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26. 5. 2016
Řecko: Is this Greek hilltop the 2,400-year-old burial place of Aristotle?
Británie: Incredibly rare 2,300-year-old Ancient Greek gold crown worth £100,000 was kept for decades in a tatty box of old newspapers under bed by owner who had no idea what it was

25. 5. 2016
Španělsko: V Baskicku objevili další paleolitickou obrazárnu

21. 5. 2016
Itálie: The Italian hill made entirely of 53 million Roman olive oil jars

19. 5. 2016

Skotsko: Archaeologists have found at least nine coffins beneath a school playground in Edinburgh

17. 5. 2016

Itálie: V Římě vykopali starověké ruiny ze 2. století, komplikují stavbu metra

16. 5. 2016

Turecko: Rare 5,000-year-old kurgan-type tumulus from the Bronze Age unearthed in Istanbul

4. 5. 2016
Řecko: Kostry 80 spoutaných mužů zřejmě patřily řeckým pučistům ze 7. století před Kristem

30. 4. 2016

Irsko: Mystery surrounds Burren settlement excavated by archaeologists 

27. 4. 2016
Tchaj-wan: Taiwan's oldest human fossil: mother and baby from 4,800 years ago

23. 4. 201
Peru: Discovery of 4,500-year-old female mummy sheds light on ancient Peru

22. 4. 2016
Peru: Thousands of aligned holes in Peru’s Pisco Valley have attracted the attention of archaeologists

17. 4. 2016
Británie: Barn conversion leads to amazing find of palatial Roman villaRoman villa unearthed 'by chance' in Wiltshire garden

13. 4. 2016

Británie: Mummified Fetus Found in Tiny Ancient Egyptian SarcophagusThis tiny fetus is the youngest ancient Egyptian mummy ever foundNo, This Is The Second-Youngest Mummified Ancient Egyptian Fetus

5. 4. 2016
Irsko: Bog bodies are kings sacrificed by Celts, says expert

2. 4. 2016
Británie/Nepál: Nepali textile find suggests Silk Road extended further south than previously thought

29. 3. 2016
Itálie: Text in lost language may reveal god or goddess worshipped by Etruscans at ancient temple

24. 3. 2016:
Skotsko: Conservators reveal Viking treasures discovered in a field in Galloway, Scotland
Německo: Slaughter at the bridge: Uncovering a colossal Bronze Age battle
Británie: Pottery fragment offers evidence of Christian settlement in Roman London

23. 3. 2016
Británie: 'Fenwick Treasure': Hoard of Roman jewellery buried to save it from Boudicca goes on display in Colchester

22. 3. 2016
Británie: Archaeologists create 3-D interactive digital reconstruction of King Richard III

20. 3. 2016
Irsko: New Discovery Pushes Back Date of Human Existence in Ireland by 2500 years
Irsko: 500 child skeletons workhouse mass grave tell of Great Hunger struggles

19. 3. 2016
Polsko: Poland: 3,600-year-old cemetery reveals life of Tumulus warrior community

17. 3. 2016
Británie: 'Hugely important' iron age remains found at Yorkshire site
Británie: Builders uncover Iron Age village in East Yorkshire
Británie: Warrior king uncovered at east Yorkshire iron age settlement

16. 3. 2016
Egypt: Statues of Sekhmet discovered at the Temple of Amenhotep III in Egypt
Španělsko: 400,000-year-old fossils from Spain provide earliest genetic evidence of Neandertals

13. 3. 2016
USA: Archaeologists Dig Up An 800-Year-Old Native American Pot. What They Found Inside Is Changing History

10. 3. 2016
Skotsko: How art treasures reveal the story of the Celts
Omán: Non-utilitarian bronze weapons discovered by archaeologists in Oman

5. 3. 2016
Řecko: Amphipolis Tomb Confirmed to Belong to the Era of Alexander the Great

1. 3. 2016
Francie: Neanderthals collected manganese dioxide to make fire

26. 2. 2016
Británie: 11,000 year old pendant is earliest known Mesolithic art in Britain

19. 2. 2016
Británie: Most complete Bronze Age wheel to date found at Must Farm near Peterborough
Egypt: Pyramid of Queen Khennuwa investigated by Archaeologists

18. 2. 2016
Izrael: Prehistoric Village Found in the Jordan Valley Links Old and New Stone Age
Izrael: Remains of chalcolithic era settlement found in Jerusalem

16. 2. 2016
USA: An afternoon walk and a mammoth find – Second Clovis people kill site found in New Mexico

15. 2. 2016
Irsko: Prehistoric site uncovered at Waterford beach

13. 2. 2016
Nizozemí: Medieval boat raised from riverbed in the Netherlands 

9. 2. 2016
Británie: Bronze Age burial near Stonehenge discovered by badger

8. 2. 2016
Orkneje: 5 Ancient archaeological sites in Orkney

4. 2. 2016
Británie: Bodicacia Tombstone now on display at Cirencester's Corinium Museum

3. 2. 2016
Peru: 1,200-year-old remains of six sacrificed women found in Peru
Irán: 7,000 Year-old Female Body Found in Tehran is Infected
Polsko: Laser reveals secrets of early medieval Prussians
Británie: Stonehenge burial pit for the Neolithic elite contains a 'surprising' number of women: Find suggests females played a key role in the society and had same rights as men

2. 2. 2016
USA: Digital Projections Show the Vivid Colors That Once Decorated an Egyptian Temple

1. 2. 2016
Study suggests how modern humans drove Neanderthals to extinction
Švýcarsko: Hundreds of looted antiquities including mosaics from Pompeii and ancient sarcophagi are uncovered in Switzerland

31. 1. 2016
Irsko: Ancient DNA sheds light on Irish origins

30. 1. 2016
Irsko: Viking Dublin: The Wood Quay Excavations by Patrick Wallace review
Británie: The archaeology of childhood
Řecko: Deux sculptures uniques découvertes en Grèce
Turecko: Minoan shipwreck found off Turkish coast

29. 1. 2016
Norsko: The Oseberg ship - The incredibly well preserved Viking Burial ship from the 9th Century

28. 1. 2016

26. 1. 2016
Británíie: Blackburn archaeological survey: Bodies of 800 young children found

21. 1. 2016
Turecko: New findings at Çatalhöyük
Británie: Roman-Era Skeletons Found in York, England Yield Interesting DNA Results

20. 1. 2016
Honduras: Vědci hlásí nález ztraceného města v Hondurasu
Irák: Islámský stát zničil nejstarší křestanskou stavbu v Iráku
Keňa: Evidence of a prehistoric massacre near Lake TurkanaDécouverte de la plus ancienne bataille
Turecko: World's Oldest Temple to Be Restored

19. 1. 2016
Francie: Artists complete replica of Lascaux prehistoric cave paintings

18. 1. 2016
Mummies Around the World - Dried, Smoked, or Thrown in Bog

17. 1. 2016
Slovensko: Pravekých osád na hornom Požitaví našli už takmer sto

15. 1. 2016
Británie: Treasure trove of Roman artefacts found under the A1: Pots, beads and jewellery are among 177,000 pieces unearthed by roadworks
Rusko: Mammoth injuries indicate humans occupied Arctic earlier than thought
Polsko: Archaeologists know more about the ancient capital of Cyprus

14. 1. 2016
Rakousko: Sixth-century wooden foot thought be Europe's oldest prosthetic implant
Itálie: Ötzi’s maternal genetic line originated in the Alps and is now extinct
Británie: "Outstanding" Roman relics discovered at roadside

13. 1. 2016
Itálie: Meet the archaeologists making ancient rock art into 3D reality

12. 1. 2016
Británie: Bronze Age houses uncovered in Cambridgeshire are British´s Pompei

7. 1. 2016
Itálie: Pathogens found in Iceman´s stomachBacteria found in Otzi the iceman could turn the Out of Africa theory on its head: 5,300-year-old germs suggest there was more than one mass migration into Europe
Kanada: Unraveling the Origins of the Roman Sword Discovered Off Oak Island

5. 1. 2016
Čína: Chinese ‘tomb raider’ and gang jailed for plunder of ancient relics

4. 1. 2016
Irák: Archaeologists Return to Neanderthal Cave as ISIS Pushed from Iraq


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16. 1. 2009
sland: Genetic Snapshot Of Iceland 1000 Years Ago

30. 7. 2007
Afghánistán: Rebuilding Bamiyan

24. 5. 2007
Anglie: 100 BC – The Snettisham Treasure

25. 5. 2006
Anglie: Is Boudicca buried in Birmingham?

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27. 7. 2005
Německo: Archeologové našli falus z doby ledové

3. 3. 2002
Jordánsko: Tales from the Jarash hinterland

8. 4. 2004
Kypr: Oldest Known Pet Cat? 9,500-Year-Old Burial Found on Cyprus

5. 10. 2001
Skotsko: Differences between the Picts and Scotti

28. 2. 2000
Grǿnsko: The Fate of Greenland's Vikings

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