year-old sarcophagi unearthed in western Turkey
Egypt: Funerary chapel uncovered in Asasif necropolis
Egypt: King Mentuhotep II's chapel unearthed in Sohag / 11th Dynasty limestone chapel unearthed in Sohag
Egypt: Coraz bliżej do ukończenia wirtualnej rekonstrukcji świątyni Totmesa III
Tibet: Denisovan gene helped Tibetans thrive at high altitude / Gene From Extinct Human Made Tibetans Adaptable to High Altitudes / Tibeťanům pomáhá ve výšce gen po pračlověku
Indie: Shah Jahan’s summer palace found near Taj Mahal
Florida (USA): Amateur explorers find historic fort in Everglades
Mexiko: Ten artists painted the Olmeca-Xicalanca Battle mural
Japonsko: Japanese gold leaf artists worked on a nanoscale: X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy is a non-destructive way to date artwork / Japanese gold leaf artists worked on nanoscale

1. 7. 2014
Británie: Ten Must See Iron Age Hill Forts In Britain
Anglie: Bournemouth University dig finds 'significant' Roman remains
Anglie: Three year dig uncovers medieval hospital
Anglie: Roman cavalry horses lived alongside soldiers - research
Skotsko: 10 must see castles in Scotland
Nizozemsko: Discovery of a unique silver bowl from the Early Middle Ages / Unique 7th century silver bowl found in South Holland
Dánsko: 11,000 years old elk bones shrouded in mystery
Německo: Mittelalterliche Fundgrube unterm Rasen
Švýcarsko: 6,227 Images And 4 Hours Of Work Produced This Insanely Detailed 3D Model of a Castle
Itálie: Nero's revolving restaurant really existed, archaeologists prove
Polsko: Archeolog ze smartfonem
Polsko: W Masłomęczu od uderzenia pioruna spłonęła największa chata w Wiosce Gotów (FOTO)
Rusko: Unikátní objev, tento nález archeologové v Rusku nečekali
Rusko: Siberian Bronze Age skull reveals secrets of ancient society
Egypt: Ancient Roman city discovered under Nile Delta silt
Mali: Re-building Cultural Heritage in Mali
Turecko: Skeletons found in Roman tomb / Construction work uncovers Roman-era family tomb
Afghánistán: Saving Mes Aynak comes to Kartemquin
Indie: A chance find of 1,800-year-old artefacts in Tamil Nadu
Kambodža: Archaeology gets education boost, but pay remains poor
Kanada: Ancient site of Inuit found on coast of Hudson Bay / Ancient Inuit hunting camp to be uncovered in Manitoba
USA: Insect diet helped early humans build bigger brains: Quest for elusive bugs spurred primate tool use, problem-solving skills / Insect diet helped early humans build bigger brains, study suggests
Peru: Archaeologists discover burial site of unknown culture in Peru / Polish archaeologists discover graves, jewelry in Peruvian desert

VII 2014
USA: The True Story of Lawrence of Arabia
USA: Wrestling Was Fixed, Even in Ancient Rome

30. 6. 2014
Anglie: The future of the Rose
Wales: Cardiff Iron Age hill fort dig seeks 2,000 visitors
Wales: White Lady of Oystermouth carving at Swansea Museum
Francie: French archaeologists discover an exceptional Gallic chariot tomb at Warcq in France / Exceptional Gallic chariot tomb discovered in France
Nizozemsko: Virtual flashlight reveals secrets of ancient artefacts
Polsko: Archeolodzy odnaleźli w Radomiu fundamenty średniowiecznego ratusza
Polsko: Eksperci zbadają zawartość ok. 200-letniej butelki wydobytej z dna morza
Německo: Forscher feiern „älteste Münchnerin“ / Der "Münchner Romulus" war eine Frau / Der älteste Münchner
Itálie: Rome's Colosseum a Condominium in Medieval Times
Itálie: Restoration begins on Trevi Fountain
Egypt: Ancient Roman city discovered under the silt of the Nile Delta
Egypt: Ancient Egyptian objects, Islamic coins recovered
Egypt: Fixing Egypt's Stepped Pyramid with... socks
Střední Východ: Hashish in Islam 9th to 18th century
USA: In Human Evolution, Changes in Skin’s Barrier Set Northern Europeans Apart
USA: Baby boom in North American history between 500 to 1300 A.D. / Researchers Discover Population Boom in Ancient American Southwest
Austrálie: Conservationists in call for Federal Government to conduct cultural heritage study of Tasmania’s wilderness WHA

29. 6. 2014
Anglie: The ‘Living’ Sword in Early Medieval Northern Europe: An Interdisciplinary Study
Norsko: The Saga of Halfdan the Black
Německo: Neues Service-Angebot für altertumswissenschaftliche Recherchen in Berlin-Brandenburg
Francie: GIS model tests Caesar’s accounts of the Gallic Wars
Rusko: Six ancient birch-bark letters unearthed in Russia
Řecko: The Monemvasia Restoration Project
Turecko: Tablet about payment of donkey debt discovered in Kültepe believed to be oldest trade document
Turecko: Kültepe tablet said to be oldest trade document
Indie: ASI discovers Buddha engravings in Arunachal
Čína: For 3,000 years humans have altered the Yellow river

28. 6. 2014
Anglie: Gruesome reminders of a terrible tragedy
Skandinávie: Viking Chess: A Simple Outdoor Family Game With Interesting History
Německo: Auf den Spuren von Kelten und Römern
Francie: Sacred Hopi tribal masks are again sold at auction in Paris
Pákistán: 50 per cent of Lahore Mughal baths excavated
Severní a Jižní Karolina (USA): Blood residue from ancient tools reveals clues about past
Montana (USA): Remains of ancient child reburied in Montana

27. 6. 2014
Unesco world heritage list tops 1,000
Anglie: Silbury Hill: The Largest Pre-historic Mound in Europe
Anglie: Three year dig uncovers medieval hospital
Irsko: 4,500-year-old boat among Viking artifacts hoard discovered in Galway
Německo: Oper über «Mythos Schliemann» entsteht: Einblicke an Kindheitsort
Španělsko: Našli hovno a jsou na to pyšní
Itálie: Colosseum was bustling medieval bazaar in Dark Ages, archaeologists find
Kypr: Na Cyprze krakowscy archeolodzy stosują nowoczesne technologie
Nigérie/USA: American Museum transfers eight illicitly trafficked antiquities to Nigeria
Colorado: Evidence of Hobbling, Torture Discovered at Ancient Massacre Site in Colorado

26. 6. 2014
Anglie: Archaeologists from The Museum of London dig at Headstone Manor
Anglie: Archaeology students find 6,000-year-old house remains at Yarnbury Henge, Grassington
Anglie: Archaeologists to begin excavating early Bronze Age cemetery in Hampshire
Skotsko: Geophysics Day – Recording one of Fife’s Pictish Hill Forts
Německo: Max Planck diversity linguistics redux: Welcome to “Linguistic and Cultural Evolution” in Jena
Turecko: Viking Graffiti in Hagia Sophia: ‘Halvdan Carved These Runes’
Turecko: Roman temple’s remains found during construction in Black Sea province
Turecko: 1500 Year Old Bible Claims Jesus Christ Was Not Crucified – Vatican In Awe
Izrael: Do these ancient writings confirm the story of Noah and his ark
Izrael: Archaeologist killed in landslide at West Bank dig
Sýrie: Crop irrigation in Mesopotamia may have spread disease
Irák: For British Spy in Iraq, Affection Is Strong but Legacy Is Unfulfilled
Pákistán: How Did This Ancient Civilization Avoid War for 2,000 Years?
Indonésie: Tang Dynasty ceramic unearthed at Central Java excavation site
USA: The Case for Leaving Shipwrecks at the Bottom of the Ocean

25. 6. 2014
Slovensko: Pre deti aj archeológov: Nový archeopark v Hanušovciach nad Topľou
Wales: The CAER Heritage Challenge: can over 2,000 people explore over 2,000 years of history in just one month…?
Skotsko: An invitation to discover the Northern Picts
Skotsko: Can you dig it? Treasures from bygone age just waiting to be found around Dundee and Angus
Polsko: Polscy archeolodzy podwodni w międzynarodowej sieci naukowo-badawczej
Německo: Muss die Chronologie der 2. Zwischenzeit neu geschrieben werden?
Německo: 200 neue Spuren von Kelten und Römern in Belginum
Německo: Saar-Uni bildet mit der Universität Paris Archäologen aus
Rakousko: Carnuntums fühestes Römerlager?
Francie: 350 tombes mérovingiennes découvertes à Evrecy
Španělsko/Afrika: Scientists Uncover Evidence of Early Human Diet / Study provides first direct evidence of plants in Neanderthal diet
Egypt: Naukowcy badają mumie ze świątyni Hatszepsut / Scientists are studying mummies from the Temple of Hatshepsut
Egypt/Súdán: Tattoos in ancient Egypt and Sudan
Sibiř (Rusko): Scientists to study exact age of 'oldest wooden statue in the world'
Irák: Iraq's 'Exorcist' temple falls into Isis jihadist hands
Ujghuristán (Čína): One of the world's first banknotes
USA: Study provides first direct evidence of plants in Neanderthal diet
Peru: Archaeologists find 25 quipus at Inca site in Peru

24. 6. 2014
Skotsko: Archaeologists investigate lost medieval chapel built to rest souls of kings in Edinburgh
Dánsko: Danish antler axe find reveals Neolithic German trade
Německo: Fundamentreste vor dem Nordflügel geben Rätsel auf
Řecko: Greece begins new campaign for Parthenon Sculptures
Gruzie: In Photos: Early Bronze Age Chariot Burial / 4,000-Year-Old Burial with Chariots Discovered in South Caucasus
Saúdská Arábie: Saudi Arabia approves law to protect national antiquities
Afghánistán: Afghanistan's Hidden Trove Of Buddhist Artifacts Threatened By Violence, Mining Contracts
Michigan (USA): Explorer says Griffin shipwreck may be found
Montana (USA): Ancient remains found near Warm Springs campground: Expert says they could be up to 2,000 years old
Kolumbie/Španělsko: Spain returns stolen archaeological pieces to Colombia
Argentina: One Grave Does Not Equal One Person: Hunter-gatherer Graves in Argentina
Austrálie: Aboriginal cave art 'only few years old'

23. 6. 2014
Anglie: University of Leicester researching England’s ‘vanishing pubs’
Anglie: Youngsters get digging to unearth archaeological finds at Kiplin Hall
Anglie: Archaeologists search for new portal into bygone era
Wales: A Sunken Kingdom Re-emerges
Wales: New dig at Caerau Hillfort – Getting excited yet?!
Irsko: The logboats in the lake
Švýcarsko: Help wanted in search for more prehistoric icemen / Swiss urge glacier hikers to look for artifacts
Německo: Searching for Answers in Very Old DNA
Německo: Rätselhaftes Steinzeit-Gerät erstmals wieder in Betrieb
Polsko: Nie „wampiry”, ale skazańcy, czyli co tak naprawdę odkryto w Gliwicach / Skazańcy ścięci mieczem lub toporem wśród zagadkowych pochówków w Gliwicach
Polsko: Archeolodzy odnaleźli na Ostrowie Tumskim papieską bullę z XV wieku
Polsko: Projekt badawczy METAL – GRANICA – RYTUAŁ
Řecko: Expedition to search for submerged Greek sites
Turecko: Demolitions reveal ancient Roman theater
Egypt: Wrocław archaeologists discovered unknown structures in Egypt / 4,000 year old burial chapel found in Egypt
Izrael: Archaeologists Return to Ancient Megiddo
Izrael: Collection of human fossils rediscovered after 50 years
Tatarstán (Rusko): UNESCO Adds Russian Site To World Heritage List
Sibiř (Rusko): Scientists reveal a suspected Bronze Age murder (and dental secrets from around 4,000 years ago)
Haiti: Haiti: UNESCO to send experts to examine possible wreck of 'Santa Maria'
New York (USA): NJ's oldest rest stop?: Monmouth U. students digging up history at Cedar Bridge Tavern
Ohio (USA): Grinding away at history using 'forensic' paleontology and archeology
Ohio (USA): Hopewell excavation near Chillicothe seeks evidence of a ‘woodhenge’
Colodaro (USA): Mesa Verde seeks plan to battle crowding at park
Austrálie: Archaeologists uncover history of graffiti in Australia

22. 6. 2014
Medieval Drinking Horns
Normanské ostrovy: Guernsey Bronze Age burial site 'destroyed'
Bretaň (Francie): La campagne de fouilles 2014 a commencé à Saint-Lupien
Francie: French cave home to earliest drawings wins World Heritage status
Island: Surtshellir: a fortified outlaw cave in west Iceland
Polsko: Cyfrowo zadokumentowano gród na Ostrowie Lednickim
Řecko: The Wise Side of Greece — Aristotle’s Trail
Egypt: Napoleon sunken weapons discovered on the memory of his abdication
Izrael: JPost Holy Land: The Last (Biblical) Frontier
Čína: Ancient bronze relic returned to China after a century
Louisiana (USA): Poverty Point Earthworks Named a UNESCO World Heritage Site

21. 6. 2014
Old European culture: Calendar / Archaeo-astronomy steps out from shadows of the past
Cult of the Wild Boar
Images of the Medieval City
Anglie: Will Self: has English Heritage ruined Stonehenge?
Anglie: Ancient monument Carwynnen Quoit rebuild completed
Anglie: The mystery of where Plymouth got its start. Archeologists dig deep for evidence of original palisades / Archaeologists Are Trying To Figure Out Exactly Where Plymouth Was
Anglie: Summer Solstice 2014 Means There's More Hours In The Day To Get Arrested
Skotsko: 'Oldest surviving' Bannockburn manuscript restored
Irsko: Oldest known Irish manuscript to be exhibited publicly
Švýcarsko: Wo Archäologie auch im Stollen stattfindet
Německo: Reichsabtei Corvey für die Welterbeliste nominiert
Německo: Archäologie hautnah erleben
Německo: Ein unerwarteter Fund bei der "Rhyputzete"
Polsko/Mongolsko: Wrocławscy archeolodzy będą prowadzić badania na pustyni Gobi
Izrael: The 9,000-Year-Old Underground Megalithic Settlement of Atlit Yam
Kurdistán (Irák): Iraq's Irbil Citadel granted World Heritage status
Kambodža: Walls of hidden treasures
USA/Egypt: Completing the treatment of Tawahibre’s coffin
Peru: Unesco grants Inca Qhapaq Nan road system World Heritage status
Japonsko: Nagasaki's 'Battleship Island' poised to become Japan Historic Site

20. 6. 2014
Anglie: Archaeology dig starts on Newcastle Quayside development site
Anglie: 4,500-year-old food items found in cupboard in Bristol / Hidden treasures of ancient Ur uncovered in Bristol
Wales: Norman lords, World War II hospitals, POW camps and a Roman fort: The story of Dinefwr
Skotsko: 'Magnificent' Scottish treasure trove unearthed
Maďarsko: After 450 Years, Archaeologists Still Hunting for Magnificent Sultan’s Heart
Itálie: Mystery of the 'blinking' child mummy solved
Řecko/Německo: Antiquities looted by Nazis to be repatriated to Greece
Albánie: Polacy odkryli w Albanii średniowieczną łaźnię / Polish archaeologists discovered medieval bath in Albania
Egypt: Tourism policemen arrest two suspects in possession of royal mummy
Egypt/Česká republika: Podobu starých Egypťanů pomáhá odhalit 3D modelování
Afrika: One man's mission to save world's earliest cave paintings
Indie: Protection sought for mysterious Neolithic site of Burzahom
Čína: Humans have been changing Chinese environment for 3,000 years
Mexiko: Researchers Digitally Record Paleoamerican Remains

19. 6. 2014
Anglie: Archaeologists hope they will discover the 'elusive' Whitefriars beneath Gloucester Bus Station
Anglie: Major dig planned at Battle of Hastings sites
Wales: Iron Age fortress find is 'historical breakthrough'
Nizozemsko: Mystery of lost Persian army may have been solved / Jedna z najmysterióznejších záhad starovekého Egypta rozlúštená / Egyptologist unravels ancient mystery
Norsko: Found Cannabis in Viking Ship Grave
Španělsko: Fossil Human Skulls Unearthed in Spanish Cave Shed Light on Neandertal Evolution / Zuby jako „třetí ruku“ používali už neandrtálci, zjistili vědci / Skulls with mix of Neanderthal and primitive traits illuminate human evolution / Žiaden Adam, žiadna Eva: Evolučné medzičlánky a prapôvod ľudstva / Neandertálci mali najskôr zuby, mozog prišiel neskôr
Egypt: Leiden Egyptologist unravels ancient mystery
Egypt: Polish archaeologists found tombs dating back four thousand years in Egypt
Turecko: First underwater archaeology vessel launched
Sýrie/Itálie: Syrian cultural heritage a victim of war in Rome exhibition
Sýrie: The Lancet Infectious Diseases: Oldest ever schistosomiasis egg found may be first proof of early human technology exacerbating disease burden / Ancient parasite uncovered in 6200-yr-old Syrian grave / Oldest ever schistosomiasis egg found may be first proof of early human technology exacerbating disease burden
Sibiř: Siberian Bronze Age skull reveals secrets of ancient society
Bermudy: Odešla legenda podmořského hledání
Austrálie: Eagle Farm Women’s Prison and Factory in Brisbane yields artefacts from convict history

18. 6. 2014
Anglie: Boot-wearing high-status Saxon with infected legs among 10 skeletons found in Lincoln
Anglie: What Amino Acids in Shells tell us About Bronze Age People
Anglie: 'Lost' villages in Northamptonshire legally protected
Anglie: Archaeologists hail "magical moment" as rare Roman gold coin found at Vindolanda / Vindolanda dig unearths rare Roman gold coin
Skotsko: Lives of the 'painted people' unearthed: Archaeologists want your help to dig up Scotland's ancient Pictish kingdom
Skotsko: Plank of oak discovery in Orkney investigated
Wales: Caerau Hillfort
Francie: Bronze Age necropolis reveals variety of funerary practices
Rakousko: Earliest military camp discovered at Carnuntum
Německo: Köln: Archäologen graben uralten Fußballschuh aus
Itálie: Rome seeks £25 million to save Emperor Nero's lavish palace
Řecko: The Acropolis Museum celebrates its fifth birthday
Kypr: Archaeological survey at the Tremithos Valley, Cyprus
Irák: Looters in Iraq cash in on global black market
Sýrie: Illegaler Handel mit Kulturgut gefährdet das kulturelle Erbe der Menschheit
Ujghuristán (Čína): Scientists to map out vast ancient Chinese city of Loulan
Sibiř (Rusko): Skull reveals secrets of Bronze Age Siberian society
Texas (USA): Texas A&M team works to restore Union ship, cannon blown up during Civil War

17. 6. 2014
3D images remodel history
Anglie: Richard III isn’t the first: reburial was popular with medieval kings
Anglie: The famous flint forger of Whitby
Anglie: What amino acids in shells can tell us about Bronze Age people
Anglie: Bronze Age bling! Archaeologists discover 4,000-year-old necklace was made from dog whelk and tusk shells
Anglie: The Gin Craze
Irsko: Ancient Ireland: Crannógs
Německo: Three exhibitions on Charlemagne in Germany
Německo: Köln: Archäologen graben uralten Fußballschuh aus
Polsko: Otwarto wystawę o polskich wykopaliskach w Czarnogórze
Libye: The “wonderful rubbish” of the Gilf Kebir desert
Súdán: Nowe ustalenia polskich archeologów dot. „wyjścia z Afryki”
Kanada: Melting Yukon ices reveals 5,000-year-old archaeological treasures
Severní Dakota (USA): Bakken oil boom increases archaeologist demand
Mexiko: A genetic study rebuilds the history of Pre-Columbian and present-day Mexican populations
Peru: Temple discovered in northern Peru holds evidence of fire worship

16. 6. 2014
Inca trails, ancient French cave vie for World Heritage status
Německo: Höhlen der Schwäbischen Alb bald UNESCO-Weltkulturerbe?
Francie/Belgie: WW1: First World War archaeology - finding engineering relics
Řecko: 25 ancient theatres, archaeological sites to open soon in Greece
Egypt: Remains of 'End of the World' Epidemic Found in Ancient Egypt
Egypt: Polish scientists will study the climate of Egypt thousands of years ago
Izrael: Archaeologists Return to Excavate Ancient Jaffa
Omán: Ancient tomb discovery reveals traces of Indus Valley civilization in Oman
Kurdistán (Irák): New archaeology survey maps Iraqi Kurdistan
Irák: Iraq Archaeological Sites Threatened by Insurgents
Pákistán: Under the sands of time: Ancient Buddhist mound discovered in Sector E-11
Tennessee (USA): Smoking gun' ancient coins are being looted from excavations
New York (USA): 'Elixir of Long Life' Recreated From 1800s Bottle Unearthed on Bowery
Peru: Archaeologists discover Tiahuanaco tomb in southern Peru
Peru: Climate Change Prompted Migrations in Ancient Peru, Says Genetic Study

15. 6. 2014
Anglie: Grave digger finds ancient axe in village churchyard
Anglie: Archaeologists back on site to excavate Roman Temple
Irsko: Top 10 Medieval Castles in Ireland
Německo: Rückblick: collegium transrhenanum in Ffm-Schwanheim
Polsko/Egypt: W Poznaniu wystawa o sztuce naskalnej egipskiej oazy Dachla
Čína: Archaeologists announce rare discovery of more than 100 Han Dynasty tombs in China / More Than 100 Han Dynasty Tombs Discovered in China
USA: Archaeology | Ancient cultures affected by climate change, too / Archaeology and Climate Change
Virginia (USA): Rewriting history at James Fort

14. 6. 2014
Anglie: Historian uncovers evidence of football match from 1320
Anglie: Long Melford: Students dig deep to find real wealth of treasures
Irsko: Digging Tlachtga: Discovering secrets from Ireland’s past
Island: A Grave Revisited: On Grave Robbery in Viking Age Iceland
Řecko: Ancient path vandalized on Naxos
Řecko/Německo: Ephesos-Team erhält Unterstützung aus Deutschland
Indie: Pala period Vishnu idol unearthed
USA: Unstealing Treasures: A Reverse Burglary
Illinois (USA): 'You found the key to Grandma's house': Archaeological dig searches for Joseph Smith home
Kalifornie (USA): Navy faces daunting task of counting desert petroglyphs
Austrálie: Archaeological cave dig unearths artefacts from 45,000 years ago

13. 6. 2014
Anglie: Ten years of Berkeley finds
Anglie: Bures: Medieval arrowhead unearthed at community archeology dig
Anglie: Chance to have your archaeological finds identified at Ashtead Village Day
Anglie: Rainford's pipe dream revealed
Anglie: 'Currencies between Cultures' at the University of Warwick
Dánsko: Amulet kladiva z Købelevu / The Hammer of Thor / Runes Solve Mystery of 1,100-Year-Old Viking Amulet / 'Hammer of Thor' unearthed on the Danish Island
Dánsko/Island: Were the Vikings scared of volcanoes?
Norsko: Rare Finds in Early Viking Age Stone Burial Mound
Itálie: ‘Dracula’s tomb’ discovered in Italy / Researchers finally discover, plan to open Dracula's grave. We're all going to die / Tomb of Vlad the Impaler may have been found in Italy
Řecko/Itálie: 9 Touching Epitaphs Ancient Greeks And Romans Wrote For Their Deceased Dogs
Kambodža: New Evidence Ties Illegal Antiquities Trade to Terrorism, Violent Crime
Hong-Kong: Sai Kung rock may hold key to To Kwa Wan relics’ history
Japonsko: Documents from Toji temple, Maizuru repatriation submitted for UNESCO’s Memory of World
USA/Saúdská Arábie: John Stanmeyer: The Timeless Sands of Saudi Arabia
USA: First 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Wonders worth seeing
Kansas (USA): John Brown, Bleeding Kansas and the search for buried history
Mexiko: Drunken revels depicted in 1800 year old mural
Peru: Gräber eines unbekannten Volkes in Peru gefunden

12. 6. 2014
Anglie: The Vikings and their Filed Teeth
Anglie: Discovered: The evidence that the A1 is TEN THOUSAND YEARS old / Archaeologists discover Britain's longest road to be 10,000 year old / Mesolithic settlement found in North Yorkshire
Anglie: In respect of the dead: human remains in the British Museum
Anglie: Human and Chimp Genes May Have Split 13 Million Years Ago
Francie: Wielki powrót średniowiecza
Řecko: 'Northern Greece and Southeastern Europe during the Neolithic Period' at the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki
Egypt: Wrocławscy archeolodzy odkryli w Egipcie nieznane konstrukcje
Egypt: Egyptian Blue – The Oldest Known Artificial Pigment
Irák/Německo: Rückkehr nach Uruk
Mexiko: Mexico’s mysterious Mayan ruins at Palenque, now accessible from the air

11. 6. 2014
Dobrý den, mozek ven! Tak vypadaly operace ve středověku
Anglie: Preserving the Battle of Hastings from “contamination”
Anglie: Anglo-Saxon coin fetches four times expected auction price
Anglie: Symbols of Protection: The Significance of Animal-ornamented Shields in Early Anglo-Saxon England
Anglie: New dive to wreck of the Mary Rose allows archaeologists to find out more about ship site
Anglie: Circular building focus of Roman dig in Maryport
Skotsko: Sky tech: Laser scans shed new light on past
Francie: Ancient Roman Sanctuary Discovered in France
Německo: Schweben durch die Zeit
Itálie: Oldest Handmade Skull Attributed to Leonardo da Vinci
Bulharsko: The Enigma of the Thracians and the Orpheus Myth
Kypr: Ancient baths of Laodicea doubled as schools
Egypt/Anglie: Twelve ancient Egyptian artefacts recovered in London after court win
Írán: Expert deciphering ancient inscriptions in Susa
USA: US oil boom produces jobs bonanza for archaeologists
Peru: Peru to improve Otuzco archaeological site for tourism

10. 6. 2014
Anglie: The Stein Exhibition of 1914 and the Secret Invitation List
Anglie: The original Frenglish
Norsko: Ancient skull discovered in eastern Norway
Polsko: Poszedł szukać śladów II wojny. Znalazł biżuterię z epoki żelaza
Německo: Im Archäologischen Park sind die Römer los
Sibiř: The Siberian jaw that could unlock our genetic secrets - first exclusive picture / Evidence of cannibalism from Palaeolithic Siberia
Turecko: Byzantine church 'rescued' in Cappadocia
Izrael: World's Oldest Masks Modeled on Early Farmers' Ancestors
Arktida: First atlas of Inuit Arctic trails launched
USA: Herpes infected humans before they were human
Florida (USA): Archaeologists trying to solve ring of shells mystery at Big Talbot Island State Park
Washington (USA): Puget Sound anchor might be from 1792 expedition
Guatemala: Ancient Mayan Altars, Sculpted Artwork Discovered in Guatemala

9. 6. 2014
Polsko: Skarb znaleziony w gdyńskim lesie. Relacja z poszukiwań [ZDJĘCIA]
Polsko: Bolków: w szałasie sprzed 9 tys. lat archeolodzy znaleźli fragment meteorytu / Polish meteorite venerated by Neolithic man? / Archaeologists discovered a meteorite fragment in a 9 thousand years old hut
Polsko: Wystawa o początkach łucznictwa w Krakowie
Anglie: Iron Age warrior burial discovered in West Sussex
Anglie: Roman coins and brooches unearthed at Blackfriars in Leicester
Anglie: North Berstead warrior burial, Bognor Regis
Anglie: Searching for lost English Civil War siegeworks
Anglie: Recent Excavations at Norwich Castle
Skotsko: Archaeologists find ketchup, fishy condiments, beer and radio remains at World War II Prisoner of War camp
Skotsko: Scotland Bennachie peasant community (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
Španělsko: Don Quixote: Hunt for author Cervantes' remains narrows
Itálie: Tomb of emperor's son reopens in Rome
Řecko/Německo: German museum returns two Cycladic artefacts to Greece
Egypt: Eleventh dynasty tomb discovered in Luxor / 4,000-Year-Old Royal Tomb Unearthed in Egypt
Izrael: Egyptian Style in Ancient Canaan
Omán: 2,300 years old grave in Sinaw could be Oman’s biggest archaeological find
Írán: Archaeologists plan to reconstruct ancient society of Burnt City / Archaeologists plan to reconstruct ancient society of Burnt City in Iran
Írán: The Challenges of Rebuilding an Archaeological Program in Post-Revolutionary Iran
Indie: ‘Buddha’s’ begging bowl probably 500 years old
Indie: Indický Tádž Mahál je třeba vyčistit. Dostane pleťovou masku z bahna
Singapur: Navy to Dive on Wreck of USS Houston
USA: Byzantines, Avars and the Introduction of the Trebuchet
Utah (USA): Did violence shape our faces?
New York (USA): Historic Re-enactment of 1942 Nazi Saboteur Landing in Amagansett
Nové Mexiko (USA): The Video Game Graveyard
Mexiko: Under Mexico City (intro) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
Marshallovy ostrovy: Waves unearth remains of WWII Japanese soldiers in Pacific's Marshall Islands

8. 6. 2014
Anglie: Problémy s datací útoku na Lindisfarne
Anglie: Ancient puppy-paw prints found on Roman tiles
Indie: It’s not ‘Buddha’s’ begging bowl

7. 6. 2014
Anglie: Mud scale model of Cambridge University site complete
Anglie: Like Father Like Son? Henry III’s Tomb at Westminster Abbey as a Case Study in Late Thirteenth-Century English Kingship
Wales: 'Incredibly important' medieval find at Llanllyr, Ceredigion
Skotsko: Skyscapes and Landscapes in Prehistoric Scotland
(Severní) Irsko: Milltown archaeologist to advise on Tuam baby burials
Německo: Archäologen entdecken Keltengräber aus der Bronzezeit / Mit Hightech in die Vergangenheit: Archäologen entdecken Keltengräber aus der Bronzezeit
Norsko: Why Is This the Only Existing Viking Age Helmet?
Egypt: Polacy badają kompleks megalityczny w Egipcie
Egypt: Ägypten: Prozess gegen deutsche Probensammler gestartet
Egypt: Ancient site in Upper Egypt targeted by looters
Sýrie: Islamisté úmyslně ničí syrské památky. Neuznávají díla, která vznikla před islámem
Írán: 5000-Year-Old Water Pipeline Discovered in Western Iran
USA: Harvard scientists confirm antique book is bound in human skin
Mexiko: Rituální jeskyně starých Mayů

6. 6. 2014
Polsko: Wikingowie z British Museum do obejrzenia we Wrocławiu
Polsko: Migration Period cremations unearthed in Poland / Archaeologists investigating an ancient burial ground in Łężany
Anglie/Wales: Nenávratně poničil významnou památku. Trestu se vyhnul
Anglie: Loaded cannons from HMS Victory 1737 restored at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard
Skotsko: Archaeologists discover bottles and hearth of pub on haunted 19th century cattle lands
Irsko: The contribution of insect remains to an understanding of the environment of Viking-age and medieval Dublin
Německo: Brunnen, Zisternen, Dolinen – eine Archäologie der Wasserversorgung
Německo: Archäologische Forschungen zu römischen Militärlagern bei Wallerstädten
Řecko/Německo: Two early Cycladic artifacts returned to Greece from Germany
Španělsko: Mitochondrial DNA of first Near Eastern farmers is sequenced for the first time / Ancient Europe Colonized by Island Hoppers? / Seafarers brought Neolithic culture to Europe, gene study indicates
Srbsko: Holy rulers and the integration of the medieval Serbian space
Turecko: Project to reveal central Anatolian history
Izrael: 3D-printed handles for flint-knapped hand axes
Izrael: New Discoveries in Ancient Jewish Settlement Uncovered in Hebron / New dicoveries at ancient settlement in Hebron
Kanada: Archeologists to launch historic fishing expedition off B.C.'s Haida Gwaii
Kanada: Lost Nazi Weather Station Kurt
Peru: Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum displays newly discovered treasures / Newly discovered artifacts on display at Royal Tombs of Sipan museum
Peru/Švédsko: Sweden returns Paracas textiles to Peru

5. 6. 2014
Anglie: In Pictures: Horn handles and axeheads from 10th century Viking graves found in Cumbria
Anglie: Medieval plumber’s subterranean world
Anglie: Looted stone of Roman mint reveals stories of prehistoric and medieval civilisations
Anglie: Details of human remains at Lincoln Castle revealed
Irsko: 3,000-year-old remains of baby found in Meath
Irsko: Buildings at risk: The Wonderful Barn, Co Kildare
Skandinávie: Viking Berserkers—Fierce Warriors or Drug-Fuelled Madmen?
Polsko: Archeolodzy znów pracują na Górze Zamkowej
Německo: Die „Ostseeanomalie“ - ein 140tausend Jahre altes Raumschiff?
Kypr: Archaeological dig reveals remains of buildings and tombs in Alambra
Kréta: Ancient Phoenix: The Harbor That Might Have Been
Turecko: Turkey elected to UNESCO committee
Libye: Sigh: 14,000-year-old cave art in Libya destroyed by vandals
Arábie: The First Arabians
Írán: Parthian horses and Parthian Horse Archers
Čína: DNA shows sheep split from goats four million years ago
Kambodža: Stealing Buddha
Kurilské ostrovy (Rusko): Na Kuryłach znaleziono dużą osadę z epoki neolitu
Virginie (USA): Climate change threatens to sweep away historic Jamestown settlement
Kalifornie (USA): Vinyl Records Excavated at Famous ’60s Commune Challenge ‘Hippie’ Stereotype, Study Says / Vinyl Records Excavated at Famous ’60s Commune Challenge ‘Hippie’ Stereotype, Study Says
Kolumbie: A Tale of Cities Lost and Found
Austrálie: Digs uncover reformative work colonies

4. 6. 2014
The Archaeology of the Top 10 Islands in Europe
Anglie: Medieval manholes: the plumbers who led the way in utility maintenance
Skotsko: Early Bronze Age industrial, agricultural and domestic activity dating from up to 4,000 years ago discovered / Archaeologists find Bronze Age settlement beneath Aberdeen park and ride site
Rakousko: Archäologie: Neues aus dem Untergrund in St. Pölten
Nizozemsko: Dutch scientists crack fingerprint dating riddle
Řecko: Ancient Love Inscriptions in Astypalea / Ancient erotic graffiti found on Greek island
Řecko: Wearable submarine to hunt for 2000-year-old computer
USA: Map Quests: Geography, Digital Humanities and the Ancient World
Ohio (USA): A geologist studied fossils to confirm that stones used in 19th century Ohio grain mills originated from France
Peru: New Inca road to Machu Picchu discovered

3. 6. 2014
Anglie:  Free online course explores Hadrian’s Wall
Irsko: Ballymaglaff Stone Age site 'lost because of planning error'
Polsko: ‘Warrior-women’ in Viking Age Scandinavia? A preliminary archaeological study
Dánsko: Humans Blamed for Extinction of Mammoths, Mastodons & Giant Sloths
Itálie: The case of the vanishing da Vinci
Turecko: Turkey invested 15 mln euro for excavations in 2013
Thajsko: Up from the deep. The discovery of a 1,000-year-old Arab-style ship in Samut Sakhon may give a clearer picture of life and trade during the Dvaravati period
Čína: Chinese palaeolithic finds show distinctive development patterns

2. 6. 2014
Anglie: Stonehenge builders' 'bright and airy' homes re-created
Anglie: World's largest reconstructed Viking longship to sail for Merseyside during next month's Open golf tournament
Anglie: Lincoln's Newport Arch reopens after £140,000 renovation project
Dánsko: Ženská postava z Revninge / Viking Age Revninge woman: an exceptional find / Gilded female figure gives a glimpse of the Viking Age
Švédsko: Burn, burn, burn! The Uppsala cremation experiment of 2014
Polsko: Archeolodzy pracują w Puszczy Białowieskiej. Jest tu starodawne cmentarzysko
Řecko: Archaeologists Excavate Lower City of Mycenae
Egypt/Anglie: A new look at ancient Egyptian textiles
Turecko: Traces of tsunami discovered in Gökçeada
Írán: Shush: Major Iranian option for 2014 global registration
Írán: 5000-year-old water system discovered in western Iran
Uzbekistán: Uzbekistan rediscovers lost culture in the craft of Silk Road paper makers
Pákistán: Echoes of the past : Relics dating back to 190 BC unearthed in archaeological dig
Čína: China-bound passenger held with over 2,000 rare ancient coins
USA: Měli lovci mamutů psí spojence?
USA: The Unlikely History of the Origins of Modern Maps

1. 6. 2014
Skotsko/Norsko: Norse Berserker Warriors as Medieval Chess Pieces
Francie: A large Roman sanctuary found in northern France
Ingušsko: Czy starożytna jaskinia zdradzi sekrety królowej Tamary?
Egypt: Intact burial chamber discovered in Aswan, 9 mummies found
Egypt: Objects from Tutankhamun’s war chariots to be restored
Egypt: Egypt turns to technology in effort to protect ancient treasures from looters

31. 5. 2014
Mexiko: The mystery of the Maya volcanic ash pottery
Japonsko: Sacred relics of Kyoto temples to be exhibited in autumn

30. 5. 2014
Anglie: Caveman Campsite Unearthed at Construction Site in London
Skotsko: East Lothian skeleton may be 10th Century Irish Viking king / Skeleton may be 10th century Viking king Olaf Guthfrithsson
Wales: Archaeologists investigate east side of once-mighty 13th century Welsh castle
Německo: Grabung auf der Holsterburg soll Erkenntnisse über Bergfried bringen
Německo: Ursprung der Eurasischen Mammutfauna geklärt
Německo/Libye: Ausbildungskurs für libysche Archäologen
Finsko: "Pot hunters" targeting archaeological sites in Finland
Španělsko: Spain Displays Old Sunken Treasure Won in Court Battle From US
Itálie: Aktion "Augen auf… Gletscherfunde!" in Südtirol
Řecko: Forschungsinitiative und National Geographic sichern digital das bedrohte Kulturerbe Akrotiri / Der Supervulkan von Akrotiri
Libye: Vandals Destroy Prehistoric Rock Art in Libya's Lawless Sahara
Egypt: Artifact Trove at Egyptian Tomb Illuminates Life Before Pharaohs
Turecko: How the ancient underground city of Cappadocia became a fruit warehouse
Turecko: Meeting held for ancient city of Karkamış
Turecko: Century-old house in ancient city of Stratonikeia to become museum
Indie: Ring well discovered in Purana Qila excavation
Ujghuristán (Čína): First pants worn by horse riders 3,000 years ago / These trousers are 3,000 years old / Vědci našli nejstarší vlněné kalhoty na světě, ušili je před tisíci lety / Study: Horse riding led to invention of pants / 'World's oldest trousers' found at burial site in China / Jako nové! Archeologové našli nejstarší kalhoty na světě / 3,200 year-old trousers found in Silk Road graves / Forscher finden die ältesten Hosen der Welt / Älteste Hose der Welt kommt aus China / Die älteste Hose der Welt / Na pohřebišti v Číně byly nalezeny prý nejstarší kalhoty světa / 3000 let staré kalhoty / Proč nosíme kalhoty? Mohou za to koně a problémy s konečníkem
Barma (Myanmar): Burma caves point to a rich culture
Malé Antily: Rock art represents an important aspect of the Pre-Columbian heritage of the Lesser Antilles, where it appears, mainly, in the form of petroglyphs
Austrálie: Sydney Opera House: Revealing Archaeology

29. 5. 2014
Slovensko: Lasery, radary a počítače. Archeológiu mení revolúcia techniky
Anglie: The Real Form of Richard III Depicted in 3-D Model / Teen growth spurt left Richard III with crooked spine / New 3D Model Of King Richard III’s Spine Shows Prominent Scoliosis
Anglie: 600-year-old astronomical sketch brought to life in fully functional model
Anglie: Rabbit holes lead to hill fort discovery
Irsko: Tara's Lia Fáil stone daubed with paint / Pictured: Vandals desecrate ancient standing stone at Hill of Tara in Co Meath
Normanské ostrovy: Archaeologists put world's largest hoard of Celtic coins on display at Jersey Museum
Dánsko: Museum selling Viking ships to the public
Itálie: Unique Silk Cloth Found in Emperor Henry VII's Coffin
Turecko: Museums not informed of artifacts during Istanbul third bridge construction
Izrael: Fort found was home quarters to Roman infantry unit wielded to vanquish the Jews
Súdán: Sedmá výkopová sezóna Archeologické expedice do Wad Ben
USA: Who Were the Ancient Goths?
USA: Domestication of dogs may explain mammoth kill sites and success of early modern humans

28. 5. 2014
Anglie: Decoding Anglo-Saxon art
Anglie: Medieval slave trade routes in Eastern Europe extended from Finland and the Baltic Countries to Central Asia
Anglie: Medieval skulls found in Coventry's Old Grammar School / Restoration of 12th century building reveals human bones
Anglie: Cod bones reveal 13th century origin of London international fish trade
Skotsko: Drum excavations unearth medieval sanitation system
Francie: Archaeologists find 2,300-year-old iron tooth implant found with Celtic woman’s remains / Archäologen finden frühestes keltisches Zahnimplantat
Itálie: Lasers provide a new way to analyse priceless art without damage
Bulharsko: 7,800-year-old settlement unearthed in Bulgaria
Španělsko: A study describes agronomic conditions in ancient Near East 12,000 years ago /  Neolithic Near East wetter and more fertile than today
Egypt: Ptolemy in Beni Sweif
Turecko: Lost Languages of Anatolia
Gruzie: Georgia's gold mine dilemma
Indie: Was Pattanam an urban trade centre?
Čína: American's Visit to China's Forbidden City Revealed in Old Journal
Haiti: Haiti creates commission to monitor possible Santa Maria wreck
Iowa (USA): Echoes of World War I at Camp Dodge archaeology dig

27. 5. 2014
Anglie: London’s Lost Castles
Anglie: Maryport Roman settlement: Dig unearths 'lost harbour'
Skotsko: Castle dig uncovers medieval sanitation system
Španělsko: Rock-Shelter in Spain Evidences Early Human Use of Fire
Polsko: Skarb sprzed 2500 lat na wystawie w Świdnicy
Turecko: Ancient Anatolian sites abandoned to their fate
Izrael: Burial reveals complex origins of metallurgy
Izrael: Unique Crusader-era monastery seal found in Jerusalem
Írán: A trip through history: The rise and fall of the Persian empire
Írán: “Gulliver's experience” can come true in Iran’s dwarf city
Írán: The ancient origins of the legendary griffin
Kambodža: The Invisible Graffiti of Angkor Wat
Čína/Německo: Intertwined evolution of human brain and brawn
Utah (USA): Vandals deface prehistoric 'Pregnant Buffalo' rock art
Mexiko: Linguistics Students Help Revitalize Critically Endangered Language in Mexico
Chile: Students discover 7,000-year-old mummy in Chile
Austrálie: First contact with Europeans through Indigenous eyes

26. 5. 2014
Anglie/Egypt: Battered pot found in Cornish garage unlocks Egypt excavation secrets
Polsko: Papal bulla discovered in the Człuchów castle
Polsko: Szczątki odkryte w najstarszej polskiej szkole - powtórnie pochowane
Polsko: Archeolodzy badają starożytne cmentarzysko w Łężanach
Rusko: The 4,000-year-old whopper: Russian fisherman accidentally catches a rare Bronze Age figurine of a pagan god / Rybárovi sa podaril vzácny objav. Vylovil sošku z doby bronzovej
Turecko: Göbeklitepe being covered with roofs
Čína: New Palaeolithic sites discovered in Hanzhong Basin, Central China
Čína/Egypt: Cairo Says China’s Fake Sphinx Harms Egypt’s ‘Cultural Heritage’
Virginie (USA): Remains of 40 Confederate soldiers discovered in Virginia cemetery
Kanada: Chief Crowfoot's regalia to return home to Alberta
Papua-Nová Guinea: Volcanic disasters and the beginning of Lapita style pottery in Papua New Guinea
Austrálie: Bark Canoe building at Bents Basin – a NPWS Sydney Aboriginal Community Cultural Gathering

25. 5. 2014
Ancient warrior myths help veterans fight PTSD
Slovensko: Hľadanie pokladov nie je zábavka, ale podlý kšeft
Anglie: Nottingham: The city where they keep finding caves
Anglie: The mammoth that trampled on the history of mankind
Norsko: Viking Age Art Styles
Norsko: Did the Vikings Use Telescopes?
Nizozemsko: Příběh Adama a Evy je o 800 let starší než bible
Lužice (Německo): Zeitreise ins slawische Mittelalter
Indie: ASI plans detailed excavation in Pulicat Fort area
Mexiko: Archaeologists Find 19Th Century Aqueduct Hidden Under Scrubs in Mexico
Japonsko: Regal rooms of Imperial Palace opened to general public for first time

24. 5. 2014
Anglie: The 1066 Norwegian Invasion of England in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
Irsko: Neanderthal experts gather in Galway to pay tribute to their scientific godfather
Lužice (Německo): Das Brandenburgwetter: Unsere Wetterreporterin Joanna Jambor ist am Sonnabend zu Gast auf dem slawischen Mittelalterfest in Dissen
Španělsko: Exploring the archaeology of the Spanish Civil War
Řecko: Most Popular Professions in Ancient Greece
Egypt: Five stolen Egyptian artefacts located in Europe
Japonsko: Former Tokyo rail yard of 'Shiodome ruins' proved a rich archaeological site / Former Tokyo rail yard proved a rich archaeological site

23. 5. 2014
Anglie: Stone Age relics dating back 10,000 years found during waterworks in Fetcham
Anglie: The University of Leicester has retained the right to proceed with the reinterment of King Richard III in Leicester.
Anglie: Roman Maryport: Revealing a more complex settlement
Irsko: When medieval merchants traded in slaves to buy wines and spices
Norsko: Doggerland’s lost world shows melting glaciers have drowned lands before, and may again
Německo: Als es dem Paderborner Bischof zu sehr stank
Německo: Rekonstruierte Toranlage auf der Heuneburg übergeben
Německo: Mit dem Multicopter auf archäologischer Spurensuche
Německo: DOI macht IANUS-Daten zitierfähig
Španělsko: Prehistoric hunting scenes unearthed in Spanish cave
Egypt: Long-Lost Mummy of Pharaoh's Foster Brother Found
Súdán/Česko: Súdánský ministr předal archeologické poklady Náprstkovu muzeu
Afghánistán: Stupa at Mes Aynak
Indie: Remains of burnt ancient city found in Chandigarh
Indie: Once upon a time in Rakhigarhi
Hong Kong: Doubts cast over whether To Kwa Wan well is from Song or Yuan dynasty
USA: Genetic Manipulation: The First 50,000 Years
Peru: Inside the untouched tomb of Peru’s ancient Wari royals 

22. 5. 2014
Anglie: Iron Age settlement unearthed at building site
Anglie: Sea divers to excavate Charles II shipwreck left at bottom of Southend sea for 350 years
Anglie: Earliest archaeological evidence in London could have been found at new US Embassy
Anglie/Indie: Controversial Indian ring auctioned at Christie's
Skotsko: The Stone of Destiny – Dunadd
Řecko: Archaeologists Excavate for Archaic Greek City of Tenea
Egypt: Eight mummies, eight lives, eight stories
Virginie (USA): Archaeologists probe for Civil War Hampton's pioneering contraband slave camp
USA: NASA přiznává: Pravěká umělecká díla mohli vytvořit mimozemšťanéa
Austrálie: GIS technology verifies Caesar and Helvetii history
Nový Zéland: City’s first buildings unearthed

21. 5. 2014
25 years since the release of Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade: 25 things you didn't know about Indiana Jones
Anglie: Viking and Anglo-Saxon rarities to stay in Yorkshire as museum buys "incredible" Bedale Hoard
Anglie: Pictured: Family of RABBITS unearth ancient cavemen tools dating back 8,000 years
Skotsko: Medieval tannery found at Old Town student flats
Skotsko: Jet jewellery found in ancient Scottish village
Izrael: Herodian frescoes restored, returned to Masada
Izrael: Early Bronze Age: Megiddo’s Great Temple and the Birth of Urban Culture in the Levant
Indie: 12th century idols stolen from Tamil Nadu spotted in foreign museums
Čína: Ancient ship tells stories of Maritime Silk Road
Čina: Engraved tablet found in one of Dazu Rock Carvings
Arizona (USA): Ruins revealed by Arizona’s Slide fire tell story of early settlers
Austrálie: Evidence Dundee swivel gun came from Spain

20. 5. 2014
Unusual religious symbolism and early Medieval European weapons
Británie: Caveman instincts may explain our belief in gods and ghosts
Skotsko: The Scottish Register of Tartans
Německo: Die Wiege Gießens
Německo: Entdeckungen im Bischofswald
Španělsko: 7,000-year-old cave paintings found in Spain
Itálie: Efforts to save Pompeii succeeding, conference told
Egypt: Zahi Hawass cleared of corruption charges
Izrael: Wall Paintings Depicting Crusader History Discovered in Jerusalem
Barma (Myanmar): A national treasure
USA: Unusual religious symbolism and early Medieval European weapons
Florida (USA): Tests Suggest Age of Prehistoric Naples Canal
Peru: Wari culture artefacts discovered in Ayacucho, Peru / Archaeologists find Wari culture artifacts in Ayacucho, Peru
Peru: Authorities Find Pre-Inca Site in Northern Piura Region

19. 5. 2014
The Hoax Archive — A collection of the most notorious deceptions throughout history
How to talk to an archaeologist
Slovensko: Archeologická lokalita Kostolec - Ducové
Anglie: Culture Secretary appoints Commissioners to English Heritage
Anglie: Ako vyzerali naši dávni predkovia? Realistické stvárnenie evolúcie človeka.
Polsko: W Biskupinie zrekonstruowano osadę neolityczną
Egypt: Discovering the artists of the Eastern Sahara / Discovering the artists of the Eastern Sahara / Tourist's find shows Africa 'influenced' ancient Egyptian art
Egypt: Egyptian archaeologists unearth Ptolemy II temple for Isis / Ptolemaic temple uncovered in Gebel El-Nour
Egypt: Beneath the bandages: an Egyptian mummy as you've never seen it before – video
Libanon: Unique statue of Phoenician priest discovered in Sidon
Jordánsko: Petra, built for the sun gods?
Saúdská Arábie: The Kingdom to spend $1.7bn on building 230 museums
Indie: Mould for minting Roman coins found in Talkad
Čína: New palaeolithic artifacts discovered from loess deposits of Lantian, Central China
Čína: Tooth-picking behavior identified in the middle Pleistocene hominins of Eastern China
Karibik: Spiritual Power? 18th-Century Artifacts Unearthed in Caribbean / 'Magical' 18th-Century Artifacts Found in Caribbean
Florida (USA): Miami’s Past and Future Clash at a Building Site
Missouri (USA): Ceremonial ‘Axis’ Road Discovered in Heart of Ancient City of Cahokia
Illinois (USA): Archaeologists Dig Into Chicago’s Grisliest History In Douglas Neighborhood
Peru: Scientists plan DNA tests on Peru's "Juanita" mummy
Peru: Spanish Conquest May Have Altered Peru's Shoreline
Peru: Ancient administrative complex discovered in northern Peru

18. 5. 2014
Norsko: Archaeologists Need Help: What is this?

17. 5. 2014
Anglie: Divers stage emergency excavation of historic Thames shipwreck
Anglie: Lewes skeleton linked to Norman invasion of 1066
Anglie: CT scans shed new light on Worsley Man
Anglie: Victorian tunnels found during £6m revamp of Wigan Town Hall
Irsko: Dig this: How we plan to get to heart of one of Ireland’s most mysterious sites
Německo: Kulturgüter werden digital konserviert
Egypt: Funeral relics of pharaonic singer unearthed at Saqqara necropolis
Sýrie: 3000 year-old Assyrian artefacts destroyed in Syria
Čína: Outlasting Dynasties, Now Emerging From Soot
Jižní Karolína: Slave Escape Ship Found in South Carolina: 'CSS Planter' Formerly Believed Lost Forever
Mexiko: Lost Maya city of Noh Kah has been mapped

16. 5. 2014
Anglie: Divers guilty of raiding shipwrecks without declaring their finds
Anglie: Archaeologists believe they have found remains of the legendary Hell Hound of Suffolk
Anglie: Underground arcade discovered
Skotsko: Earliest houses, Bronze Age cremations and tools found by archaeologists in Scotland
Lužice (Německo): Zurück ins Mittelalter mit dem Heimatmuseum Dissen
Maďarsko: BROTHERS IN ARMS – The double warrior burial from Szabadi (Hungary)
Turecko: Female body discovered in centuries-old tomb
Blízký Východ: For archaeologists, Middle East conflicts create ‘perfect sandstorm’ of challenges
Súdán: Discovery of Polish scientists in a medieval monastery in Sudan / Angels, toilets and graffiti revealed at Sudanese monastery
Malawi: Malawi's lone conservation officer seeks to save his country's heritage
Indie: New finds indicate tantric worship in South India 2000 years ago

15. 5. 2014
Let’s Eat! Banquets in the Middle Ages
Anglie: Interactive Map of Stonehenge Landscape
Anglie: The Vandals: victims of a bad press?
Skotsko: Discovering the heart of prehistoric Galloway
Dánsko: Rare statue of Virgin Mary found buried under church floor
Kypr: Tomb found in Ayios Silas in Limassol
Turecko: Underground venue tells ceramics history
Sýrie: The Inner Lives of Ancient Houses: An Archaeology of Dura-Europos
USA: Moderní lidé zřejmě nejsou o nic chytřejší než neandrtálci
Mexiko: Oldest most complete, genetically intact human skeleton in New World / Dating and DNA show Paleoamerican-Native American connection

14. 5. 2014
Slovensko: Priechod ukrýva históriu Keltov
Anglie: Archaeologists discover evidence for first Londoners at US embassy
Skotsko: Hidden treasures of Dunragit bypass works revealed / Road works in Scotland uncover 9,000-year-old hunting camp and Iron Age Settlement
Nizozemsko: Silk Road Exhibition at the Hermitage, Amsterdam
Ålandy: The hall at the crossroads of Baltic waterways
Německo: Sachsens Archäologie vor dem Aus: Aber das Staatliche Museum für Archäologie Chemnitz (SMAC) eröffnet am 16. Mai
Švýcarsko: Solar powered boat explores submerged landscapes
Egypt/Řecko: Climate change caused empire's fall, tree rings reveal / Starověký Egypt i akkadskou říši srazila na kolena klimatická změna
Turecko: Efforts continue to unearth ancient theaters
Izrael: Wall paintings recounting Jerusalem’s crusader history revealed
Indie: 'Megalithic' artefacts found at Nedumala Cave
Nové Mexiko (USA): Archaeologists Use Drone Images to Uncover Ancient New Mexico Village
USA/Čína: Berkeley Lab Researchers Help Discover Rare Form of Iron Oxide in Ancient Chinese Pottery
Portoriko: Fossilized Feces Reveal Origins Of Puerto Rican Natives / Microbes in 1500 year old poo supports archaeological theories
Austrálie: Fresh reports of vandalism of ancient rock art on Burrup Peninsula / Ancient rock art being defaced in Pilbara / 'Go work for a living': What racist vandals scrawled over 60,000-year-old Aboriginal rock art

13. 5. 2014
In pictures: 11 amazing archaeological discoveries
Anglie: Medieval 'pub culture' unearthed in London / Pub culture 14th Century style: Ale tankards and pipes used by drinkers more than 650 years ago unarthed near London Bridge
Anglie: The Diamond Sutra on display: Text panel 1
Anglie: Buddhist artefacts to go on display for Cambridge's first Tibetan exhibition
Wales: Military operations on the archaeological front
Irsko: The Moylough Belt Shrine
Německo: Sensation! Skelett eines geräderten Mannes gefunden
Německo: Ancient Roman Military Camp Unearthed in Eastern Germany
Rumunsko: Drákulův středověký hrad je znovu na prodej
Řecko: Thera fresco conservation lab closed
Turecko: Topkapı Palace Library to host academics
Srí Lanka/USA: U.S. Embassy grants $100,000 towards conservation of Rajagala Buddhist monastery
Čína: ‘Rice Theory’ explains North-South China Cultural divide
Haiti: Exclusive: Found after 500 years, the wreck of Christopher Columbus’s flagship the Santa Maria / Santa Maria Found? Wreck May Be Columbus' Sunken Flagship / 500-year-old mystery: Wreck off Haiti may be Columbus' flagship Santa Maria / Archeologové věří, že identifikovali vrak vlajkové lodi Kryštofa Kolumba / Konec 600leté záhady? Vědci prý objevili vrak Kolumbovy vlajkové lodi / Podmořští hledači prý našli u Haiti vrak lodi Kryštofa Kolumba
Nové Mexiko (USA): Searching for the Comanche Empire
USA: Comet strike not responsible for Younger Dryas / Comet theory doesn't explain Ice Age cold snap, Clovis changes, animal extinction

12. 5. 2014
If Archaeologists Uncovered Today’s Society, It Might Look Like This
Slovensko: Terén Huštáku ležal v stredoveku takmer o dva metre nižšie
Anglie: St Benet's Abbey in Norfolk gets mole help for project
Skotsko: Bone from 'Scotland's dodo' unearthed during archaeological dig
Španělsko: Alcohol and drugs: not just for modern man / Alcohol And Drugs: An Anthropological History Of Intoxication / Človek z praveku bral drogy a pil alkohol z náboženských dôvodov
Blízký Východ: Ever thought about plastering the skulls of your dead loved ones?
Čína: Ancient bamboo medical books unearthed / Ancient bamboo medical books uncovered in China belonged to legendary Bian Que
Kanada: Archeologist says Vikings travelled to northern Ontario
USA: Prehistoric impact idea smacked down

11. 5. 2014
Anglie: Mapping medieval miracles
Lužice (Německo): „Bunt ja bunt sind alle meine Kleider“. Saisonstart in „Stary lud“ vom 16 bis 18. Mai
Bulharsko: Bulgarian Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Roman Roadside Complex Sostra
USA: Archaeology | A look back can help societies plan for the futurea
Ohio (USA): OSU students learn archaeology while preserving shards of the past in Dublin

10. 5. 2014
Anglie: Call for a wider survey of Northampton Roses battlefield
Normanské ostrovy: Jersey coin hoard extraction done in public
Francie: Exhibition traces our love of tattoos from neolithic age to today
Čína: Over 1,000 ancient Buddha statues uncovered in China
Iowa (USA): Illegal projects damage Effigy Mounds / Illegal Park Service projects damage sacred Native American site
Chile: Bizarre Mumie: Forscher lösen Alien-Rätsel der Atacama-Wüste
Austrálie: Archaeologists dig major new find at Pentridge Prison

9. 5. 2014
Anglie: Research dates the British settlers who constructed first monuments at Stonehenge
Anglie: Northumberland archaeologists unearth history of smelt mill
Irsko: History of Dublin Castle to be studied
Německo: Auf den Spuren mittelalterlicher Grenzwälle
Německo: Römische Truppen in Thüringen
Německo: Landesmittel für Ausgrabungen auf bronzezeitlichem Schlachtfeld im Tollensetal
Německo: Römerstraßen im Rheinland werden zu neuem Leben erweckt
Německo: Archäologie wird symbolisch zu Grabe getragen
Turecko: New claim on the whereabouts of Süleyman the Magnificent’s heart
Egypt: A newly discovered, 3,100-year-old Egyptian tomb includes intricate hieroglyphics describing the afterlife
Egypt: Animal Burials, Early Ruler, and Ivory Statue Unearthed in Egyptian Tomb Complex
Čína: Ancient Buddha statues found in north China
Florida (USA): Historic launch sites being preserved by digital archeologists
Louisiana (USA): Archaeologist discovers new mound at Poverty Point
Ekvádor: Developments on the "Lost City of Giants" in Ecuador

8. 5. 2014
Skotsko: Archaeological investigations discovers lost medieval village in the Scottish Borders
Normanské ostrovy: Asterix timbers to appear in Jersey coin hoard exhibition
Řecko: Acropolis' Famed Caryatids Get 'Cosmetic Surgery' / Greece’s Caryatids getting extreme makeover
Egypt: What Did Ancient Egyptians Really Eat?
Egypt: CT scan confirms mummified Egyptian baby / Mummified fetus found in tiny ancient Egyptian sarcophagus
Idaho (USA): 13,500-Year-Old Tool-Making Site Uncovered in Idaho Forest

7. 5. 2014
The Dust Veil AD 536. The sun turns black, earth sinks in the sea. Down from heaven, stars are whirled…
Anglie: Study suggests improved survivorship in the aftermath of the medieval Black Death
Polsko: 500-Year-Old Vampire Grave Unearthed in Polish Marketplace
Řecko: Ancient Greek Language Said to Reprogram The Brain
Turecko: Byzantine ancestors of tablet computers found in Yenikapı diggings / Ve vraku lodi byl objeven 1200 let starý notebook
Turecko: Inside Turkey’s Top Archaeological Sites
Egypt: Archaeologists find 5,600-year-old tomb in Egypt / 5,600-year-old tomb found in Egypt
Egypt: Ramesside tomb of Egypt's royal ambasador discovered at Saqqara / Tomb dating back to 1100 B.C. found in Egypt
Spojené arabské emiráty: Painstaking work brings relics from dig site to Sharjah Archaeology Museum
Kambodža/USA: Norton Simon Museum to return contested ancient statue to Cambodia
Korea/Británie: Ancient 'black garlic' recipe found by farmer
USA: Archaeologists for Autism
Nové Mexiko (USA): Archaeologists use drone images to uncover ancient New Mexico village
Mexiko: Paleoartist Brings Human Evolution to Life
Mexiko: Mexican archaeologists excavate 1,600 year-old shaft tomb in the State of Zacatecas / 1,600 year-old shaft tomb unearthed in Mexican State of Zacatecas

6. 5. 2014
Anglie: Archaeologists say Stonehenge was "London of the Mesolithic" in Amesbury investigation
Wales: ‘Lost’ Welsh village unearthed by injured military personnel
Wales/Egypt: Mystery of mummified baby in Swansea is solved / The mystery of mummy W1013
Norsko: Vikingsverd funnet i Telemark
Polsko: Studenci z Torunia zrekonstruowali pradziejową chatę
Řecko: Greece's Iraklio archaeological museum reopens
Turecko: Centuries-old columns unearthed in Laodicea
Izrael: Israeli says he has found King David's citadel
Irák: The Lost Gardens of Babylon
Katar: Qatar heritage revealed
Čína: Tombs of ancient workers discovered / Tombs of Workers who Built Terracotta Warriors Mausoleum Discovered in China
Čína: Ancient Chinese chess pieces discovered in Great Wall
Vietnam: 4,700 year old skeleton found in Vietnam
Jižní Karolína (USA): V potopenom vraku našli zlato za 1,3 milióna dolárov
Michigan (USA): Search for Griffin shipwreck yields trove of uncertainty

5. 5. 2014
Anglie: A great medieval mind and the Big Bang theory
Británie: Why does Hollywood love making terrible films about the ancient world?
Španělsko: Songs from the Caves
Itálie/USA: Mysterious 150-year-old writing in rare copy of Homer's 'Odyssey' identified
Egypt: Mummy of Most Powerful Female Pharaoh Identified
Súdán: Desert 'dream' realized: Sudan pyramid hunt gets funding
Colorado/Utah (USA): The guardians of the Ancients. Hopi tribesmen intervene to shore up Hovenweep ruins
Georgie (USA): 'We did this to ourselves': Death and despair at Civil War prisons
USA: Getting to the root of enamel evolution: Connecting genes to hominin teeth shows evidence of natural selection
Peru: Ancient Geoglyphs in Peru Predate Nazca Lines / Mysterious Rock Lines Marked Way to Ancient Peru Fairs / 2,300-Year-Old Rock Lines In Peru Are Examples Of Ancient ‘Social Technology’

4. 5. 2014
Francie: New battle for the dating of Chauvet cave
Turecko: Treasure hunters destroy tomb in southern Turkey
Indie: 92 archaeological sites 'missing' across India
Čína: Ancient Buddhist statue 3D-printed in China
Austrálie: Wet-sieving uncovers additional human relics

3. 4. 2014
Anglie: Two Roman mosaics set to be unearthed at Puddletown
Norsko: Viking raid may have saved British artefact
Bulharsko: Roman tomb found in south-western Bulgaria / Roman Tomb Found in Bulgaria’s Sapareva Banya Resort

2. 5. 2014
Británie: A Point of View: Is the archaeological dig a thing of the past?
Anglie: Carwynnen Quoit to be rebuilt / Ancient monument Carwynnen Quoit rebuilding starts
Irsko: Early photos of Ireland’s iconic heritage sites
Norsko: Searching for Traces of the Battle of Hafrsfjord – 872 AD
Německo: Sonderausstellung zum Kanalprojekt Karls des Großen
Itálie: Michelangelo's 'David' sculpture at risk of collapse, experts say
Turecko: Early Christian basilica unearthed in Bursa
Turecko: Turkey continues hunt for historic artifacts abroad
Vietnam: 2,500 years burial relics accidentally unearth in central Vietnam
Jáva: Archaeologists call for protection of Javanese megalithic site
USA: 'Gospel of Jesus's Wife' Looks More and More Like a Fake
Mexiko: Unique artifacts uncovered in Mexico shed light on ancient civilisation
Nový Zéland: Archaeology: where losing your marbles is sometimes a good thing

1. 5. 2014
Británie/Severní Moře: Atlantídu na severe Európy zničila vlna cunami / Tsunami created North Sea ‘Atlantis’ 8,000 years ago
Anglie/USA: Geographic Population Structure can locate the village your ancestors lived 1,000 years ago
Anglie: Amesbury in Wiltshire confirmed as oldest UK settlement / UK's OLDEST town revealed: Amesbury dates back more than TEN millenia / Britain's oldest settlement is Amesbury not Thatcham, say scientists
Bulharsko: Sofia Excavations to Look for Constantine the Great's Palace
Afrika: Out of Africa: modern humans left the home continent in at least two waves
Egypt: Mysterious Buried Artifacts Discovered in Egypt's Valley of the Kings
Egypt: Early image of Jesus may have been found in Egyptian tomb
New York (USA): Bottles From 19th Century German Beer Garden Found at Bowery Hotel Site
USA: Hunley finally ready to reveal itself

V. 2014
7 Great Innovators in Archaeology (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)
Anglie: Burnt offerings: the Bradford Kaims project

30. 4. 2014
What the world's most wondrous ruins look like from the heavens
Slovensko: V Rusovciach pravdepodobne odkryli starú rímsku cestu s oltárikom / V Rusovciach objavili oltárik a cestu z Rímskej doby
Anglie: Hope for further Vindolanda tablet discoveries
Anglie: UCL Petrie Museum Launches 3D Online Object Library
Nizozemsko: Neanderthals were not less intelligent than modern humans, scientists find
Itálie: Ancient bones show signs of struggle with coeliac disease
Španělsko: Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Punic Vessels in Balearic Islands / Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Punic Vessels in Balearic Islands
Kanárské ostrony: Genetic methods for sex determination shed some light on Canary Islands aborigines' remains
Egypt/Nizozemsko: Egyptians moved pyramid stones over wet sand / Holandští fyzici tvrdí, že objevili způsob, jak Egypťané postavili pyramidy. Pomohla jim obyčejná voda / Tajemství stavitelů pyramid: jak přepravovali obrovské kameny
Egypt: Egypt's History Is Being Lost to Criminals
Egypt: Egypt unveils exact replica of Tutankhamun's tomb made with a 3D printer / V Egyptě otevřeli repliku hrobky slavného faraona Tutanchamona
Turecko: Hatay’s museum new archaeology almost complete
USA: Hot Stew in the Ice Age? Evidence Shows Neanderthals Boiled Food
Japonsko: Replica of ward for leprosy patients offers visions of hell / A gruesome look at Edo Period autopsy art

29. 4. 2014
Anglie: Iron Age human remains uncovered in the Cotswolds
Dánsko: Metal detectorists unearth Viking gold / Amateur archaeologists unearth Viking gold
Španělsko: Interactions between humans and scavengers have been decisive in human evolution
Egypt: Egyptian scholar fights archaeological looting with exposure on social media
Izrael: Archaeologists baffled by 8th century BCE seal found in Galilee
Izrael: Cold case: Did archaeologists find the last Maccabean king, after all?
Madeira: Man landing on Madeira could be 4 centuries prior to its colonization by the Portuguese
Mexiko: Archaeologists discover cemetery in Mexican city with clues to ancient civilization

28. 4. 2014
Skotsko: Selkirk water works 'lost village' history becomes clearer
Řecko: DNA fingerprint for Hippocrates' legendary tree
Kypr: Archaeology: bust of Alexander the Great found in Cyprus
Egypt: Egyptologists identify tomb of royal children / Nový objav v Údolí kráľov. Hrobka ukrývala asi 50 múmií
Turecko: Scientists Uncover Evidence of Change from Hunting to Herding at Early Neolithic Settlement / Mound excavation reveals transition from hunting to herding in Neolithic settlement
Sýrie: Archive footage shows Aleppo before the destruction
New York (USA): Oldest Man-Made Object In NYC To Be Cleaned With Lasers
Kalifornie (USA): From Stone Darts to Dismembered Bodies, New Study Reveals 5,000 Years of Violence in Central California
Michigan (USA): 9,000-Year-Old Caribou Hunting Structure Found Submerged in Lake Huron
Mexiko: Cemetery discovered at pre-Hispanic Mexican city of Angamuco

27. 4. 2014
Irsko: Ireland’s Troy? / Troy myth may be inspiration for Irish battle / The battle of Clontarf
Turecko: The Man Rocks of Mersin Province, Turkey
USA: Richard Leakey to co-host Peking Man international symposium at Stony Brook
Mexiko: The Ancient Maya and Virtual Worlds: Different Perspectives on Material Meanings
Ekvádor/Itálie: Italy Returns over 4,000 Archaeological Artifacts to Ecuador

26. 4. 2014
Slovensko: Rozhovor s publicistom PhDr. Pavlom Dvořákom
Anglie: Whitehaven's Beacon Museum set to reopen
Irsko: Galway archaeologist calls for resources to record artefacts uncovered by storms
Švédsko: Study reveals farmers assimilated hunter gatherers / Genomic diversity and admixture differs for Stone-Age Scandinavian foragers and farmers
Německo: Dieser Pferdekopf ist Sachsens ältestes Bild / Im Kaufhaus gibt's jetzt Steinzeit
Pákistán: Ruins of ancient Sirkap left ‘unprotected’
Indie: Ruins of 150-year-old temple discovered in Odisha

25. 4. 2014
Anglie: Skeletons of foetus, heavily pregnant woman and crammed men found at York church
Nizozemsko: A Roman hoard from the end of empire
Německo: Baumfällen wie vor 7.000 Jahren
Německo: Handelsbeziehungen bei mittelalterlichem Granatschmuck
Německo: Laseranalyse archäologischer Fundstücke
Německo: Nachrichtenblatt der Denkmalpflege in Baden-Württemberg als E-Journal
Německo: Neues Netzwerk für die Geowissenschaften und die Archäologie
Itálie: Rich archaeological finds in Sicily
Itálie: The Colosseum's Badly Needed Bath
Španělsko: Spain launches hunt for Quixote writer Cervantes
Řecko: Ancient Philippi candidate for list of UNESCO sites
Egypt: Early Coptic image of Jesus found at Oxyrhynchus
Turecko/Sýrie/Irák/Izrael: Cold War Satellite Images Help Find Middle Eastern Archaeological Sites / Cold War Spy-Satellite Images Unveil Lost Cities / Spy satellite photos reveal ancient sites, but few in Israel / Špionážní satelit našel archeologické památky
Indie: Underground steps found near temple entrance / Remnants of building found near Vishnu Temple
Jižní Korea/USA: Obama returns ancient royal seals to South Korea
Kalifornie (USA): ​Native American burial ground, village site destroyed for luxury California homes
Arkansas (USA): Digging for dollars: the link between artifact looting and drugs
USA: Scientists create Black Death family tree
Kanada: A look inside an ancient northern shipwreck
Austrálie: New C14 technique helps date Australian rock art

24. 4. 2014
Anglie: Stonehenge tunnel plans could be revived
Anglie: Evidence of Roman villa unearthed in north Norfolk during preparations to build a major offshore wind farm
Anglie: Rare discovery sheds light on Codnor Castle
Man: Battle of Clontarf Sets and Sheets
Irsko: An Post releases new stamps to celebrate our Viking heritage
Francie: Bloody souvenir not from decapitated French king: DNA / Blood in gourd 'is not from beheaded Louis XVI'
Norsko: The Viking Chieftain’s Longhouse at Borg
Švédsko: Genomic diversity and admixture differs for stone-age Scandinavian foragers and farmers
Polsko: Pożar w skansenie
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Unearth Ancient Greek Temple and Emporium in Bulgaria
Bulharsko: Bulgaria seizes suspected looted artefacts
Ukrajina: Crimea’s looted treasure on the political agenda
Turecko: Virgin Mary Monastery to open to tourism
Sýrie/Blízký Východ: Preserving endangered Middle East cultures, including early Christian
Indie: Fund set up for protection of monuments
Indie: Manuscript museum in dire straits
Filipíny: Philippines’ oldest artworks in danger of disappearing
Kalifornie (USA): 1888 shipwreck in San Francisco Bay hailed as big historical find
Missouri (USA): Missing Link? Mississippi Floods, and a Great City Disappears
USA: The Ancient Maya and virtual worlds: Different perspectives on material meanings

23. 4. 2014
Švédsko: Swedes open coffin of 850-year-old king
Egypt: World-famous Egyptologist Zahi Hawass under investigation for graft
Egypt: Serendipity aids Egypt recover stolen heritage
Indie: Ancient granary found in Haryana / Harappan burials, artefacts discovered in Haryana
Kalifornie (USA): 4,500-year-old Indian artifacts are lost under residential lots in California / Archaeologists, tribe clash over Native remains
USA: Micro-scale technique helps preserve rock art legacy

22. 4. 2014
Anglie: Attention History Buffs: The Bronze Age Needs You
Anglie: ‘Roman’ skeletons unearthed among treasure haul during digs in west Suffolk / Skeletons found in Suffolk water pipe dig
Anglie: Napoleonic French skeletons unearthed in Fareham garden
Man: Viking artefacts are treasure trove
Irsko: Winter storm aftermath continues to yield more artefacts
Polsko: W Ryczynie znaleziono kolejny średniowieczny kurhan
Španělsko: Spanish cave could hold origins of astronomy / Ancient Cave in Spain Could Hold Origins of the Study of Astronomy
Egypt: ‘End of the World’ Theatre in Egypt’s Desert Destroyed
Izrael: Archaeologist claims to find chisel used to build Western Wall
Jordánsko: 30,000 students to raise awareness on archaeological sites
USA: Neanderthals Lived in Small, Isolated Populations, Gene Analysis Shows
Nové Mexiko (USA): Drones unearth more details about Chaco culture

21. 4. 2014
Anglie: Community dig sheds new light on Wark Castle in Northumberland
Anglie: Maritime Archaeology Trust gets £1m for WW1 wrecks study
Německo: First Eurasians left Africa up to 130,000 years ago / Anatomically Modern Humans Left Africa Earlier Than Previously Thought, Suggests Study
Itálie: Were Ancient Romans poisoned by lead? / Ancient Rome's tap water heavily contaminated with lead, researchers say
Španělsko: Thieves destroy ancient rock painting in Spain
Egypt: What did the Egyptians eat?
Čína: Mysterious caves uncovered
Indie: Rock engravings discovered near Palakkad
Polynésie: Some thoughts on the past and future of archaeological mapping in Polynesia
Kanada: Go dig or go home: Forget Indiana Jones — real archeology is sweaty, methodical, hard on the knees … and a lot of fun
Mexiko: Birthplace of the domesticated chili pepper identified in Mexico

20. 4. 2014
Británie: New accounts emerge of Charge of the Light Brigade
Anglie: Archaeologists to uncover secrets of Ightenhill Manor House
Turecko: Turkey gains more places on UNESCO list
Izrael: Hikers Find Human Skull and Bones in Gush Etzion Cave
Rusko: The Ancient Stone Labyrinths of Bolshoi Zayatsky
Maryland (USA): Patterson Park dig uncovering traces of War of 1812 militia camp, defenses
Virginie (USA): Colonial Williamsburg archaeologists unearth lost landscape of America's 'most historic avenue'
Peru: ‘God is dead and doesn’t watch’: Easter week tomb robbing on Peru’s north coast
Austrálie: Aboriginal people – how to misunderstand their science

19. 4. 2014
Británie: Women and Religion - When God Was a Girl
Egypt: Two 26th Dynasty tombs were discovered in old city of Per Medjet / Two Saiti tombs unearthed near Egypt's Minya / Egypt archaeologists find ancient writer's tomb
Turecko/USA: Amphora returned to Turkey from US
Spojené arabské emiráty: Nuclear techniques may soon help Sharjah Museum determine age of artefacts
New York (USA): Archaeologists plan dig at NY's 1755 battleground
USA: A new look at animal domestication / More questions than answers as mystery of domestication deepens

18. 4. 2014
Anglie: Ancient puppy paw prints found on Roman tiles
Dánsko: A taste of Bronze Age Brew
Itálie: Rescue of Pompeii ruins follows new plan
Egypt: Islamic Egypt's first capital under threat
Izrael: Epigenetic changes that distinguish us from Neanderthal and Denisovan / Evolutionary advantages over extinct types of humans / Researchers create methylation maps of Neanderthals and Denisovans, compare them to modern humans
Jihoafrická republika: Najstarší kompletný „predčlovek“ má zhruba 3 milióny rokov
Grǿnsko: Greenland Ice Sheet Hides Ancient Landscape
Minnesota (USA): Arrowhead collection found at summer camp will be given to Ojibwe band
Mexiko: It may be ancient, but it is still exciting: the ruins of Coba

17. 4. 2014
Británie: Crowd-sourcing Britain’s Bronze Age
Británie: Kamila Shamsie on the best novels about archaeologists
Anglie: Community project focuses on Neolithic Whitehawk camp
Anglie: The 200-year-old hot cross bun: Treat belonging to couple dated to 1807 (but what's keeping it from going mouldy?)
Itálie: Buried city of Pompeii unveils three new houses
Turecko: Greek Goddess Statue Found At Illegal Excavation in Turkey
Čína: New Findings at Prehistoric Stone Tool Site in China
Čína: Previously unknown sections of Great Wall found in NW China
USA: Ancient wrestling was fake too: Document shows match was fixed
Texas (USA): ‘No way!’ Clock found in shipwreck debris off Galveston
Jižní Karolína (USA): Clues found about Civil War ship commandeered by slave on S.C. coast
Jižní Karolína (USA): Revolutionary War tunnel preserved, explored in Ninety Six

16. 4. 2014
Anglie: Study provides crucial new information about how the Ice Ages came about
Anglie/Egypt: Unwrapping Ancient Egypt
Wales: Anglesey: Mysterious artefact discovered at Neolithic tomb
Itálie: Roman dig ‘transforms understanding’ of ancient port / Ancient Rome was bigger than previously thought, archaeologists find / Ostia Much Bigger Than Previously Thought
Itálie: Herculaneum gains ground
Srbsko: Serbia’s Golubac Fortress to Get Makeover
Řecko: Body Slam This! Ancient Wrestling Match Was Fixed
Maroko: Village in Morocco is built on 4,500-year-old rock avalanche
Turecko: A hidden treasure in the Mediterranean: The 'Man Rocks'
Sýrie: Syrian War Takes Heavy Toll at a Crossroad of Cultures
Rusko: Mummified by accident in copper masks almost 1,000 years ago: but who were they? / Ancient Persian Mummies Uncovered in Arctic Circle
Indie: Oxford archaeologists unravel the past of Pattanam
Kalifornie (USA): The Science of Anatomy Is Undergoing a Major Revival
Severní Karolína (USA): Study: The trials of the Cherokee were reflected in their skulls
Mexiko: Chickens to chili peppers, the search for the first genetic engineers

15. 4. 2014
Slovensko: Veľkolepý projekt J&T nezastaví ani historický nález: Vyrastie tam táto štvrť za 150 miliónov!
Anglie: Jorvik Viking Centre celebrates its 30th birthday
Skotsko: Removal of shrubs reveals ancient Roman fort paths
Skotsko: Edinburgh’s Mysterious Miniature Coffins
Irsko: Norman site may soon be lost to sea
Finsko: Medieval slave trade routes in Eastern Europe extended from Finland and the Baltic Countries to Central Asia
Kypr: Famagusta’s Othello Tower to be restored
Egypt/Anglie: Briton fined £500 by UK court for attempted sale of smuggled Egypt antiquities
Irák: Daily Life in Ancient Mesopotamia
Sýrie/Jordánsko: Qanat Firaun, the most spectacular underground aqueduct of the ancient world
Indie: UNESCO to scrutinise Delhi’s bid for heritage tag
Mongolsko: What did Genghis Khan eat?
Čína: Great Wall remains found in northwest China
USA/Írán: Oriental Institute wins lawsuit, keeps Iranian tablets
USA/Sahara: Bioarchaeologists Link Climate Instability to Human Mobility in Ancient Sahara
Dominikánská republika: Severe Scurvy Struck Christopher Columbus's Crew
Chile: Chilean Mummies Reveal Signs of Arsenic Poisoning

14. 4. 2014
Slovensko: Pri Banskej Bystrici začnú odkrývať keltské hradisko
Anglie: Archaeologists uncover new findings at Roman fort
Anglie: Clippers and coiners in 16th-century England
Anglie/Izrael: Predators and Prey: A Roman Mosaic from Lod, Israel
Itálie: After almost 90 years, the ‘Beauty of the River Panaro’ is back home
Itálie: Ancient Roman theatre discovered in Florence
Bulharsko: 5000 YO Golden Treasure on Display in National History Museum / Bulgaria seizes ancient gold treasure
Bulharsko: Archaeologists Explore Ancient Roman Forum of Philippopolis
Turecko: Largest bath in Roman era a costly investment of time
Indie: Junnar's ancient brick buildings were granaries
Jihoafrická republika: Possible 3000-year-old skeleton found in Melkbos
Missouri (USA): Sacrificial and Common Graves Alike Reveal Diversity in Ancient City of Cahokia
Mexiko: Pyramidě Slunce hrozí propadnutí
Austrálie: University of Sydney archaeologists study engravings at Quarantine Station, Manly

13. 4. 2014
Záhada vyhynulého předka psů: Psi nejsou vlčími potomky?
Anglie: Naughty money: clippers and coiners in 16th-century England
Anglie: Monument status for wreck of ship found off Bamburgh
Anglie: Downton Roman mosaic on show after 1,700 years under Wiltshire' soil
Itálie: Archaeologists' findings may prove Rome a century older than thought / Rome 'ages' 200 years as archaeologists discover new remains
Portugalsko: New insights on ancient Portuguese horse engraving
Malta: Ta’ Bistra catacombs to get new walkway
Egypt: Retired army general wants Egypt's St. Catherine's Monastery demolished
Austrálie: Why our kids should learn Aboriginal history

12. 4. 2014
Slovensko: Kedysi a dnes: Pohľad z výšky, Čachtický hrad, Čachtice
Anglie: Suffolk Bronze Age axe and ring hoard 'undervalued'
Anglie: Special status for Roman town dug out of fields
Španělsko: Neanderthals and Cro-magnons did not coincide on the Iberian Peninsula
Irák: Overcoming looting and years of war, Iraq Museum moves to reopen
Afghánistán: Afghanistan halts suspected reconstruction of ancient Buddhas
USA: The Real Darwin Fish
Peru: Peru law: Protecting cultural heritage

11. 4. 2014
Anglie: Bronze Age skeleton of dagger-clutching Racton Man could have been a King or priest buried in Sussex / Tests to be carried out on 4,000 year old Racton Man
Skotsko: Digitising cave art will prevent it being lost forever
Německo: Funde aus der frühen Zeit Dresdens am Neumarkt entdeckt
Německo: Erneute Ausgrabungen auf dem Rathaushof in Pforzheim
Německo: Hölzer, Getreidekörner und Werkzeuge aus Vor- und Frühgeschichte
Rakousko/Anglie: Die Knochenleserin
Itálie: Italian collector’s ‘private museum’ seized by police
Itálie: Roman Imperial Port Facilities Emerge Under Archaeological Investigation
Írán: "The Saltmen", the Iranian Mummies
Tádžikistán: Tajikistan to launch excavations in the territory of Ancient Bactria
USA: An Evolutionary Explanation For Why Humans Are Hard-Wired To Drink
Minnesota (USA): New tests confirm Lake Minnetonka canoe is 1,000 years old
Bolívie/Švýcarsko: Bolivien fordert »Ekeko«-Figur von der Schweiz zurück
Barma (Myanmar)/Japonsko: Japan to help build up Bagan

10. 4. 2014
Anglie: Durham Cathedral kitchen dig serves up food for thought
Anglie: Column bases from Lenton Priory discovered during excavation works
Skotsko/Dánsko: The real flood: Submerged Prehistory
Irsko: Dublin 1014: built on water and commerce
Dánsko: Ancient insects reveal Danish climate secret
Rakousko: Zweite "Venus von Willendorf" in NÖ entdeckt?
Egypt: Replica for Tutankhamun
Irák: Mesopotamia: The Rise of the Cities
USA: Scroll that mentions Jesus's wife is ancient, scientists confirm / Papyrus naznačující existenci Ježíšovy ženy je pravý, ukázaly testy / Papyrus o Ježíšově ženě není podvrh, trvá na svém profesorka z Harvardu / Testing indicates 'Jesus's wife gospel' is ancient
Kalifornie (USA): La Brea Tar Pit fossil research shows climate change drove evolution of Ice Age predators
Kostarika: Pre-Columbian Archeological Boom Underway in Costa Rica

9. 4. 2014
Anglie: Vědci našli ve fosilii nejstarší známý kardiovaskulární systém
Anglie: Researchers say Neanderthals were no strangers to good parenting
Anglie: Human-Neanderthal interbreeding is more likely scenario
Anglie: Leicester dig unearths Iron Age mint and Roman tile with dog paw prints / The die that struck Britain’s first coins?
Anglie: Judge gives go-ahead to Battle of Fulford legal challenge
Anglie/Egypt: British Museum uses CT scans to show mummies' faces after thousands of years / Britští antropologové nahlédli pod obinadla mumií. Díky tomografu
Skotsko: 14,000 year old flint tools from earliest human occupation of Scotland
Irsko: Log boat dating back 4,500 years found in Lough Corrib / Viking and Ancient boats discovered in Ireland
Dánsko: Shipworms threaten thousands of underwater archaeological finds
Řecko: Ancient manuscript returns home to Greek monastery on Mount Athos
Izrael: 3,300 year old Canaanite coffin discovered with signet ring of Seti I
Írán: Go 7 mln years back visiting ‘Nakhcheer Cave’
Sibiř (Rusko): Mummified by accident in copper masks almost 1,000 years ago: but who were they?
Jihoafrická republika: Human 'missing link' fossils may be jumble of species / Human 'missing link' fossils may be jumble of species
USA: Documentary uncovers the forgotten story of Gertrude Bell / Letters From Baghdad: A Film about Gertrude Bell
Kanada: Trade Network Supplied Chaco Canyon With Turquoise
Austrálie: New find challenges 'simple' Australian artefacts assumption

8. 4. 2014
Anglie: Adapting to agriculture: A slow loss of mobility
Anglie: Cup and ring stone damage classed as heritage crime
Anglie: Before Neanderthals, Early Modern Humans Took Down A Giant Elephant In England
Skotsko: New method confirms Humans and Neandertals interbred
Skotsko: 700-year-old coin found during Bannockburn dig
Irsko: Viking Ireland, a fantastic series of videos by the National Museum of Ireland
Německo: 'World's oldest' message in a bottle arrives home / Rybář našel v síti nejstarší vzkaz v láhvi
Španělsko: Rare Iberian shield found in La Vila
Kypr: The Mazotos shipwreck six years on
New York (USA): Sustainable practices of the Iroquois revealed / Archaeologist reveals sustainable practices of the Haudenosaunee
Oklahoma (USA): Archaeologists to resume digging at Native American site where prehistoric building found

7. 4. 2014
Anglie: Skulls in print: scientific racism in the transatlantic world
Anglie: Arterial disease found in 3,000 year old skeletons
Skotsko: Sutherland's Rosal clearances township 'to be protected'
Norsko: The Oseberg Ship’s Mystical Runic Inscriptions: “Man Knows Little”
Rumunsko: Transforming the rural fabric of the Carpathian Villages in Romania
Egypt: Gold objects from the tomb of Tutankhamun restored and for the first time on display
Súdán: Heart disease found in five Amara West skeletons / Durham academic finds 3,00-year-old skeleton with clogged arteries
USA: The J. Paul Getty Museum Announces the Return of A Byzantine Illuminated New Testament to Greece

6. 4. 2014
Anglie: 360° aerial view of the Horncastle dig
Itálie: Rev's church could have been where Romeo and Juliet died
Egypt: Ancient Egyptian Mummy Found With Brain but No Heart
Katar: Lampeter-based archaeologists reveal Qatar's historic sites
Pákistán: Bilawal launches dry core drilling at Moenjodaro
Kanada: Archaeology | A single tooth can tell a lot about ancient people / Reading the stories of ancient lives written in teeth
Peru: Researcher Suggests Famous Ancient Inca Monumental Complex Exhibits Astronomical Values
Nový Zéland: Piece of NZ whaling history becomes a protected site

5. 4. 2014
Anglie: Offa's Dyke may not be made by Offa
Anglie: Sex and History: Talking sex with objects from the past
Anglie: Norfolk WW1 practice trenches discovered in Norfolk
Irsko: Ancient trackway found within ‘drowned forest’ in Connemara
Skotsko: Heritage At Risk: Recording History in Brora, Scotland Before It's Washed Away
Rusko: Looking for clues to an ancient massacre in the Aleutians
USA/Egypt: Raising Pyramid Stones with Levers and Ropes

4. 4. 2014
Anglie: Oswestry Hillfort Fight Hits The Street
Skotsko: The cliff-hanging cists of Arran / Cremated bones of Bronze Age tumour sufferer found hanging from Scottish cliff
Dánsko: Researcher dives into archaeology's next frontier
Řecko: Greek Tablet May Shed Light on Early Bureaucratic Practices
USA: Research On Ancient Cave-Dwelling Fish Finds Possible Genetic Link to Human Facial Disorders

3. 4. 2014
Itálir/Anglie: Ukrižovali Ježiša inak? Stopy na Turínskom plátne priniesli prekvapivé odhalenie
Itálie: Sensors and satellites deployed to save Pompeii
Španělsko: ‘Homo’ is the only primate whose tooth size decreases as its brain size increases
Egypt: Resurrection at Thebes?
Alžírsko/Tunisko: Tunisia to return stolen Mask of Gorgon to Algeria
Kambodža: Cambodia's Angkor temples added to Google's Street View
USA: Vlasy, kůže nebo krev. K sestavení portrétu stačí vědcům DNA
Indiana (USA): Thousands of artifacts removed from rural Indiana home
Tennessee (USA): Artifacts at Sulphur Dell stadium site could date to 1150 AD
Austrálie: Esperance WA's Stonehenge replica for sale

2. 4. 2014
Británie: 'Looted' artefacts removed from auction
Rakousko: Hallstätter See: Mittelalterliche Eingriffe in die Umwelt festgestellt
Švédsko: Viking Women Dressed Colorful and Daring
Španělsko: Could This Precious Goblet Really Be The Holy Grail?
Egypt: Evidence from Tempest Stela may shift Pharaoh chronology / World's oldest weather report could revise Bronze Age chronology / Ancient Egyptian weather report describes result of massive volcanic eruption
Súdán: Ancient statues stolen from Sudan heritage site
Sýrie/Anglie: Assyrian stele withdrawn from auction
Ázerbájdžán: Azerbaijani archeologists to cooperate with German and Georgian collegues
Kambodža: Polish archaeologists discovered dozens of archaeological sites in Cambodia
Missouri (USA): First Evidence Of French Colonial Homes Discovered Under Poplar Street Bridge

1. 4. 2014
Německo: Early humans and sabre-tooths co-existed in Germany 300,000 years ago / Humans and saber-toothed tiger met in Germany 300,000 years ago
Německo/Čína: Did Europeans Get Fat From Neandertals? / Neanderthal ancestry drives evolution of lipid catabolism in contemporary Europeans
Irsko: Iconic shipwreck to be reburied in sand at Rossbeigh
Kypr: Monks' Secret: Asbestos Lurking Beneath Byzantine Wall Paintings
Izrael: Ancient monastery, large mosaics, found in Israel / 6th-Century Monastery with Elaborate Mosaics Unearthed in Israel
Egypt: Egypt's ancient art of pottery - in pictures
Turecko: Çatalhöyük Research Project Announces Latest Conferences and Discoveries
Kazachstán: Ancient nomads spread earliest domestic grains along Silk Road / Central Eurasian nomads were agents of change 5,000 years ago
New York (USA): Ancient Roman cooking course inspires 2,000 UB students to dine as Romans did thousands of years ago
Nebraska (USA): Dissecting A Sod House To Discover The Past
Kanada: Loggers find 200 year old face carved in tree
Brazílie: Study: Indigenous societies' 'first contact' typically brings collapse, but rebounds are possible
Austrálie: Eighteen-Million-Year-Old Proteins Found In Daisy Seeds Have Cancer Drug Potential

IV. 2014
USA: The Amazon Women: Is There Any Truth Behind the Myth?

31. 3. 2014
Anglie: Boudicca’s Burial Discovered at Kings Cross
Anglie: Developers destroy 2,000-year-old Winchester Roman wall
Anglie: Essex treasure to go on display after £60,000 raised
Anglie: Developers destroy 2,000-year-old Winchester Roman wall
Anglie: 3D scan of the Hell-Fire Caves of West Wycombe
Izrael: 11 ancient burial boxes recovered in Israel / Two Thousand Year Old Ossuaries Containing Jewish Bones from the Second Temple Period Seized
Izrael: Rare Paleolithic site filled with animal bones uncovered at Israeli quarry
Egypt: Did the pharaohs know hieroglyphics? - Polish Egyptologist explains
Massachusetts (USA): Harvard discovers three of its library books are bound in human flesh
Nové Mexiko (USA): ‘Hidden Architecture’ of 1,000-Year-Old Village Discovered in New Mexico
New York (USA): New York Public Library Puts 20,000 Hi-Res Maps Online & Makes Them Free to Download and Use
Mexiko: ‘Hidden Architecture’ of 1,000-Year-Old Village Discovered in New Mexico
Austrálie: Percy Trezise: One man's passion for Quinkan Rock Art helps preserve Aboriginal cultural history

30. 3. 2014
Anglie: London skeletons reveal secrets of the Black Death / Teeth help scientists unearth secrets of Black Death / Skeletons of Black Death victims discovered during excavations for London Crossrail
Německo: Unter der neuen B 16 liegen Dutzende antiker Gräber
Španělsko: Phoenician colony in southeast Spain re-examined
Egypt: 3,300-Year-Old Tomb with Pyramid Entrance Discovered in Egypt
Egypt: Archaeologists race to secure ancient burial site of three Egyptian kings that will make the treasure of Tutankhamun's tomb look like a 'display in Woolworths'
Egypt: Heritage grant to restore Alexandria monastery
Virginie (USA): Students unearth Presbyterianism's past in Va.
Kalifornie (USA): Ancient Egyptian dog, cat mummies displayed at U.S. museum

29. 3. 2014
Anglie: Carvings may hold the key to bones mystery
Anglie: Furness abbot's crozier returns to abbey
Itálie: Augustus rules again as Rome acts to restore lost mausoleum
Egypt: How globalization and climate change destroyed ancient civilization
Utah (USA): Utah boy discovers 1,000-year-old American Indian bones while digging in backyard

28. 3. 2014
Anglie: Bradgate Park 'was used as Ice Age hunting ground'
Británie/Itálie: Latin graffiti – the key that unlocks ancient Rome
Německo: 1200 Jahre altes Frachtschiff »Karl« zu Gast in Mainz
Německo: Die Spuren Karls des Großen in Forchheim
Německo: Ausgrabungen im ehemaligen Schloss der Vögte in Plauen
Řecko: Occupant of Amphipolis tomb remains a mystery
Izrael: New Excavations Explore 6,000-Year-Old Settlement in Israel
Arizona (USA): Human remains found in Arizona look to be about 1800 years old
USA: Domesticated African cattle originated in the Fertile Crescent
Japonsko: Mural paintings of 'Asuka beauties' to be conserved outside burial mound

27. 3. 2014
Anglie: 'Richard III remains' found in Leicester car park have doubt cast upon them / Contemporary “War Of The Roses” Among Academics Over Claimed Richard III Remains Discovery
Anglie: Beachy Head Lady was young sub-Saharan Roman with good teeth, say archaeologists
Anglie: Georgian chocolate-making rooms opened to the public
Dánsko: Rural life at the time of a Danish massacre
Maďarsko/Polsko: Bronze Age Hungary uncovered by archaeologists
Maďarsko: Discovery of Attila the Hun tomb in Hungary is a hoax
Španělsko: Phoenicians from above with remote sensing and aerial photography
Řecko: Akrotiri Frescoes
Ukrajina: Ancient Crimean gold caught in legal limbo / Ancient Crimean gold caught in legal limbo / Muzeum si zapůjčilo z Krymu zlatou sbírku. Teď neví, komu ji vrátit
Turecko: Westanatolien: Die Wiege der Sesshaften
Egypt: Byzantine-era gold coins found in Luxor / Byzantine-era gold coins found in Luxor
Egypt: I Claudius, Roman emperor and Egyptian pharaoh
Indie: Rakhigarhi, the biggest Harappan site
Aljaška (USA): Research examines impact of ancient Aleuts on their landscape
Brazílie: Discoveries Challenge Beliefs on Humans’ Arrival in the Americas
Peru: Pre-inca tomb discovered in the house where Mario Vargas Llosa was born
Kostarika: 500-year-old tomb discovered in San Ramón

26. 3. 2014
Anglie: Oswestry Town Council Scraps Support For Hillfort Housing Site
Německo: Human evolution: The Neanderthal in the family / Most of Us Are Part Neanderthal (1) (2)
Skandinávie: Runestones: Words from the Viking Age
Švédsko: Hard to walk in ancestral moccasins
Itálie: Sister city inspires Pompeii rescue
Maďarsko: Sevso Treasure, “Hungary's family silverware,” returned / Hungary buys back Roman-era treasure
Sahara: Diet and journeys taken in Sahara Desert thousands of years ago analysed through bone / Ancient bone fragments help describe diet, health of Saharan ancestors
USA: Where Are All the Babies in Archaeological Sites
Florida (USA): Ponte Vedra schooner wreck identified
Virginie (USA): Archaeologists Uncover UVA History Through Cistern Excavation

25. 3. 2014
Anglie: Stonehenge mohl sloužit jako hudební nástroj, ukazují průzkumy
Man: 'World's oldest yacht' excavated from island cellar
Irsko: Northern Ireland artefacts 'stockpiled in bags and boxes'
Nizozemsko: Neck ribs in woolly mammoths provide clues about their decline and eventual extinction
Francie: Cavemen's rock music makes a comeback in a unique series of concerts in Paris
Německo/Řecko: Famous paintings help study the Earth’s past atmosphere
Maďarsko: Researchers suggest Vikings used crystals with sun compass to steer at night / Forget GPS: Medieval Compass Guided Vikings After Sunset
Řecko: Thessaloniki metro ruins need more money, time
Egypt: Roman Emperor Dressed As Egyptian Pharaoh in Newfound Carving
Turecko: Centuries-old grills of ancient BBQ lovers found in western Turkey
Indie: Idols, temple items unearthed from house site in Andhra village
Austrálie: DNA Sequencing of Ancient Human Remains Paints A Vastly More Complex Picture of Evolution

24. 3. 2014
EU: Cosmic Time Capsules: Spacecraft as archaeological treasure
Anglie: Discover the ancient port of Rome with online learning
Anglie: Trust behind Hadrian's Wall expresses "deep regret" as lack of funding forces closure
Anglie: New church discovered in Abbey grounds
Anglie: Did women in Greece and Rome speak?
Wales: Excavation of Neolithic chambered tomb on Anglesey begins / Excavation of Neolithic chambered tomb on Anglesey begins
Egypt: Nový objev českých egyptologů v archeologické koncesi v Abúsíru / Czech Egyptologists Make New Discovery in Abusir / The Czech mission discovers an Old Kingdom mummy in Abu Sir / Čeští archeologové objevili v Egyptě zapečetěný sarkofág
Egypt: Ancient statesman skeleton found in Giza
Egypt: Huge pharaonic statues unveiled in Egyptian temple city / Egypt unveils two massive restored pharaoh statues
Egypt: 4,000-year-old mummy to go back on display after evading crystal death
Egypt: Egyptian Grape Guard's Ancient Contract Decoded
Súdán: Qatar funds Sudanese archaeology to tune of $135mn
Indie: Dutch building to be made into tourist attraction
USA: Guarding grapes and other tales from papyri
USA: Shipwrecks Lost to Time That Archaeologists Would Love to Get Their Hands On
USA/Jihovýchodní Asie: Treasures from Lost Kingdoms of early Southeast Asia at The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Kalifornie (USA): Earliest Evidence of Gigantism-Like Disease Found in 3,800-Year-Old California Skeleton
Mexiko: Skulls reveal Mayans used spiked clubs
Salvador: El Salvador: Digging to solve hundreds of gang murders
Peru: Googling the Nazca Lines

23. 3. 2014
Británie: Britain urged to sign up to shipwreck treaty to protect underwater heritage / UK urged to sign treaty to protect underwater heritage
Anglie: What medieval Europe did with its teenagers
Anglie: British Museum’s revamped gallery casts light on Dark Ages
Francie: Carcassonne Prison
Malta: Phoenician and Punic remains in Malta
Jordánsko: Lawrence's Camp at Tooth Hill, Jordan / Secret desert camp used by First World War hero Lawrence of Arabia is discovered intact with rum jars and a campfire
Súdán: Pictured: Intimate tattoo of man's name discovered on inner thigh of 1,300-year-old MUMMY
Florida (USA): Canal, pit houses from up to 4,000 years ago found under planned Marana outlet mall site

22. 3. 2014
Anglie: All Cannings 'Neolithic' long barrow takes shape
Itálie: Preserved loaf of bread discovered at Pompeii
Afghánistán: Countries Divided on Future of Ancient Buddhas / Countries divided on future of ancient Buddhas

21. 3. 2014
Slovensko: I takto dopadli niektore Archeo lokality v SR
Anglie: First Impressions: discovering the earliest human footprints in Europe
Skotsko: Dig at Scottish Abbey yields 600 year old coins
Egypt: Qaitbay citadel in danger of collapse in Alexandria
Turecko: Turkey’s underwater richness comes to light
Indie: What lies beneath
Indie: Purana Qila dig reveals the many dynasties that ruled over Delhi
Tennessee (USA): "Black Cat Cave" May Have Prehistoric Ties
Mexiko: Archaeological Team Uncovers Elite Residential Complex
Austrálie: Australia urged to ratify UN convention to protect endangered war wrecks
Austrálie: Uncovering the Irish story of Baker's Flat

20. 3. 2014
Anglie: Lunt reveals its 8,000 year old secrets to archeologists
Anglie: Fantasy adventures of early-modern Walter Mitty go on show
Anglie: JRR Tolkien's Beowulf translation to be published
Skotsko: Investigating the site of Robert the Bruce’s Scottish parliament
Skotsko: Underwater archaeology: Digging gold cufflinks from the watery depths
Finsko: Antiquities Board plans publications on unknown medieval swordsman
Řecko: The Greek Strategy at the Battle of Salamis 480 BCE
Vatikán: Vatikán dá na internet staré rukopisy, včetně děl z raného křesťanství / Vatican Library to digitise archives with Japanese support
Egypt: Restoration of Khufu’s boat
Spojené arabské emiráty: Conserving a 3000-Year Old “Big Pot”
Pákistán: Excavation of Buddhist monastery underway
USA: Ancient clam gardens nurtured food security
Florida (USA): Intense mediation leads to agreement on historic Tequesta site in downtown Miami
USA: Tourism overwhelms the world's historic places, but pays no dues
Švédsko: The digital unwrapping of the Egyptian priest Neswaiu

19. 3. 2014
Anglie: Bodies of 19th century convicts found by emergency archaeology team near Portsmouth
Anglie: English Civil War' artefacts unearthed at Auckland Castle / Unknown history discovered by archaeologists at Auckland Castle
Anglie: Was oratory digger drunk as a Perraner?
Anglie: Every Viking ‘Fact’ Is Wrong
Wales: Cardigan Castle archaeologists reveal medieval archway
Skotsko: Smerquoy stone confirmed as Orkney’s oldest piece of art
Čína: Ancient burial complex found in central China
Čína: Ancient palace ruins unearthed in central China
Barma (Myanmar)/Japonsko: Japanese techniques saving murals in Myanmar's ancient temple complex
USA: According To A Nasa Funded Study, We're Pretty Much Screwed
Texas (USA): All Hands on Deck
Panama: Unnatural selection drove evolution of conch size

18. 3. 2014
Anglie: Iron Age woman's footless body found near West Knoyle
Anglie: Human bones found in cliff cavity point to ancient burial site
Anglie: Bailey Hill friends group needed to manage Norman site
Wales: 10 must see castles in Wales
Itálie: Thieves Pinch Fresco From Historic Pompeii Wall
Itálie/Kanada: Canadian tourist steals brick from Colosseum
Egypt: In pictures: Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza construction
Izrael: Israel building center for ancient artifact
Izrael: Archaeologists Excavate Ancient Aramean City in Israel
Indie: Restoring lost sheen to ancient temples
Čína: Owner of 1500-year-old coffin identified as woman (1) (2) (3)
Japonsko: PHOTO: World Heritage Phoenix Hall restored to splendor
Japonsko: Japanese Tea Ritual Turned 15th Century 'Tupperware' Into Art
Jihoafrická republika: Tortoise fossils reveal secrets of early human diet
USA/Římská říše: Researcher looks underwater for history of the Roman Empire / Stanford professor looks underwater for history of the Roman Empire

17. 3. 2014
Anglie: Medieval age revealed at Cannington Court
Anglie: Britain's earliest known Roman irrigation unearthed in Cambridge - and it could have fed grapevines / Cambridge University archaeologists find 'oldest' Roman irrigation system
Německo/Francie: Paleo diet didn’t change – the climate did
Polsko: Archaeologists found 3 thousand years old pottery kilns in Lubuskie
Sardínie: Giant steps: mysterious Sardinian sculptures to go on display
Malta: Still discovering things about the Għajn Tuffieħa Roman baths
Egypt: Ancient Egyptian Kittens Hint at Cat Domestication
Egypt: Rediscovering a Forgotten Egyptian Pharaoh: A Penn Student’s Experience in the Field
Súdán/Anglie: 3,000-year-old skeleton with cancer helps scientists understand disease evolution / Durham University archaeologists discover the earliest complete example of a human with cancer / Rakovina trápila už naše předky, 3200 let stará kostra je důkaz
Izrael: Neanderthals could speak, archaeologists say
Sýrie/Turecko: Turkey turns blind eye to plunder, says Syria
Nebraska (USA): First Evidence Found of Storied Battle That Stopped Spain’s Eastward Expansion
Polynésie: Chicken bones tell true story of Pacific migration / Polynesian chickens tell tale of ancient migration
Nový Zéland: Why Did New Zealand's Moas Go Extinct?

16. 3. 2014
Anglie: What killed off the giant beasts – climate change or man?
Irsko: A Mesolithic cemetery: Ireland’s oldest burials
Řecko: Greece protests over government plans to sell off historic national buildings
Sýrie: Archaeologist Tired Of Unearthing Unspeakable Ancient Evils
Illinois (USA): Cahokia was a melting pot metropolis
Kalifornie (USA): Los Angeles subway dig finds prehistoric objects

15. 4. 2014
Anglie: Northampton Project Angel reveals town's medieval past

14. 3. 2014
Anglie: Storms unearth 19th century remains on MOD island
Dánsko: Archaeologists in Denmark make smelly discovery
Nizozemsko: Seven centuries of ploughing in Ede: Dutch Celtic fields used continuously for centuries / 3,000 year old cultivated fields unearthed in the Netherlands / Dutch Archaeologist Unearths Three Millennia Old Cultivated Fields
Slovinsko: The Negau Inscriptions
Turecko: Göbekli Tepe – Developing tourism & the Urfa region
Egypt: How Ancient Alexandria Became an Intellectual Center
Egypt/Německo: Worüber lachten die Altägypter?
Jihoafrická republika: Little Foot is oldest complete Australopithecus, new stratigraphic research shows / New stratigraphic research makes Little Foot the oldest complete Australopithecus / 3 million year old Little Foot is oldest complete Australopithecus
Aljaška (USA): NPS works to protect archeological sites on coast

13. 3. 2014
Anglie/Německo: German archaeologist suggests British Museum's Warren Cup could be forgery
Řecko: More on Burials in Greece linked to Macedonian kings / Archaeologist links graves excavated in northern Greece with ancient kings of Macedonia
Turecko: A new term starts at city of Troy with Turkish team
Tibet: Ancient Prescriptions From Tibet
Čína: 1,500 year-old coffin opened in Inner Mongolia
Afrika/USA: Africans' ability to digest milk linked to spread of cattle raising
Washington (USA): Wanapum Dam’s River Drawdown Churns Up Old Bones, Inundates Guards
Nevada (USA): Feds investigate graffiti at historic Nevada cave / Vandals strike Hidden Cave

12. 3. 2014
Anglie: Anglo-Saxon hoard revealed: 4,000 pieces of stunning handcrafted treasure hint that Beowolf's description of 'golden warriors' is true / Staffordshire Hoard reunited for the first time / EXCLUSIVE: ANOTHER gold treasure hoard is found near Tamworth / EXCLUSIVE: Men with metal detectors discover new gold Staffordshire coin hoard near Tamworth
Anglie: Sussex Police examine Bronze Age fingerprints
Skotsko: Edinburgh Castle sits on cone of extinct volcano
Skotsko: ‘Recent work on Pictish barrows’ and ‘An update on Rhynie’
Irsko: Carrickfergus Castle dig extended
Německo: SUB Göttingen beteiligt sich an Langzeitprojekt zur Schrift und Sprache der Mayakultur
Německo: Berliner Antike-Kolleg nimmt Tätigkeit im Archäologischen Zentrum auf
Německo: Kleine Bronzestücke im großen Kontext
Španělsko: Laser and radar unveil the secrets of Roman bridges / Laser and radar unveil the secrets of roman bridges
Maďarsko: Polish archaeologists have studied 4000 years old settlements in Hungary
Egypt/USA: Smuggled Egyptian antiquities to be returned from U.S. - minister
Izrael: New Texts Found in ‘Dead Sea Scroll’ Caves
Kurdistán (Irák): Vypadá to na rezidenci chalífy, soudí o objevu v Iráku čeští archeologové
Čína: 1,500-year-old coffin excavated from grassland / 1,500 year old coffin excavated from grassland in N China
Čína: Researchers reconstruct a cheese recipe from the Early Bronze Age
Amerika: Pause Is Seen in a Continent’s Peopling
Peru: Peru: Lambayeque receives drones for surveying archaeological sites

11. 3. 2014
Fenomén: Starověká pornografie odhaluje soukromé neřesti našich prapředků
Skotsko: The next generation of Eyemouth explorers
Nizozemsko: Hidden researchers robbed of Syrian artifacts
Španělsko: Researchers Say European Hunter-Gatherers c. 5000 BC Had Blue Eyes And Dark Skin
Izrael: Microarchaeology: Seeing More Than What Meets The Eye
Sýrie: 9,000 year old carved bone 'wand' found in Syria / Ancient 'Ritual Wand' Etched with Human Faces Discovered in Syria
Sýrie/Nizozemsko: Leiden researchers robbed of Syrian artifacts
Indie: The discovery of Indraprastha
Tibet: Recent decades likely wettest in four millennia in Tibet
Čína: New analyses verify the use of fire by Peking Man
Čína: Secrets of Chinese Terra-Cotta Warrior Weapons Revealed / Weapons Were Likely Crafted Just for China’s Terracotta Army
USA/Izrael: 6,000-year-old crown found in Dead Sea cave revealed
USA: How To Eat Like a Viking? The New Nordic Diet
Utah (USA): Ancient petroglyphs found by drone in southern Utah / Unmanned aircraft reveals 2,500 year old petroglyphs in Utah desert
Kanada: Amazing Structure: A Conversation With Ursula Franklin
Mexiko: Mexican archaeologists find ancient ball game court on construction site of basketball court
Peru: How can Peruvian authorities protect archaeological sites from vandalism?

10. 3. 2014
Anglie: Rendlesham: Archaeologists’ excitement at discovery of ‘exceptional’ royal site linked to Sutton Hoo / Royal settlement linked to Sutton Hoo treasures
Skotsko/Anglie/Man: DNA study finds around a million Scots and English descended from Vikings / One Million Brits 'Descended From Vikings' DNA Study Claims
Polsko: The search for the graves of the knights of Grunwald will begin this fall
Ukrajina/Německo/Anglie: Natural selection has altered the appearance of Europeans over the past 5,000 years / Direct evidence for positive selection of skin, hair, and eye pigmentation / Natural Selection Led To Different Features In Europeans As Recent As 5,000 Years Ago, According To Researchers / Naši předci byli mnohem tmavší než my, zjistili vědci / Vor 5.000 Jahren sahen Europäer anders aus / Sexual Selection Lead to White Europeans in Just the Past 5000 Years
Turecko: Byzantine church in eastern Turkey used as stable
Turecko/Švédsko: Ancient funerary art served as therapy for the bereaved / Emotional expressions in ancient funerary art served as therapy for the bereaved
Gruzie: More than one species at Dmanisi site in Georgia?
Indie: ASI digs out 12th-century sculpture
Mongolsko: Mongol Empire rode wave of mild climate, says study / Rise of Ghengis Khan linked to Mongolian climate change
Borneo/Malajsie: The Landscape of Memory
Grǿnsko: NASA data shed new light on changing Greenland ice
USA/Německo: German museum in row with US activists over tribal scalps
Kalifornie (USA): Hidden Fortress Discovered Beneath Alcatraz
Havaj: Ancient human remains found near future Honolulu rail station
Peru: Uncovering the Ancient Mysteries of Cosma
Antarktida: Volcanoes helped species survive ice ages, research says

9. 3. 2014
Anglie: 4,000-year-old Dartmoor burial find rewrites British bronze age history
Normanské ostrovy: No mammoth mass kill by Neanderthals at Jersey site
Norsko: Edvard Munch’s Backyard Reveals Its Secrets
Španělsko: A Mesolithic face from Southern Europe
Čína: Posh Dog Outfit from China's 'Forbidden City' Revealed
USA: Conservancies hoping to preserve earthworks
Argentina: Remains of 18th century Spanish ship found in Argentina

8. 3. 2014
Brazílie: Rio’s Race to Future Intersects Slave Past
Austrálie: Historic find: Work stopped on Elizabeth Quay after wooden beams dug up

7. 3. 2014
Anglie: World war trench system discovered beneath heathland
Wales: Storm reveal bones at burial ground / 800-year-old monk found poking out of cliff face
Německo: Das Dorf Wewer ist älter als 1200 Jahre
Německo/Afghánistán: Deutsches Archäologisches Institut unterstützt den Kulturerhalt in Afghanistan
Polsko: Researchers from Kraków track 5 thousand years old trade routes in the Middle East
Egypt: Archaeologists Find Statue of Princess Iset, King Tut's Aunt
USA: Microbial detection array detects plague in ancient human remains
USA: Bones found after Wanapum Dam drawdown at least ‘hundreds’ of years old, coroner say
USA: Finding Answers to New Mysteries at Cahokia
Mexiko/Kanada: Mayan warrior queens wielded profound power, says researcher
Peru: Machu Picchu streakers at rock bottom as authorities enforce cover-up
Peru: Archaeologists find 3,000-year-old graves in Cusco, Peru

6. 7. 2014
Anglie: St Michael’s Mount ancient forest
Anglie/Skotsko: Archaeologists unlock secrets of the past from 112 Roman skeletons
Skotsko: Unusual human bone assemblage from Edinburgh back garden
Wales: Bronze Age rock art uncovered in Brecon Beacons
Irsko: Carrick Castle Excavations To Continue
Německo/USA: Fur flies over 16th century 'rocket cats' warfare manual
Itálie: Apolline Project: new discoveries on the dark side of Vesuvius
Řecko/Švýcarsko: Santorini tree rings support the traditional dating of the volcanic eruption / Greek Island of Santorini Volcano Erupted in 16th Century
Jordánsko/Itálie: How celestial events influenced orientation of the great constructions of the Nabataeans / Petra monuments orientated according to celestial events / Ancient City of Petra Built to Align With the Sun
USA: Mesa Verde’s ‘Mummy Lake’ Was Built to Hold Rituals, Not Water, Study Says
Japonsko: Japan Archaeological Find Shows 1,400-Year-Old Roots of Silk Weaving
Polynésie: New insights into ancient Pacific settlers’ diet / 3000 year old Lapita skeletons reveal diet of early settlers

5. 3. 2014
Anglie: Cities of dreams and death
Anglie: Vikings 'brought sarcastic sense of humour to Britain'
Skotsko: Skara Brae ‘will be submerged by 3C warming’
Německo: Cultural world heritage threatened by climate change
Švédsko: Sulphur haunts the Ghost wreck
Ukrajina: 300 Years of Embattled Crimea History in 6 Maps
Egypt: Ancient Egyptian Soldier's Letter Home Deciphered / Rice grad student deciphers 1,800-year-old letter from Egyptian soldier / 1,800-year-old letter from Egyptian soldier deciphered / Letter from a Soldier in Pannonia
Izrael: Israel reveals eerie collection of Neolithic ‘spirit’ masks
Saúdská Arábie: Leapin' Lizards! Medieval Arabs Ate the Scaly Creatures
USA: $3.5 million in St. Augustine artifacts donated to UF
USA: The Remnants of Prehistoric Plant Pollen Reveal that Humans Shaped Forests 11,000 Years Ago
Mexiko: Huge Mexican pyramid could collapse like a sandcastle
Mexiko: Mexican archaeologists find a 1,500 year old shaft tomb in the state of Colima / Shamanic figurine guarding shaft tomb discovered in Colima
Peru: Archaeologists find new artifacts at Pachacamac sanctuary near Lima, Peru

4. 3. 2014
Anglie: The 'singing' stones of Stonehenge
Anglie: Dorset Viking age mass burial publication
Anglie: University of Leicester criticised over 'destructive tests' on remains of Richard III
Francie: Francouzi oživili virus z dob, kdy po Zemi běhali mamuti / Vědci oživili z ledu tisíce let starý virus
Rakousko: Modern Human faces Neanderthal across the Danube
Řecko: Recent excavations at Karystos-Plakari
Turecko: Discoveries in Ephesus announced at a symposium
Jordánsko: Empowering local women at the archaeological site of Umm el-Jimal
USA: Native American city on the Mississippi was America’s first ‘melting pot’
USA: Native American’s ‘journey’ and how they survived the last Ice Age
USA: Antikoncepcia žien spred 200 rokov: Takto vyzerá starodávny nástroj ochrany!
Austrálie: Working with Elders and return of First Australians' remains

3. 3. 2014
Británie: Human global domination began with fire, not factories or farms
Anglie: Excavations to continue at Suffolk’s Leiston Abbey
Francie: New discoveries at the Gallic necropolis of Esvres-sur-Indre
Polsko: W Gdańsku wydobyli wrak
Řecko: How Ancient Greek Plays Allow us to Reconstruct Europe’s Climate
Egypt: New Kingdom tombs discovered in Egypt's Aswan
Turecko: Sardis dig yields enigmatic trove: Ritual egg in a pot
Arménie/Polsko: The first Polish excavations in Armenia
Pákistán: Two-hundred-year drought doomed Indus Valley Civilization
Indie: Remains dug up in Punjab well are those of 1857 martyrs, say some / Skulls of 282 killed in 1857 war found in well
USA: Native American city on the Mississippi was America's first 'melting pot'
USA: Miami: Tequesta site near Miami River meets criteria for preservation

2. 3. 2014
Belgie: Fossilized human feces from 14th century contain antibiotic resistance genes
Itálie: Italy Investigating New Collapses in Ancient Pompeii
Palestina: Looting and Heritage concerns in Palestine
Indie: ASI salvages history from urbanisation
BArma (Myanmar): Fine Arts Dept conservationists discover historical traces of Ayutthaya community in Myanmar
USA: Archaeology | Hopewell skulls pose a mystery / Hopwell headhunters?

1. 3. 2014
Skotsko: Award recognises Westray archaeology dig in Orkney
Rusko: 3D панорама корабля Лефорт
Rusko: New Petroglyphs of the White Sea
Indie: Salvage operation brings to light 1000-year-old mint in Haryana
Peru: Intriguing anomaly in 1600-year-old textile

II. 2014
Itálie: How Matera Went From Ancient Civilization to Slum to a Hidden Gem

28. 2. 2014
Anglie: Roman Settlement Unearthed at Maryport
Anglie: Secrets of the Viking hoard – interactive / Vikings in Russia / The Vikings: Why do the seafaring warriors still intrigue us?
Anglie: Saints and secrets 2: Leiston Abbey summer excavation
Irsko: Archaeologists found bones of a Stone Age child and an adult in tiny cave
Normanské ostrovy: Neanderthals cleared of driving mammoths over cliff in mass slaughter
Nizozemsko: 'Expedition Silk Road' at the Hermitage Amsterdam
Německo: Die Plejaden in Gold auf einem keltischen Schwert (1) (2) (3) (4)
Německo: Schatz gefunden, Wissen zerstört - Der »Barbarenschatz« aus der Pfalz
Německo: Spektakuläre Datierungen: »Nach Aachen kommt Corvey«
Německo: Bergkamener Grabfunde sind einzigartig
Rakousko: Neue Forschungen zu Byzanz: Jugendszene, geschliffene Sprache
Rakousko: Südtiroler Archäologiemuseum erzählt "FROZEN STORIES"
Itálie: Authorities to Seize a Roman Statue in Queens That They Say Was Stolen
Řecko: Official dining in the Agora of Classical Athens
Řecko: Agora and town planning in Classical Miletos
Rusko: Super-megalithic Site Found in Russia: Natural or Man-made?
Somálsko: In pictures: Excavating past crimes in Somaliland
USA: Beringia Standstill hypothesis gains support / On Way to New World, First Americans Made a 10,000-Year Pit Stop
USA: See exact replicas of Columbus' ships Niña and Pinta in Ponce Inlet
Vietnam: Comprehensive Evidence For Neolithic Tombs Discovered In Vietnam

27. 2. 2014
Polsko: Nieszawa – a medieval town reconstructed by non-invasive survey
Anglie: Archaeologists appeal to robber to return items and receive two-week history rehabilitation
Anglie: Developers plan student flats on Roman site in Newcastle
Skotsko: Prehistoric rock art found in Scottish Highlands
Německo: Second oldest church in Germany uncovered / Second oldest church in Germany uncovered
Německo: Examination shows blunt force trauma to skull of mummy
Itálie: Torso of the Minotaur
Itálie: Archaeology: ancient Roman house found in Arezzo
Itálie: Authorities to Seize a Roman Statue in Queens That They Say Was Stolen
Turecko: Ottoman tower tops list of buildings made with bones
Izrael: Nine manuscripts with biblical text unearthed in Qumran / Nine new Qumran scrolls discovered
Jordánsko: Animation of the 3D Laser-scan Model of the Great Temple in Petra, Jordan
Gruzie: Human ancestors at West Asian site deemed two species
Čína: Large numbers of ancient coins excavated in Inner Mongolia (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) / 1.4 million Western Han Dynasty coins found in Inner Mongolia

26. 2. 2014
Anglie: Anglo-Saxon cemetery results question violent invasion theory
Anglie: Decline of Bronze Age ‘megacities’ linked to climate change
Irsko: Arrgh! Adventures of 17th-Century Pirate Alliance Uncovered in Ireland
Španělsko: A candelabra found in Ibiza waters offers clues about medieval navigation routes
Turecko: Smuggled amphoras returned to Turkey
Egypt: Inscribed Clay Cobra Figurines of Abydos: Finally Unhooded
Izrael: Israel Dig Unearths Ancient Treasure
Pákistán: The Battle of Hydaspes
Pákistán: Drought coincided with decline of Indus Civilisation / Decline of Bronze Age 'megacities' linked to climate change
Indonésie: Eight ancient statues missing in East Java
USA: Computer Models Help Unravel Mystery of Puebloans’ Disappearance
Peru: Mummy Murder Mystery Solved: Incan Woman's Head Smashed

25. 2. 2014
Anglie: Richard III DNA Test Sparks Controversy
Normanské ostrovy: Jersey site that was last Neanderthal home is studied / Jersey site that was last Neanderthal home studied
Británie: Leading TV historians pay tribute to “the world’s oldest archaeologist”
Británie: How Humans Went From Being One Shade to Many
Rakousko: Gladiator School Discovery Reveals Hard Lives of Ancient Warriors / Roman gladiator school in Austria digitally recreated / Gladiátori pri Bratislave. Archeológovia objavili cvičisko neďaleko slovenského územia
Poslko/Česko/Ukrajina: The Forgotten Stalae – Cultural Heritage of Polovtsians / Polovtsian Statues of Eastern Europe
Španělsko: Spain’s Prehistoric Altamira Cave Re-Opens After a Decade for Limited Public Viewing / Světoznámá jeskyně Altamira se po letech otevírá veřejnosti
Španělsko: Medieval Jewish mikvah discovered in Spain
Ujghuristán (Čína): Great Gouda! World's oldest cheese found - on mummies / World's most ancient cheese found in China / Bronzezeit-Käse, gut gereift / Grabbeigaben einer Mumie liefern 4.000 Jahre altes Käse-Rezept
USA: Pár našel při venčení psa poklad za 200 milionů korun / California Couple Digs Up $10 Million In Gold Coins >>> $10 Million In Gold Coins Found By Northern California Couple May Have Been Stolen
USA: History of Ancient Los Angeles Was Driven by Its Wetlands, 8,000-Year Survey Finds

24. 2. 2014
Anglie: Neanderthals may have faced extinction long before modern humans emerged
Anglie: Storms uncover World War 1 wreck off Cornish coast
Anglie: Stone found behind wall in Geography department
Egypt: Fascinating Look at Heracleion, a Lost 1200-Year-Old Egyptian City Under the Sea
Tanzanie: Modern Human Hunter-Gatherer Foraging Patterns May Provide Clues to the Past
USA: New technology brews ancient ales

23. 2. 2014
Švýcarsko/Dánsko/Anglie: Scientists unlock a ‘microbial Pompeii’ / Dental Plaque of Medieval Germans Provides 'Microbial Pompeii' of Bacteria
Dánsko: Early Christians in Viking Denmark
USA/Afrika: Humanity's forgotten return to Africa revealed in DNA
USA: Spiro Mounds excavations visits to resume in eastern Oklahoma
Bahamy: Caribbean ecosystem reconstructed prior to human settlement

21. 2. 2014
Slovensko: Masovo nás vykrádajú Česi aj Poliaci, hovorí archeológ. Detektoristi sa neštítia ani vykopávať hroby padlých vojakov - kvôli prackám či odznakom, tvrdí archeológ Matúš Sládok / Slovensko chytá zlodejov histórie. Detektoristov
Anglie: Decapitated body unearthed at housing development
Wales: Prehistoric forest uncovered by storms in Cardigan Bay - in pictures / British Storms Unbury an Ancient Welsh Forest
Skotsko: Skeleton of young man stabbed to death discovered at historic site
Skotsko: Experts unearth ancient murder victim in East Lothian
Skotsko: The Neolithic ‘temple’
Německo: Erste Ergebnisse aus der Kirschbaumhöhle präsentiert
Německo: Damals in den Bäumen: Dynamischer Lebensraum formte die frühen Menschenartigen
Itálie: 'Little Pompeii' found 70 km northeast of Venice
Turecko: New Dam in Turkey Threatens to Flood Ancient City and Archaeological Sites
Turecko: Quake-hit ancient city of Tralleis being restored / Quake-hit ancient city of Tralleis being restored
Irák: Mystery of diseases of ancient Mesopotamians
USA/Egypt: Ancient Egyptian papyri discovered at Luther College
USA: Oldest fortified settlement ever found in North America? Location of Fort Caroline may be in Georgia
USA: The Oldest Human Infectious Disease? MD Anderson Researcher Uncovers Some Ancient Mysteries Of Leprosy
USA: 200-Year-Old Douche Found Under New York's City Hall
Tanzanie: A lost city reveals the grandeur of medieval African civilization

20. 2. 2014
Anglie: Haddenham dig yields finds dating back 1,400 years / Shield-wearing skeleton, necklace and grave goods found in early Saxon inhumations
Anglie: GALLERY: Village excavation turns up a wealth of finds dating back 1,400 years
Anglie: Real-life history boys: Teenage friends on the hunt for a den find a Second World War pillbox complete with wartime graffiti and live hand grenades and decide to restore it
Anglie: Ten words in mysterious Voynich Manuscript decoded
Irsko: Irish Early Christians, Not So Christian After All?
Irsko: 800 years of Irish history unraveled in N Ireland castle archaeological dig
Švédsko/Egypt: Groundbreaking visualization and 3D technologies reveal hidden ancient Egyptian treasures
Izrael: Silver Hoop Earrings Found Among Ancient Treasure in Biblical City
Indie: ASI launches excavation to ascertain Sarnath's actual age
Thajsko: The Ancient City Of Ayutthaya
Čína: Altar relics found at China's neolithic city ruins
Havaj: Monster Surf Exposes Rare Petroglyphs in Hawaii
Peru: Analýza DNA: lebky z Paracasu nejsou lidské / DNA Analysis of Paracas Elongated Skull Released – With Incredible Results

19. 2. 2014
Německo: Amateur treasure hunter finds Roman gold hoard / Němci spekulují, zda nenašli legendární poklad Nibelungů / Gibt es das Gold der Nibelungen wirklich? / V Německu našel muž zlato z antiky. Jedná se o poklad Nibelungů?
Anglie: Were the ancient Greeks and Romans colour blind?
Irsko: Ancient Fermanagh bog butter could be 1,500 years old
Egypt: Great Pyramid at Giza Vandalized to 'Prove' Conspiracy Theory / Giza pyramid vandalized to prove 'alien theory'
Džammú a Kašmír: Rare stone sculpture of Shiva found in Kashmir / 9th century sculpture found in Kashmir
Čína: The enduring mystery of The Lady of Dai mummy
USA: Reward offered for information on looting at Native American site
Austrálie: Our Ancestors Had Much Better Teeth
Austrálie: Move to reunite Mungo Man with his Lady

18. 2. 2014
The Culture of War: Saving history
Anglie: Scientists pinpoint the exact source of many of the rocks used to build Stonehenge / Source of rocks used to build Stonehenge identified
Anglie: 1746 map of London now available as an incredibly detailed Google map
Itálie: DNA tests on bones found in Florence church may help ID 'Mona Lisa' model
Řecko: The contribution of digital reconstructions in the study of Minoan Crete
Irák: FEATURE-Despite Iraq's troubles, archaeologists are back
Izrael: 2,300-year-old village discovered near ‘Burma Road’ / 2,300-year-old village discovered near "Burma Road"
Keňa: Environment inhabited by Proconsul reconstructed
Maine/Massachusetts/New Hampshire/Vermont/Rhode Island/Connecticut (USA): Hidden New England Landscape Comes to Life
Mexiko: One-of-a-Kind Aztec Dog Burials Found in Mexico

17. 2. 2014
Skotsko: 'Graffiti' in Mingary Castle thought to be 700 years old
Polsko: Dozens of prehistoric burials found in West Pomerania
Švédsko: Twenty skeletons discovered under Swedish street / Twenty skeletons appear in 'macabre' Malmö find
Egypt: The Lost City of Heracleion Discovered!
Irák/Polsko: Understanding the diseases of Mesopotamians
USA: Archaeologists lend long-term perspective to food security and climate shock
Kanada: Ancient herring catch nets fisheries weakness

16. 2. 2014
Irsko: Bog butter
Německo: Archaeologists unearth remains of 21 German soldiers preserved in WWI Shelter
Egypt: Missing parts of the Colossi of Memnon discovered
Mali (Azawad): UN experts find ‘serious damage’ by extremists to cultural sites in Mali
USA: Ancient and modern cities follow same development rules
USA: SC archeologists race to uncover Civil War prison

15. 2. 2014
Anglie: The British roots of the Monuments Men
Německo: Svante Pääbo  the DNA hunter taking us back to our roots
Afghánistán: Kde se vzaly modrooké blondýny? Stopy vedou nečekaně do Afghánistánu
Afghánistán: Out of the rubble
USA: The Hunley: Zeroing in on what caused Civil War submarine's sinking
Mexiko: Aztec dog burials puzzle archaeologists
Japonsko: Oldest signs of Japanese using tools uncovered in Okinawa

14. 2. 2014
The story of Ragnarǫk and the Apocalypse
Slovensko: Bratislavský hrad chcú obnovou vrátiť do čias Márie Terézie
Anglie: Diet hints at cultural shift in Anglo-Saxon Britain
Skotsko: ‘Active’ Bronze Age woman found in Highland woods
Norsko: Close-ups: Manuscript fragments. By studying hand-written text fragments researchers chart the evolution of written language in Norway
Jordánsko: Evidence That Biblical Philistines Originated As Migrant “Sea People” From Europe Unearthed In Ancient Jordanian Settlement
Kanada: Graffiti part two
USA: Fossilized mammoth tusk removed from Seattle construction site
USA: Native American site leaves Miami in quandary
Karibik: What ecosystem greeted the first human settlers in the northern Caribbean?

13. 2. 2014
Anglie: Scientists Create Genetic Map of History / Interactive map details histories of genetic mixing
Skotsko: Portrait of an Early Bronze Age Highland funeral / Bronze Age skeleton removed from school playground
Irsko: Stolen treasure: The Coggalbeg Hoard
Rakousko: The secret  story of the Venus of Willendorf
Řecko: Clooney sparks controversy over Parthenon marbles row
Egypt: Rare wooden anthropoid sarcophagus discovered in Luxor / Intact 3600 year old Egyptian sarcophagus among new discoveries / ‘New’ Luxor mummy is 3,600 years old
Egypt: Tombs of legendary lovers
Egypt: Fear and looting in Egypt – visible from space
Omán: Ancient site found in eastern Oman
USA: Ancient settlements and modern cities follow same rules of development
Kanada/Írán: Stolen artifact from Montreal museum recovered in Edmonton
Mexiko: Mexican archaeologists find 1,500 year-old human and animal burials in Colima
Austrálie: Aboriginal artefacts uncovered during Hunter Expressway construction

12. 2. 2014
10 najvýznamnejších archeologických objavov roku 2013
Británie: From surf to turf: Archaeologists and chemists trace ancient British diets / Archaeologists and chemists trace ancient British diets / British Neolithic farmers preferred milk over fish
Francie: The sad fate of war horses in Bar-sur-Aube
Itálie: Medieval mass grave found near Florence's Uffizi museum / Ancient cemetery of 'plague victims' discovered next to Uffizi Galleries
Polsko: Archaeologists discovered previously unknown stronghold in Łódź Province
Turecko: Divers examine Byzantine basilica found in İznik Lake
USA: Prehistoric Boy May Be Native American 'Missing Link'

11. 2. 2014
Anglie: Genomes of Richard III and his proven relative to be sequenced
Irsko: Excavation work begins at Carrickfergus Castle to probe more of its history
Itálie: Is an earthquake behind the Shroud of Turin image?
Španělsko: Research analyzes the cultural construction of nudes in Roman mosaics
Egypt: Drug References Found on Walls of Ancient Egyptian School
Čína: Shang Dynasty building excavated at Xinzhuang
Čína: Lost City found Underwater in China
Mexiko:Southwestern-Style Spear Throwers Identified in the Ozarks
Monserrat: Beach burials reveal slaving legacy
Peru: Archaeologists Find Evidence of 1,000-Year-Old Wari Tombs

10. 2. 2014
Anglie: Gladiator Heads? Mystery of Trove of British Skulls Solved
Wales: Medieval wall unearthed at Anglesey church
Skotsko: Game of Stones
Německo: Bedrohte Archäologie in Leipzig: Ein Thesenpapier und Kritik an Sachsens Schmalspurdenken
Německo: Jetzt ist Archäologie statt Kripo gefragt